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Tunde the brave student(TRUELIFE)

Tunde graduated to be the best and finest
surgeon in the world. At age 30, he became
The joy of marrying a medical doctor attracted
Bisi, his wife, to him.
After the few weeks leave he was given from
work, he hardly spent some quality time with his

Their relationship began to go sour.
Not that he's flirting around with other ladies.
Not that he now had a bad friend. But, at his
work place, he was seen as TOO IMPORTANT.
Every patients wants him. The nurses love him
to handle all the surgeries at hand.

One day, he got home very early from work. The
wife was glad that he was at least early today.
Just as he was dropping his briefcase, his phone
rang and the following conversation went on.
Nurse: Sir, we need you now at the hospital. We
have an emergency.
Tunde: I'm on my way.
The wife was angry with him. As usual, he told
her, "Sorry".
This went on for so long.
But one unfortunate day, he had an accident.
He died!
The other doctors and surgeons mourned him.
They gave his wife cash to take care of herself.
But, can money replace love?
Can some 'kudi' replace a whole man?
You know the answer...
Not too long after, the wife went to that same
hospital for some check up.
She was shocked to see someone in her
husband's former post. Not only that, she heard
someone calling the new surgeon as the best in
that town.
She wept bitterly...
Do you know you are replaceable?
Do you know you are NOT too important?
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the proposal life our greatest mistake

Day the husband
made the
following proposal to his wife:
Honey, I will leave the house: I
will travel faraway,
get a job and work hard in order
to come back
and give you the comfortable
life that you
deserve. I do not know how long
I will stay away,
I only ask one thing, please wait
for me, and while
I am away, you should be
faithful to me, because
I will be faithful to you. His wife
agreed, so the
young man left. He walked many
days until he
found a farmer who was in need
of someone to
help him. The young man
offered his services. He
was accepted. Therefore he
discussed the terms
with his boss:
Let me work for as long as I
want and when I
think I should go home, please
relieve me of my
duties. I do not want to receive
my salary. I ask
you to save it for me, until the
day I leave. The
day I decide to go, please give
me the money and
I will go my way. They agreed
on that. So, the
young man worked for twenty
years without
holiday and without rest. After
twenty years, he
came to his boss and said:
Boss, I want my money, because
I am returning to
my home. The boss replied:
All right, after all, I made a deal
with you and I
will stick to it. However, before
you go I want to
offer you something new: I will
give you all your
money and send you away; or I
will give you 3
pieces of advice and send you
away. If I give you
money, you lose the 3 pieces of
advice. If I give
you the 3 pieces of advice, you
lose the money.
Now, go to your room and think
about your
answer. He thought for two
days. Then he went
to the boss and told him:
I want the 3 pieces of advice.
The boss stressed
again, if I give you the 3 pieces
of advice, I will
not give you the money, and the
man replied:
I want the 3 pieces of advice.
The boss then told
No. 1: Never take shortcuts in
your life, shorter
and unknown paths can cost
your life. No. 2:
Never be too curious, for
curiosity towards evil
can be deadly. No. 3: Never make
decisions in
moments of anger or pain,
because when you
repent, it could be too late. After
giving these 3
pieces of advice, the boss said to
Here, you have 3 loaves of
bread, 2 are for you to
eat during the journey and the
last is for you to
eat with your wife when you get
home. So, the
man went his way, after twenty
years away from
home and from his wife, whom
he loved so much.
After the first day of travel, he
found a man who
greeted him and asked:
Where are you going? He replied:
To a distant place which is about
20 days away if
I continue walking. The man said
to him:
Ol' boy, this path is too long! I
know a shortcut
that is very safe and you will
arrive in 5 days
only. The man began to follow
the path
suggested until he remembered
the first piece of
advice. Then, he returned and
followed the long
path. Days later he learned that
the shortcut led
to an ambush.

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result of poverty in early life

They beat her all over the body until she no longer cried no more. What wrong had she done to the Mayor? She thought to herself as she sat in her cell. Her clothes had been ripped off and she was in pain.
"Get up!" ordered the officer.
She quickly got up and wiped her tears.
"Someone is here to see you."
She followed the police officer and was led in a office. The man was sitting on a chair and placed his legs on the table. She looked at him and felt hatred and anger. In all those years she had been friends with his daughter. She respected him and thought at him as her father.
"I didn't know you were so cruel. How could you lie to the police officer that I stole your money?" she asked with a serious look on her face.
He burst out laughing. He stood up from the chair walked towards her. He stood in front of her and smiled.
"I loved you Diana. I wanted you to be mine," he went on. "Just come and be with me. I don't want to hurt you my love. I am not resorting torture yet if it's the last thing I do. You will rot in jail if you don't agree to my proposal."
"You disguisting. To even think you were good. Amy will have to hear about this," she said angrily.
He shook his head.
"Amy! She doesn't want to see you ever again. She hates you. Let me call her."
He took his phone out of his pocket and dialled her daughter's number.
"Dad!" she answered. "I am about to go for a lecture. Did they catch that stupid girl Diana?"
"Yes, my princess."

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the 87 year old student called rose

I absolutely love this story. She is such an inspiration. Take time to read. You will not regret it!
An 87 Year-old College student named Rose.
The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know.
I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder. I turned round to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me
with a smile that lit up her entire being.
She said, "Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm eighty-seven years old. Can I give you a hug?" I laughed and enthusiastically responded, "Of course you may!" and she gave me a giant squeeze. "Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?" I asked. She jokingly replied, "I'm here to meet a rich husband, get married, and have a couple of kids”
"No seriously," I asked. I was curious what may have motivated her to be taking on this challenge at her age. "I always dreamed of having a college education and now I'm getting one!" she told me.
After class we walked to the student union building and shared a chocolate milkshake. We became instant friends. Every day for the
next three months, we would leave class together and talk nonstop. I was always mesmerized listening to this "time machine" as she shared her wisdom and experience with me. Over the course of the year, Rose became a campus icon and she easily made friends wherever she went. She loved to dress up and she reveled in the attention bestowed upon her from the other students. She was living it up.
At the end of the semester we invited Rose to speak at our football banquet. I'll never forget what she taught us. She was introduced and stepped up to the podium.

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The race of life and its difficulties

The air was very clear and the long morning shadows distinct. The sun shone briliantly. Diana kept pacing up and down the room after her mother was taken to the emergency room. It was around eight in the morning and she couldn't calm her nerves. She feared the worst might happen. She hadn't heard from the doctor about her mother and her little brother's condition.
"Sisi Diana. Don't you know how to sit down? Stop pacing up and down the room like a mad person. You making me feel nervous," said Admire in a rude voice.
Diana sat on the bench not wanting to fight with her brother.
"Thank you!" he said
After hours of sitting at the bench which felt like forever. The doctor walked inside the waiting room holding some papers. Diana quickly got up from the bench.
"How is my mother?" asked Diana nervously
"Sisi Diana!. Let him sit down first," said Admire with a serious look on his face.
The doctor smiled looking at him.
"He is right. Let's sit down first," he said softly.
They both sat down and Admire paid attention to the doctor.
"Your mother unfortunately  fell into a comma.  Her blood pressure is very high. We are going to keep her in the hospital under observation for days," he went on. "Alex is going to be alright. What have you been giving him?"
"Porridge everyday," responded Admire.
"Oh I see. He needs to change what he eats. He needs to eat something with balanced diet or he may suffer from ulcers later."
Where was she going to find the money to buy food? She thought
"Miss!" called out the doctor disrupting her thoughts
"You can go and see your mother now. I must get back to work. Don't worry about hospital bills. I will take care of it," said the doctor.
Diana was surprised. She had no idea where to get the money. She knelt down on the floor and the doctor helped her to get up.
"A beautiful girl like you must not do that," said the doctor.
"I don't know how to thank you. Thank you. God bless you, sir," said Diana.
"It's okay. I will see you later young man. Here is some money. There is a shop outside. Go buy something to eat."
"Thank you sir," said Admire smilingly.
He immediately ran out of the hospital to buy some food. He was hungry after he went to bed in an empty stomach. The doctot walked with Diana as she headed to the room where her mother was being kept. She opened the door. Thinking that she could control her tears she walked to the bed. When she got close to her and held her hand she started crying. It's in that moment that she really felt like she needed a shoulder to lean on. She wished Amy was there to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be alright.
She held her hand and started praying.
"Lord! Take me if you have to but please don't take my mother away from me. I need her in my life. You said you son Jesus will not leave us as orphans but would send us the Spirit who will protect us," she wiped her tears and went on. "I believe in you and that you can heal my mother. I believe that you can make her open her eyes again," she paused. "Way maker, miracle worker. Light in the darkness my God that is who you are. You touch every life, meet every need and wipe away all tears.," she stopped.
The doctor was standing at the door watching Diana praying for her mother. He wiped the tear that had escaped his eyes before walking to his office. Diana got up and was about to walk to the door.
"Diana!" said her mother with a low voice opening her eyes
"Mum!" shouted Diana excitedly. "You are awake!" she exclaimed with tears in her eyes.
She immediately stormed out of the room and went to call the doctor. The doctor walked fast to the room while Diana followed behind.
"This is a miracle. Her blood has even dropped," he said after checking her. "You a miracle worker young lady. I have never seen nothing like this before."
Dian smiled at him.
"You should go to church doctor," she said silently.
She later sat with her mother in the room and was happy she was alright. The hospital gave them some food to eat. Alex was doing well and things were now back to normal.
"I need to go somewhere mum. I will be back," she said later that afternoon as they sat outside the hospital.
"No problem. You will find us here since I am being discharged tomorrow," said Joyce.
"Okay. I love you mum. You two behave. I will be back," she said sitting up.
"And you too behave I am watching you. If you going to see your boyfriend tell him that you got a brother by the name Admir. If he ever do anything to hurt you I will kill him. I don't love you or like you but still you my sister," said Admire with a serious look on his face.
He was a no nonsense man. Diana just looked at him.
"Mum! Did you hear what he just said?" asked Diana shocked.
"Off you go," said her mother laughingly.
She got into a taxi and paid with the money doctor had gave her. The taxi driver parked the car outside a big house with a black gate. She got out of the taxi and walked to the gate. She rang the bell.
L"Sisi Diana. We are having porridge again. When are we going to eat rice?. I am tired of eating porridge. Morning porridge, afternoon porridge and everning," shouted Admire loudly and angrily, the second born.
"Admire. Just eat. Stop complaining," said Joyce, Diana's mother.
"No! Mama. I am not going to eat the porridge," he shouted sitting up.
"Admire!" called out Diana. "Come back here!"
He ignored her and went straight to bed. Admire was 14 years old. He was a Grade 7 pupil and was about to write his final exams. He was a very bright student. He did not understand that his mother could not afford to buy them rice. He was very stubborn just like his father, Joyce thought.
"It's all my fault. I am sorry, Diana," said Joyce.
"Ohh mum. Don't be it's just Admire can be so stubborn sometimes. Don't mind him.  I will deal with him in the morning," said Diana sofly.
"Sisi Diana!" called out Alex, the last born. "I want some water to drink."
"You finished your porridge. Good kid. I am going to buy you jiggies tomorrow right," she said pinching him.
"Yes and ice cream. I listen to mama. Admire always shouts at her. Mama if I grown old I will buy a car for you and a big house," said Alex smilingly.
They both laughed.
"What a kid! Already planning to buy a car for your mother. Now let's go to bed," said Diana sitting up. "Mum. You  should go and get some rest," she spoke looking at her.
"No. I just want to wash dishes. You know cockroaches."
"I will wash them mum. It's been a long a day. Go and get some rest."
"Are you sure?"
"Mum. I am 18 years old and you know I can do everything. Now take Alex and go to sleep."
"Thank you my daughter. My legs are already hurting," said Joyce sitting up.
She almost fell when Diana caught her hand.
"Mum! Are you okay?"
She helped her sit down. She poured a cup of water for her and took it all down.
"Thank you!" she said handing her back the cup.
"Are you okay?" asked Diana concerned.
"My chest. I just felt dizzy maybe it's because I have been working too much."
"You should get some rest. I will go and sell the tomatoes at the rank. I don't want anything bed to happen to you," said Diana. "Alex has already slept. Let me carry him to his bed."
She carried Alex and laid him on the bed. She helped her mother to sleep before she started washing dishes. Tears steaming down on her cheeks. She wondered who was going to take care of her mother when she has gone to University. Only a month left for her to go. She finished washing dishes and went to sleep.
She looked at her mother. She could not bear the pain of seeing her suffer because of her. She needed to find a part time job or be a maid. Thus she wanted to visit Amy's mother early in the morning. They had torned blankets. She could not sleep at night as she kept tossing and turning counting sheeps but she didn't seem to get any eye shut. She heard  Alex crying in his sleep. Her mother was about to get up since they both slept on the floor and stopped her.
"Sleep mum. Let me," she whispered getting up.
Her mother went back to sleep while she sat on the bed. She sat watching Alex's face. She shushed and patted and after no more than five minutes he had gone quiet. Looking at Alex she remembered how she used to rock him sleep while singing a song for him. She would wait untill he was in a deep sleep before putting him down. By the time Alex was 1 year old not only could he sleep comfortably out her arms and without feeding through his naps. He would have a quick feed when they went into the room then roll away and explore, play. After a while he would lay down and go to sleep. Diana would always lay next to him and sometimes he would come and cuddle with her. She wiped the tears that had escaped before kissing him on the cheek. She loved him very much and he looked just like her dad.
"Poor thing. I love you, Alex. My little brother," she whispered looking at him.
She went back to sleep but hardly slept that night. Alex was very unsettled overnight waking up most every 2 hours. She was about to go back to sleep again when Alex started crying.
"What is it Alex?" she asked with a hint of panick in her voice.
"My tummy hurts. Mama, my tummy," he cried out loud.
"Mum! He is very hot. We need to go to the hospital," said Diana staring at Alex.
Her mother did not respond.
"Mum!" she shouted shaking her but still did not respond.
She had no one to call. It was 2am in the morning. She got the strenght and decided to wake up Admire. He woke up.
"What is it Sisi Diana?" asked Admire angrily.
"It's mum and Alex. We need to take them to the hospital. Light up the candle. You will carry Alex on your back and I will carry mum," she said with tears in her eyes.
She needed to be strong for Admire's sake. She carried her mother on her back while Admire carried Alex. They got out of the house and walked to the hospital. Diana's heart was pounding really fast. Praying that her mother was going to be alright.
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Grip of fear(horror)

Sitting close to her in church, he looked
focused on what the preacher was saying. Suddenly, Helena’s phone beeped…
It was a text message.
She stretched for her phone beside her to see
what it was this time.
The number one suspect was MTN and their
anooying “love messages”. Raising the phone, she must have pressed OK
when the phone slipped off his hands onto
Tayo’s body.
As a nice guy he always wants to seem,
Tayo got hold of the big-screened phone and had a sharp sweeping glance at the message
on the phone,
He couldn’t believe it.
It was GTB’s alert and the amount was #2,
350, 503. 00…
Whaaattt? Considering how fast Tayo gave her back the
phone, Helena never suspected he saw it.
Even if he saw it, she wouldn’t mind.
At the end of the service, Tayo “marked” Helena so closely and managed to start a
It was swift, he got her number and everything
started happening fast.
You don’t meet this opportunity everyday.
A babe with 2million in her account? Chineke Lekwe !!!
3 weeks after, Tayo shocked Helena with a
marriage proposal.
Helena was a church sister. She doesn’t
believe in dating. She believes that the man that would marry her should come straight up
with a proposal.
Tayo has fit into that.
“Oh Tayo must be a Godly man” she
He didn’t even ask for her to come visit his house…
Unlike other guys, he didn’t ask for s#x.
Now, he proposed?
What a lucky girl Helena believed she was.
Piam… Piam… Piam… Tayo and his people had come for the
Now, they have the list.
It’s not that expensive. He hustled to raise
some cash and piam!
They ve done the marital rites. What a sharp guy !!!
He did his best to avoid letting Helena know
that her money was the main attraction why
“everything” was happening, so he never
her abourrit. .
On that same night, while they were in the
room enjoying themselves,
Helena’s phone beeped again.
Another text message.
Helena pressed some buttons and Lo, it was the same alert again.
This time around, the amount has risen to 3
million naira.
Helena hissed…
Tayo jumped up from the bed wondering why
his new found maga of a wife would hiss like that, as he glanced through the phone once
again, and didn’t know when he shouted
But Helena would need his help;
“Daddy, please I’m tired of this text message that is always putting me in trouble. My aunty
that is in Canada opened an account using my
phone number as the contact number a day
before she travelled. She did it on emergency.
But now, I want to inform the bank to remove
my phone number from that account before armed robbers would see this alert in my
phone and attack me.”
On hearing this,
Tayo froze in shock with his mouth and eyes
wide open, as he couldn’t believe what he just heard.
He can’t seem to breathe well again…
Was the only loud scream that he could utter.
. “Baby’m… Is anything the matter”… Asked
Helena who was now surprised…
Can Someone Here Please Answer Helena
Abeg… I No Sure say Tayo Go Survive This Shock,
‘Yes I Do’, he replied with a grin.
He’s tall, slender with bears. Dressed in a white suit while his soon to be wife was fully clad in her beautiful white gown adorned with diamond stones.
Her heels gave her an extra height, as she is the petite type with a beautiful face. Her red lips and round hips are her best features.
While her husband had brown eyes she had blue eyes which could light a whole room of darkness. They always teased each other about their features and made fun of who was taller and shorter.
‘Grissel do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband’ the priest asked again for the second time.
Grissel was deep in thoughts.
“Babes are you okay?” Tom her husband to be asked with a shoulder tap.
He was every lady’s dream but that morning he belonged to his shy and gentle heartthrob.
“Huh!” she exclaimed.
‘The priest asked a question’ he announced with a frown.
‘I’m sorry’ she apologized to no one in particular.
Among the crowd were murmurings as to why she was so lost in her thoughts.
“We can continue”, she quietly announced to the old priest reading the vows.
They wrote their own vows but Grissel told him that morning when she sat beside him during the service that she had forgotten what she memorized.
Tom didn’t want to sound angry on his long awaited happy day so he quickly arranged for the church vows.
Tom glanced at her with an expression that informed her she’s in for a lot of trouble. She was already having troubles picturing their honeymoon as she’s not sure what to expect.
She was still in her thoughts when the smooth voice of the priest jerked her out.
‘Do you take this man as your law…..?’ The priest was cut short.
Her red small lips went apart quickly. “Yes I do.”
Soon enough the church came to an end and the second part began. She found it difficult to blend in as her husband was giving her faces.
Like earlier on the dance floor, he totally ignored her when she asked what he was doing he could only manage a sigh.
‘Were you having second thoughts.’ he finally asked when they retired to their chair.
The noise and cheers from friends and family gave her headaches, she managed a frown.
‘That’s what I thought’, he concluded for her.
‘No I wasn’t Tom’, I just wa….’
‘Tom can you tell us how you met this Angel.’ The M.C asked while the crowd cheered.
He hesitated for a while but Grissel gave him a slight touch on the thighs and he feigned a smile.
‘Don’t do this to me?’ She whispered.
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the passion for falling in love

we woke up early in the morning getting ready for the upcoming event,, chuks has been more more busy,, he is even up before me,, I saw him reading writing on the study table,, and this days he never do away with his dictionary,, he was ready getting hard words for his work,, I smiled and headed to the bathroom to refresh,, me I don’t get that kind of busy nah,, because when ever something enters my head,, it’s in there,, I have already got all I have to report on my head,, so I brushed my teeth washed my face and wiped it with my towel,, I don’t even want to disturb him,,
at 10 we all have already gathered at our usual meeting spot,, every body was nervous even me,, this debate is to kick off around 11. we did our practice again,, on the topic,, because the first topic they gave us to study was,, “TEACHERS ARE MORE FAR BETTER THAN OUR LEADERS” but I forgot to tell you that they letter changed the topic to “” PRIVATE SCHOOLS IS MORE BETTER THAN GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS,” reason best known to the organisers,,
at 10 45am, when we were sure that we are good to go,, we all headed to the school hall were principal and all the teachers and staffs were already seated patiently waiting for the time to hit, we go to the hall and headed for the seat that was arranged for the ss1 class,, at around 10.50 the jodge stood up and grabbed the microphone as he speak,,
jodge. good morning my principal, my teachers my fellow jodges and to all the students,
all responded,,
jodge. this our 17th edition of this school debate,, it is to enlighten our student,, and make them strong on there works,,and to also make them study hard,, this is for the future of our students,, and this is also to entertain our viewers from the seats,, so right about now,, I present to you,, the defending champions of this school debate,, they faught black and blue last term to maintan this position,, and I know they are more than ready to fight again this term,, so ladies and gentlemen without wasting your time,, I present to you the ss2 class,
immediately there 5. participants came out heading for the front seat were the competition will be held,, when I saw them,, I became more nervous than ever,, even amina noticed it as she held my hand, senior Ivie was among them,, she is very intelligent,, and she is not the kind of girl that believes in defeat,,
jodge. that’s good, look at how beautiful and handsome they are,, today they are going to oppose the motion that says” private schools are more better than government school,,”
and right now I will present to you,, the only class I admire so much,, the class with respect and integrity,, the class with the most handsome and beautiful set of guys,, the most intelligent class,, you know this class was supposed to have won this competition last term,, but they couldnt,, the ss2 class showed the seniority in them,, but this is the only class that kicked out the ss3 out of this competition last term, but ss2, became the road block,, so ladies and gentlemen I present to you the ss1 class….,,
we got up from our seats and also headed to the main table,, were we got seated face to face with the ss2 class,,
jodge. and they are to defend the motion that says “private schools are more far better than government school,,” we are private school,, so I believe they are here to defend us,,
so ladies and gentlemen right about now,, I will start with the ss2 class first participant,,
a girl stood up and opposed hardly on the matter,, she speaks more big grammar that made me believe that we are already out,, after about 5 minutes the jodge sounded the bell, notifying her that her time is up,, while all the student clapped for her in a noisy way,, even the teachers and jodges,,
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the most beautiful girl that lives in my area

Oya make una wake up oo!, it’s time for morning devotion”.
I hate it anytime my mom does this, it always disrupt my sweet dreams, onetime i dreamt of driving a range Rover while i had another dream of dining with Bill Gates but today’s dream was the sweetest and my mother has come to spoil show. I was dreaming that i was with a beautiful girl , i did not know her but we were about to kiss ( me wey neva kiss real life, i gotta to kiss ooo even though na dream) when i felt the cold water my mother was sprinkling on us, the water was too cold that it could chase a demon from someone’s body. Me and my junior siblings Ifeanyi and Chioma mumbled some words that we “sef”could not understand. “Wetin una dey talk”? my mom fired at us and at the same time trying to hold are loosed wrapper to her waist. “Nothing ooo” we replied not ready for war with our mom. The last time i exchanged words with her never ended well, i had to sleep outside because of the fire she spat into my ears, she reminded me how she carried me in her stomach for ten months (did not come out on ninth month) and how she has suffered as a single mother (according to what i heard, my papa run commot for house, my mom
has being taking care of us with the money she makes from her store, till now i don’t know the full details of the story and i don’t care) .
We had our morning devotion that was long like a normal church service. We started by 4am and ended by 6am, my mom did not forget to bind every f*cking demon she could remember. She fired prayer all through while we all replied with “Amen” to give her the assurance that we are following.
We took our bath and dressed up, i wore my black puma shoe that i hustled before i bought with my polo and chinos. I took time to comb my full hair and made sure i looked nice incase i jam any chick for church.
“Mama wey offering na?, i asked my mom holding the door knob. “Dey go church, i go give your sister make she give you for church” My mom replied.
I strolled down to church “did i just say stroll?” No, i meant trekk, the distance is very long. You may be wondering why i did not follow my mom. Let me tell you why. My mom wants all of us to enter one bike, she says it is to reduce cost.
I decided not to follow her again after the first day i followed her, we first wasted time waiting for bike, eventually we saw but my mom was pricing the bike money from #300 to #100, mehn i hear am that day ooo, they eventually agreed at #150, me, my mom and ifeanyi sat at the back while chioma sat in front of the bike man, it was so embarrassing.
I reached church by 8:30am, they were thirty minutes into Sunday school. I entered into the church after greeting some elderly people before they say ” person no dey greet again”. I met my guy “Pablo”, we nicknamed after the famous “Pablo Escobar”(� ) because of his notoriety but he failed woefully in the aspect of generosity. I don’t know why he even comes to church, God Angels are suppose to be tired of his sins.
The Sunday school teacher was teaching about “Holiness”, it was as if the sermon was for me and Pablo even though Pablo is worse than me. He was busy looking at any pretty lady that entered the church.
The service started with praise and worship then to normal service. I was feeling sleepy because of the air conditioner that was left on. The ushers were always coming to me to tell me to sit up, dunno why they can’t mind their business. My prayer was that the service should end “sharp sharp”.
Just as i was about to bow my head and use style to sleep, a girl walked into the church and came to sit next to me. I could not think well for like 6 seconds, Omo� see “YELLOW PAW PAW ooo, it seems the dream i had this morning was coming to pass. Oya let me start with her angelic face to her stunning shape. I will believe if i was told that she is a model. It was offering time, that was when my sister from no where with her dress like those house maid in nollywood movies. “Bro Oche, mummy say make i give you this money for offering” stretching a rumpled ten naira note, i felt like denying her sha but i had to think fast because the “yellow paw paw” girl was staring at us. ” No need for the money, tell mom that i went to the bank this morning to withdraw my offering” , i told my sister who was looking at me like “Patience Ozokwor”. I gave her that look “get out from here before i land you”. Thank God she understood the look and left. I just pray she did not go and tell my mom because problem will start from there(later learnt that she used it to buy sweet)
Offering time came, i danced to alter and pretended to drop something in the offering basket(only God will save me).
After service, i was looking for the girl, i saw her trying to leave the church auditorium. I quickly ran towards her because i may not have the opportunity again. “Hey”, i called to her attention, she looked towards me and a waited. “Hey, my na… is O…che” i told her not knowing how to start a conversation with her. “My name is Ann, you are the guy i sat next to abi? (“No i was the one that sat with your father yesterday, girls and their yeye questions) “Yeah, how was the service” i replied, “it was cool, my first time here though” she responded trying to avoid eye contacts.
“K, umm, would love to know you better do you mind giving me your number, mean no harm.
She looked at me for some time before she wrote it on a sheet of paper i provided(lied that i was charging my phone, did not want her to see my rubber bounded nokia asha”
I bade her bye and she left.
” Ochhhe Ocheee” that was my mom coming towards me, “Wetin you tell your sister when i tell am to give you offering money?, which time you start to de go bank? ”
I started thinking of a lie to tell but thank God she did not meet me with “YELLOW PAW PAW” Ann. She would have said that it was women that made me fail JAMB. But come to think of it, who will meet a woman like Ann and will not fail JAMB??�
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the day i lost my love(emotional)

CHRIS BAWA is a young talented fashion designer. The fashion company he works for is sending him to South Africa as their CEO. A top businessman in South Africa is impressed with Chris’ designs and has decided to partner the Company. The businessman is getting married in Takoradi, and Chris is given an invitation card to represent his Company at the Wedding.
But then, he sees that the girl who’s going to marry the businessman is EFFE KEDEM, a girl who had been Chris’ fiancé, a girl Chris had loved with all his heart, a girl who had broken his heart, a girl who had ignited fierce passions in the heart of Chris!
Chris can’t say no!
He has to be there!
Suddenly, his happy life takes a stunned shock, and his heart kick-starts out of its comfort zone and spirals into a massive cycle as old passions of volcanic proportions scream back into life!
Thrills. Passion. Betrayal. Enjoy the first CHRISEFFE ROMANCE series in all its explosive twists and turns…
The Klever Magg
Location: CHRIS’ OFFICE,
A large modern office, brightly lit, replete with modern art and office equipment.
CHRIS BAWA is sitting on an elegant swivel chair behind a huge oak desk. He is dressed in an excellently tailored black suit and crisp white shirt.
His necktie is loosened at the neck. The office door opens and a smartly-dressed elderly woman walks in. She is holding a slim black file, and her face splits into a happy grin when she sees Chris.
She is EVELYN BOAMPONG, 55 years old. She is the CEO of Slash Designs. Chris gets to his feet and a smile of welcome crosses his handsome face.
Did the Board like the designs?
(Drops the file on the desk, and then she walks up to him and hugs him gently)
Liked? That’s an understatement. It blew them off their feet, Chris. We are using your designs exclusively for the African Fashion Show in South Africa this September!
Exclusively? That’s a bit deep, Mrs. Boampong. Gabriel isn’t going to like this. He is the Head Designer after all, and I think his designs are decent too.
Decent is the right word, Chris. Gabby is good, we all know that, and we certainly appreciate his dedication to Slash Designs over the years, but we are going with the best for the South African show, and the best is your FURY collection.
She drops into a chair and crosses her legs.
You’ve not reached that level of greatness yet, my dear friend. But you will get there. The Board has recognized your potential, and that’s why we’re going with you. I know how concerned you are, and I know old Gabby has been giving you the cold shoulder lately. That was bound to happen. Old lions die hard, and that’s that. To break the ice, the Board has decided to let Gabby hold the lines in Ghana. We want to send you to South Africa in September. You’re going to open the Slash Designs lines over there, and you’re going to send it International.
She stands up, reaches across and pushes the black file towards him.
You can’t please everybody in this industry, Chris. You’re young, and you’re going places. Ride with the tide, boy. I’ll see you tomorrow.
She heads for the door as he opens the file. His voice halts her just as she reaches for the handle. He is holding up an elaborately-designed golden envelope.
You left this in the file.
Oh, sorry. Almost forgot. That’s a wedding invitation. Mr. Rupert Henderson, our South African partner, is getting married on Saturday in Takoradi. The Chairman wants you to be present.
Me? No, Eve. I mean …I’m taking Elaine to Akosombo on Saturday. I’ve been putting it off for decades. There’s a favourite aunt she wants to visit and …
Old aunts can wait, Chris. Rupert is more than a partner to us. The man practically owns the South African business market. He has links, he has contacts, he has political clout and he is probably the wealthiest man in Africa. He is immensely pleased with your designs. This is the golden chance, boy. You get into his good books and your doorway to fame and glory is wide open. That’s why the Chairman wants you to attend this wedding.
I guess I have no choice then.
No, you don’t, my boy.
This Rupert, he looks quite old, right? The guy’s nudging close to seventy, so what’s all this about? He’s South African, so why’s he marrying in Ghana anyway?
Actually he will be sixty-five this Saturday. He’s marrying on his birthday, incidentally. The lady is a Ghanaian, and that’s why he’s marrying here. From what I hear she’s quite young too, far younger than he is. She’s around thirty, I guess.
Thirty years? I’ll be damned! She’s young enough to be his grand-daughter, for Christ’s sake! She’s probably doing this for his money. Women and money!
Naughty, incorrigible Chris. Do not judge, my boy. It may be true love, you know. Get your act together and make sure you are at the wedding on Saturday. The Chairman and I will leave on Wednesday. We will expect you there. Your Mom is in Takoradi, right? You can take the opportunity to see her. You can leave on Thursday, if you wish. But let me know tomorrow. Good night, Chris.
She walks out and closes the door.
(hesitates a moment, then opens the envelope. He sniffs it. He shakes his head, smiling, and he looks very impressed.)
Boy, boy, boy! This old geezer sure knows how to flaunt money, man! The envelope is perfumed!
He pulls the card half-way out from the envelope, but just then his mobile phone rings. He snatches it up and puts it to his ear. The envelope is still clutched in his right hand.
Hello, my dearest Angel. Worried about me, right?
He listens for a while, and then a smile crosses his face.
Sorry, Love. I had to wait for the Board Meeting to close. Something good just happened, my love. Seems to me that you’re looking at the new CEO of Slash Designs, South Africa Lounge!
He listens for a while again, and then bursts out laughing happily.
You keep it iced, my love. I am coming right home, and we sure are going to celebrate!
He cuts off the phone. Puts the wedding invitation on his swivel chair and quickly packs his laptop into its bag.
He heads for the door with his laptop case slung across his shoulder. At the door he pauses, remembering the envelope, and then goes back for it.
He walks through the huge glass doors of Slash Designs. He walks to the car park and heads for a sleek shiny black Nissan Pathfinder.
He puts his laptop bag on the passenger seat and flings the wedding card on top of the bag.
The envelopes lands, and the card slides further out of it, and now the face of a young woman can be seen clearly on the light-golden invitation card.
A security man beckons him to reverse, and Chris slowly manoeuvres the car out.
He blasts his horn to the security man, and drives out of the huge gates of Slash Designs.
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the magical princess of life

The Klever Magg
Chris is driving down the fast lane of the 37 Military Road heading towards Airport junction.
He is listening to music from the CD player, and nodding his head in time with the tune. His phone rings and he glances over to his right.
His phone is lying on the wedding card, which has now slid further out of its envelope.
The picture on the card depicts a beautiful girl holding hands with an elderly man, framed in a heart. Chris picks the call.
What the dilly dilly dilly yoo, Steve. I am driving, okay? Let me call you back, bro. Yeah, yeah. Safe, rasta!
He cuts the call, still smiling, and leans over to put the phone back on the wedding card.
He sees the picture on the card and he groans hoarsely, passionately, his face absolutely shocked.
He draws a shuddering breath and rubs his forehead. He looks really disturbed.
His face filled with incredulity, he looks at the card again. He is close to a bus stop.
He swings in past the waiting passengers and parks at the extreme end of the bus stop. Trembling, he reaches up and turns on the twin inside lights.
He reaches for the card and pulls it out of the envelope. Chris looks at the woman on the card. She is a fair woman, oval-faced, slim, and extremely beautiful.
His body begins to tremble, and his breathing is laboured. Slowly his eyes fall on the card again. He sees the words:
He leans his head back and closes his eyes. He bites his lower lip, and a deep groan that sounds almost like a sob blasts through his throat.
He remembers that first time he met Effe Kedem…
It had been on the Winneba-Accra road.
Chris is driving a dark-coloured Toyota Camry. He has just left Winneba junction. He is approaching the next town.
He sees a lot of people along the road. Some are frantically waving to him to slow down. Chris is in a bend, and he slows down considerably.
First he sees the green branches lying along the road, and shortly afterwards he comes across a motor accident.
The people are staring down a deep ravine, and Chris sees a badly mangled bus lying half across the street, and the burning remains of another car down in the ravine along the road.
Chris pulls over, stopping several metres ahead of the parked cars. He gets out and trots to the edge of the ravine.
The car, tyres pointing upwards, is burning now. Chris listens to a young man narrating how a bus belonging to the ORPHANAGE OF HOPE has collided with another bus.
No one is dead, and the wounded have already been conveyed to the Winneba Government Hospital.
Chris then gets into his car, starts up and drives away. Suddenly he senses a movement behind him and looks into his driving mirror and finds himself looking at the blackened face of somebody sitting in his backseat.
Chris shouts with shock. He drives off the road unto the shoulder, his eyes still fixed on the driving mirror.
He brakes hard and swivels in his seat. It is a girl. She is wearing a badly stained designed dress of some sort, and after a moment he sees that it is printed with the round logo of the ORPHANAGE OF HOPE.
Her face is grimy, just like her skin. She stares at him with fear on her face, continually wringing her hands.
Who the hell are you? And how did you get into my car?
She holds up her hands towards him, and tears suddenly forms in her eyes. Her voice is soft and plaintive.
Please, please sir, don’t let him take me back, please!
Were you in the Orphanage bus?
Yes, yes, please! When the cars collided I fell out. I was lying in the bushes when you parked your car, and climbed in when you got out!
What’s your name?
Effe. Effe Kedem. Please, please, I beg of you, don’t let me go back to that awful place…to that bad man…please!
Listen, girl, I don’t want to get involved with you, okay? I am sending you to the first police station I see, okay?
Her whole body shakes with violent panic, and her huge eyes look very terrified.
Nooooo! Please don’t send me back to him…don’t send me back to him!
Okay, okay, belt it down, lady. Hey, shut up!
She stops screaming.
Who are you talking about? Who don’t you want to go back to?
Mr. Afful.
Chris waits, but she says nothing more.
This Mr. Afful, is he at the Orphanage?
Yes, He is the Manager. He does bad things to me…very bad things!
Listen, Effe. I’m going to Accra. I can’t take you with me. That will be kidnapping and can get me into serious trouble with the law. Is there somebody you know who I can call for you?
I have Auntie Joyce’s number. Please if you’re going to Accra take me with you. I’ll get down at Accra.
Is Auntie Joyce in Accra?
No. She’s in Winneba. She also works at our orphanage. She is good.
Aren’t you a bit too big to be in an orphanage? Do you work there?
No. I grew up there. i was left in a basket in front of the orphanage when I was a baby. It seems my mother, whoever she is, didn’t want me.
(His expression melting to one of sympathy.) I see. Mr. Afful, the Manager, he rapes you?
Auntie Joyce has not allowed him to…yet! But he does bad things to me…with his fingers…
Chris sits silently for a while; lips pursed, and regards her with troubled eyes.
Listen, Effe. Because of what you have told me, I will take you to Accra…
Oh, thank you, thank you!
When we get to Accra, I will contact Auntie Joyce, and I’ll let her come for you. That’s all I can do for you now, ok?
Effe lies down in the seat. He drives on. After a time he looks back at her. She is sleeping now, both hands clasped under her head, legs bent innocently.
When they get to Kasoa he stops and buys a T-Shirt and jeans for her. He also buys some Waakye and bottled water too.
She wakes up suddenly and starts screaming, her hands slapping at unseen attackers.
It is alright, Effe. It is alright. You’re safe!
She looks at him, and for a moment she does not recognize him. After a moment she calms down and then she nods once.
He parks off the road again and turns to her.
There’s a police barrier ahead, Effe. They might be aware of the accident, and seeing you in my car, dressed in the Orphanage’s clothes, will make them suspicious and bring problems. You understand?
She looks terrified again, but he holds up a hand to reassure her.
It is okay, alright? I bought you some clothes. I will get out and allow you to change. There’s a towel too. Clean up your face a bit, and then eat. Hopefully, we can get through.
She nods, and he gets out. He stands at the back of the car, leaning against the boot.
What the hell am I doing? What am I getting myself into?
He passes through the police barrier safely, and they get to Accra. He enters a boutique and buys her some dresses.
He finds a small hotel and pays for a night, and he sends Effe in. Her face is beginning to get terrified again when they enter the room, but he smiles at her reassuringly.
Don’t worry, girl. I will not do anything to you.
You are my guardian angel. Auntie Joyce told me that someday I will find a guardian angel who is willing to help me out.
I’m no angel, girl. I will call Auntie Joyce, she will come for you…and that’s that, okay?
He orders some more food and asks her to take a bath first. He gives her the three dresses he has bought for her.
Her face lights up with pure innocent joy, and he smiles. She selects one of the dresses, a knee-length white thing, simple but nice, and disappears into the bathroom.
He is sitting at the desk, making a list of the things he will do the next day, when the bathroom door opens and she comes in.
She is wearing the white dress. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail. She stops and looks at him shyly.
Chris stares. The change from dirty grimy girl to the stunning beauty he is looking at is so great that for a moment he is lost for words. Her beauty is quite extraordinary.
You’re beautiful.
She blushes furiously. A waiter wheels in their food and they have a meal.
Later she falls asleep in the far corner against the wall, curled up on one side, covering herself completely except for her head.
She does not use the pillows, but her hands are folded under her head. Chris stands beside the bed, hands in his pockets, and stare at her.
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the test of love and failure of hatred

By Gabriel Unogwu Akilozi
It was popularly called green house because of the magnificent green colour of the house, in the whole of Pipeline street, it happens to be the most beautiful house. It is protected first by a gate, though it depicts the house of an high classed man but there wasn’t any form of security cameras. It has a garden with beautifully decorated flowers and small trees where birds will come to rest in the evening and listen to the sweet lyrics of the flute being played by what the bird seem to call the bird boy because of his sweet, sonorous voice, but nevertheless they will still fly off when ever he stands up, you know, they can’t trust humans. But this evening, the bird boy dont seem to be coming to the garden, the birds have gathered on the trees again but for the first time they didn’t hear the sweet lyrics of the flute or the sweet voice of the bird boy. One by one, they soon began to fly away.
• Sitting on white, big comfortable bed is Gabriel but popularly known as the bird boy by the birds, his room could be seen surrounded with clothes of different kinds, they were all scattered. His wardrobe seem not be hold his cloth again as the content in it could be seen on the floor, to him, the room was neatly arranged. He wasn’t the only one in the room, his mom, Mrs Helen was with him, so also his flute, Tende the flute as he calls it was also with him. ” How won’t you fall sick? ” his Mom asked standing akimbo, ” Look how dirty your room is” She continued as she flung one of his cloth into the wardrobe. ” You better learn to take care of your things, you father has finally worked the admission for you in Uniben, no one will look after you there” She concluded and turned to go. ” I ain’t going to Uniben, I am am going to university of Ibadan” He shouted stretching his hand to pick his flute, Tende the flute. ” Gabriel, I know you want to go there because of that girl you call your girlfriend, for Christ sake, your books should be your number one priority now, not a girl” His mom shouted back. ” Mom, am 18 years of age, I have the right to fall in love” he countered staring intensely at his mom. ” Imagine yourself, look at the so called girl, hasn’t she left you? Isn’t she the reason you are sick?” His mom laughed clapping her hands like a local gossiper. ” She left me because I couldn’t show love, I don’t know how to love, I am too withdrawn, this is the life style you and dad embedded in me ” Gabriel shouted as he made to put his flute in his mouth, ” Gabriel, no girl will leave you because you can’t love, rather, she will teach you how to love. Get ready, your dad has done connections for you in Uniben” She made to walk out. ” connections, connections, connections. Dont I have to pass through the struggles other students pass through? Can’t I struggle for myself, you guys are just …” His mom interrupted him. ” Gabriel, you are going to Uniben” She said calmly and walked out before he would say anything else. He took a long stare at the door after she was gone and started to fill the day with the beautiful sound produced from Tende the flute.
• Gabriel had met his first love right in secondary school, precisely in the sss 3 class. Unlike other guys, Gabriel isn’t a fair description of a lover boy. He was just plumb and withdrawn. Yes , how did he manage to get his first girlfriend? Tende the flute saved him, the girl, Nkechi had actually been attracted by the sonorous sound produced by the flute which Gabriel played in the music room during break hours. The whole school actually happens to be attracted towards the sweet, sonorous sound produced by Tende the flute but only Nkechi had been bold enough to come to him. Though , Gabriel might not be so romantic, loving as girls would want, but he wasn’t bad looking, he happens to be actually very handsome. For a boy like Gabriel, one can’t tell if he is in love because he had never showed of he was. But in Nkechi’s case, it was visible Gabriel had something for her but for one reason or the other, he can’t just bring himself to stand face or face with her. So that day when Nkechi walked into the music room where Gabriel was alone playing the flute, he stopped immediately and dropped Tende on the table. ” Why did you stop?” She had asked him, ” I was done with the song” he simply replied without looking up at her. ” You can just play another one” She sat down beside him. ” No, I had planned to go back to class after the song I just concluded” he explained and made to stand up, ” How long are you going to continue hurting your feelings?” She suddenly asked and Gabriel stared in shock, yes he has feelings for Nkechi but he never thought she would look at his direction. He adjusted himself and patted Tende the flute. ” Feelings? Which feelings?” He found himself asking, to him, this wasn’t what he wanted to say but he just found the words coming out, he doesn’t know what is controlling him. ” I will surely kill myself if she leaves me because of this” he thought to himself as he stared awkwardly at Nkechi who was also staring at him but with a smile on her face. ” I know you love me” She blurted out while Tende the flute slipped off his hand, he was lucky to have caught it before it reached the ground. ” Do you love me ? Yes or No” She inquired staring intensely at Gabriel. No one might have noticed it because he was putting on the school Cardigan, but deep down his shirt, he was sweating profusely. ” I have brought myself low, I have waited for the day you will come to me and say you love me, but I know such day won’t come. I do love you, if you can’t tell me you love me, then I will have to forget about you” Nkechi stood up to go out, ” I l..ovve y..ouu” came the cracked voice of Gabriel, beads of sweat could now be visibly seen on his fore head. ” You say what?” Nkechi asked as she suddenly turned to face Gabriel who now has Tende the flute in his mouth and about to fill the music room with the sweet sound of Tende the flute.
What Love Did To Him
January Edition
Episode: Episode 2
By Gabriel Akilozi
Tende the flute as Gabriel would always call it happens to be just an ordinary flute but unlike other ordinary flutes, Tende isn’t made with plastic but rather a unique wooden flute. His late grandpa had actually made it for him, apart from the fact that his grandpa happens to be a high classed man, he was also a good craftsman. He had made the flute when he had decided to go to the farm with Gabriel during a vacation to the village. ” Most craftsmen use bamboo sticks for their work” his grandpa had told him when they had stumbled on a land filled with bamboo sticks. ” So grandpa, you mean you can make anything from these sticks?” He asked his grandpa with a face full of doubt. ” Wait, I will make you a flute from these sticks” his grandpa assured him as he walked with his cutlass to cut the dried sticks. ” But grandpa, I can’t play the flute” Little Gabriel had shouted as his grand dad started to cut the stick. ” But I can play the flute” His grand dad shouted back. ” So you will teach me?” He asked with smiles on his face, ” Do I have to say it?” His grandpa smiled. ” You are a sweet old man” Gabriel shouted in laughter and Grandpa Silas soon started laughing at the joy of his grandson.
Anyways, that was about twelve years ago. Grandpa Silas is no more, he had joined the lord peacefully as an old man five years back. It had been terrible when he first started the flute teaching class with Gabriel, some times the neighbours will have to come and complain on the disturbance made by the rubbish being played by Gabriel, even the birds of the sky always took cover when they saw Gabriel with the flute then. But now, that same Gabriel is now a king of the flute, there isn’t anyone one who dont wish to hear the sweet sound produced from Tende the flute, the birds of the sky had now come to realize that that flute noise maker of that time, now produces sweet sound. To couple it all, apart from the sound made from the flute, Gabriel also had a good, sonorous voice just like Helen his mother. So any time he plays with his long time friend, Tende, he do back up with his voice. Sometimes , even the harsh neighbours do envy his talent but will still come to bang at his father’s gate just to say he is disturbing the neighborhood. To show the love Gabriel has for Tende, he had once paid a painter to paint the wooden flute into a blue colour, he had also made a nylon case for it, and for once, the flute has never fallen from his hands, he always protected it like a mother hen protects her chicks.
• The love life between Nkechi and Gabriel had started that day in the music room, but that doesn’t stops Gabriel from being who he truly his . A girl like Nkechi is such girl who would want the world to know that she is proud of her guy, she is proud to announce her guy anywhere she is. The fact that she is dating the class most handsome boy gave her more pride and soon the whole class got to know who her boyfriend was, Gabriel. But reverse is the case for Gabriel, he kinds of love his privacy and for anything concerning love, it thinks it should be between himself and his partner. Most in times, when his friends would come to him to confirm Nkechi words that she was his girlfriend, he would just steal a glance around the class to make sure Nkechi wasn’t within and he will simply deny, to him, he always thinks they would see him as weak and a lover of woman, for one reason or the other, he doesn’t know why , he just doesn’t know how to love. His friends, Israel and Charles of course aren’t fools, they know how a shy person Gabriel was, they had always knew he had something for Nkechi but he was either shy or proud to express it, ” What kind of a weakling is our friend?” Charles had been forced to ask Israel once on their way hone from school.
• The boring love life had continued between Gabriel and Nkechi, Nkechi wasn’t finding it funny, it was the most boring relationship she had ever seen. At times when she calls to spend some time with him on phone, their conversations was always like ” Hello, how are you, have you done your assignment, OK bye” That was what she always got from Gabriel and as a girl, she wasn’t finding it funny. Once upon a time she had been pushed to the extreme end and decided to confront Gabriel about it when ever he called again. So on that weekend when he had called and was about to say “bye” after his useless conversation, she had asked him to hold on. ” Gabriel, can’t you be romantic, we have been dating for how many months now and you haven’t for once told me you love me or any other sweet word, you dont tell me you miss me or just something romantic. Gabi, I am a girl and I want to hear such things, even if you can’t say such face to face, you can do that over the phone” She had shouted over the phone while Gabriel took a deep breath, ” I am sorry about that, I will change” Gabi had simply apologized, Nkechi had also been happy that he apologized and believe he would change. ” So tell me something sweet, like you love me, you miss me, just say something sweet” She requested over the phone. ” Okay, I………” He was saying and suddenly put an head to the call when he realized he couldn’t just say the word, its like there was something stopping him from saying it, anytime he tried , beads of sweat would start forming on his forehead, he doesn’t just know what it is. But nevertheless, to him, he was having the perfect relationship not just with Nkechi, but also with his best friend, Tende.
Nkechi on her side wasn’t finding it funny, she is actually a girl and girls of course loves to hear something sweet. She had to fight her emotions to continue with Gabriel, but at a point, she could bear it no more and she finally put the call to him. ” Gabriel, I want a breakup” she had told him immediately he picked up the phone, ” Breakup?” He asked like he didn’t hear it at first, ” Yes breakup, bye, am not interested again” she said confidently and made to put an end to the call, ” Nkechi wait” Gabriel had shouted over the phone, Nkechi on the other side was happy as she had thought he wanted to apologize and promise he will change for good, ” Okay, you can go ahead with the breakup ” he tod her calmly and she angrily put an end to the call, for once, Gabriel pushed Tende away from his side.
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how we celebrate chrismas in my family

Gun, pills, knife, rope, DDT all laid right on Franca’s desk as she stood in front of the desk wondering which one would be quicker and painless.
Out of agony and pain she came to a point were she wanted to end it all.
It was through no fault of hers, Franca was just a victim of circumstance. As newly elected women’s commissioner at her school, she was well respected until her sex tape went viral on campus.
Her own boyfriend, whom she loved so much, did this to her out of peer influence. It was a carefully planned action. Ray was able to manipulate Franca right from day one until she finally fell in love with him.
Ray and his crew had planned to execute this action just because Franca appeared to be the difficult and unapproachable type on campus since level 100.
Even though Ray succeeded in making her fall in love with him, it took him 2 and half years for him to be able to make love to her. It was at that very moment that Ray secretly took coverage of their intercourse as a sign of proof for his crew.
Its unfortunate that, the sex tape only came out when she had recently won campus election as the women’s commissioner. Apart from the damage it has caused her on campus, her family’s dignity was at stake. She was the daughter of a minister.
Now all what she could think of was to end her life. She couldn’t handle it anymore, everyone had neglected her except Yaw, who has been by her through all this time. Yaw was secretly in love with Franca but she on the other hand always treated him as her kid brother because she was two years older than him, and he was her junior too.
The only reason she keeps Yaw around her was to use him as a “listener” and above all, she felt secured around him but never had any feelings for him.
Franca had locked herself up in her room weeping. She began writing her final words which was full of regrets and apologies to her Father.
Yaw on the other hand had also just seen Franca’s sex video, even though he had warned her about Ray so many times, he still stood by her and respected her decision because of the unique love he had for her.
When Yaw saw the video, she called Franca several times but she didn’t pick up, he knew instantly that something was wrong, so he begun to rush straight to her hostel which was about 30 minutes away from his place.
Franca had finished writing her suicide note, she picked the gun up and pointed it her head ready to pull the trigger.
“No, that will make noise and call the attention of the neighbors” she said to herself.
She picked up the Pills, and was ready to swallow about 50-80 unprescribed tablets.
“No No, i can easily be saved, if am found on time”
She said to herself.
Franca found a lot of reasons not to kill herself until she arrived at the knife. She picked the sharp knife out and got ready to pierce it into her tummy.
Yaw had at that instant gotten to her door, he kept on banging the locked door but Franca who had heard Yaw calling out her name didn’t answer as she was determined to finish it up.
She held the knife, raised it high above to enable her use force to pierce deep into her tummy.
Yaw was getting frustrated and was about leaving until he heard Franca cry out.
Yaw was getting frustrated and was about leaving until he heard Franca cry out.
The shout came from Franca’s room. He quickly break the door and made his way into Franca’s room.
Upon entering, he met Franca in a pool of blood with the knife still stuck in her tummy. She was loosing blood. When Yaw met her in that condition, he was completely confused, he tried taking the knife from her tummy but She screamed the more.
Franca’s biological sister Yvonne came to meet Scene. She instantly thought that it was Yaw who was trying to kill her sister. She quickly screamed for help to draw the attention of the neighbors.
They got hold of Yaw, and handed him over to the police while Franca on the other side was rushed to the hospital.
Yvonne was a law student who was just six months away from becoming a professional lawyer. In all her life she has never been with a man or even know how love feels like. Her lifestyle and daily routine was always the same and predictable.
She appeared to be very organized in her endeavors and has no time to waste around to do any form of leisure. In summary, she was a bookworm. Apart from all this she was as beautiful as her younger sister Franca.
Franca was still alive when they got to the hospital even though she had lost a lot of blood. She was rushed to the emergency ward to be treated.
Yvonne then called their father who quickly rushed to the hospital.
He asked to see her daughter instantly but was denied. Yvonne narrated whatever she saw at scene to her Father.
Father:”what really happened to Franca, tell me”
Yvonne: “Dad, i arrived at the scene late, i just saw her in a pool of blood with “this guy” beside her holding a knife, he is already at the grips of the police, and am yet to gather some sought of evidence against him. I will go there and interrogate him tomorrow”
Father: “oh my God, i don’t want to loose my daughter, i just hope is not one of my opponent”
Yvonne: “i hope so too, but we can’t politicize everything daddy, the police are currently at the crime scene gathering any evidence they could lay their hands on, for now i just hope Franca recover soon enough, so that i can hear her side of this whole thing, i just need my sister alive”
They waited several hours to hear from the Doctor. Both Yvonne and her Dad, haven’t heard anything about Franca’s sex tape that had gone viral.
Yaw was still in the custody of the police. The police and a crime investigator were able to gather much evidence at the crime scene however they needed to hear the side of the witness and victim before the can proceed with persecution.
On the other hand at the hospital, Yvonne and her Dad kept waiting until finally the Doctor showed up.
Father: “Doc, how is my daughter? How is she doing”
Doc:”Fortunately Sir, we able to save your daughter’s life by God grace……”
Yvonne: “Thank God, can we see her Doc”
Doc:”Am afraid no, apparently there has been a complication”
Father:”what is Doc?”
There were all anxious to know what the doctor had to say.
Doc: “Your daughter lost too much blood and was almost at the point of death. This lost of blood has somehow affected her brain power to remember.”
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the wicked driver(truelife story)

He drives her to the Ameyaw-Eden Clinic first and waits whilst the cast is removed from her elbow.
Later he takes her to her parents’ house. She hands him a white envelope containing his rental charges, and then she smiles at him.
He looks at her for a while, and then he takes a packet of cigarettes from his shirt pocket. The cellophane wrapper is not broken yet, and so she knows it is full and he has not smoked any.
Unconsciously he uses his fingernail to break the wrapper, opens the flap, and extracts one cigarette. He puts it in his mouth and begins to search for his lighter. She just sits still and watches him.
He suddenly pauses, and without looking at her he removes the cigarette from his lips and puts it back into its packet.
He closes the flap of the pack, and then takes his lighter and places it on the cigarette box. Still without looking at her he extends them towards her. She takes them and puts them in her handbag.
So, you’re making me quit smoking. You already made me stop speaking in Pidgin English. What’re you going to do to me next, Effe Kedem?

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a girl called purity(episode 1)

Purity called as she climbed out of her car. She half walked and half ran into her father’s massive duplex.
There was a beech decidous tree in the middle of the large compound. Carnation flowers were planted around it, decorating the tree. The sweet scent of the carnation flowers filled the air.
Purity sniffed in the air, oh how much she loved the scent, this wasn’t the time for that. She got to the doorstep and flung the door open without knocking. This is my papa’s house. The rotound figure of her father came into view. He was dressed in a grey Armani suit, a glass of champagne on his left hand. He was handsome. The figures of others in the sitting room with him was now clear. There was a party or something like that. Her father had guests. Purity didn’t bother looking at them or greeting them, she just sternly gazed at her father.
“Papa, we need to talk!”
“How rude, Purity.” Theodore reprimanded his daughter, “I have guests.”
“Now, papa!”
Purity dragged herself into an inner room. Her father was right, she would have said hi to the guests, she wasn’t willing to. She’d have to show this man that she was a strong headed woman.
“I’m sorry about my daughter’s insolent attitude,” Aaron apologised, “She must have something on her mind. She doesn’t usually act this way. Please, excuse me.” He handed the glass of champagne to the bar tender and turned to leave his guests.
He met Purity in on of the interior rooms. He wasn’t pleased with her. “What has gotten into you?” he questioned.
She rolled her eyes, “Papa, you promised me, you said you’d never decide for me anymore; I’d make my own decisions. Why did you do this?” her vision was beginning to get blurry.
Aaron Theodore remained silent for a while.
“That’s the reason you couldn’t even greet your papa? Purity, where are your manners?”
“I sent them to hell the moment you told me you’ve chosen a partner for me!”
“You promised to behave.”
“You promised not to do it.”
“I’m sorry, Purity. I had no other choice.”
“I don’t understand.”
“We have some little problems. You know that. Our merging with the Broderick’s will do a great deal of help.”
“You want me to marry an old man?” she asked almost in shock.
“Nope. His son. His heir.”
“Papa, you are close to this man, right?”
“Why not let him help you. You can merge the companies without this marriage.” Purity suggested, hopefully.
“I want the marriage. It has a lot more advantages then just merging without it.”
“Papa,” she cried out, “You hate me! I’m like a toy to you, right? You want to use me as an instrument to save your business?” the tears fell.
“No, no. Purity, its best for you.”
This man had made up his mind. D--n! This tears can’t even make him change his mind.
“What’s his name?”
“Jeremy Broderick. His family and ours once lived in the same neighbourhood.”
“What? Jeremy? No, papa, no! I refuse to marry him.”
Jeremy, she never liked him for once. He almost took advantage of her when they were much younger and now he was to be her husband? Never! If he thinks he’ll he her now, he must be hallucinating.
“He’s the right guy for you,” Aaron answered innocently.
“I hate him. Never will I marry him.”
“You didn’t like him then, you will now.”
“No! Never!”
“I’d disinherit you!” Aaron warned.
Purity sat on the dining chair at the rare end of the restaurant. The tables were covered with red table cloths, and lit candles on them. The lights were dim making the restaurant more romantic.
She’d chosen the far end of the restaurant not to be easily noticed or recognized by the people she knew. She’d been forced to go out on a date with Jeremy Broderick. Her papa had warned to disinherit her. Now she had no other option than to comply to his wish. She was surely going to pay the old man back.
She sighed, relaxing on the chair. She hadn’t ordered anything. She just have to wait for Jeremy, then he’d order and the rest. She silently prayed he wouldn’t come. He must hate her too, after the way she’s treated him years back he never spoke to her. She was happy about that. He would say no, then they can explain to their parents the date was a disaster. She smiled to herself.
She stretched her arm and glanced at her wrist-watch. It was 7:15 p.m. She let out a breath. She was lightly sad and very happy at the same time. Sad cuz she really wanted to see him, curious of what he’d look like now. Why should she even care? She scoffed. She was happy cuz the date wouldn’t work out as planned, she’d never get to marry her worst enemy-Jeremy.
Purity searched her bag, dug out her cell phone and called her father.
“Papa, I’m coming home.”
“This early? What did you do?”
Phew! So, I’m always wrong? He can’t do anything wrong?
“He hasn’t arrived. I guess he doesn’t wanna see my face.” she smirked, her father couldn’t see it.
“I talked with Edwin, he says his son will be there.”
“He changed his mind. See you at home.”
She hung up and smiled mischievously. Without looking up, she quickly got hold of her bag, opened it and brought a notepad and a pen. She scribbled something down:
I waited and waited.
I lost my patience.
She smiled grimly at the words she wrote. Tore the sheet out, and placed it on the table. She turned to leave, as she did, she crashed into someone-a man. The accident sent her cell crashing on the floor. Infuriated, she raised her eyes to see the idiot that had ruined her cell. He had brown spiky hair, a hard, slender, muscular face. His eyebrows were bushy and thick. His sparkling hazel eyes, penetrating her. His nose was firm and pointed. His lips- pink, full and dry. His chin- strong.
He was lean and tall about 6 feet, 3 inches. His muscular chest and body covered with a tuxedo and his feet with brogues. He looked devastatingly handsome. He smiled at her revealing a white, perfect set of teeth. He offered his big right hand for a handshake.
Oh, his smile was breathtaking.
Purity stood, watching him.
“Holy s--t! I’m gong to be late!” Jeremy cursed as he rode his Volvo XC90 on the highway, he was on his way to ‘Golden’ restaurant where he’d meet Purity Theodore after eighteen years. He wondered how she’d look like- beautiful, maybe. He hoped her manners had changed. The mood he was in now, he could strangle anyone who’d make him more upset. He thought of how she’d view him- he was late on their first date. It’d surely give her more reasons to spite him.
He had never wanted to go, he had almost sneaked out of the house. But his dad had heart attack. Edwin Broderick pleaded with him to obey his wish. Grudgingly, Jeremy had to get dressed to meet Purity Theodore after calling the doctor and asking the servants to take care of him.
Jeremy had no idea if he was jinxed or not. How could his father get cardiac arrest on the very night he’d have escaped being with Purity? He never knew if the old man was faking it.
Jeremy finally arrived at the restaurant. He parked his car, jumped down, and walked briskly into it. He wasn’t sure how he looked, he didn’t care. He hoped she’d hate him and it’d be all over. As he got to the entrance, he made enquiries from a waiter, as he did, he spotted a lady at the far end of the restaurant.
She had long brown hair that fell past her shoulders. She had a high forehead, a soft and oval face. Her brows were tick and arched. Her silver eyes danced with mischief. She had an acquiline nose, thin lips that were painted red.
Her slender body covered with a black sleevless gown, stopping at her knee level. She wore a black wedge to match.
She was scribbling something down. When she was done, she read it. Seeing the evil smile playing on her lips, Jeremy knew that was Purity. She was about leaving? Hell no! He excused himself from the waiter and dashed off to her. He hadn’t been careful, he didn’t notice her moving. He stumbled into her.
The accident sent her cell crashing on the floor. She looked up to him, feeding her eyes for a few seconds.
He smiled at her, revealing white, perfect set of teeth. He offered him right big hand for a handshake.
Purity stood, watching him.
She bluntly ignored his smile and his hand waiting for hers. Her lips pouted angrily.
“Is your smile and hand gonna fix my phone?” she glared intently at him.
Jeremy dropped his hand. He felt stupid. “I’m sorry. It was an accident.”
His voice- deep, masculine and baritone.
“Do you know how much that cell cost? Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t cause you probably don’t have and have never seen something like that.” she rolled her eyes and continued gibbering.
This Purity hadn’t change a tiny bit. She was still the spoilt rich brat he had known. But something was different. She was now a woman, very pretty. How could God give such beauty nd intelligence to an insolent being? She probably never knew he was Jeremy Broderick. He clenched his fists.
She was now saying nonsense which irritated him further. How was he going to silence this pretty witch. He hated noise and was getting it from her.
People began looking in their direction. “Miss,” he motioned her to look at the unpleasant stares they were getting. “Its alright. I’m sorry I crashed your phone, I’ll get you a new one.”
She ruffled her hair. Stood her ground. “No.”
“What?” he almost screamed.
“I said no. What’s about ‘no’ that you don’t understand?” she innocently questioned.
This was a difficult woman to deal with. He shook his head twice. “I don’t understand your ‘no’. I offered to buy you a new phone and you bluntly said ‘no’. What does your ‘no’ mean?”
She smiled faintly. “Just get me that exact phone? Fix it.”
“You’re being ridiculous. I can’t do that.”
“Me? Ridiculous?” she peered into his face. “I’ll show you what ridiculous means.”
She straightened up, and was ready to shout. People could call her mad or batty, she didn’t care. This man was getting on her nerves, just like her father. He was vaguely familiar, she just didn’t give a d--n about it.
Purity opened her mouth, she couldn’t scream. She felt someone close to her, she sniffed the scent of his cologne, after shave and masculine scent. His mouth was moving on hers. Her eyes widened, she was being kissed!
Purity tried to push him- it was getting nowhere, he was stronger and hefty. The kiss deepened, Purity had to succumb to it. Her legs wobbled, she clung to him; if she let him go, she’d fall to the ground. She opened up for him, letting him access into her mouth. He held her firmly.
Returning his kiss sent electrifying sensations shooting through their souls, fire rushing through their blood. Blood rushing to his g---n. He intensified the kiss with increasing passion, and she responded.
Jeremy broke the kiss. He met her gaze. From the way she stared at him, he could tell she wanted more. But he had to stop. He didn’t know what pushed him to it. She had wanted to scream, causing more noise and embarrassing him- he couldn’t let that happen. He had to do something.
Purity looked at him affectionately. Why did he have to end the kiss? I was starting to enjoy it. Foolish girl, a voice in her had scolded. What! He just stole my first kiss and I don’t know his name. Why did he do that? And how? How dare he? Doesn’t he know who I am? She touched her slightly swollen lips. Gosh! She was starting to get angry.
Jeremy chuckled. He took her by the hand and tried dragging her out of the restaurant. She didn’t move. He studied her, saw her legs were slightly wobbling- the effect of the kiss. He left her hand and gently swept her off her feet.
She didn’t resist. She only flushed.
When they got out, he let her down. She’d regained her sanity and was furious as a tigers. “Why did you do that to me? Who are you?”
He smirked. Ah, she didn’t know, if she’d known, she wouldn’t let him touch her. Now he’d kissed, touched and carried her.
“Jeremy Broderick. Your fiance.”
“What!” she was dumbsruck. She could speak. But if looks could kill, Jeremy would have been dead by now, she was sending him dagger looks. She hurried off to her car.

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