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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

wrong turn of life in a complex view(emotional)

Detective Ahmed Haruna woke
up startled. His phone had been
ringing nonstop. He felt his head
banging. He picked the call.
“Hello. What? When? How?” he
asked with a very croaky voice.
He listened for about two
minutes then replied,
“Oh my God!” He said sitting up
and continued, “Keep a
perimeter around the crime
scene. No one takes or touches
anything till I get there. You
understand? I will be there in
twenty minutes.” He hung up.
He took his wristwatch from the
bedside table and checked the
time. 6:37 am. He looked behind
him. Rita was fast asleep, covered
up under the duvet. They had
had a wild night, getting high on
weed and alomo bitters before
engaging in different s3x
positions. She came twice riding
him while he later turned her
and came into her from behind.
They slept off thereafter. She was
his tonic after a very hard day’s
job. They always met in her
house every Saturday night. She
looked so angelic. He did not
want to wake her but he had no
choice. He tapped her gently. She
stirred but did not wake. He
tapped her again, adding a little
more force this time around. She
turned, opening her eyes slowly.
“Hmmm…what is it honey?” Rita
“Do you have some aspirins in
the house?”
“Yes I do. In the Kitchen.”
Ahmed got up Unclad and went
into the kitchen to get the
aspirins. Rita began to get h0rny
under the sheets. The sight of
Ahmed’s perfect round as5 and
great body always drove her
crazy. He returned with the
aspirin and a glass of water. She
licked her lips at the sight of his
huge d1ck and his perfect abs.
Ahmed took the drugs and
accompanied it with water. He
sat on the edge of the bed, his
back to her, his muscles ripping.
She touched his skin. He did not
move. She continued, tracing her
hands to the side of his chest
and caressing his nippl3. He
turned to face her. Then he
kissed her on the lips. She
responded, moving close to him
and wrapping her arms around
his neck. He disengaged the kiss
and pecked her on the forehead.
He moved away from the bead
and got his briefs from the floor.
He wore them.
“What are you doing? Where are
you going?” Rita asked, a frown
appearing on her very pretty
“Duty calls honey. I have to go.”
Ahmed replied. He was wearing
his jeans now.
“Should I make breakfast for
you?” She asked.
“I can’t tell. Looks like a serious
case. I will call you baby.”
He finished wearing his clothes
and gave Rita a light kiss on the
lips. He got his car keys and left
Rita’s house.
He got to Law School Bus Stop to
meet a small crowd of people
already at the scene. He made his
way through the curious crowd
shoving his ID card in their faces
as he screamed “Make way.
Excuse me, leave the road
please.” Even if he did not have
his ID card on him, his
intimidating stature and his
rough face was enough for any
sane person to leave the way. His
face was harsh and strong with
his forehead having permanent
wrinkles. His voice was throaty
and hoarse, his lips black from
marijuana smoking. He had very
broad shoulders with rippling
biceps. He stood at 6ft. 5inches
and always wore very tight black
He bent and got into the yellow
tape area. The medics where
talking to a few pressmen and
some other officers where
huddling around the crime scene
looking for more evidence. There
was a body by the lagoon in
white cloth. He moved close to
the body and bent down. He
pulled away the white cloth. The
white, lifeless and decaying body
of Agent Mercy stared him in the
face. He removed his dark shades
and looked at the body closely.
He saw the gunshot wound. He
looked at her hair, her face. He
was looking at her arms when
he noticed something. All her
jewelry was not touched. All
except her wristwatch. He called
for a forensic agent.
“Get me a UV torch and some
gloves.” He commanded.
He took out two white gloves
from the pack handed to him
and collected the UV torch. He
put it on and scanned her wrists.
There were distinct finger prints
on her wrist where her wrist
watch has been.
“Where is Tunde!!!?” He
screamed at no one in particular.
Tunde came out of the police van
parked beside the ambulance
inside the crime scene. He had
been making a phone call.
“Let me call you back please.” He
hurriedly hung up.
“Good Morning sir. Seen anything
spooky?” Tunde said bending
beside Ahmed.
He ignored the greeting.
“Do you notice anything?”
Ahmed asked pointing the torch
at her wrist and using his finger
to show him what he meant.
“No sir.” Tunde said.
“Look harder, dumb head.”
Ahmed said angrily.
“Oh, I see them now. Finger
prints.” Tunde said animatedly.
“I want you to do this yourself.
Get me those prints by 12 noon.
Do not give this to your boys to
handle. This is a sensitive case. If
you do, I will find out and I will
have you controlling traffic by
Monday. Am I clear?” Ahmed
“Crystral clear sir.”
Tunde waved at one of his boys
and they brought him a small
white plastic bag. He handed it to
“This was found while the boys
were looking for evidence at the
bank of the lagoon. Seems like
the bullet that did the job.”
Tunde said.
Ahmed took the plastic bag,
opened it and put the bullet in
his palm, rolling it over.
“This bullet was fired from a .23
automatic pistol. Out of
circulation. Silenced. You can tell
from the charred edges. I will
keep this.” He said to Tunde,
putting the bullet back in the bag
and into his pocket and
continued, “Comb the entire
perimeter. Let me know when
you find anything.” He finished,
getting up and pulling off the
He walked away from the scene,
got into his car and dialed a
number adding *4567# behind
it. It was a secure line. Only he
and 3 other agents could call the
line. It was the direct line for the
Head of Intelligence Operations.
“Ma, it was Agent Mercy. She had
been compromised. I have some
leads. Give me 8 hours ma. Thank
He hung up.
We drove in silence for a while,
navigating bends and going
through bushes. I felt Sophia’s
eyes on me as I looked far ahead
in the distance, eagerly hoping
that we burst into a busy major
road. We turned left for the
umpteenth time and I began to
feel nervous. Where was this
woman taking me? I was sure
that we were going in circles
now. We should have gotten to a
major road by no because we
had been driving close to twenty
minutes. I wanted to question
her but I thought twice about it.
After all if not for her help, the
Macho Man may have caught up
to me and who knows what may
have happened.
“Can I make a phone call on your
phone ma?” I asked
“Sure. Why not?” She replied and
handed me her Samsung S4. I
tried to make a call on the phone
and for some reason the call was
not going through. I complained
to her and she said that it was
because of the environment we
were in, assuring me that once
we got out of the bushes, I
would get better reception. She
asked who I wanted to call. I told
her I wanted to call the police. I
noticed a very brief flicker of fear
in her countenance, but she
quickly hid it. I may have seen
wrong though.
A few minutes later we hit the
freeway. I relaxed a bit. I was
glad that we were on a busy
road and we were at least seeing
other cars. I asked her where we
were. She said we were in
Kubwa, Abuja. She offered to
drop me at a park where I could
board a bus back to Lagos. I
could not thank her enough. We
slowed down suddenly and
parked the car away from traffic.
She turned off the ignition. We
were in the middle of nowhere.
Cars were zooming past us at
light speed. I became
apprehensive. She looked
worried. I was scared. She pulled
a lever beside the steering wheel
and got out of the car. I followed.
She opened the bonnet and
hooked it with the metal to
support it. Everything was
sparkling new. No dirt, dust or
oil. I wondered what could be
wrong. Her arms were akimbo as
she scanned the cars that
zoomed past us. She did not
make any move to stop anyone.
My hands were on the edge of
the bonnet trying to look for a
fault that was invisible.
She walked up to me.
“Did you find anything?” she
asked me.
“Still looking ma’am” I replied,
trying to find the solution. I knew
absolutely nothing about fixing
I was still looking for the fault
when I heard her say,
“This would only hurt just a
I tried to turn but it was too late.
She tweaked an artery around
my neck with her thumb and
forefinger in one deft perfect
That was all I could remember.
Detective Ahmed sat in his large,
heavily furnished office, the
blinds drawn. He put the fan at
the highest and made sure the
air condition was blowing at the
lowest temperature. This was the
only way he could think. He was
still shaken at the death of his
most trusted colleague and
friend. He was disturbed. Agent
Mercy was the best undercover
agent the academy had ever
produced. She was recruited into
the Intelligence Operations at 19
and had successfully carried out
4 undercover jobs. Even in the
last one where they thought her
cover would be blown, she had
successfully maneuvered her way
and got out unscathed. She was
under cover as one of the
strippers in the joint owned by a
Mafia Boss. He was wanted for
drug trafficking and child abus3.
There was no single evidence
against him, but the Agency was
sure he was not innocent. So
they sent in Mercy and she did a
wonderful job.
The Ghosts had been a mystery
for many years, even before
Ahmed and Mercy came into the
Agency. However, three years
ago, James an alleged member of
The Ghosts was said to have
come out publicly to say that he
wanted to confess his crimes
and demanded 24-hour police
protection. That was his mistake.
He should have confessed when
he had the chance. He was
murdered in his sleep, in a house
protected by four trained agents
at his bedroom door, other
agents on the roof, in the
opposite holuses and scattered
everywhere around his house,
protecting him. Yet they still got
to him. He was found dead the
next morning.
Mercy’s death meant only one
thing: This was not a matter to
be handled lightly. He logged
onto his computer and entered
the encrypted password. He
clicked on the Mercy file. Her
picture popped up, alongside her
personal details and
achievements. He was not ready
for this. He closed the file and
logged off, shutting down his
He locked his office door and
pressed the conmbination codes
to permanently lock it. It was
8pm. Rita had called him a
hundred times but he had not
picked. He dialed her number.
“I am coming home. Okay. I am
fine. See you soon.” He finished
He got on his power bike and
sped off towards Ajah. He loved
speed. It helped him clear his
head. He did not notice the blue
truck speeding towards him in
the opposite direction. But he
always had very sharp instincts.
He was a second quicker. He
quickly slowed and jumped off
the bike into the nearby shrubs
before the truck made impact.
The noise was deafening.
Ahmed rolled far away from the
collision into the shrubs. He could
not feel his left leg. He pulled out
his phone and dialed a speed
code. It sent a signal to
headquarters, informing them
that he was in trouble and they
could track his location. A team
was sent to his location
immediately. His eyes were
closing; he barely heard what
was going on around him.
The last thing he heard from the
crowd confirmed his fears, the
driver of the truck was nowhere
to be found.
Sophia’s phone rang. The General
was calling.
“This is code Amber. Gather all
Super Agents and the Tactics
team at the Watch Tower. We
meet at 21:00 hours.”
She panicked. There was trouble.

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