my worst enemy was my best friend

I was in a deep slumber when I heard some one ranting like a mad dog outside. Immediately I went outside and it was mama Nkechi
Me: good afternoon ma plz who are u looking for
Mama Nkechi: where is that your stupid mother that refuse to pay me my money
My mother rushed out from the house immediately
Mrs adams: mama Nkechi hope all is well this one u came to my house today
Mama nkechi: you this woman where is my 8 thousand naira
Mrs Adams: haba!! Mama Nkechi I told you that I will give you the money when I have it
Mama Nkechi: you know I am from Nnewi and we don’t play with money I am going no where without my money today
Me: mama Nkechi my mother said she will pay you when she have the money
Mama Nkechi kept on shouting and barking until she drew the attention of the neighbors
Landlord: what is happening here??
Mama Nkechi: this your useless tenant refuse to pay me my money that she borrowed
Neighbor3: na why you dey disturb me
Neighbor2: so na because of money you no want make I enjoy my bae
Landlord: how much are we talking about here?
Mama Nkechi: 8 thousand naira
Neighbors: chicken change
Neighbor5_pastor: mama Nkechi pls don’t be annoyed give mama johnbull a little more time maybe 2 weeks by the grace of God I believe she will pay up
Landlord: yes I agree with you pastor pls Mama Nkechi..
Mama Nkechi: thank your stars mama johnbull if not I could have delt with you today
Me: thank you mama Nkechi
Our neighbors went angrily into there various apartment including the Landlord….. Mama Nkechi happen to be a woman selling food in our street… My mother borrowed 8 thousand from her to pay my school fees… My name is johnbull the only child of my parents, my father die when I was 8 since then me and my mother has been managing. Eating 2 square meal is a big thing in my family. My mother sells tomato and pepper in the market.. I am a student of babisky high school in ss3 precisely to round it up I am a labour prefect.

I woke up very weak and tired because I did not eat last night before sleeping. In no time, I took my bath, brush my teeth., wore the best clothe I have and was ready for church. I left the house leaving my mother alone. My church is st John Anglican Church which was not far from my house. After few minutes of trekking I arrived at my destination. I entered the church auditorium which was crowded with so many people. I sighted my friend chinedu and I went to meet him luckily for me there was a seat close to him I sat immediately and we started discussing
Chinedu: how far my man
Me: guy I dey oo
Chinedu: see as you just fresh
(see this one oo fresh for hunger)
Me: na so we see am
Chinedu: this one u day talk like this wetin happen
Me.: I never chop since yesterday
Chinedu: na me u dey wine
Me: serious
Chinedu: ehyaa sorry my guy no wori u go follow me go my house after church make u chop some thing but u go help me do my chemistry assignment oo
Me: no p I go do am
We finished our discussion and payed attention to the vicker .. Few hours later the mass was over then we started going home… In no time, we got to chinedu’s house..
I sat comfortably on his sofa which made me felt I was on a ballon(no blame me oo cus for my house we no get so talk less of sofa) minutes later chinedu came out and directed me to the dinning (sorry for not telling you chinedu is my class mate and also my friend he is from a rich family his father is one of the authorities in babisky high school) I sat in the dinning behold what was looking at me was a plate of fried rice, salad and chicken with chilled fruit juice. I started eating immediately without even praying . Suddenly a beautiful angel amaka joined us in the dinning
Me:I paused (in my mind) na which kind thing be dis see as this girl wan spoil my show

I was rushing my food before amaka joined us. (You know as a guy u need to behave your self
When u are with a girl.) I started eating slowly like a gentle guy. Chinedu noticed it and asked if I was alright… After the meal we decided to play a little game before helping Chinedu in his assignment. We played ludo and woth for about 20 minutes before I told Chinedu to bring his assignment. The assignment took me not less than 10 minutes and I was through.. Amaka Chinedu’s sister who attends fountain land snr college she is in ss1, she is beautiful, tall and good looking ( I dey eye her small small). We were all discussing and laughing when Chinedu’s dad came in.
We: good afternoon sir
Dad: how are you doing??
We: fine sir
Dad: Chinedu who is this young man
Chinedu: he is my classmate he came visiting after church
Dad: that’s no problem hope you have given him something to eat Amaka: yes dad
Dad: OK feel free boy
Me: thank you sir
After few minutes of discussing I decided to go home to prepare for school the next day. I waved amaka bye she also waved back at me. Chinedu escorted me to the gate before we exchanged good bye greetings… I trekked on the dusty road which lead to my house. Immediately I got home my mother handed me over 120 naira, she said that she went to do some cleaning in mr coca’s house ( chair man of our street) down the street and she was paid 420 naira. I felt pity for her my eyes were filled with tears. I composed my self and hugged her. She asked me if I have eaten, I told her I ate in Chinedu’s house. We discussed a little more before I decided to sleep a little
****Monday morning****
I woke up refreshed, I said my prayer, helped my mom in cleaning our one room apartment few minutes later I was ready for school. My mom gave me 50 naira to eat in school, I dashed off to school happily( thank God I see money today) on getting to the school they have started assembly. I sneaked in immediately so that the principal Mr Udoh will not see me and query me for coming late as a labor prefect. I tooked my position in the assembly ground suddenly I heard my name Johnbull!! I looked to the direction of the sound and it was mr udoh

went to meet the principal immediately(with my heart pounding)
Me: Good morning sir(stammering)
Mr Udoh: John how are you
Me: am fine sir
Mr Udoh: good if you can see the school compound is very dirty and I need you to get some late comers to clean it up
Me: no problem sir I will do that immediately
I went back to my duty post which was the school gate. At the end of the assembly there was already 15 late comers kneeling down. I divided them into various groups such as sweeping cleaning and packing. When they were through they all went to there various classes while I find my way to my class. When I enter my class our chemistry teacher mrs loris was in the class marking our assignment. I went to my bag brought out my assignment and submit it to her. Few minutes later she finished with the assignment
Mrs loris: class all stand. If you here your name come out Eze Chinedu, nnaji Hanna,and Adams Johnbull.
We all came out Chinedu was a bit scared but I understood what was going on
Mrs loris: so out of all the 25 chemistry students in this class only this three students got my assignment right. Minus 5 marks in your test for those of you that failed. Sit down, three of you go back to your seat.. Chinedu was so happy and gave me so many thumb up. After the chemistry class we had English and econs before we went for break. After the break the principal summoned all ss3 students telling us that our mock exam will be in too weeks time, we thanked him and went back to our class.. After so many academic work in school We heard the bell and it was closing time, I and Chinedu started going. Not up to 20 meters work I heard my name from behind, I looked back and it was Kelly one of the beautiful girls in my class I waited for her to come close
Kelly: sorry for disturbing you. Plz can u come to my house today to teach me organic chemistry and wave particles in physics
Chinedu: can’t you not go to his house must he come to your house
Me: nooo don’t worry I will come this evening
Kelly; thanks dear am expecting you
She left us while we continue walking home
Chinedu: just be careful I don’t trust that girl
Me: I will
We continue gisting until we took different road leading to our various houses

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