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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

my muslim brother called ahmed

Ahmed could not believe what he had just
heard. It seemed like he was in a dream. He
pinched himself to ascertain if truly he had
heard right. His uncle’s crest fallen face said
it all. But how was this possible? He had lived
with The Colonel since he was four years old.
He thought he knew everything. This did not
feel right.
“But how can this be? I have a sister? Please
explain to me Uncle.” Ahmed pleaded.
The Colonel sighed. He let out a gust of air
through his mouth, heaving heavily.
“Son, there is something I ought to have told
you. My plan was to wait till you finished
Military school and then I would tell you
everything. Unfortunately, I went undercover
and did not get to see you again. I had Eva
when I was twenty five. Her mother, my fiancée
got pregnant and desperately wanted to keep
the baby. I had already enrolled in the
battalion that was to fight in the 2015 West
African War and would not be there to support
her. I begged for Mary to reconsider. She said
she would have the baby and wait till I came
back. I was just a recruit but was placed in
the 16B Squadron, responsible for back up
attacks on the enemy. After the war ended in
2017, I came home with only one thing in my
mind; reuniting with Mary and the baby. It
was an effort in futility. I searched for months,
looking everywhere, calling friends, asking
families. I searched for her on the internet to
no avail. After three years of search, I
concluded that they were either dead or
missing. However, I met Mary five years ago
when I was still undercover. She was working
as a chef for the head of a rival gang. We
reconnected. As desperately as I wanted it, I
could not risk getting too close to her. I sent
her money regularly and got her a new
accommodation. I visited her only twice. I did
not want her in danger. In one of those visits, I
saw pictures of Eva. I desperately wanted to
talk to her but she was in school outside the

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