the love of my heart(full episode)

“Happy birthday to you My Temi, I wish you lonq life & prosperity. i know you are not dead, i know you are some where, i know one day i will still meet you” Eliza muttered to herself sub-coherently. She had promised herself she wouldnt not die, not until she touch her son again. The fantansy she had conceived for the past 22yrs. Yes! Exactly 22yrs ago her baby was decapacitate from on her on a false medical assertion that the baby suddenly developed hormonal contraction few hours after his birth.
25th of December was the day, and she had since then kept an illusive feelinq that one day, her Temi would walk up to her make her smile. She however spilled out those sub-coherent words on every 25th of december to boost up her tiny hope. She knew somethinq was not riqht when the nurse announced to her about her baby deceased, but she just coudnt probe it out.
“I know you would have grown handsome like your father, tall like him annnnd” he bursted crying. Her husband image had been one of the virus she wished she could just format from her memory, but unfortunately she coudnt as his image had kept on haunting.
“hmmmm” Eliza sighed, as her husband image struck her once again, she knew her husband would not feel a dam itch about where she was riqht now. Of course, she knew he never loved her, he only feigned a sort of emotion towards her to succeed in grasping her wealth. He mastered her weak point and he shrewd on it.
“You stole me away from mum, you stole me away from people, hmmm, you make me a nobody! Dami” she wailed “You eventually broke my heart into debris? I thought you love me Dami?” Eliza had started to weep this time, she couldnt even control the the tears gushind out from her eyes, make it seems she just lost a close relative to a fresh death, totally unperturbed by the passerby and poured out more of her hot liquid from the eyes.
She squinted her eyesbrow, and raised her left hand to hover her face. Something she did to prevent her eyes from the scourging sun.
The type of sun thay shone that afternoon could send cecity to the eyes in a jiffy and might as well burn the body like that of hell fire.(though have never been there and i will never be there)
She tried to use her feeble right hand to dispel the clump of flies flying restlessly to have a taste of the pesky sore sitted below her kneecap as breakfast or lemme say brunch.
She counted the money some of her generous clients had dropped on the bowl she descreetly placed infront of her. “i have made enough for today” she muttered to herself as she tot up 525N. “Some clients could be funny shaa, as they wont feel any remorse dropping 5N, some would even demand for change after dropping 20N. Anyways she is just a street begger! still inhaling the oxygen at the lenity of these her clients” Eliza thought.
She stoop up on her once sexy legs that might have sent hundreds of male folks to planet pluto during her prime, of her which was now so wobbly as a result of some excessive hiking and pestiferous sore.
She made to leave for for crude shelter that stood not many miles away from her business post or office center leastways.
“Happy birthday to you once again My Temi. And curse be to anyone out there who took you away from me” Eliza voiced silently clenching her teeth that depicted anger, hate and pain. Her memory had started up the her reminiscent mind, as her encounter with Dami her long lost husband started buzzinq in. An encounter that undoubtedly changed her life!
“Heyy mum” Eliza shouted, as he paced forward to hug the middle age woman who had also extended her shoulder to reach for daughter’s huq. They both stayed glue momentary in d their warm embrace, swaying each other from left to right with smiles clearly expressed on their faces. It is no argumeny that the two had been away for quite sometimes and were just uniting. The affection imbibed realy frenzied their untion.
“You are welcome dear, we missed you” the woman express, still joltin Eliza to & fro
“Yeah mum, same here too, 18 months were just way to far and i have been dying hard to be back here mum'” Eliza explained still keeping her mouth grinning. They later disengaged away from the hug, now staring at each other eyes with a pure emotions clearly drawn
“So how have u been doing my dauqhter” the woman questioned rhetorically
” Fine mum, you know things would always be cool over there,” she quipped, still tryin to maintain the display of her crystal white set of teeth.
They both advanced towards the majestic sittinq room wit their hands holdinq each others back.
The look on Eliza face quickly described her suprise. Her eyes had scanned the the room and admitted that the room had seriously undergone some heavy chanqes.
The colour of the room which had already been repainted with yellow color tinged with crimson totally rusticated the sky blue that was formely used. She knew that would be her mum’s idea, because she always knew colour blue had been her mum greatest antipathy. Also, the settees and the sofas had been replaced with crisp massive new sets. She realy admired the new interior decoration employed in the house.
“You know you still have enough time to admire them” her mum chipped in, who noticed her dauqhter’s eyes quiverin around. “but riqht now you have to qo take a bath then settle for your favourite i prepared for you”.
“Aiit mum” she nodded, as she hopped on the stairs up to her long waited room.
Her room was of medium size with a cool scenery. The room had the mixture of cream and blue colour. It had blue colour as the background then stripped with cream colour in a parallel and horizontal line giving out a pleasing look of rectangle shape on the wall. A big round bulb illuminated the room giving it a shimmering look. Tapestries layed comfortably on the wall with the wall paper of rihanna staying glued to the wall.
Eliza found out that her room was clean to her expectation, she wasnt expeting to meet dust and rubble everywhere. Her bedcover had been changed credibly to her mom.
Then her eyes caught a portrait of someone on the wall adjacent to where the wall clock layed tickling peacefully.
“Who could have put it back?” She thought, she remembered vividly that before she travelled she had fuddled the portrait some where that could be mistaken to hade in the house.
Whatever the case maybe, a disgusting look stood in her eyes facing the portrait. She however waived whatever thing she felt for the picture momentarily, she wouldnt let that thwart her happy mood.
After about 30 mins, Eliza was done with freshening up, she swiftly took a look at her reflection staring back at her through mirror, she smiled took notice of her beauty once aqain.
Indeed! Eliza was a pretty damsel, a very fair lady in her 24 years but acquisition of a teenage body. Her oval face coupled with a set of crystal white teeth stamped her beauty with a moderate but soft bossom. Her long sexy legs never seemed tired of holding and carrying her big bum shooting out apparently behind. Eliza had a killer body and definately guys would telleport from planet pluto just to have her.
She soon found herself on the dining table with her mum. They had a light but warm conversation spiced with excessive emotion, while each of took their time to devour their plate of amala with ewedu soup and meat. It was quite evident they both had missed each other.
Eliza attention soon swayed from her food at what next she saw pacing towards them at the dining. “OMG! Is this a guy”? She thought rhetorically as the charminq fiqure alighted towards them. She never remembered she left such a cutie in their house the before she left to USA for her Masters and her mum had never made mention of anybody now staying with them since her arrival few hours ago.
She stared at the fiqure as he finally advanced towards her mum, tilted his head down and jumbled some words she coudnt grasp into her mum’s ear. She momentary felt embarrased as the thouqht of being an acquaintance in her very home was sternly visible in the way he approached her mum. Nevertheless, that never stopped the glimpse look she passed at the him seductively. “Probably he doesnt know who i am” she thouqht aqain. This time she could notice him handing her mum a crisp naira notes with a car key and immediately turned to leave.
“Wait, Dami” her mum coughed before pointing to Eliza, “This is my daughter, i told you she travelled outside the country for her masters, she just got back this afternoon”
“Oh realy?” Dami quizzed with raised eyebrow, “Hello madam” now turninq to face Eliza with his hand muzzled out for an handshake.
“Hiii” Eliza qiqqled, returninq the handshake, “And you can call me Eliza” she quickly hinted him innocently. “Alriqht madam Eliza, you can also call me Dami”
“hum hum, i said *no madam*, just call me Eliza” Eliza pointed and waved his left index finqer in a qesture pointinq out a correction. “Alriqht E e eliza, i had betta qot used to that” Dami smiled, freed his had and left the room.
Eliza eyes trailed him from behind as he paced towards the exit, with seductive grimmance curving out from her face. She was oblivious of her mum eyes staring at her in ire.”I think you should know that he is just our new driver” her mum muttered, placing an emphasis on the words “new driver.”
Her mum’s word interuptedly jerked her off her sub-conscious state of mind and reviewed the kind of killer look bestowed on her by her.
“oh i see” she blurted, before she stood up from the dining and hopped up to her room upstairs
As soon as entered her room, she pounce on her room, with a great flop, gouge her head between her 2 pillows in other to block her eardrum, an effort she though would save her from her mare. She never intended to fall for any guy at the moment, not to talk of a cypher, an ordinary driver. But, the more she tried to block her thinking faculty, the more she failed woefully! She coudnt just erase the image, the mild smile, the soft cool voice and the well rounded cute face. Even her ex became insipid where Dami was concerned. The whole of Dami’s habitus wholesome kept erupting her mind. She pondered vaguely on her bed for some minute, before siting and soliloquizing.
“No it cant be, Eliza wake up! He is just a driver, better guys are out there waiting for you, you know you wouldnt stoop so low to go intimate with just a driver? Just few hours in Naija and you are already head over heel inlove ..hmmm, Damm, what is wrong with me? Am i going crazy! Am i insane!” Eliza sprewed those words like a cark having ignorance of her being audible enough for any outsider to eavesdrop.
“Definately this love at first sight, after all, she cant dictate for the heart. As the heart always wants what it wants. But is she really sure this Is not lust? No it cant, its pure love from the bottom of the heart” Eliza mind pondered thoughtfully. But then, she recalled how her mother painted him blight abrasively, the cold stern look registered on her face when she said “I think you should know that he is just our new driver* “hmmmmm” she threw out a sigh. ” if i am not backing out from this then Mom have to support me on It” she prayed.
Later that evening, Eliza woke up and checked the time on her phone, it was 6pm, she remembered she was caught up by sleep while she was thinking about Dami,leastwise nobody can cheat on nature. She wondered if her mom had even come around to check on her. She took a long glimpse at the window and found out that the sky had betrayed the time, as the sun still shone broadly and it threw laser beam from the sky reflecting very well in the room through the window blinds.
She decided to take an amble walk around the house, more over, she needed to find more about him. She had decided to quizz him and make him relate with her colloquailly. That was what she wanted and she was ready to get. Any informatiom about where he stays, could help her. She was not ready to let her charming prince slip away from her. Damilola.
“Ahh oga welcome, i be dey greet you the other pimme, as me and big oga enter u no hear.” Kofi their spooky gate man voiced as he saw Eliza was tramping towards him. He knew Eliza as his *madam daughter* because he had been working with in the compound before Eliza travelled.
Kofi was a dark black hausa man, wish i could see any synonmous word to describe his type of blakish. But a risible fellow who always plant smiles on anybody that bump into him. He once had an accident that made his left leg shorter than the right one and which always create a funny senery with the way he wobbled when walking.
“i am sorry Kofi, i guess i didnt notice you” Eliza replied with a simper trying to conceal her laughter.
“OK oga, so wefin me bring come from U-es-Pa? Kofi asked again throwing Eliza off her balance as she gave a wild derasive laughter.
” You know what kofi ? Its never called U-es-Pa. Itz called U.S.A as in United State of America. Okay?
“Okay oga. Unifed State of Amelika? Kofi said again.
“okkkk, whatever. I brought some stuffs for you i know you will like, i wil bring them over for you.”
“Ah tanku oga”
“So how about seeing the driver, do you know where is he? ” Eliza sagely asked.
“You mean deripa?”
“Yes, where is he ?”
“oga he don goo oh, me don ofen gate por am since” He answered waving his hands in monstrance to buttress what he said
” Ar rre you sure ?” Eliza asked with puzzled look hanged on her face.
“Yes oga” Kofi afirmed
“Okay” Eliza veered towards the house with discontentment. So she would be unable to see her prince charming. She thought she should go back and ask him of his appartment, but she later decided against it. She didnt trust the lousy gate man, and even if she got his appartment, what is she going to do? She can throw herself just like that to a guy who is not even aware of her feelings. Only time will tell. Her thought came to an halt with Kofi voice yelling after her, ” Oga seh make i com polet am for my gift you pring come from U-es-pay ?”
The whole week was a pack full of boredom. Her mom was always going out on business issues, while Dami had been the driver that drove her out to places. So her mother and Dami were always out together and most times came home late. That was unfair on her part, as the Dami’s work schedule had not been in her favour.
It had been a week now she set her eyes on her charming prince, and that was actually the day of her arrival. She wanted to know more about him, get wind of his intrests, play with him and joke with him. Every nights she slept, she always dreamt of having a relationship with him, relationship full of series of mirths, laughter and fun. A very risible relationship, and whenever she woke up it became dawned on her that it didnt seem her reverie was a forthcoming reality.
She wanted to quiz her mom about him, but the killer look her mum pierced into her on the day of arrival had always made her quail.
Her mind had been benumbed, totally unresponsive to anything, only the thought of Dami was allowed. It was not as if she hadnt fallen inlove before, she had, but not as compared to what she felt for Dami now. She only prayed her love should be reciprocated by him.
It was Sunday evening, Eliza had been indoors as usual, but being Sunday made everywhere a little bit resilient, the reason that, her mother would stay indoors too, even visitors would come visiting. Eliza’s mother belief was that Sundays are meant for resting while the remaining week days are meant to work and earn more money. A kind of woman who didnt indulge lazy people.
Eliza’s mind was still sinking in its distress, she had hope to see Dami today but alas, she hadnt caught a glimpse of him up till the moment. “Why would i be expecting to see hims sev, when the house is his place of work, and since mother isnt going out today definately he is not coming to work” Eliza thought, incognizant that Dami lived with them, in a different apartment laying at the outskirt of the the same compound and the reason why she hadnt caught a glint of him was because he left home early, before she woke up and also returned late in the evening while she would have retired to bed.
Later that sunday evening, Eliza plodded out of her room as a result of fatigue from sleeping too much. She carried her drooping body outside their lawn, before settling down on white chair placed beside a light blue iron table. She brought her new simcard with a phone along.
She had bought the new phone with simcard on her way from the airport, she knew she needed it because of the invalidty of her previous line as soon as she stepped in Nigeria. Because, the network was not registered here.
The thought of Dami invading her mind had not made her consider their usage.
While she was trying to fix the device, the phone slipped from her hand and hit the grass covered floor, with patency the grass really helped in preventing it from shattering into debris. Immediately she stooped, reaching out to pick up her device, a familiar hand swiftly gripped hers. Eliza tilted her head to see the face of the familiar hand, Lo and behold, her eyes nearly pop out from its socket beholding who the person
It was a bright morning again, the sky was giving out it bluish colour and the sun was getting ready to smile. Though with outward impression that it was the type of sun scientists claim that gives a kind of vitamina D to the body. But anways it could easily be assented that it was yet another begining of a great day.
Eliza had already woken up from her sleep, but still laid noiselessly on her bed with her eyes shut tight to each other. She didnt get enough sleep overnight. Yestyday dinner was an augury, or let me say it ended it like one. As she kept reminincing every dim words her mum ejected. She knew her mum had took her time to have everything prepared for her.
She sat up, opened her eyes and used her two palms to rub away the vertigo in them so as to enjoy the beam in her room channelled by the sun. She heaved a sigh, before she retured her hands akimbo while still siting comfortably on her bed.
Then just immediately after that, her eyes caught a portrait of the same person she saw on her arrival. Ohh! So i havent sent you back to the hade you belong to? She thought. She felt a kind of adrenaline surged through her as she leapt up instantly to grapped the portrait from whatever thing holding it grimly to the wall and “Praaa paa paa paa paa paaa paaa paa paa!!” the portrait got shattered into debris.
The adrenaline seemed to had quashed now that it was done working on Eliza. Eliza breathed heavily like some who just finished a 1000 metres race. So after all, it was her mum that reinstated the portrait after she travelled.
But one thing that got Eliza much hazy was her mum sudden developed interest on her boyfriend, opppz did i say boyfriend ? I mean her ex-boyfriend.
Eliza and Tunde had never had any steady relationship or whatsoever. Their relationship was a good example of a meander not heading to a point in particular. In short, if there was an award been granted on basis of relationships, then theirs would have been honoured with most vacillated relationship in the world. And they had since called it quit between them after she travelled for her masters and Tunde had made some nasty mess up again.
She recalled vividly how she felt committed from the begininng, though she knew Tunde as freak philanderer right from onset, but she, out of many of her rational philosophy, believed that being a lady, she had a special kind of aura that would coerce her man to submit to fidelity, hence that made her to stay consecrated to the relationship for a longer period of time.
But Tund flubbed everything, he ruined all her staunchness, all her determination was turned annul, which got her frustrated at the end of the day. And that was the she first time she chucked out everyting that served as connection between them. Which included Tunde’s portrait, a golden trident and chaine he bought for her on 21st birthday.
And though after that, she was still hoping things got better between them someday. But unfortunately, the day never came, as the worst day surveyed instead. After she travelled out for her program, Tunde had called to tell her that he stopped loving her long time ago and already had eyes on another lady. He was sorry. That was his usual perfect line he employed to ditch out his used clients.
The words didnt seem to ache Eliza much, as she wasnt surprise, at least it was Tunde, a coquette(male) she knew so well. She only took his words in good faith while she riveted all her attention on her program.
And now, she coudnt fathom any reason why her so called mother who was not ignorance of the whole scenery between them would try to fix them up together again. Her mother had pleaded on behalf of Tunde but not after she first reprehended him. Also, made her believe that Tunde was a changed man. Her mother confessed to her to that she wouldnt concure to any other suitor Eliza would present to her unless it was Tunde.
“hmmm” Eliza heaved a sign, if mum is trying to quilt my relationship with you Tunde, trust me it would be mission impossible.
She picked up her phone to take a glimpse look on the screen. Dam, it was after 10am already, she leapt up from the bed, she gave a lousy yawn with all her body parts stretched out then stood motionlessly on the ground but facing her bedroom mirror. She watched her reflection for some seconds and gave a smirk while the thought of her curves excited her.
“I should be going out today,” she thought to herself. Atleast she had informed Dami Yestyday that he would be her driver today. The opportunity she needed to utlize her plan. She was ready to qive out whatever it takes to be with Dami and nothing would defect her fantansy.
She shambled to her bathroom to take her baths, and in a jiffy she was done. She took a long time to surveyed her reflection before nodding in complecency. She glimpsed at phone to view the massive digital clock displayed on the screen. It was 11:55. She quickly scurried away from her room, climbed down the stairs and when she landed on the floor of the siting room and she thought she saw some one the dining. though still in her haste she never bothered to stress her mouth to utter a word. And never gave an hitch about anybody, because to her, nothing was of a great ideal when compared to the adventure shrouded on her mind
“Eliza, where to ?” A stern voice rang out from the statue she thought she saw. And by the time she tilted her head towards the angle the voice came from. She couldnt help but swooned in bewilderment.

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