Rule of the jude and peter

...I did not understand the haste in his voice even in the car on our way to the Airport. But in all, I was more concerned about what I saw in Vincent's bedroom. All through my journey back to my base, I only thought of how to get Nelly to tell me exactly why it didn't work out between Vincent and her.
Did I say Vincent fell in love with me after that night? Well, we started a serious relationship with every effort to keep Nelly out of it. She never knew it was Vincent I was dating. I had to show her an imaginary picture, or rather a random picture I took from the
internet as my boyfriend and had to follow the guy up on Instagram and Facebook to keep stealing his pictures and front
him as my boo to Nelly.
When I returned, she was acting strange and became too inquisitive. She had wanted to know everything going on in my life. Whatever talked to her that was her instinct was always going to be dangerous. I kept
my cards and played them well. She gradually forgot
about Vincent and was doused in Paul's love. He
had turned out to be a great guy after all, very caring and a perfect gentleman. Each time I felt like to envy her, something at the back of my mind told me I had
a greater guy in my Vincent. I'm not totally heartless as many would in visage , I always took justification from the fact that I wasn't part of the reason Vincent left Nelly. I was just the lucky one to have him for myself. Nelly would never have let me have him anyway, so no need telling her about it. My love for Vincent overshadowed my
conscience towards my friend Nelly. But still, I
needed her to tell me why it didn't work out between
them. Somehow, I was worried. I didn't want to
ponder over if I was really towing the right path. It didn't work out between them because they were never meant for each other, perhaps it was simply divine, said to myself. Vincent was
meant for me while Nelly was simply the instrument
used to make it happen. I smiled at this revelation.
Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and finally we both graduated. Paul was now engraved in
Nelly's heart and sung on her lips everyday. How I
wished I could sing Vincent in this manner also. Well thank goodness we were graduating and soon we'd separate and go our own ways, then I'd be free to visit Vincent and do as I like with him. Few days before we left the school finally, Nelly returned home excited and threw herself on the
bed... "Babe this one you are jumping about like this, what's up now?"
"Guess what?" She beamed. "You know I'm not good at guessing, just go ahead and tell me." I urged her impatiently.
"Okay, Paul just got a new job in Shell Petroleum." She announced in a hushed voice.
I cupped my mouth with my hand to muffle a scream and we rushed to hug ourselves on impulse. She told me he'd be coming to pick us up for dinner that night.
Paul, the graduate driver, now a Shell worker?
Soon he'd be driving pick up jeeps like the many
other colleagues of his. This was going to be a
complete turn around. I didn't know how to feel at all. I even thought I felt nauseous at some point.
We dressed up and waited for Paul to arrive for
the outing. We had planned to have dinner at a very cozy and expensive restaurant before heading to Fly Entertainment to see a movie together. I was reluctant to go but couldn't find any reasonable excuse not to. My stomach churned from displeasure. It wasn't that because I didn't like Paul getting the job but mainly
because I had written him off, and advised Nelly
against dating him. No one would have wished to be in that situation.
"Nelly" "Yeah," she continued preening and perfecting her blushes. After a lengthily outing preparation, something just came into my mind...
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