the story of mrs raymond and her experience in an hotel

Pastor Eric,who sat in his office,has just finished receiving a call from one of the members when he heard a knock at the door.
He asked the person to come in and the door opened,as Rose walked in,smartly dressed in a knee level blue gown and blackk shoes,holding a black nylon and wearing a smile on her face.
Pastor Eric returned the smile when he saw her and after usual pleasantries,he offered her a seat.
“Good day sister Rose” he greeted
“Good day pastor,I am sorry for coming at this time” she apologized
“Is ok sister Rose, though I was about rounding up my activities before you came but is quite alright, so please what can I do for you?” He asked her
“Well,I thought you might be hungry and tire after all the stress you go through rendering services to every individual that comes to you so I decided to bring you this wonderful meal that I prepared myself” she said bringing out a blue cooler from the nylon and placed it on his desk.
“Oh dear sister, you shouldn’t have bothered to go through all that,I am perfectly fine and I planned on preparing something once I get home” He replied her.
“I know and that’s why I decided to do it.I don’t want you stressing yourself after all this work,and as for bothering myself,let me be the judge of that, please don’t refuse it,I beg you,I really took my time to prepare this and there’s no strings attach to it.”
“Oh sister Rose,I didn’t mean it that way just that-” He paused looking at her and he could see that her countenance has changed and he added” Is ok,I really appreciate this kind gesture and I thank you so much for this,May the good God bless you and replenish your pocket” He said drawing the cooler to himself
“Amen and thanks for accepting too”she replied with a wide smile of satisfaction.
“So how is your work?” He asked her changing the topic
“Work is fine,and how is the church? I don’t even need to ask because I can see the handwork of God” she said
“Oh yes,our GOD has been ever faithful”he replied
“Dear pastor,i have to be on my way now”she said rising to her feet
“Ok sister Rose and may God bless you again” he prayed
“Amen” she replied him with a smile and walked out.
He took the cooler and opened it.
Amazed as the sweet aroma of fried rice and chicken hit his nose.He inhaled deeply,closed it and kept it.
Location: The Perfect Church
The Gigantic building situated up on a little hill and members could be seen trooping in their numbers as they entered into the church.It was on a Sunday and people like always,are excited as they went in,eager to be in the awesome presence of God especially to hear the powerful sermon through the blessed man of God, pastor Eric and most especially the most ever wonderful and golden angelic voice of Angela.
Inside the church,there seemed to be no space as everywhere was occupied with members both old and young,who were dressed in their beautiful attires of various designs and colors.
Up at the altar area,the choir led by Angela were ministering a popular song” It is well with my soul” and the spirit of God seemed to be moving in diversities dimensions.
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Ajah,both wearing the marching outfit were sitting on the first row in the church, Brother James sat at the end of the third row holding his bible, though he was in church,his mind was very far away as he kept thinking of what his friend has said to him. Rose sat on the first row too, adjacent Mr. Raymond and she was starring directly into the face of pastor Eric, wondering why he has refused to love her the way she loves him. Not a single day without her thinking about the day she was going to finally say “I do” to the man of her dreams.
After the choir ministration,there was minutes of silence as pastor Eric mounted the pulpit.
He held a big black bible in his left hand and a microphone in the night.
He was gorgeously dressed in a cream native attire with a pair of black shoes on his feet. His hair, neatly cut fully sold out his handsome face to the congregation.
The members sat down as some were seeing bringing out their pens,books and bibles, preparing to listen to the word of God.
“Praise the Lord somebody”He screamed
“Hallelujah” the congregation chorused
“Oh people of God, today is such a wonderful day in the presence of God and am so much happy today,give the Lord a clap offering” He said with a smile.
The congregation jammed their hands together in clap
“God is good”
“All the time”
“I said GOD is good”
“All the time”
“I am very happy today because I received a message from arch Bishop Michael of the soldiers for Christ ministry in South Africa,how many of us has heard of him?” He asked
Few hands could be seen in the air among the congregation.
“Well,the man of God has been doing wonders among the people through the help of the holy Spirit and to God be the glory,we are honored to have him in our church on the 15th of next month”
The congregation clapped in shout and joy.
“Oh yes, what a privilege, among all the church in this nation,he decided to pay us a visit, Praise the Lord somebody”
“So we should all be prepared as we await his coming and i believe that it will be an awesome time in the presence of the almighty,come with all your families and friends, indeed it will be a day to remember”
“Please Sister Angela,you and your team should work and bring out your best on that day”he said turning to Angela,
“well after that now,we come to the word of the Lord for the day”he said as he opened his bible
Location:along the road after service
Lst woman: my sister,did you hear what pastor Eric told us today?
2nd woman: yes oo my sister, what a privilege for us,I am so happy
1st woman: you can say that again,do you know the arch bishop is a blessed and anointed man of God,I have heard so much about him,how he has been doing mighty things through the help of God,he even gave a widow 1000 dollars to start a business
2nd second:(in shock)you don’t say?
1st woman: am telling you,and I thank God for bringing him to our church,I will make sure that I will be the first to come to church on that day,I don’t want to miss anything,who knows I may even be lucky self to get money too
2nd woman: me too oo
With that,they continued their journey.
Mr. Raymond hurried out of the house, fully dressed, holding his car keys and phones, heading for his car.
He entered into the car and was about closing the door when Mrs. Ajah rushed out and ran to him.
“Honey,wait please wait” she said holding the door of the car to stop him.
“Oh not again” Mr. Raymond shouted in annoyance
“You this woman, what do you want again?”
“Honey please,where are you going? Today is Sunday.” She replied
“And so?” He asked her
“Today is Sunday dear,you are supposed to be home with your wife and children, please where are you going?”
“What kind of foolish talk is that? You this useless Woman,and who made you my wife or the owner of this house?” He asked in anger
“Please honey,I beg you,our children need you,you are so busy that you don’t have time for them, please stay at home today and show them fatherly love”she pleaded
“I can see that you are very stupid,so because of those little witches,I should abandon my important project and go sit with them,will that bring money into this house?, please get out of my way” he yelled
“My children are not witches” she protested “for Christ’s sake,what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to us? You are so busy from Monday to Monday,not even a single time with us,I begged you to go pay my downry,you refused,now am only begging you to sit at home on a Sunday just to be with us”
“You must be very stupid, you useless witch,I can see that you are high, imagine someone that am managing standing here and talking rubbish,and if you must know,I didn’t make you any judge over me, please leave my door”he commanded
she hestitated for a moment,but when she saw the rage on his face,she left the door and he slammed it harder against her face.
She stood with sadness and tears watching him as he drove off.
She turned and slowly walked into the house.
Location: Angela’s Office
Angela sat behind her desk on a cool Monday morning.
Her face fully focused on the computer in front of her as she is busy typing some documents in.
Her phone rang and she paused her work to take a look,the name “Senator”displayed on her iPhone 6 screen.
She hissed and continued her work as the phone rang endlessly.
She stopped working and rested her back on the chair as distraction set in.
“God,when will this ever end?” She asked her “how long will I be able to resist this temptation?, Why is this happening to me? What can of life am I living as a Christian? Is my lifestyle worth emulating?,I just wished I could do something about this senator but what can I do?”
The phone beeped indicating a received text.
She opened it and read
“Meet me at the five star hotel
5pm, don’t keep me waiting, senator”
She hissed and let out a sigh of Fustration.
Pastor Eric could be seeing on a video call with archbishop Michael
.”good day father”. he greeted with a smile revealing his white set of 32 with a little gap at the front.
“A blessed day my son, how are you?” The archbishop asked
“We thank God for grace and how is the church?” Pastor Eric asked
Oh, is always a great thing whenever we see the multitudes of people eager and curious about the knowledge and powerful of the almighty, many lives has been touched and are still touch and I am so grateful to God for using me as an instrument to do his work” The archbishop responded with a smile.
“Oh yes sir,to God be the glory, I have conveyed the message of your arrival to the church and we are so happy,we just can’t wait to see the spirit of the Lord moving among his people” pastor Eric said
“Oh yes, what a great day it will on that day,with God as the owner of the church,we are convinced that alot of lives will be touched on that day and all the glory will be given to the almighty God”
“Amen sir,amen”
“So concerning my arrival,I will come on the 13 of next month awaiting the 15,which is on a Sunday. I only have four days to spend beginning from my day of arrival,I would have stayed longer but we can’t dwell in a particular place forever, just like Abraham,we need to move to all part of the Earth to spread the gospel”
“No problem sorry,we are very honored and we await you. I and other elders will be at the airport to pick you up on that day”
“No problem,may our good God guide and protect you always”
“Amen and you too sir”
With that,the archbishop pressed the end button.
Brother James entered into his room sluggishly throwing the file which contained his documents on the bed.
Another day of unfruitful search!
Another day of disappointment!
Another day of Fustration!
Want kind of a life is This?
Is it now a crime to serve God?
He opened his bucket and brought out a nylon containing a little amount of dry Garri.
He brought out a small jar and hissed as he noticed that his sugar was finished.
He took 50 naira from his pocket and was about going out when his door opened and the landlord walked in with a serious frown on his face.
James facial expression changed because he already knew why the man is here.
House Rent Wahala!!
Angela’s heartbeat increased as she slowly climbed the magnificent stairs of the five stars hotel leading to room 101.
After work,she drove straight to the address senator had sent earlier on and when she parked,she called asking for his room number which he gave to her.
Moments later,the receptionist called to informed him about her arrival and after approval,she found herself going to the room.
As she arrived in front of the door,she took a deep breathe and slowly knocked on the door.
As if the senator has been expecting her since,the door opened immediately and she walked him inhaling deeply as the cool air-conditioner welcomed her.
She walked into the room and met senator lying on the bed, slipping from his glass of red wine and pressing his phone.
She greeted him letting out a little smile and she sat on the available sofa near him.
The room was quite an expensive and beautiful one ranging from the furniture to the designs but she didn’t care to observe as her mind was somewhere else. He got out of the bed and moved closer to where she sat,his gaze focused on her.
What an epitome of beauty she is!
For few moments,a deep silence travelled across the room as he stared at her and she bend her head looking at the well tiled floor.
“I am sorry for keeping you waiting”she apologized,not that she was that late,but she just wanted to kill the silence between them.
“Is ok my princess,I can wait till eternity for you”he replied her
“She chuckled a little.
“Oh forgive my manners, what do I get you please?”
“Is ok I am fine” she responded
“No way Angela, you keep refusing my offer everytime,let me get you something ” He said moving to the telephone to make a call.
“No,is ok,I am fine, seriously am ok” she told him.
He looked at her and reluctantly dropped the receiver back
“Ok if you say so”. He moved and sat near her taking her hands into his own.
She felt quite uncomfortable but didn’t complain.
“So how is work? what is the latest development?” He asked her
“Everything fine but the usual complaints of the people,but on a serious note, senator, you really need to stop this and come out clean with the nation. The kind of bad report we get every day are so disheartening,I think you have been able to acquire alot of money,is Time to stop embezzling funds and do what your people want from you” She spoke with all sincerity.
He paused and looked at her, surprised at the guts she had to say such to his face. Maybe she has forgotten that she is also a partaker of the fraud.
Angela looked at him with little fear in her eyes. She knew that what she has just said pained him to the bone marrow. She never believed or planned on saying such to him.
What she just voiced out could get her into trouble.
“I am sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean to” She apologized to him.
“Is ok dear, though you are right but I don’t blame you because you don’t understand politics” He replied her.
“Anyway that’s not why I called you here,I miss you so much and I want to be with you” He said changing the topic,he won’t allow her to wake his conscience, after all,he isn’t the only person involved in such dirty acts in the government.
Angela kept quiet contemplating on what to say to him.
Now the fear of the unknown is finally here.
She watched as senator hurriedly removed his trouser and shirt throwing them to the floor, revealing his boxer and white singlet.
He moved closer to her forcing himself to kiss her.
“Please wait sir, please” she pleaded in fear
“Oh oo, what is it again Angela? why do you keep resisting me Everytime?” He asked in Fustration
“Please sir,I beg you am not ready please I need more time”
“Nonsense” He fumed “what time? I have done everything for you Angela, everything you have today was given by me. Your house, your car, your work, your account, everything,why are you doing this to me,why?”
Angela broke down in tears,crying her eyes out in front of him.
The angry senator calmed down when he saw her crying.
He moved closer to her,held her and asked why she is crying.
“Please sir,I really appreciate everything you have done for me and I love you so much like you do too. My entire body belongs to you but I just need time. I have had a rape experience and it hurts me everytime I remembered it. please give me time” She explained in tears.
“Oh my God!!” The senator exclaimed in shock “why didn’t you tell me? You know I love you so much and I will never hurt you. I never knew you were raped,am sorry ok, infact I give you all the time you need after all you are mine but promise me you won’t allow anyone else except me”
“I promise sir,I promise” She quickly replied
“Is ok,stop crying” he moved to his wallet, brought out a cheque and gave it to her. “You can cash this tomorrow ok”
“Thank you sir” she replied collecting it.
“Is ok,I don’t want to see you crying,I love you so much even more than my wife”
“Thank you sir” she repeated again as she stood up.
“I have to be on my way”
“Is ok, just take care of yourself” he said watching as she left.
He hissed feeling disappointed again.
“I will still get you Angela,no matter how you run away from me.”
She sat behind the steering thinking about what happened minutes ago.
She thanked God for providing a way of escape from that temptation.
She had to quickly come up with a lie to save herself from committing sin. Though she just told a lie about being rape but it was a lesser evil than what would have happened.
How long will she be able to do this? She knew the kind of person the senator is,he will never give up till he gets what he want.
She silently prayed as she drove out of the park.
Location: Pastor Eric’s office.
“So Mr. Raymond, your wife has complained bitterly about you not having time for her and the kids, what is the problem?” Pastor Eric asked.
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Ajah sat opposite pastor Eric in his office.
She had informed the pastor about his recent attitudes, leaving the part where he beat, abuse her and womanise with young girls out.
She pleaded with the pastor to call him to order and he invited both of them to his office for counselling..
“Pastor I am so sorry,I know that I have been bad lately to her and the kids but is because of work,I love my family so much but the work in the office is really too much for me” He explained
“I understand Mr. Raymond,but you know that your wife loves you so much,she is not a nagging person,she just wants your attention as a husband, please try to combine both and give her what she is asking for. Remember the scriptures, husband love your wife as Christ loves the church. Both of you are well respected people in this church,it won’t be right seeing you coming here for counselling when you are the ones that are supposed to be counseling others. Everyone including myself admires your Marriage so much. Please try to listen to your wife”
“No problem pastor and I am so sorry,I love my wife so much and I promise to change” Mr. Raymond replied as he turned to Mrs. Ajah and apologized to her.
They both reconciled with a kiss.
“Thank you so much pastor” Mrs. Ajah appreciated pastor Eric with a smile
“Is ok,To God be the glory and may GOD bless the both of you.dont forget to pray always.” He advised.
“No problem pastor,we have to be on our way now” Mr. Raymond Said
“No problem,May our good God in his infinite mercy guide you both”
“Amen”they chorused together and walked out holding each other hands as pastor Eric watched with a delightful smile.
James sat on the floor,his legs spread across and his hands folded together. His head resting against the wall and his eyes swollen with uncontrollable tears.
The landlord has come in demanding for his house rent which has expired since four months ago and he is yet to pay.
He explained his present situation to the Landlord and pleaded for more time but his pleads fell on deaf ears as the Landlord won’t heed to him. He had left in anger threatening to throw him out if he fails to pay at the end of the week.
Today is Monday,where would he get such huge amount of money to pay within six days when he is yet to find a job and even if he does,no company will pay till the end of the month.
His food stuffs are finished and the worms in his belly cry for food but where is the money to buy food? His friend or former friend Ken has been helping him but Since he told him to leave his house after giving such devilish advice, Ken has cut him off completely and has stopped rendering helps to him.
What kind of a hell called life is this?”
This has gone beyond testing of his faith and patience.
He cried deeply as he prayed to God for help. *****
Location: Outside the church premises
Mrs. Ajah opened the door of the car and entered,she turned to see Mr. Raymond face full with Anger.
“What kind of a nonsense talk was that back in pastor Eric’s office?” He shouted at her
“I don’t understand what is the problem?” She asked with fear.
Immediately,she saw his right hand flew across her face.
She screamed and held her cheek in pains.
He has just slapped her!!!!
“You are very stupid, I asked you a question and you asked me a question back, you this useless w---e of a woman!” He yelled.
She couldn’t say any word as the pains travelled through her head letting the tears flowed freely down her face.
“So you have the guts to report me to that stupid pastor,ehh you this fool? You have the effontery to paint me black infornt of a man who is not yet marry but advices married couples, what am I even saying self? Did I marry you? Hell no,so what gives you the right to carry our private affairs to him? He called me to advice me, a whole me, Chief Raymond, you are out of your mind in fact get out of my car this moment” He commanded.
“Please don’t do this to me” Mrs. Ajah begged
“I said get out before I give you another slap” he shouted
She quickly opened the door and rushed out of the car and stood watching him.
“Fool, stupid w---e, you will meet me at home” He insulted and drove out leaving her standing there.
Mrs. Ajah stood standing not knowing what to do.
She had no money on her to go home and she feared of going back to the pastor to explained what just happened.
She quickly wiped her tears as she saw Angela walking towards her direction.
“Good day mama” Angela greeted
“Good day my dear, how are you?” She asked trying to control herself from crying.
“Fine thanks,is that not daddy I saw driving out?” Angela asked
“Oh yes you are right,we came to see the pastor and we were leaving before you came”
“Oh but why didn’t he carry you along or is there an issue?” Angela asked
“No problem dear,he received an urgent call from work and has to hurry, while I am going to the market so I told him to just hurry instead of carrying me. You know my husband is such a rough driver when he is in a hurry” she explained with a fake smile.
“Oh ok” Angela replied
“What about you? What are you doing here?” She asked
“Oh am here to see Pastor Eric concerning the coming of the arch bishop”
“Ok, please are you going along the express way? Mind if I ride along” Mrs. Ajah asked
“No problem ma,let me quickly rushed and meet him,I will be back” Angela replied
“Ok I will wait for you outside”
“No problem ma” Angela said walking away
One week later
Location: The church premises
James drove a black Toyota Corolla straight into the church premises.
Pastor Eric who was about locking his office to go out,paused and watched in amazement as he saw James came out of the car with smiles all over his face.
“Good day sir” James greeted with a wide smile
“Bless you son, how are you?” Pastor Eric asked still looking at the car.
“I am fine, thanks sir” James replied
“Brother James, please who owns that beautiful car over there?” Pastor Eric asked.
James let out a wide smile
“Sir,God has been so faithful,I got a job at the MRS petroleum company as the assistant manager and I was given me a house and this car”
“Oh Sweet Jesus” pastor Eric screamed in joy “oh the Lord is so good to his people”
“Oh yes he is”James nodded
“Oh come here son” Pastor Eric said hugging him “Congratulations,I am so happy for you, you see I told you that God is ever faithful and will never fail, for those that wait upon the Lord shall not wait in vain,oh congratulations, congratulations my son” He said shaking his hands.
“Thanks so much sir,I really appreciate everything you did for me especially for keeping me in your prayers and for encouraging me through my testing times” James said
“Is ok ,to God be all the glory, infact I was on my way out but now that you are here, let’s go in so I can pray for you” pastor Eric said leading the way to his office while James followed behind him wearing a big smile.
Some days later
Location:the church’s auditorium
Pastor Eric and some elders including James and Mr. Raymond sat down as they discussed about the arrival of the arch bishop.
“So as I was saying,as we all know,the long awaited day of what we have been planning for is finally here. Our father in the Lord, Archbishop Michael will be live with us tomorrow morning. He called to inform me this morning that he will be at the airport tonight,so we should all try to put in our best, not for the eyes services of men but unto the glory of God”
“Oh yes pastor,I totally agree with you” Mr. Raymond added “it is a great joy to have such wonderful man of God in our midst and we as the church should give him all the necessary requirements to make his stay a memorable one, infact I take totally responsibilities of his hotel,I will make sure that he received the best accommodation ever in this country and the bills are on me”
The other elders clapped their hands together upon hearing that.
“Oh God bless you so much Mr. Raymond” pastor Eric said
“And to add to what father has said,I will make myself and my car available to carry the man of God to and fro wherever he wants to go to. I will be available whenever he calls” James added
“But brother James, won’t that be a problem with your work?” Pastor Eric asked
“Not at all sir,it is God who has given me the work and everything I have,so I have to use it to carry his servant, infact it is an honored to have him ridden inside my car”
The elders nodded in agreement
“Very well then,I have already told sister Angela and the other choir members and I prayed that God sees us through and bless us all for our efforts towards the growth of his kingdom” pastor Eric concluded
“Amen” they all chorused together
The room which contained over fifty plus choir members, consisting of young adults,both male and female, sat in a circle with their pens and books as they listened and learned a new song their choir directress Angela is teaching them awaiting Sunday service. The instrumentalists behind the piano, guitar and drums,all set and listening to her.
“So please sing carefully to the words and let’s try to get the tune correctly. This is a very simple song which consists of three stanzas,are we ready?” Angela asked
“Yes” They responded together
“Ok,the first stanza goes like this” she said clearing her throat to sing “singing slowly,You are welcome to the perfect church,the perfect church where the perfect God is,we non dey lose ooo,we non dey fail oo,oh Bishop Michael, you are welcome,to the perfect church”
The members roared in joy as they clapped their hands together, cheering Angela for such a wonderful song accompanied by a melodious voice.
Angela smiled, overwhelmed with joy by such amount of love and clapped shown by her darling friends.
“Is ok,is ok” she said trying to calm them down. “We are here to learn and practice,so let’s get down to business”
A silence followed and everyone focused on her.
“So I will sing it again and then we sing it together slowly twice, after that,we will sing it one by one, Nobody is leaving anytime sooner from here, remember we have a big day ahead of us ok,so are we ready?” She asked again.
“Yes” They chorused even louder than before.
“Ok so this is it again” Angela replied and they listened as she sang the previous song over.
This time,they didn’t clap or shout but listened,the few fast learners,who has already learned from the first time,sang along in low tunes while others hummed along.
Some members,especially those who don’t have a retentive memory, quickly brought out their books and pens, writing down the lyrics to practice at home or work during their lesser times.
Within few minutes,everyone has already learned the first stanza and were singing together in wonderful voices,the guys weren’t left out as they sang in baritones and the instrumentalists joined adding sounds and flavors to the song.
Pastor Eric walked in and stood at the door as he watched them singing. He smiled brightly at them,so much enjoying every moment and he hummed along with them.
He moved closer to them and noticing his presence, they paused to greet him.
“Good day pastor Eric” They greeted together
“Good day children of God” he replied with a wide smile.”oh, you guys have such wonderful voices,I am truly impressed,I felt the presence of God in this place as I walked in. Oh! There is indeed fullest of joy in the presence of God”
“Yes oo” they replied
“Sister Angela” pastor Eric called turning to her
“Yes sir” she replied
“You know that I am always impress with your services in this church,and I believed that God is indeed impressed as well. We all are witnesses to the good work God has been using you to do in this church,Oh you are such a rare gem and may God bless and continue to use you always”
“Amen ooo” The members shouted
“Thank you sir” Angela replied with smiles over her face.
“I like that song very much, what is it about?” Pastor Eric asked
“Sir,it is a song dedicated to the servant of God, archbishop Michael,we will sing it to welcome him on that day” A member spoke from among them.
“Oh wow! That’s so interesting,is really a nice song, infact I want to learn it too” pastor Eric said drawing a chair to himself as he sat down
“Wow,wow,wow” the members screamed in joy.
“Ok so we have a new member here now” Angela joked “we now have to be serious since Daddy is now in our midst,so we are going to start from the first stanza again so we can learn and also teach daddy,are we ready?”
“Ready ooo” the members along with pastor Eric shouted in joy.
Location:Mr. Raymond’s house
In the night
Mrs. Ajah,wearing a white transparent night gown sat in front of the mirror in their bedroom ,using the makeup wipe to remove makeup from her face.The door of the bathroom opened and Mr. Raymond walked into the bedroom wearing a black boxers and a white towel hung around his neck. He moved to his bed and sat on it and looked at Mrs. Ajah who is fully focused on what she is doing.
“Hey you this woman” Mr. Raymond rudely called
Mrs. Ajah dropped the wipe and turned around to look at him.
She is already used to what he calls her when no one is around and she is tired of complaining because every complain ends with beating.
“So you can’t even say yes sir” He asked
“Am sorry,yes sir” she replied coldly
He hissed and continued with what he is saying
“I am sure that your lover of a pastor must have told you about the arrival of the archbishop tomorrow” He paused to look at her whether she is going to say something but she didn’t.
Mrs. Ajah who already knew that he is in for another trouble this night,kept quiet and listened to him.
Since the day she begged the pastor to help her talk to him,he concluded that they are having a relationship, that’s why pastor Eric is unmarried. It wasn’t his fault at all,is her legally married husband didn’t throw her out of the house,she won’t be in this type of bondage called relationship or Marriage whatsoever.
“Are you hearing me you stupid woman?” Mr. Raymond asked bringing her out of her thoughts.
Oh I am sorry” she apologized with fear,she prayed he doesn’t beat her tonight.
“You see what I am saying,I am wasting my time talking and you are there thinking about your useless lover,why do you like to provoke me every time?” he asked in annoyance
“I am sorry” she apologized
“Just shut up your trap when I am talking,I don’t blame you at all and that’s why I will continue to regret the day I met you, anyway as I was saying,the bishop will be coming tomorrow for the program on Sunday,”
Mrs. Ajah wondered why he was telling her when the announcement has been made in the church already.
As if reading her thought, …he replied
“I am telling you because I know you very well, you are a foolish woman and I will not condone any insolence from you. You better respect yourself and play along,I don’t care if you fake it or not. Just respect yourself and don’t ever make the mistake of exposing me or our secrets to him or anyone,if you do, just ask God for somewhere to rest in hell,am I understood?” He asked
“Yes sir”she answered
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, goodnight” he said as he removed the towel from his neck and laid on the bed.
The tears dropped down Mrs. Ajah’s eyes
What did she do to deserve this?

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