the wrath of disobedience

Location:The Ajah’s Residence.
The door of the house flew opened and Mr. Ajah emerged from inside holding two big boxes in his hands.
From his facial expression and body movement, one could tell that he is filled with rage and can kill anything that comes his way at that moment.
He kept murmuring some inaudible words to himself as he threw the boxes across the floor not minding where it landed or what happened to it.
He angrily dashed into the house and within some seconds,he stormed out dragging a black short and chubby woman forcefully by her arm.
The crying woman,who could be in her mid forties and whose face was red and swollen as a result of heavy tears as well as physical assaults from her husband, struggled to be freed from his grip yet he paid no attention to her.He held her tightly by her arms continuously dragging her out like a puppy on a chain held by its owner refusing to go.
The poor woman shouted in anguish, pleading not be to disgraced by him but her voice fell on deaf ear.Her wrapper loosen falling from her waist dropping to the floor, revealing her black inner wear and a part of her thighs which are supposed to be covered from the eyes of the public yet he doesn’t allow her to pick it up.
Mr.Ajah shouted in annoyance “You must leave this house today,as far as I am concerned,this godforsaken Marriage is over.”
With an unimaginable force, he pushed her to the floor outside the house.
She landed straight on the hard dusted ground hitting her bumbum on it but she refused to let go.
She struggled to get up n rushed back at him who stood at the door to prevent her from entering into the house and he pushed her again making her to hit her face against the wall.She felt a sharp pains traveling across her head but careless about that.
Mrs Ajah raised her voice in tears pleading with her husband “please don’t do this to me I beg you.Am ur wife,I have no where to go,”
“You are very stupid,you this useless woman.”
He cursed her in annoyance
“This Marriage is over. As in O-V-E -R.”
He screamed at her.
“Since I married you what have you given me except badluck? Look at me,I lost my job,I became a wretched beggar.I became a laughing stock. I can’t boast of one Kobo
What can of a heartless witch are you?”
“Honey please don’t do this to me”
She cried kneeling on the floor
“I am innocent of all this accusations.I have shown you nothing but love.I have been submitted as a wife to you.Despite all the illmannered treatments you gave me, I still love and adore you.I gave you two wonderful kids.
When you lost your job,I stand by you.I sold all my fine clothes and gave you the money.I have been responsible for the children’s school fees
Please don’t do this to me”
“You are a shameless useless witch.You think I don’t know that you agreed with your marine spirit not to allow me to progress in life?”
Mrs Ajah opened her mouth in shock and screamed “Jesus Christ!!,How can you say that?”
“Shut up your mouth!!” He commanded her
“You think you can deceive me with this your holier than thou attitude.You are a witch and that’s the undeniable fact and you know it. How can I lost everything immediately you entered my life?You are simply a badluck.I regret ever meeting you.And talking about selling your things,you think I don’t know how useless of a wife you are.You think I don’t know how you opened your legs to our neighbors for money?”
“God knows that I have never cheated on you before and I will never.” She replied as the tears kept pouring out mixing with the slippery mucus from her nose.
“I have been a faithful wife to you.You know is not true.Why are you doing this to me?”
“I have been a faithful wife to you.” He replied mimicking her voice
“Faithful indeed!! Faithful my a-s!!!
Why am I even wasting my time talking to you?
This Marriage is over.Witch go ooo”
Mrs. Ajah got up and moved to him
“Pls don’t do this to me”
“I swear I will kill you if you come anywhere closer to this door.Witch like you.”
He was about locking the door when she rushed to him but he pushed her again fortunately she didn’t fall again as she struggled to maintain balance.
He hissed and went inside locking his door.
She kept banging at the door crying on top of her voice.Many neighbors knew that she and her husband was at it again but feared to interfere because of the many abuses he has given to them.
“Ok, please allow me to see my children I beg you” She pleaded with him
“They don’t want to see a witch like you,go ooo” he responded from inside the house.
Refusing to give up,she kept banging at the door that her furious husband came out holding a Cutlass.Upon seeing him,she ran out of the compound fearing for her life leaving her luggages behind.
Mr. Ajah angrily carried the boxes and dumped them by the road side going back into the house locking his door.
Mrs. Ajah stood at the other side of the road watching him.
Many people that were passing watched her as she stood weeping her anguish soul out.
Some mistook her for a mad woman seeing her only in her inner wear and a torn blouse with an unkempt hair.
While others who had little knowledge of what is happening to her shook their heads in pity as they walked on.
She ignored all of the eyes starring at her as she crossed to the side where her boxes were lying on the ground.
She sat on the floor by them and raised her voice to the heaven and cried heavily.
The Church office
Pastor Eric,a young man who is in his late 30 sat behind the desk in his office.
The office is well designed,painted in a brown and cream color. A big brown desk divided the office into two halves and is occupied with a big bible, a bottle of anointing oil,a bottle of water and other things.
The office is very cold and smelled nice due to the work of the air conditioner and air freshener situated above in the upper end of the office.
The protrait images of Jesus is hung on the wall to give it a beautiful site.
Three chairs placed opposite the desk serving as seats to visitors and other people.
Pastor Eric heard a knock at the door as he got through with his prayers.
“Yes come in please.” He answered raising his head to see his guest.
The door opened and a beautiful fair Lady walked in. She is 26 years yet she looked so much younger than that,dressed in a long blue gown,on her head is a big black hat and she holds a Bible in her hands.Her face is makeup free except for a red lipstick on her lips and she looks adorable
“Good day Pastor” she greeted with a smile
“Good day sister Rose” he smiled back
“Please have a seat”
She thanked him as she rested her buttock on a seat opposite him.
“How are you doing?” He asked her
“Fine by grace and you sir?” She asked
“Oh, sister Rose, the Lord is good, please how can I help you?”
“Pastor,is about the revelation I discussed with you the last time, you told me that you will pray and get back to me and am yet to receive any positive response from you”
Pastor Eric sighed looking at her
“Sister Rose, it’s true I told you that I will inquire from the Lord which I did and am yet to receive any answers,I don’t think he has agreed to that”
“Are you trying to say I am lying?” She asked,her voice depicting a little anger.
“No sister Rose,I didn’t say that, please let’s wait on the Lord and allow his will to be done”
“Pastor Eric,I love you so much,I can’t go a day without thinking about you. I just want to be your wife. You are not married,why don’t you want to settle with me?” She asked him
“Please sister Rose,I appreciate your feelings but like I said,let God’s will be done”
“No problem,I will be on my way then,have a nice day pastor” she said getting up.
“May God be with you sister Rose”he prayed.
She murmured an “Amen” and he watched as she walked out of the office.
He sighed, picked his bible, opened and began to read but his mind was still in what sister Rose has said to him.
Location:A Famous Bar in the city.
Chief Benson,an old man in his late 64 sat on one of the chairs in the bar. The vicinity is less crowded and soft blue music were been played
A bottle of wine and a glass facing him on the table.
His phones and brief case lying right besides him.He kept peeping at his golden wristwatch every second while slipping from his drink.
Few minutes later,he picked his phone to call.
As he was about calling,a young lady arrived and stood near him.
She was clothed in a black skirt suit, holding a blue handbag which matched with her blue high heels shoes.
Her long natural hair fell on her back,she had no makeup yet she looked extremely beautiful and she is in her Early 30s.
“Am sorry for keeping you waiting,got stucked in the traffic”she apologized sitting besides him.
“No problem, what would you like to drink?” He asked her smiling
“I won’t take anything and I have to get going,I have a choir practice by 6pm and as you can see it is 5:44pm” she replied him looking at her time.
“But you just came here Angela, can’t I have a little moment with you?” He asked
“Am sorry senator, please we will have time some other day,I just had to come here so you won’t be angry,am a choir directress and I have to be there before other members”
“No problem, anyway,here is a cheque of 1 million naira” he said presenting it to her.
She gasped collecting it
“All this for me senator?”she asked
“More will come my dear, just stay and see,I am going to spoil you with money. Just agree to me and see” He boasted
“Thanks so much sir” she appreciated
“No need to thank me,I love you so much Angela and I will do anything for you”
“I have to get going now senator”she said standing up as she placed the cheque in her bag.
“No peck for me Angela?” he asked
“Some other time dear, this is public and you know,I will call you ok”
With that she hurriedly walked out.
Mr. Benson smiled as he continued drinking his wine.
Mrs. Ajah explained her predicaments to Mr. Raymond and he consoled her. He offered her a place in his house and make sure that she didn’t lack anything.
Months later,they began living like man and wife though he didn’t married her. She told him constantly to go see her people because she didn’t want to make the mistake again but he pleaded for more time and as months went by,he was unable to go,as a result,they now lived as husband and wife and she became Mrs. Raymond bearing him two children though they not were married together.
One-day, during pastor Eric period of evangelism,he met both of them and invited them to his church which is known as “The Perfect Church”.
They honoured his invitation and attended and decided to make a permanent stay in the church and became active members.
Pastor Eric and the board of committee were discussing on how to honoured both of them as deacon and deaconess because they were so impressed by their behaviors and devoted dedication towards the things of God.
Mr. Raymond contributed immensely especially in the financial aspects of the church.
Mrs. Ajah on the other hand,was so committed to the service of God, that other men,both married and single,used her as a positive example to motherhood.
They both were loved by everyone in the church and were popularly referred to as “Papa and Mama”.
Mr. Benson parked his car outside of Angela compound.
He off his engine and faced her as she was putting the money he just gave her into her bag.
She raised her head and saw him smiling at her.
She returned the smile because she already knew the reason behind such smile.
She doesn’t need a soothsayer to explain how much he loved her and is ready to spend on her like there’s no tomorrow.
He is the reason behind everything she has today.
He is a famous Married politician but has interest in establishing a relationship with her.
She has met him during her search for a job after her graduation from the university in mass communication.
He proposed and she has accepted because she has no other alternatives. Not that she loved him but because he is the reason why she is employed today and is being paid a handsome salary.
Her house and car and everything in her account is because of him. Though they are yet to get involve into any sexual acts but she feared that no sooner than later they will and that is her greatest fear because as a Christian,God greatly frowns against fornication and adultery especially with a married person.
Aside that, being a journalist,she is the reason why senator Idris is getting alot of fans. She knew about his dirty hidden deeds especially with the country’s money yet she makes sure that she paints him white as an angel in front of the people,not that she liked doing it but because she has no choice, senator is the reason why she is rich today.
“Why are you smiling like that?” She asked starring straightly into his eyes.
“I just can’t helped it Angela,I wish you are in my heart to know how much I love you,I can’t go a day without thinking about you” He replied her.
“Really is that so?” She asked a question which she already knew the answer.
“I swear by my life” He replied,”I so much love you, even when I am sleeping with my wife, your face is all see”
“That’s so sweet,I love you too senator” she responded, which of course is a lie because she doesn’t bear any iota of love for this shameless man sitting in front of her.
“You don’t love me Angela, because if you do, you would have allowed me to enter the promise land. I love you so much and I have proven to you alot of Times, infact I even have an arrangement to take you to France on my next journey.
You know money is no problem,I make sure that you are the highest paid worker in the house and aside your weekly allowance,I give you money everyday,what else will I do to prove myself? Why are you resisting me?”
She shook her head in Fustration.
For the past weeks,this issue has been their topic and she has become tired hearing it being repeated over and over.
“Senator,am not resisting you,I only asked for time, please bear with me” she pleaded
“What is the issue? Is it money? Do you want another car? Are you tired of staying in this vicinity? Tell me!” He asked
“There’s no problem darling” She answered him
“Money is not the issue because you have given me enough,I don’t want another car and I am comfortably satisfied with this house”
“Then what is the problem?” He inquired almost with a shout.
Truth be told,he was getting fed up with her attitudes.
Not that,he is stingy to her,then why is she denying him access to her body? He longed for the day he would finally get to see what is under her dress. He imagine himself with her naked beautiful and tempting body in bed. He doesn’t know why she is resisting him.
He has done everything for her, things that not even his other side chicks has enjoyed.
“Calm down senator,I just need time and I promise you will get pay for everything you are doing ok please” she assured him.
He sighed in Fustration. He just have to be patient and play along.
“No problem till then,let me get going,I will send you an alert once I get home”
“Ok no problem thanks” she responded as she was about to open the door of his car
“Haba,Angela,is that how you are going? No kiss or do you need time to kiss me too?” He asked sarcastically
She paused as she looked at him.
Her conscience pricking heavily as she thought on what to do.
She looked at him and she could see him eagerly waiting for the kiss.She drew closer to him and slowly placed her lips on his own, thinking that it was all but to her amazement,he unexpectedly opened his mouth and forced his tongue into her oral cavity.
His hands were about travelling to her b-----s when she stopped and pushed him off,got out of the car,walked to her gate, opened and went in without looking back at him.
Surprised at. her attitude,he watched her as he shook his head, after seconds,the senator turned on the ignition and drove out of the premises, still wondering why she reacted that way to a mere kiss.
You are welcome Brother Ken” James welcomed as he ushered his friend into his room.
They had met in the same cab oneday on a Sunday on his way to church and they both became friends, though their friendship was six months old but Ken has been like a brother to him.
He is ready to help him in the little way he can especially with finances during this crucial time of job hunting.
He knew where ken stayed and pay him visits most often especially whenever he is feeling hungry because of this presence condition.
He refused showing Ken his residence because he felt so ashamed of him but ken insisted and so they were finally here.
Ken stood with disappointment as he inspected the place his friend has brought him to.
It could be mistakenly for a pauper room.
Gosh!!! There was nothing to entice the eyes with.
No television,No Chair,No fan, nothing at all.
There only thing there was a mattress which was laid on the bare floor since no rug was available.
At the other end was a table which contained a Bible and other things,not even a single foodstuffs was in sight.
Ken shook his head in surprise and pity.
James bowed his head down in shame as the tears formed in his eyes. No doubt,life has been so unfair to him despite his services to God and society.
“James,I don’t want to believe this is where you staye” Ken said to him.
“My brother,this is where I am managing oo” He answered with shame.
“Gosh, what kind of living is this James, take a look at your room and your life,this is abject poverty” he cursed
“What kind I do my brother? I am still keeping fingers crossed for a better job and life, I believe things will get better someday” he replied
“Wait oo James, what is your church doing about this? I mean the church is supposed to help a member in this kind of problem” Ken asked with interest
“My brother,they are really trying but I can’t continue begging,My Pastor is really helping with prayers and the little he has,he never fails to encourage me not to give up”
“Just listen to the nonsense you are saying,Did you say prayers,Have you forgotten faith without work is dead? You are a devoted believer and the church is supposed to collect money to help you out until you have a job” He fired
James paused for a moment thinking about what Ken has just said. There seemed to be some sense in what he is saying.
“That’s remind me, you are the treasurer of the church right?” Ken asked him.
“Yes I am” he replied
“What kind of a fool you are James?” Ken asked in Anger
“What do u mean,I don’t understand” James asked in confusion
“You are the treasurer of your church,which means you are in control of all the money of the church yet your life is like this”
James opened his eyes in astonishment as the reality of what Ken was saying hit him.
“Jesus Christ,Ken,I don’t want to believe that you are advising me to steal the church money inorder to put my life in order”
“Bingo!!!” Ken shouted “you are so smart,is not stealing,is called helping yourself, remember Heaven help those who help themselves. Take out some money,start a business,rent a nice apartment and once you start getting profit, you can put the money back”
“Blood of Jesus,I rebuke you” James screamed in anger
“Cool down guy,I am only telling you the truth and you have to open your eyes and be wise.God gave you a brain so he can rest. Don’t think prayers is going to get you a job”
“Please leave my house” James ordered
“No need for that,I am already leaving and don’t call this a house because this place stinks and also remember that I will no longer give you any money bye” Ken stormed out of the house.
Ken sat on his bed as the tears poured down his eyes.
He refused to fall into this temptation but what is Good doing about his situation.
Angela sat in her office as she pondered about the event of the previous day. Since she kissed senator,her conscience has known no rest. She regretted every thing she is doing yet she can’t stop else everything will go down the drain including her job.
Every one knew her most especially in the church where is she is popularly called “Angelic voice”. The special gift of singing God has bestowed upon her has made her popular among people.
Everyone including children could testify of her wonderful voice.
The church has greatly increased because of the powerful ministration she does every Sunday.
Most souls has been touched and has given their lives to Christ.
Everyone loves and are proud of her and because of them,she was made the choir head.
So what will it look like,if people heard that she has a skeleton as such in her cupboard.
Dating a Married man, covering the evil deeds of a criminal under the disguise of a senator serving his people.
She has became a partaker of the stolen funds of the nation and is dinning with the devil,all because of money and fame.
“Oh God!!,I hope you will understand and forgive me” she cried
“Mr. Raymond sat on a chair in the garden outside his house slipping from a glass of cold orange juice while reading a newspaper.
Mrs. Ajah walked up to him and stood looking at him.
Aware of her presence,he closed the newspaper and looked at her.
“Yes young woman, what is it this time?” He asked her
“Why are you delaying in meeting my people?” She bluntly asked him
“And why do I need to meet them?” He asked her.
It was like they both were in a questions competition because they kept bombarding each other with questions
Mrs. Ajah looked at him in Amazement.
She doesn’t want to believe that she heard him right.
“I don’t understand you” she replied him still shock.
“What don’t you understand you this foolish nagging Woman?” He asked “have you suddenly become deaf? I asked again,why do I need to meet your people?”
“To finalise our marriage,I have been in this house for years living and behaving as a wife yet you have refused to see my people” she screamed at him
“And I asked again,why do I need to meet your people,is like you are very stupid,you have been in my house and have bore me two children and has been doing all your wifely duties,so why should I meet your people when we are as good as Married.Get this loud and clear,I won’t meet your family,if you like bring heaven down.” with that,he hissed and walked out on her.
Mrs. Ajah stood with unimaginable shocked and dumbness as she watched him walked out.”what a foolish Woman she has been.”

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