Tuesday, 9 April 2019

drunk in love with a campus babe

I was posted back to Abeokuta, Ogun State. “Your state of origin” Gunner Emmanuel Whisper’s into my ear, i nodded in positive. “How could that be” Emmanuel asked me after we were been dismissed. “I don’t f-----g know” I replied. “We all know that we are fighting insecurity in the country, Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa States are the major states that most of us were posted to, some of them have started crying. Moreover, it has never happened in the history of Nigeria army that a newly passed out soldier was posted back to his own state to go and serve there”. Emmanuel further explained. Me myself wasn’t happy about it because i thought of the fact that i will be a little bit close to my hometown and to where my families resides, i wanted to serve in the eastern or northern part of the country where i will have to meet new people, learn different languages and most of all live an independent life. “Should i go and complaint so that it will be amend.” I thought to myself. While i was thinking about all these things, something brought Ayomide’s thought to mind. “This is an opportunity for me, at least i will be close to her, i will have upper hand to carry out my mission, I will even be able to visit her in Sango anytime i feel like” I thought to myself. It looks as if the thought alone ease my pain, i smile to myself. “I guess it God’s will” I concluded. We left Kaduna the third day after our passing out, the journey from Kachia Kaduna State to Abeokuta Ogun State was stress free as a long luxurious bus was arranged for only 35 soldiers going to Abeokuta. I engaged myself with games and videos on my phone in order to keep the journey lively. I decided to called Ayomide and informed her about my posting as i have called my mum and my twin brother late that day after our posting has been announced in order to informed them. Me: Dialing her Number (Ringing) Ayomide: Hello Me: Yeah baby girl Ayomide: How far Me: Cool here and u Ayomide: Fine as well Me: How are your families Ayomide: They are all fine and what about yours Me: Glory be to God Ayomide: Where are you, i can hear the sound of vehicles Me: Yeah! I just call to inform you that I’m through with my course and i have been posted to my unit. Ayomide: Waoo! That nice, so how was the course, hope u did not let me down Me: Laughing! Trust me now Ayomide: Sure! I trust u. So how did it finish Me: Glory be to God, Second position! Ayomide: Waoo! (Shouting) That’s a very good one Me: Thanks dear Ayomide: Aren’t you going to celebrate that for me Me: Laughing! Sure i will… Ayomide: How many are you guys Me: We’re just 130 Ayomide: WTF! Second position in a class of 130 Me: Yes Ayomide: Gabriel you really tried ooo Me: Thanks dear Ayomide: U welcome! So where are you posted to Me: Guess? Ayomide: Hmmmmm! Me: *(Silence)* Ayomide: Don’t tell me is Maiduguri ooo Me: No Ayomide: Northeast! Me: No Ayomide: Then where now Me: Hmmmm! (Smiling) Ayomide: Talk joor Me: Abeokuta! Ayomide: Are u kidding me Me: Am serious Ayomide: Really Me: Yes Ayomide: Waoo! Thank God for you ooo. Your parents will be happy Me: I did not even like it, i wanted to go to northeast Ayomide: U are not serious, instead of you to be happy and thank God at the same time, you are here wishing yourself bad luck Me: Hmmm! Who knows may be you are even the one that pray so that they will bring me close to you Ayomide: Me! What is my problem with your posting Me: Laughing! Don’t worry…. Ayomide: Funny you (In an awkward manner) Me: Am in the vehicle now, on our way to Abeokuta Ayomide: Alright wish you a safe journey Me: Thank you! I will chat you later Ayomide: No problem! Bye… Me: Bye… “Yes! At least i have make a move, she should know i am up to something” I said to my self after i hanged up. No doubt! This journey remains the best I’ve ever embarked on in my life, full of fun till we got to Abeokuta in Ogun State. Most of the instructors that knew me when our screening was conducted were asking me how i make it back to my own state, “Oga na God ooo” I replied with a smiling face. The work is pretty cool, routines such as morning physical training (PT) are carried out three times in a week and evening games two times in a week. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are always for morning PT while Tuesday and Thursdays are for Evening games. At morning PT, normal jugging and light exercise are observed for about 1 hour 15 minutes while Games like football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, Boxing and so on are observed at evening games. Work resumed by 08:45am on morning PT days and 07:45 on non morning PT days. Evening games on the other hand is schedule to hold by 4pm on it’s days. While i resumed at work by 07:45am and closed by 02:00pm, i wondered if am still in secondary school. Everything is simply simple and straight with timing. Once you find yourself late for any activities, the guardroom (place where offenders are kept) will be your best friend for that day. We still received lectures as if we are still on course, i wasn’t comfortable about the lectures because i found out that the same thing we were been thought in Kaduna are the same thing they are still teaching us. One day, i decided to ask why we can’t just leave all this things aside and move on with another topic since everyone of us have understood the message they are trying to pass across to us. On asking the question, the instructor ask the class to give me a round of applause, everybody wondered why they are clapping for me when the guardroom supposed to be my best friend throughout the day for asking such stupid question. To them, the question sounds stupid and awkward but the the instructor, it really means i have been paying attention to what I’m been thought right from Artillery school. “The corp of Artillery is a very delicate corp as no single iota of mistake will be tolerate in the battle field. The corp required us to fire our target without seeing it and at the same time fire over our friendly forces. If a single mistake occur in the computing then there is every possibilities that the shot will land on our friendly forces and you all know what that means.” The instructor explained. We all nodded our head in positive with amazed. “That is why our slogan remains the “Corp of Proud Professional” because we don’t make mistake.” The instructor further explained! “Gabriel, you just justify the second position you obtained in Kaduna” He commended me. All eyes was on me, i feel blushed. I’ve already settled down after four months, my parlour well arranged with a 32 inches plasma television, a set of home sound system, portable refrigerator with juice and fruits inside, shinning curtain, rug carpet, 14 inches standing fan and a beautiful center table. My bedroom holds a 6 by 6 14 inches mattress, a small bedroom refrigerator and other thing that beautify a room. I don’t know why i was arranging my house to impress Ayomide, i have been thinking of inviting her down to my place but i was just taking my time. Since i met her at Mr Biggs, i haven’t set my eyes on her again, we only keep phone conversation and WhatApp chat. I have make up my mind to make my intention known to her whenever she comes. Play the first home match if possible at the same time. I picked up my phone and dialled her number. Me: ****Calling Ayomide**** Ayomide: Hello oga soldier Me: Baby girl, what’s up Ayomide: Am cool and you Me: Fine jare, how was your day Ayomide: We thank Baba God ooo Me: That’s nice Ayomide: And how is Abeokuta? Me: Abeokuta is fine ooo, life here is pretty simple most especially in the barracks Ayomide: Really Me: Yeah! Not like sango “You know what i mean now” I murmured jokingly. Ayomide: You are not serious ****We both laugh**** So what’s the latest? Me: Hmmmm! The latest is, i want you to come to Abeokuta Ayomide: “To do what?” She asked surprisingly Me: I just want to see you Ayomide: Me! “Come to Abk” she asked curiously. Moreover! If u want to see me, you know my house Me: ***She wan dey form innocent be that*** No now! it’s not like that Ayomide: Then is like how Me: You know am a young soldier, i cannot start applying for pass now. Moreover, they will think i want to start taking an advantage of the fact that am serving in my state. Ayomide: That’s true, you have a point Me: ***Chai! I be Baddo*** So that’s why… Infact I’ve missed you self Ayomide: ***Smiling*** What did u miss about me Me: Don’t worry, i will tell you when u come Ayomide: So! When did u want me to come Me: On Saturday! Ayomide: ****Hmmmm**** Today is Tuesday, I will think about it and give you feedback on Friday Me: Alright dear i will be expecting Ayomide: Ok Me: So where are you now Ayomide: At home Me: Doing what Ayomide: Just lying down. What about you Me: Soldier’s Club Ayomide: Soldier’s Club? Me: Yes Ayomide: What are you doing there Me: Just having fun, playing snooker Ayomide: Hmmm…. Me: Any prob about that Ayomide: Not at all Me: Alright dear Ayomide: Just take care of yourself Me: I will! And u too Ayomide: Alright Me: Bye Ayomide: Bye Me: Hung Up… It was past 8 already, i left soldier’s club for my house. When i got home, i was tired and unable to cook, i decided to check on Mummy Teni if she has something in her kitchen that she can offer me, Mummy Teni is my neighbour, i stayed in room 1 while she stays in room 2, her husband was among those who conducted our screening exercise but unfortunately for him, he was nominated to Maiduguri for an internal operation before i came back form training. Mummy Teni and i have been so closed since the very first day i moved into that my room. We do call eachother Neighbour by name… Me: ****Knocking at her door**** Mummy Teni: Who is that Me: Neighbour! Neighbour!! Mummy Teni: Neighbour? Me: Abeg con open door joor Mummy Teni: ****Door opens**** Me: Good evening ma Mummy Teni: Good evening ***Paving way for me to enter inside*** Me: I thought you would have slept Mummy Teni: I just want to finish with this film before i go to bed jare Me: Alright! Where is Teni Mummy Teni: He’s inside sleeping Me: Sleepy Sleepy Mummy Teni: ***Laughing*** Leave my son alone ooo. Where are you coming from by this time of the day Me: Soldier’s Club Mummy Teni: Ok Me: Please is there anything eatable in this house Mummy Teni: Yes! I cooked beans in the evening, should i bring it for you Me: You still asking again, what brought me here if not food Mummy Teni: ***Smiling*** You will not kill me Me: Abeg bring package it for me jare Mummy Teni: Went into the kitchen and came out with a flask Me: That’s why i like my neighbour Mummy Teni: Na you sabi Me: Till tomorrow jare Mummy Teni: Alright good night Me: Thanks so much, good night! Mummy Teni: ***Shut the door*** After i finished eating, I sat down on my bed, initiated a chat with Ayomide. She replied instantly as if she has been waiting for my message, we chatted for about 30 minutes before i slept off. It’s was as if Saturday will not come, all the days was kind of slow, i had make an arrangement with Peter, one of my course mate to help me pick Ayomide as soon as she got to the junction next to our barracks in order to avoid security check at the gate. He assured me that there will be no f--k up and that he is going to carry out mission perfectly. On Thursday, i decided to go to a nearby market to buy fried rice ingredient, I’m very good in cooking, i learnt how to cook good food when i was staying with my aunty that attended a catering school. I’ve been rehearsing on how everything is going to look like that day, it was all funny as i was displaying in my room alone as if am crazy. That night, i called her in order to remind her if she hasn’t forget about her coming on Saturday. “Am working towards it” She replied. On Friday, I made everything i needed available, i purchased a kilo of turkey at the mami market (mini market right in front of the barracks gate), I fried it and preserved it inside my refrigerator. Later in the evening, i was arranging some of the music I’m going to play when she comes. I heard my phone ringing from the bedroom, “maybe she is the one calling ooo” i murmured while i rush to pick it up. I look at the screen and it was Ayomide, i took a deep breath before i picked the call. Me: Hmmm! Baby Girl… Ayomide: How far Me: Am cool, U? Ayomide: Fine! Me: How u doing? Ayomide: Great! I just want to tell u that i will be coming over tomorrow Me: ****Very Happy**** Waoo! What time are u coming? Ayomide: Hmmm! Around 10:00am Me: Haba! 10? “Y can’t you make it 08:00am.” I requested happily Ayomide: ****Smiling**** “Why don’t you ask me to start coming by 04:00am” She replied jokingly. Me: Ok! Let make it 09:00am Ayomide: Ok i will try Me: Alright! Honestly I can’t wait to see you Ayomide: ***Smiling*** Tomorrow is here na Me: I just want to close my eyes and see you by the time i will open it Ayomide: ****Laughing**** Me: ****Laughing**** Am serious! Ayomide: Just chill! Tomorrow is around the corner Me: Alright dear Ayomide: So what are you going to prepare for me Me: Anything you want Ayomide: ****Smiling**** Fried rice and chicken Me: ****Thank God ooo**** Done! Ayomide: Funny you. Where will u get it from Me: Wait and see Ayomide: Ok! I’ve heard you Me: I have to be on my way to tattoo now “Tattoo is a gathering mandatory for all soldiers in the barracks, late in the evening every blessed day” Ayomide: Alright! Start going so that you won’t be late Me: Bye Dear Ayomide: Bye I couldn’t held how joyful i am, it was as if a President’s daughter is coming to pay me a visit, i just can wait to see tomorrow. After tattoo that night, i met with peter and briefed him about how everything is going to work out as planed. I gave him Ayomide’s phone number, do not call her until you get to the that junction tomorrow. “No problem” he replied. “I will call and inform you as soon as she got to the place so that you will go and pick her up” i concluded. Peter’s block and mine is a little bit close to each other, he made way to his house when he got to the junction of house. I slept around 08:40pm, only to woke up and found out that is just 11:50pm. “So i have been sleep for just 3 hours since i slept.” I murmured angrily while coming out of the toilet and i went back to bed.

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