Thursday, 11 April 2019

the day my english teacher asked me out

As we were banging, ms Jacobs call came in, I picked the call “hello Ms Jacobs” I said. “How ar u Peter”? She said. “Am good ma”. “Where are you”? “Am at home”. “Ok, just be careful am gonna talk to you tomorrow”. “Yes ma, good night ma”. She hung the call and I can tell by Priscilla’s facial expression that she needs explanations, I had to tell her that it was a corper taken us Geography that called me, thank God she understood. I f----d her again and we close the chapter. I got up dress and head back home, I got home, showered and straight to bed.
I woke up that morning very hale and hearty, took my bath, eat, dressed up and went to school. I got to school very early, sat down, and suddenly Ms Jacobs came to school, I saw her but pretended not to see her but she called me and I answered went to her and greeted her, she told me to bring the assignment for her. When the students came in, I told them to submit their Assignment and they started submitting. A girl brought her book that I should help her to do it, I asked her where she got it wrong, she showed me and I help her out, by then my chicks have not come. The fact remains that I was eyeing the girl since but because of the girls I do walk with I couldn’t talk to her. She collected my number that she will contact me whenever she needs help and I gave her, immediately we finished, my chicks came in.
We had one lesson before I took the assignment to Ms Jacobs. On getting to her office, I met her computing some results, she asked me to help her out, she gave me a chair, directed me how to do it and I started computation too. As we were doing it, she sent an SS2 student to buy food for us, as we were eating, she started asking me about myself, I told her everything about myself, some true and some lies. We had a lesson and she asked me to go. We couldn’t finish the computation and she gave me her address to come back by evening to her house to help her in the markings of our Assignment and then compiling the results.
As I got to the classroom, it was Mr John my English Language Master, he didn’t start until I entered the class, he asked me where I was coming from and I explained to him, he asked me to go and sit down and he began his lesson. He even happened to be our Form-master, he then appointed me as new Class captain since the hitherto class captain left for his WAEC to another school. I was happy inwardly but outwardly I pretend not to be. Who wouldn’t want it when it’s ushering me into f-----g new girls. He gave us Assignment, and asked me to bring them to him the following day, I knew very well having been a Class captain before in my former school that it is gonna be a tedious task, my going to tutorial with those girls will reduce though it will pace way for me getting new girls. However, it place me on greater risk of being caught or getting an STIs.
Nemesis they said must catch up with who ever do the wrong thing, am now a Class captain, my adventure in another level, watch out for me
I got home that day, prepared some thing and ate, after taking my bath, I lay down, only to b woken by my phone ring tone, I never knew, it has been ringing, I woke up saw five missed call, 3 from Corper, one from Bola and another one from The new girl I collected or rather that collected my number in the morning. Who am I to call first, I only had 20 naira call card, all of them their p---y is important since I never bleep any of them.
I called the corper first, base on say she get level pass all, she cut my call (thank God) and called me back, she asked me not forget coming to her side by 5pm, I accepted, went to Vivian’s house and told them. I came back to my house, took another bath again as I wore a very good cloth, who knows she might have been eyeing me. On my way I met Kate and Princess, Priscilla’s friends coming back 4rm God knows where, we greeted and Kate told me that she wants to see me any time am free, I told her that there is no problem I will let her know.
I got to Ms Jacobs, I met her in the kitchen cooking, she asked me to join her having greeted her. I joined her in the cooking, she was surprised that I can prepare a delicious stew, as I was in the stew section, she was in the plantain, rice and dishes section, we finished and she brought the food for us to eat, we started eating, my heart-beat was faster than usual, I don’t know why it was that way, I wanted to look at her but as I took my eyes to hers, I noticed her stare was on me, little did I know that my chest was open and my hairy chest was what she was staring at, I stylishly adjusted but she caught me. “Are You shy”. She asked. “Not at all, just doing the right thing”. I answered politely. “What is right that you are doing now”? “Closing my open chest”. “Did I complain”? “You needn’t but I know it shouldn’t be open as am with you”. “You ar funny sha, don’t you open it in front of your galfriend”? I paused with my mouth opened, no words came out.
After we finished eating, she brought out a table that we are gonna be using for the markings and compilation. The question, the lady asked me was still going on in my mind, I want to answer it in a smart way not to cause trouble for me. My mind wasn’t at peace, in my I was thanking my stars she didn’t press on the question, as I ignored she did too, little did I knew that I was far from being correct. As we started, the first question she asked was “Do you Have a Galfrnd”? Yekpa!! You guys are not expecting me to say “yes I have many of them, and you ar also not expecting me to say, god 4bid I don’t have”. I just calm down and told her, I have admirers and people I admire but av not start any serious relationship with any but hopefully any moment. She just did “hmmm”
We started gisting about different issues to family and to Social life, she even had the gut to asked me how many rounds I can go, she really naughty, I became really scared because how can a lady feels so free with a guy very junior to her academically, that was my mentality then anyways. We keep chatting and doing our main objectives, she will do the marking while I did the recording.
As we were doing it, she told me she wants to shower, I accepted and she left, to shower, she came back, with towel only on her, she sat down opposite me and start to cream her body, suddenly I heard my name I answered and she said “do you know if we didn’t finish that thing today, you are going to no where”? Ah!! What does she mean, I told her I don’t know and she said, she has told me so I should be faster, I already know what she meant, there is just no way, we are gonna finish it before 8pm with the way we are going about it.
She asked me to come and cream her back for her, the time was about 6:35. What!! Cream her back? Am in for a long tin, well I remembered something that I needed to apply. I went, collected the lotion, I was shocked when I noticed that she was even sitting facing a standing mirror, if her towel loose now, everything will show, God don’t save me from this thing ooo. I put the lotion in my hand and I started, doing in a massage form, she was getting the sensation, I started from the neck, and down to where the towel reach, before I knew it as expected the towel fell off, she didn’t even bulge, ah! My johnson was standing trying to push my zip out, her boobs was so sexy, she was smiling.

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