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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

the unprotected villagers of nina

This is code Amber. Gather all Super Agents
and the Tactics team at the Watch Tower. We
meet at 21:00 hours.” – Major General.
“This would only hurt just a little.” – Sophia.
“Welcome agents. Our organization has been
infiltrated. This has never happened before.
The threat has been nullified. However, this is
to warn you that you should be on the alert
now than ever before. There could be others
like her as there is also a more desperate
detective who wants to get behind the
situation. Temporary steps have been taken.
Be on the lookout. As from now, you will
resume normal jobs at various offices
assigned to you. You will find a file under your
pillows when you get home. You would be
contacted if we need you. That will be all.
Super Agents wait behind.” – Major General.
“I am coming home. Okay. I am fine. See you
soon.” – Detective Ahmed
“How may I help you Mr. Ahmed?” – Tawo
“Please doctor, where am I? Where are my
phones? How long have I been here?” –
Detective Ahmed
“You have been poking your nose into
business that is bigger than you. The crash
should have killed you. You are lucky to be
alive. Ï just injected you with a form of
Amnesia virus. When you wake up you will
lose all memory of the past five weeks. I was
never here. Good day Ahmed.” – Tawo
“I’m done. Your turn to move.” – Tawo
“Sean, we need to have a small talk” – Sophia
“I am going to ask only one more time. 
is Eva?” – Thug
“The mouse is in the hole. Your move.” –
“Put your hands up. Who are you? Show me
your ID card!” – Guard
“It’s in my bag. Can I get it?” – Ambrose
“I’m done. Pick the exhibits at the mansion.”
– Ambrose
“Evening General.” – Sophia
“Initiate Operation Eva” – Major General.

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