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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

the police officer daughter is in love

General had told her that she
would be the next to move and
that she should not check the
contents of the file under her
pillow until she had heard from
Tawo. She clicked the message. A
box popped up asking for a
password to decode it. She
smiled. Typical Tawo. He liked too
much ‘effizy’. She typed her
secret code and the message
“I’m done. Your turn to move.”
She sighed and exited the
message. Her phone suddenly
went blank then came on with a
new message.
“Self-destruct sequence
complete. Press ok to begin
factory reset.”
She did not panic. She had
expected that. She went under
her pillow and got out the file. It
seemed very light. She put her
hand inside it and got out a very
tiny piece of paper. Neatly typed
on it were the words:
“Initiate Operation Eva”
She did not know what that
meant. She was confused. What
was Operation Eva? She already
had Eva in her custody. So what
was this about? Her phone rang.
It was the General. She picked.
“Evening General.” Sophia
“I can see the perplexed look on
your face. I’m sure you have
heard from the Chameleon.
Haven’t you?” the General asked.
Sophia looked round. How in the
world was he able to see her?
She scanned the walls and
corners of the house. She did not
notice anything unusual.
“I got his message. But I do not
think I have any information on
the file I got sir.” Sophia replied.
“You don’t need to scan the walls
for any device. You are wearing a
jean and a round necked top. I
am the General. You are my
Lieutenants. I keep watch over
you. It is for your safety, and for
the safety of the corporation.
Someone will deliver a file to you
in a few minutes. It is all
paperwork. Take your time to
study every detail. Your move is
next. Do not disappoint me
Sophia Dirisu. Any questions?”
Sophia was surprised. The
General never called her by her
full name before. This must mean
a lot to him.
“Could I get the file electronically
sir? It would make it very easy
and convenient to work with.”
Sophia requested.
“I do not completely trust anyone
in this Corporation. No one. Not
even you. But there are some
levels of trust I can vest in certain
people. This is a very sensitive
case. I am not convinced we have
flushed out all the spies that have
infiltrated us. Electronic
messages can be traced. I cannot
risk that. The package being
delivered to you has been sent to
six different addresses before
getting to your house. There’s a
finger print and pupil scanner
attached to the package which
gives ONLY YOU the clearance to
access it. Any other form of
intrusion will trigger the
automatic self-destruct option.
These are hard times my dear.
Let’s work with it. Good night”
Sophia heard her door bell ring.
Always on time. She opened the
door, signed the delivery form
and got the package from the
dispatch rider.
She went to the backyard and
opened the door to a thatched
hut. She usually came in here
when she needed to think. She
was sure no wires were run
She opened the package.
I woke up startled. I did not
know how long I had been out. I
surveyed my environment. I was
in a very large room. It was
spacious and beautifully
decorated. I wondered how I got
there. I got up from the bed and
my feet fell into very comfortable
loafers. I walked to the door and
opened it. There was a small
passage in front of me after
which was a spiral stairwell. I
looked down at the sitting room.
Luxurious chairs of exquisite
taste. There was a huge plasma
television on the wall. The walls
were decorated by beautiful
paintings and work of art. A
transparent chandelier hung
from the ceiling. I walked down
the steps slowly taking in the
sights. My stomach rumbled. I
was very hungry. I took the
remote control and put on the
television. A documentary
channel was showing.
Just then the door opened and
Sophia entered. She smiled at me.
I was in shock. I remembered
that she was the last person I
was with before I found myself
“Sean, we need to have a small
talk.” She said.
I knew there was no point
arguing with her or making any
form of trouble.
I sat down and listened to
everything she had to say.
Bruno drove into a heavily
guarded compound. He wound
down the window at the gate
and showed his ID to the military
officer. They nodded to each
other, the barricade was cleared
and he was allowed entry into
the Fortress. He took the elevator
to the third floor. He got out and
took the corridor to his right.
There were doors left and right.
He got to room 125 and
surveyed the door. He brought
out a special UV torch and
scanned the door knob. He was
looking for finger prints. They
were none. He removed a card
from his wallet and slipped it into
a slot in the key hole. The light
changed from red to green and
the door clicked. He got a
handkerchief from his pocket
and turned the door knob. He
stepped inside.
All of a sudden, he felt he was
not alone. His instincts were
never wrong. He brought out his
pistol and became very alert. He
walked slowly to the center of
the room. He did not see the
movement on time. There was a
gunshot. He fell on the floor in a
loud thud. His head banged and
he felt himself drowsing away. A
tall figure stood in front of him.
He pointed a gun at Bruno and
removed his mask.
“Where is the girl?” the man
asked softly.
Bruno winced. He tried to get up
but the man put his feet on his
chest and corked his gun. He
wore a very angry smile.
“I am going to ask only one more
time. Where is Eva?”
Without warning, Bruno kicked
the other leg of his attacker
while bending to his right just in
time to avoid the bullet from him.
The man fell, hitting his head on
the only couch in the room and
his gun falling out of his hand to
the further side of the room. He
got up and ran towards Bruno,
trying to head butt him on the
stomach. He caught Bruno on the
rib with his forehead, sending
them both spiraling into the
center table. Bruno was on the
ground writhing in pain. The tall
attacker got up and headed for
the gun. He picked it and turned
to face Bruno.
Bruno was no longer on the
ground. He turned to look for
Bruno but he seemed to have
disappeared into thin air. He
moved towards the door. He was
alert, holding the gun by his face
and watching for any sign of
Bruno. He heard a sound from
the other side of the room. He
walked slowly to the place the
sound came from. He found
nothing. He heard a gun cork. He
turned. That was his last moment
alive. Bruno shot him from close
range, the bullet piercing his
forehead. He fell down. Dead.
Bruno pushed a shelf of books
away from the way and tapped
the wall twice. A secret,
transparent keypad materialized.
He pressed some numbers and
the stone wall opened inwards.
Eva was in a chair, drugged. She
was in deep sleep.
His orders were simple. Get her
to the mansion.
He got her on his shoulders and
left the fortress.

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