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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

my uncle married a young girl called sophia

Sophia dropped the call and
looked beside her. Sean was
lying down on the couch,
breathing steadily. He had been
injected with valium and should
be asleep for 12 more hours.
Everything was finally back on
track. She had Sean. Eva was
secure in the Charge Room. All
logistics were finally getting back
into play. She was behind
schedule by 20 hours. Timing
meant everything to The Ghosts
Corporation. The General was
definitely going to chew her raw.
In their code of law, it was better
to excommunicate yourself, go
off the radar and hope you are
not remembered, than fail an
operation you were supposed to
deliver. The General gave Sophia
a 24 hour window and she got
the job done. She smiled to
herself, and then frowned. She
had worked with incompetent
fools and had trusted them to
come through. She would deal
with them later when she got off
the General’s whipping. She
knew the other attendees of the
General’s summon were already
aware of the proposed meeting.
But orders are orders.
She composed a text and sent it
to the Super Agents. Shina,
Ambrose and Tawo. Together
they were called The Deadly
Quartet. The four of them were
in line to succeed the General.
Ambrose was the Tactical Genius.
His specialty was planning
operations, attacks and
infiltrating impossible fortresses
with a very short deadline. If
there was a place that could
never be breached and you
wanted someone to go in and
come out unseen, give the job to
Ambrose. He never failed an
operation. He always worked
alone. He loved men and was
known to be in love with any guy
whose as5 could take his huge
d1ck. He was the highest paid
member of the four.
Tawo was the super spy. He was
the king of multiple personalities,
and the master of deception and
disguise. He had eight different
names, 5 different passports, and
was a citizen in 3 continents. He
spoke English, French, German,
Spanish, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa,
Swahili and Italian. He was the
youngest of the Deadly Quartet
and also the coolest. He was also
responsible for bugging phones,
cars and people. He designed a
special application which could
make him connect with any
satellite he chose and track
anyone, anywhere in the world.
He was the General’s only son. He
was not close to his father and
secretly wished him dead. The
General knew this but could not
afford to have him silenced. He
was his only surviving blood.
Besides, Tawo was hard to
extinguish. He was the most
difficult member to find or reach.
You don’t find him. He finds you.
The Deadly Quartet was hard to
kill. Only the General knew all
their weaknesses.
Time was 9pm. Along with the
Deadly Quartet, the Tactics team
consisting of Bruno, Marshal,
Gbenga, Mark, Iyke, Francis and
Brenda was also invited to the
meeting at the Watch Tower.
They gathered in the large Oval
Office. Bruno, Marshal, Gbenga
and Mark sat on one side of the
room in a semi-circle, talking in
whispers. Iyke and Francis sat
together but were farther away
from the group. They were not
talking. Brenda was busy with
her blackberry phone. Sophia
was sitting at the top of the
conference table, cleaning her
nails. She looked so beautiful.
Ambrose was sitting 4 feet from
her, his legs crossed. He was not
Tawo breezed in at 9:13pm. As
he sat down, a voice came in
from the speakers above. It was
the General.
“Thank you for coming late,
Tawo nodded and waved to the
“Welcome agents. I can see that
we have all been familiarizing
ourselves. There is cause for
worry. Our organization has
been infiltrated. This has never
happened before. Good job by
Sophia and Shina. The threat has
been nullified. However, this is to
warn you that you should be on
the alert now than ever before.
There could be others like her as
there is also a more desperate
detective who wants to get
behind the situation. Temporary
steps have been taken. Good job
by Tawo and Ambrose. Be on the
lookout. As from now, you will
resume normal jobs at various
offices assigned to you. You will
find a file under your pillows
when you get home. Show up at
your respective offices and live as
normal a life as possible. You
would be contacted if we need
you. That will be all.” The voice
went dead.
As the agents got up to leave the
room, the voice came back on
“Super Agents wait behind.”
10 minutes later, each Super-
Agent had been assigned an
order. They also had identical
files under their pillows, but they
were instructions not job
descriptions. Operation
Subterfuge was activated.
Detective Ahmed woke up to find
himself in a very strange place.
White tiled walls, strange smell
and a very small and
uncomfortable bed. He tried to
move but he felt a sharp pain on
his left wrist. There was a drip on
his wrist and a small amount of
blood had formed at the tip of
the needed. How did he find
himself at the hospital? Which
hospital was he? He remembered
just a little part of the earlier
events. He was riding his Power
Bike. He had a collision. That was
all he could remember. He
pressed the emergency button.
“Nurse!!!” He called out. No
“Nurse!!!” He called again
screaming as loud as his
strength could carry and
pressing the emergency bell a
million times.
Seconds later, a young man in a
long white apparel came in to his
room. He was all smiles as he
approached his bed.
“How may I help you Mr.
Ahmed?” the doctor asked with a
smile on his face.
“It’s Detective Ahmed. Please
doctor where am I? Where are
my phones? How long have I
been here?” Ahmed said, trying
to sit upright.
“No no no pls Detective. You
need to relax.” He said pushing
him gently back on the bed and
continued, “You lost quite some
amount of blood and we have
been monitoring your condition
for a while. When you wake up
you will get all the answers you
seek. Please just relax.” He
He took out a syringe and drew
some liquid from a finger size
plastic container. He tapped
Ahmed’s free hand and found a
vein. He injected the contents of
the syringe inside Ahmed and
removed it from his body.
“That would help you relax” the
doctor told Ahmed.
“Thank you” Ahmed replied.
The doctor smiled, took his tray
and walked towards the door.
Ahmed’s eyes had begun to
close. He opened the door and
turned to Ahmed. He walked
back to him and spoke very
“By the way I am not a doctor. My
name is Tawo. You have been
poking your nose into business
that is bigger than you. The crash
should have killed you. You are
lucky to be alive. Ï just injected
you with a form of Amnesia
virus. When you wake up you will
lose all memory of the past five
weeks. I was never here. Good
day Ahmed.”
Tawo shut the door behind him
and left the hospital. He got to
the car park drove out and
headed towards Apapa Oshodi
He sent an encrypted text to
“I’m done. Your turn to move.”
Sophia got out of the shower
dripping wet, with a towel tied
around her br3asts. She had
another towel on her head as
she walked into her huge
bedroom and sat on a stool,
facing a large mirror. There were
different kinds of tubes, creams
and plastics around the table on
which the mirror stood. She
picked a small plastic tube and
pressed the content into her
palm. She rubbed it gently on her
face, concentrating more on her
cheeks. She stood up and
loosened the towel around her
br3asts. She admired herself in
the mirror, smiling as she
caressed her flat stomach and
cupped her firm and DD br3asts.

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