Peter and Jude the big boys

...After a lengthily outing preparation, something just came in my mind and I felt like asking." "What is it baby?" She shot a quick glance at me and continued her art, she was good at it." "What really happened between you and Vincent that night when he came to visit?" She paused and arced her brow thoughtfully, "which
Vincent?" Like seriously? What was she feeling like? She had moved on this much...over Vincent? Her sleepless nights and nightmares? I couldn't hide my astonishment.
"Like seriously you've forgotten Vincent? How many Vincent's do you know again that came visiting and had a....'Night' with you?" I emphasised on the 'Night' with an 'okay' gesture high above my head with both hands.
"Oh that." She paled and withdrew from the mirror to look me in the eyes, squarely. "Babe, don't you think this is the wrong time to ask me this question?" I could see the pain in her reaction. She just feigned to have forgotten, she wasn't totally over him yet.
"I'm sorry, but like I said, I've been wanting to ask but keep forgetting. I'm really curious."
"Well I thought I told you that day what happened?"
"Yeah, but I feel it's way beyond that. Look, that story was too cheap to make me believe it although I did at that time but come to think of it, a friendship and dating that lasted that long online to just snap and end in one brief, holy night that was supposed to cement it. Oh baby, that's a cheap pill to sell." Nelly heaved a sigh and obviously looked exasperated by my persistence. "So what's the sudden interest in Vincent after all this time?" She enquired, searching my eyes... "I told you, just curiosity. Sorry I brought it up at the... wrong time like you put it. You know what,
just forget it if you don't want to tell me. It's okay."
"Okay fine, I'll tell you." She sighed and looked downward. "Vincent is a great guy... was a great guy. You know I loved him so much, yeah so so much, but I discovered a side of him I couldn't put up with. I said some things to him that night that made me feel so bad afterwards. It's the guilt of the things I said that have made me always call his number. But to date him again, never." The last sentence left me in shock... NEVER. "What
was it you discovered about him?" She sighed again and was about to speak when the door bell rang. "He's here. Paul."
Oh no! She didn't wait another second before
scurrying to the door to let in Paul. She was all
frantic and excited again. I'd never seen my friend in
that mood ever. The remaining part of that night was excruciating for me...
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