Tuesday, 15 January 2019

the day it rained cat and dog

I woke up one  Sunday Evening about 5mins after the Heavy rain that had just Hit the surface of the Earth had just went back to its source. Its Five Years and half after my NYSC service, life has been the way I have thought, my four years old daughter and my beautiful wife were both in the kitchen preparing the dinner for the family. My families had been the most happiest when I Introduced my wife to them Five years ago after my NYSC programme as the lady who will be the Mother of my children.

I thought how a young child at her age is so rampant in watching football match. Its the trend transferred to her by her mother; I remember her mother was among the Kano state NYSC football ladies team during our NYSC days. “Darling. I have to watch a soap opera by 8:0’clock you know that’s Dad’s favourite” I said to her. The look on her face indicates the young lady didn’t buy my idea she went to her mother and rest her head on her thighs. “why not let her watch football, when the meal gets cold, we’ll go eat and she’ll sleep off” I had no option than to do their will. She turned to a station where live game in the German league is being aired, we all had to engage our eyes on the football match to wile away our time for the meal to get cold a bit more. What I saw was unbelievable I didn’t know when I screamed Timi’s name. Timi was was thr boy in my primary school days who never knew a single question that was thrown at him in those days, asking Timi a question was like a burden to him, he’s so dull and knew nothing academically. Sometimes the teachers will advice his parents when they come to check on him to take him to a Children technical School where the kid starts to learn a trade. But he was just too small, his parents gave him more years to adapt. As years goes by Timi’s inability to academics goes worse that his parents had to gave up and withdrawn him from school. The day he was saying his goodbyes, pupils and teachers pitied him and wish him success in his endeavours.
But this is Timi Ojelade, in the screen of in front of me being giving a standing ovation when being substituted in this very live game am watching. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Timi who no one gave a chance is now the one who is being celebrated in Germany. I lost appetite, I felt dumb and never believe my eyes. My wife asked what the problem was and my daughter had grab my hand, they were both scares. I had to hug them and narrate the source of my shock to them.
Timi Ojelase whom we all had thought will end up miserable is now the one who is being given a standing ovation in Germany, what a life. My wife smiles, holds my hands and cuddled our child on her chest and said “in life, honey. Never look down on anyone or thinks this person Is incapacitated or brainstormed towards an objective means he or she won’t make it in life, God is a faithful God he has proven himself in the life Of Timi. Truly he is God.” I had to go on my kneels with my wife and daughter to thank God for his goodness toward Human. My dog, bigo kept barking.

The beauty in music(Love story)

The national stadium was overcrowded with people and many more are still struggling to get a space inside the stadium, some already gave up and just decided to cling around outside the stadium. So long they could hear his voice and see him on the projector tv, it was okay for them. With the kind of crowd seen in and outside the stadium, one would think it was a football match between two heavyweight clubs that was going on inside the stadium. Who else can gather so many people all around the continent and even the whole world if not the great minister of God, Apostle Williams Iruoha.
He is indeed one of the greatest men of God in the whole world. The great miracles and wonders that God has done through him speaks a lot for him not to talk of his humanitarian works, he is greatly loved by all which will make people all around the world do anything just to attend his annual crusade. The crusade is more of an interdenominational program since the Apostle doesn’t actually have a church of his own,he only goes about attending different seminars organised by other churches because he believes he is not meant to deliver the gifts and teaching of God to limited people. Many pastors from different churches all over the country are in attendance alongside their members since they knew the Apostle had no church of his own hence he doesn’t pose a possibility of stealing their members away.
“God saved me from the claws of death, His mercy rewrote my life and the same God is ready to save you right now” The Apostle said as he closed his bible which signified he’s about to round up his preaching for the day.
Students ran away without looking back as they saw them approaching, even lecturers driving by had to speed their cars away in fear of what would happen in a matter of minutes. There is no way someone won’t be killed today because whenever the members of the Arch Angels were seen around the campus with their green jackets on, that surely spells death for either a student of the school or a staff. Three men putting on Identical green Jacket and same brown pencil chinos are walking down the path that leads to the faculty of law, the only significant difference between them is that only one of them is putting on a Green Beret while the other two are putting on green baseball caps.
Immediately the law students in the lecture room saw the boys approaching their class, they all ran off. Some escaped through the window, some squeezed through the door, the students including the lecturer in their class ran away in fear. Within a minute the whole lecture room was empty but one of the law students stayed back. He kept his gaze fixed on the handout on his table pretending like he wasn’t bothered about the arrival of the three guys that just scared all his course mates away. After a few minutes, he kept his handout aside and raised his head up as he adjusted his nerd glass. He starred at the three of them that were now standing right in front of him, he kept on looking but didn’t utter a word, the silence was broken by the guy that had the Green Beret on.
“You are really as brave as they say” the guy with the beret said after clapping for a period of time.
“Kong, table his f--k up” He said again.
“Undermining the powers of the Arch Angels” Kong replied.
“Hey mister, do you have any objection to what he just said about what your f--k up is? ” the guy with the green beret asked and waited for the guy sitting to reply but when no answer was forthcoming, he continued.
“Nazaretha, pass his Judgement”
“If thou undermineth the powers of the double A, thou shall be killed anytime thou art apprehended” Nazaretha replied.
The guy with the beret smiled like he always do anytime Nazaretha speaks in his funny old English.
“You still don’t have anything to say yeah” He asked the guy sitting again as he brought out his revolver from the cross bag hanging around his neck.
“This will be your greatest mistake and even of it takes a thousand years, my boys will hunt you and drop you” the guy replied staring at them blankly.
The guy didn’t bother replying him but rather he gave him three shots. One to his forehead, and two to his right and left side of his chest which clearly signified the signature of the Arch Angels. Immediately he finished taking the shots, he walked towards the board and picked the Tempo lying in front of the door.
*Slimmy was here* he wrote on the board.
OluwaGentle thou art the sneakiest of them all” Nazaretha hailed Gentle who just walked to where they were seated.
“Nazaretha you no dey ever serious” Gentle replied Nazaretha as they shook hands, he did the same with the rest of the guys sitting around with them.
“Slimmy make I see you abeg” Gentle said. Slimmy stood up immediately and they both walked to a corner to talk.
They are not exactly the kind of identical twins that you won’t be able to differentiate. Slimmy is the definition of his name,very slim if not skinny in stature. Some of their closest pals always tease him that he shouldn’t move closer to a whirlwind else he would be blown away, yes he was that slim but that doesn’t in any way affect his good looks, Gentle on the other hand is a little bit chubby, he is not as tall as Slimmy, they have the same complexion and they kinda look alike facially. Just that Gentle prefers to keep his beard like that of rickross while Slimmy keeps his goatee beards.
They talked for a while and Gentle walked back to the guys to bid them goodbye and then walked back to where his twin brother was waiting for him so they could head to wherever they were going. They hadn’t walked far when Nazaretha called Gentle’s name and was mouthing some things but Gentle couldn’t hear him. He turned around to face Nazaretha but was still walking with his back, Slimmy saw a girl walking in Gentle’s direction, the girl was also not looking up because she was engrossed with whatever she was typing on her phone. He realised that Nazaretha was only distracting Gentle so he could collide with the girl, he held his breath to picture the drama that was about to happen, before Gentle could realise that Nazaretha was just teasing him,it was too late, just as he was about to turn….
They collided, the girl’s phone and hand bag fell to the ground. Slimmy and the rest of their friends started laughing uncontrollably, for a moment Gentle also tried to hold back his smile but when he couldn’t anymore, he bursted out laughing too. This must have infuriated the girl more and just as they were all laughing, there was another loud sound, yes it was another collision but this time it was a collision between the girl’s hand and Gentle’s cheek. The slap was so loud that they all stopped laughing at once.

Adventures of a holy girl

Enjoying my sleep in the evening around 8pm on saturday, na 10pm i dey take sleep before but since no food to chop i gat to sleep and put the groaning worm in my stomach at rest, i havent slept 30 minutes wen my phone rang, i check the caller na blessing.
Me: baby whatsup
blessing: i don tell you make you nor dey call me baby again, where you dey?
me: i dey my house na where you expect make i dey before?
blessing: your girlfriend house na.
Me: i don tell you na only you be the girl wey i get.
Blessing: na who be your girl, let my guy catch you, your own don finish be that, abeg i don buy that laptop come help me check am weda na better one and to configure am for me abeg.
Me: abeg make am tommorow i dey tire and i wan sleep.
Blessing: abeg na i nor fit watch film for inside self and i need to keep myself busy.
Me: call your boyfriend na
blessing: i don tell you my guy no dey leave here.
Me: na who come dey sample u na?
Blessing: sample what?
Me: sorry nothing.
Blessing: e better be nothing rotten mind, by the way i cook rice.
Me: am on my way.
Blessing na my coursemate for one polytechnic wey dey MCC aba, i don try chike the babe many times, but the babe dey form strong head for me, but since she want something from me then i must get something in return apart from the rice, we must balance the equation, afterall one great man say, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. There must be an opposite reaction today oh.
ingredient nor dey dey her food but the food dey sweet well, she is dark in complexion not too tall, her behind not too big and not too small, her b----t is average also, as for me am fair, hairy and tall.
I put on my clothes and took my phone and my earpiece why i head to her place, her house far small sha but i gat no choice, i must consume that rice oh, i check the time 8:45pm, everywhere is dark nobody dey road, e be say people quick enter house today oh, maybe na the wether cause sha,
i was walking slowly enjoying the music booming from my earphone like tecno Boom J7 when someone flash light from behind, i removed the earpiece i heard a lady voice from my back calling my name “ozilla” i turn back i saw nobody, na who come call my name na, e be like say the hungry don dey make me hear different things, i pocket my phone and continue moving i fasten my footstep, half way to her place i heard the voice again, a slick tender voice from my back, “why are you moving fast” i look back again i saw nobody, oboy na which kind thing be this na, i run oh because this time i heard it clearly, i ran as fast as i can till i get to blessing house. i didnt hear her till i reach her house, she live in a fence house but no gate, her room was build separately beside the main building just like a store, one room.
I knock on her door, she didnt answer, i knock again and i heard ” who is that”
Me: idiot na me open the door.
She open the door and i enter and i quickly closed the door.
Blessing: wetin happen why u dey sweat like hegoat.
Me: u nor go understand.
Me: abeg give me water first, before i quench.
Blessing: tell me wetin happen wey you dey sweat like this, na dog pursue you?
No be only dog, this one worse pass dog, e for better if na dog, but dog no dey talk na, she gave me water, i look around no sign of any cooked food.
Me: wey the food wey you say you cook?
Blessing: abeg no vex i know say u nor go come thats why i use the food draw you.
Me: please tell me you are joking.
Blessing: am not and am sorry.
Me: you mean say all this suffer wey i don suffer for road all na for nothing,
Blessing: no vex na abeg i just want you to help me with my laptop.
Chai awish no be girl i swear i for slap her, I was very angry, i stood up, go to the door and wanted to leave, she stood up quickly and block the door.
Me: let me dey go abeg.
Blessing: why you dey quick vex like this na.
Me: if you know the kind thing wey happen for road you nor go talk like this.
Blessing: na wetin go happen wey you go come leave without eveing seeing the laptop.
Me: that one no concern me again, i need something to quench the worm disturbing my stomach.
I wanted to move her away from the door so that i will pass, she hold the hand and put it on her chicks, looking at me in a seductive way, i rub her chick with my hand while she bite her lips in a seductively, she wore red legins with a handless shirt, she put her two hands around my neck, draw my head closer and gave me a sweet kisss, waoh i was flabbergasted, girl wey i don dey try to chike since come dey give me free kiss, omo i gat to grab the opportunity.
I return the kiss and press her against the door, i press her b----t and she moan a little, i removed her shirt and move her bra one side and kiss her sweet b----t, she moan again, i lose her bra and bury my face in her b----t as she use her right leg to draw my body closer to her.
We continue romancing each other, i move her leggins and pant down and bend down to see a beautiful pussi, shaved triangularly, i raise her right leg up and start sucking her pussi, she has a sweet odour, she hold her door and put her two legs on my shoulder while i suck her pussi, she wine her waist and continue moaning, (if i hear say na me dey romance this girl i nor go believe) many people try to woe her in school but she decline, so i settle for friend only, but now i don dey get the benefit.
“uuuuhmmm, aahhh suck me dear”
me dear? Waoh, after the romance i hope she continue calling me dear oh, i stop sucking her and move her to her table, i make her to lie down on the table like a dog facing the table with her a-s staring at me, while i remove my trouser (no time for long romance i fit no get another opportunity again or she fit lose interest if i too dull) i remove my hard d--k from boxer and position myself to insert the disk inside the cd player, but there is one problem no condom.
Blessing: baby whats holding you na?
Me: i dont have cd and i cant go in raw.
Blessing: check that purse on the wall you will see condom.
I open the purse and saw packet of sealed condom (na wa for this girl oh) for school she go dey virgin, i open it and took one i wore it quickly, i insert my pennis inside her slowly and she shouted, her p---y was very tight and wet so i stroke slowly again and she shouted again, i start going faster little by little and she continue shouting, “yeah comeon do it faster baby” i grant her request as i fucck her faster, i removed my dicck and slap her a-s two times, i insert it again and continue f-----g her faster while she keep on shouting, i hold her a-s with my two hands using it to bring her a-s closer to mine while i bandgfrom behind, she c-m 5minutes later and lie in bed telling me shes tired.
Me: wetin you wan come do my hard d--k?
Blessing: i dont know, i cant continue am too weak pls lets just sleep.
She lie in bed and face the wall, with her a-s smilling at me,
i went to her and start rubbing her back, i separate her leg and position my d--k while i enter again, i fucck her from behind, i started slowly then faster, she was enjoying it because she was also moving her a-s closer to my dicck as i stroke her from behind, i fucck her so hard for 10 more minutes before we came the same time.
Blessing: waoh, i didnt know you are this good
Me: how will you know, when you never gave me a chance.
Blessing: hmmm dont get it over your head, this will be the first and last time.
Me: hmmm, i dont think i can let you go because u are too sweet, only madman will do that.
Blessing: you nor well, you still want to eat.
Me: no i just want to sleep beside you.
Blessing: ok goodnight.
Me: goodnight dear.
I check my time 10:00pm, i hold her like my romeo as i go into dreamword.
Around 1:00am i woke and try to sleep again for were, the hungry wey dey scatter my stomach no let me sleep again oh so i woke her from her sleep, she yawn and ask me what is it?
Me: i cant sleep
Blessing: why na?
Me: because am very hungry.
Blessing: but you told me not to cook anything again na.
Me: yeah that was because i wasnt hungry then, but now my stomach is crying.
Blessing: the only thing you can take now is garri manage it when day break i will cook something for us to eat.
I gat no choice so i got up and soak garri, i put salt and then feed the worms in my stomach.
Since light dey i just carry the laptop, open it and configure everything for her, all apps are installed but not on homescreen, so i help her move them, i also activate her video player so that she can watch movie, when i finish i took one movie and start watching, she woke up and join me i guess the sound was disturbing her.
Blessing: what we did let no mouth hear of it.
Me: i really dont care i love you and even if the whole world know about it i dont care.
Blessing: your girlfriend mercy is my friend and shes a faithful girl, so i dont want to put asunder, so pls just focus on her and forget about me.
Me: (shock i thought i was dating her secretly, how she come manage know na) waoh how did you know about mercy.
Blessing: haha i ask about you, the first time you ask me out.
Waoh, i was dumbfounded i never knew my affair with mercy will comeout.
We watch the movie silently till we slept off.
I went to my house the follow morning i took 8 cup of rice with me of course, My bag of rice finish since last week.
I got home, dressup and go to church, i came back from church in the afternoon and saw my door open, i went in and saw everywhere neat and sparkly clean.
only one person can clean my room neat like this and only one person know where i put my key and that person is mercy.
I wasnt suprise to see her, she was lying down watching movie from my laptop, she saw me and got up, gave me a hug.
Me:when did you close from church?
mercy: by 9am
me: ok, you attend morning mass right
mercy: yes dear
me: so how was the service
mercy: fine and urs
me: wonderful
mercy: i hope you wait till they share the grace
me: yes na (if i tell her no, she wont be happy with me), so what did you cook sweet.
Mercy: afam soup and garri
me: thats why i love you
mercy: only when food is involve abi?
Me: haa u know me now, i dont need to tell you how much i love you because if i start i wont stop
mercy: abegi let me hear word.
I removed my clothes while she serve the food, she use her money to cook the soup, i like her because she is very caring, light in complexion, big boobs, tall and good backyard.
We ate in silent while i keep on staring at her pant, she sat in a way that make her pant visible to me, she noticed it and adjust.
Me: why you dey adjust na
mercy: today na sunday lets keep it holy.
After eating i tried to touch her but she nor gree oh, all those lord’s chosen girls them dey dey stubborn sometimes, i remember the day i disvirgin her she started speaking in tongues asking God to forgive her, as if na God carry her come my house.
she really ment that her word “holy sunday” lol, if she really want to keep it holy why did she come at all, well even if no touching, at least i don get soup for house wey go reach me till wednesday, we watch movie together (falling sky) till 8 in the night before she said its time to go, i got up took my phone and escort her, her house dey the same road to blessing house, but her own far pass blessing own well well, i escort her to her house before going back, i make sure she enter inside her gate before i turn back the time was 9:30pm in the night, i check my pocket no transport and i thought i put 50 naira on my pocket, hmmm i hope no ghost today.
I was coming towards MCC junction, before i reach lord’s chosen church headquarter in Aba, place where big lorry spoil and bad road, i heard footstep following me, i stop look back and saw nobody, i fasten my footstep and continue going, not quite long i heard footstep again, this time i didnt stop to look back i just kept on going, i heard the footstep coming closer, i ran and the run after me, i ran till i get to the big lorry then i hide, the person stop at the spot where i stop running, i can see the person now, shes a girl, a beautiful damsel, she look left and right, move left and right also, then she said ” ok you can comeout now”
with her sweet voice that can melt anybody’s heart.
She look so beautiful yellow like madonna, have red redlips like madonna, slim like rihanna, she wore red shirt, black trouser and has white something in her hand in form of wristwatch.
“you can comeout now she repeat herself” who she dey talk to self, i dont think shes referring to me i said in my mind, she wasnt looking at my direction, she just face front and repeat herself for the third time “OZ you can comeout now” i was scared like hell, i came out from where i was hiding, walking slowly to where she was looking at her straight in the face to confirm if i know her, but unfortunately i dont.
Unknown girl: Hi
Me: (amidst fear) who are you and what do you want from me? Am telling my blood is bitter and am covered with the blood of Jesus christ.
Unknown girl: hahahaha man like you dey fear?
Me: who are you please (getting inpatient) and why are you bothering me?
Unknown girl: bothering you, want from you? Am adanna your friend.
Me: who the hell is adanna, i have never come across that name before, am sorry i dont know you and you should stop following me.
Unknown Girl: Am adanna, and you know me
I look her face very well, i never see this kind person before for my life oh, still look scared i said
Me: am sorry i dont know you.
Adanna: remember that time, me and your neigbour chinansa were cutting bitterleaf at your backyard in the night when you offer to help us.
I remember then that was like 6months ago, she came to visit her friend chinansa in the night and they came to our backyard to cut bitterleaf where i was reporting my book, she look so beautiful that i wanted to woe her then but i just bone the matter base on say i dey knack chinansa, i nor wan fuckup then, i greet her and compliment her beauty though i didnt ask her name then, i never saw her again even though i look for her, i collect her number from chinansa phone secretly but her number was always switch off any time i try it, so i gave up, and now here she is, like a ghost.
Me: adanna? waoh, you have change drastically (of course she has change, she now has big butt and big b----t like nicki minaj)
and how the hell did you know i was one the one passing.
Adanna: i know your movement.
Me: how would you know my movement when u’ve seen me just once.
Adanna: not only once, you always pass this road every weekend and i always see you.
Me: and you never call? and what stop you from coming to our compound again?
Adanna: chinansa told me to stop coming so i stop.
Me: why would she say that.
Adanna: i dont know, i thought you are in best position to answer that question.
Hmmm, i hope she never tell you say we dey do that thing.
Me: no i dont know anything, so where are you going, and by the way you scare the hell out of me.
Adanna: sorry about that, you pass my street, so i thought i should say hi.
Me: (na im you come dress like person wey dey go cult meeting) ok its late just give me number, i will call you tomorrow
Adanna: i thought you have my number.
Me: (how did she know that) yeah i do, but your number is always switch off.
Adanna: ok dont worry i will call you,
she said and start going, i tried to call her back because am not sure she will call, she just look back and wave me bye.
Hmmmmm, something is fishy, how did she know my name, and how will she call me? Question for the gods.
I got home rest my head on my pillar why i enter into dreamworld.

I never heard from adanna again for 2 months, i even proposely stroll that area in the night but i never saw her again, i called that her fake number but stll switch off.
Then the unexpected happen around 1am in the night in my house as i went outside to ease myself, i pass my neigbour room, and close to her window, i saw a figure in my backyard sitting down on my neighbour’s window.
Me: adanna?
Adanna: hi sweetie
Me: what are you doing here?
Adanna: waiting for you to comeout.
Me: how did you know i will comeout?
Adanna: because chinansa told me you always comeout to ease yourself in the midnight, can we go inside and continue please.
I was a little bit scared but who will say no to a beautiful angel like this (afterall man go still die so e better make i die ontop enjoyment according to faze life is too short oh so make we enjoy our money) , she followed me inside after i finish blessing the soil with my urine.
She wore short skirt and long sleve shirt,
we enter inside my room, she just lie on my bed pressing her phone while i make myself comfortable in my chair staring at her a-s.
Me: since when did you stand there?
Adanna: 1 hour 45 minutes and 3 seconds.
Me: and what if i nor come comeout nko.
Adanna: i know you will come out.
Me: hmmm, u sound like you know me very well.
Adanna: yeah but not much.
Me: ok, i dont have much here but i do have water, kerosene, salt and oil, which one do i offer.
Adanna: kerosene, if you get the mind,
Me: lol,
Adanna: is that laptop working?
Me: yes of course.
I open the laptop and position it ontop my bed while i relax close to her, she scan through my videos and settle for one movie like that titled “the 100″ hmmm she look so beautiful, i wanted to make a move because she cant just come to my house and go scot free, she stay close to the wall while i relax at the edge of the bed.
Me: you have a beautiful lips.
Adanna: thank you.
Me: so what flavor is it.
Adanna: flavor as in how?
Me: i mean what’s the taste?
Adanna: i dont know maybe you should check.
See opportunity oh, i use my left hand to draw her head closer while i gave a sound kiss.
Adanna: so what does it taste like?
Me: taste like, wait let me kiss you again to be sure.
I gave her another kiss but this time i didnt stop, i continue kissing her, i turn her to face the ceiling while i come ontop her, i use my left hand to press her left boob, (very soft) i kiss the b----t, i put hand inside her shirt and massage her b----t, i draw her shirt up to her chest, i adjust her bra a little and kiss her b----t, she just say”hmmmm OZ stop” stop for where wey i just dey start, also i use my left hand to rub her tummy, i moved my hand down to her navel, slowly i move down to her V area, i put my hand inside her skirt and press her pussi from her pant, kissing her right boob, then she hold my hand.
Adanna: stop it.
Me: why, whats wrong?
Adanna: not now maybe later.
Me: why later na, i don dey in the mood already na.
Adanna: i dont like doing it by this time.
So i got up as a gentleman and sat on my chair, she adjust herself.
Adanna: are you angry?
Of course am angry wey you don let my oga gain attention finish you dey ask me wether i dey vex.
Me: no am not, why should i?
I was a little bit angry since she nor want me to enter thy kingdome come, she close the laptop and position herself to sleep,
Adanna: off the light please
me: no i want to use it to read (i nor know say i go read since abi)
Adanna: i cant sleep with light on.
Me: am sorry just use the pillow to cover your face because i have test tomorow so i have to read.
Adanna: there will no test.
Me: and how would you know that?
Adanna: nothing dont worry, read well.
She use the pillow to cover her face, i took my idodo umeh biology book to read, then my light off, i on my touchlight, i look outside, light still dey, e be like say na my bulb burn, so i climb my chair and check the bulb, no smell, na wetin happen na, so i have another spare bulb (that white bulb wey roll like snake e dey shine well well) i put the bulb na so everywhere shine, i smill and thank God because i need to read oh.
I took my book, scrolling through the content, then i saw the topic i was looking for (genetics) i just wan open the page na im my light off again, na which kind thing be this na?
So i took my touch, put it on the table and use it to read for one hour, by 4am i was feeling sleepy.
I was all alone in a desert, no water, no food nothing at all, i was naked walking to an unknown destination, i was tasty i need to drink something, i kept on walking till i found a spring but before that spring i saw a mighty hole, theres no way i can jump that, because i will definitely fall, i look down the hole and saw many snakes inside, big big one and small small ones, i wanted to turn back but before then, i saw a white dove coming from my back, the dove flew pass my head and went to perch on a branch growing inside the spring, then the dove change to someone i know.
Me: mercy?
Mercy: you have to jump the hole.
Me: how can i jump it? Is too big and too wide.
Mercy: i know you can, please you must jump, your second name is Godsgift, and i believe you are gift from God as your name imply, God will guide you through, so sweetheart just try and you will see its easy.
I look down the hole again, it was scary very gigantic snake,
Me: am sorry i cant.
I turn back then i saw heavy fire coming (how can fire be burning on dry sand) i ran to mercy, as i ran then i try to jump the hole, as i was about to fall inside the hole then i woke up shouting Jesus and sweating.
Adanna: what is it?
Me: i was having a bad dream.
Adanna: its only a dream, so relax.
Me: e look so real and very scary.
Adanna: well thank your god is not real.
She put her hand on my body and start rubbing my hairing chest, looking directly at my me as our eye jam.
She put her right hand on my left chick, then move me ontop her, she draw my head closer her lips as she gave me a sound kiss, her lips taste like lollipop and i wish i will continue kissing her like this forever, i use my left hand to press her b----t as she let out a soft moan, i sat ontop her and draw her closer to me, making her to situp, i remove her long sleeve shirt, then unhook her bra, i lay her down again, i remove my shirt, then i lay ontop her and start sucking her b----t interchanging from the left to right, she rub my back her with hands, i move downward and remove her skirt, then her pant, staring at me a well shave pussi with hibiscus odour, i remove my shot and start licking her fine p---y, she open her leg wide to give me free access, i continue sucking while she use her hands to massage my head, she wine her waist also, i locate the c--t, if i touch it she let a moan, so i start sucking it like ice cream, she was wining her waist and breathing heavily, i placed her two legs on my shoulder and continue sucking, she tight her legs on my neck and almost draw my breath, then she sit, took my head closer to her and told me to enter her.
I removed condom from under my bed, i wore it and lay ontop her, then i insert my dicck inside her wet pussi, very tight, i started slowly before going faster, she was moaning slowly, guys am telling you, for all girls wey i don dey gbog na this girl sweet pass and she no be virgin oh, she even sweet pass mercy wey i disvirgin, i continue f-----g her like someone on a mission, or maybe i dey mission lol, mission to satisfy my konji.
“uhhhm yeah, pls take it easy you are going too fast” she said amidst heavy breathing, so i take it easy with her, then lata i raise one of her leg up and go in again, i was stroking her slowly and i guess she was enjoying it because she scatter my bed, as she was about to c-m, she hold my waist very tight stopping me from moving as she let out a loud moan.
Then lata she make me to lie down facing the ceiling, she lie ontop me and start f-----g me slowly then lata she start moving faster, she was going so fast that i think something is wrong somewhere, the enjoyment cloud my judgement, she put her hands on her head looking forward as she wine me fast, then as i was about to release she let out a loud shout, shattering my bulb on the floor, then she faint ontop me.

I wokeup around 7am in the morning, no sign of adanna, no sign of any broken bulb, na wa oh i walk to the wall, i switch on the light and the light on at once, abi i dey dream? I was lost in thought.
“somebody shout fire, shout fireee, shout firrrrreeee, we dont serve a dead god we serve a mighty God he is the same yersterday, he is the same today, he is the same forever, when God say yes no man can say no, when God lift us no man can take us down, God is on your side, miracle is on your, favor is your side.
Una dey wonder wetin dey happen, lol na my phone dey ring, i look the screen and saw my mercy.
Me: hello dear
mercy: good morning, how was your night?
Me: good but would have been better if you were here, how ur own?
Mercy: not fine.
Me: what happen?
Mercy: i had a bad dream about you.
Me: (getting scared) what happen.
Mercy: i saw you walking alone on a desert, you were naked and look tired, so you saw a spring of water and when you try to jump to the spring to meet me on the other side you fell on a hole full of snake though i tried to pull you up but one red snake with a white tail pull you down, when i woke up i was really scared so i started praying, since then i have been praying and i think we should fast about it.
Me: (the same dream with my own, what is really going on i dont understand, perhap i need to see my pastor) dont worry its just a dream, dont worry about it.
Mercy: hmmm you know my dream always mean something.
Me: yeah we will fast and pray about it, we will see in school, let me prepare myself.
Mercy: alright take care oh, bye love you.
Me: love you too.
Yeah, shes right, her dream always come to pass, i remember then when she told me that, she saw a bat die in my compound that i should pray, the next day my neigbour daughter died, i just sat in bed confuse dont know what to think, does it mean that adanna is the snake because she always hold white something on her wrist in form of wristwatch, but one thing is quite clear, anytime i think of her my heart beat fast, and talking about her lollipop lip, men that girl is too gbaski, na the type wey i go carry go party even rihanna go bow, i think i like her if she like make she be lizard i must date her oh, because with her respect is certain.
I was so lost in thought that i dont know when a test enter my phone.
“hi dear, how is your day going, i want to thank you for yersterday night, because that night was the best night ever since nineteen century, stay safe.
From Adanna.
Hmmmm infact i dont think am in the mood to go to school today, my belle dey sweet me(but in my mind am still confuse).

Journey of no return of johnny

Sky your daddy is back” Vincent announced blankly to me, wearing an abandoning look with those dark pair of eyes peering directly into mine as if expecting a feed back from me any moment.
My eyes was flown back to the play station potable on my hand within a milli-second as i was about to complete the Contra final stage and needed all the concentration i could muster.
“Sky, you didn’t hear me?” Vincent sang again as he could see his news seemed not to have any effect on me. I looked up in a flash again, disbelief was written all over his face seeing the slight drop of his mouth as he mopped at me this time around.
“Am coming abeg” i blurted out my gaze already dragged back to the game on my hand.
“What are you even playing self” He went on, shifting the topic seeing how uninterested i seem to be.
“Let me see” He was drawing my hands near so his short neck could make out what i was playing, a tiny grunt flickered out of the speakers, an end game tone followed immediately and i looked on with horror as my game character lay dead just moments before i could complete killing the boss seeing the boss life was almost spent.
“Jesus Ooooooooooooooh!!!” I yelled out in dismay casting a deadly glare at Vincent who had an almost laughing look.
“See now i have to start this game all over again, see i don’t like it oo” I barked out near cry, the game in my hand pointing at Vincent with a crisp shade of unsure threat.
Just when i thought nothing could hurt me more at this moment seeing that my last attempt on the final level just came to a futile end on the last seconds but then Vincent sudden outburst did the trick. His large stomach vibrated and bounced up and down as his body vibrated, cracking sounds of an uncalled laughter.
Vincent was sprawled on the floor laughing his stomachs out, maybe i didn’t get the joke but it had something to do with my face seeing as his finger was pointing at my face while a tear escaped his left eye, the laugh seemed unending and did more to Triple the raging anger that surged within me.
It’s not bad a enough that he just spoiled my chance of winning this game, he is finding it funny and laughing the Be-jesus out of me.
Vincent; a partly big fat boy, he is comfortably bigger and fatter than any of us in our age group, his chubby porky body always seem too soft and flappy.
His uncanny nosiness in dabbling into your business is legendary.
The day he will see anything you are eating and pretend he didn’t is exactly the day Jesus will come. if there is anything i have learnt, it should be to get anything am eating as far away from him as possible. His lust for food is unmatched and his greediness when dealing with food was out of the world.
He is always seen eating one thing or the other.
The day he almost ruined my life is still very vivid in my mind. Had returned home tired, worn out and hungry after a severe bout of football game that extended well pass twilight.
Mama had made egusi soup which left me mouth watered as i rushed out of the bathroom wearing my clothes without wiping my body dry with a towel. I was too hungry for ceremonies.
A decent plate of Garri with the egusi soup letting out hot steams was passed to me with mama warning me that the garri was finished so no need asking for another around. I didn’t have to, what am seeing on my plate can be managed.
Just when the first lump of garri coated richly in soup slid down my throat in a slow journey giving me time to savor the heavenly taste. I heard my name ringing from outside, before i could say “who” Vincent was already in front of me wearing an evil grin beaming down at the food.
Had to look on in near tears as he sat comfortably opposite me, washed his hands and dove into the food without invitation.
Looking at him now laughing after disrupting my chance of winning the game, my torment was was doubled. “why is this guy always around to torment my life” i cursed under my breathe.
“Johny, your father is calling you!!” Mama called out, i cast a hard glare at Vincent- who didn’t even mind seeing how his body still quaked with laughter- walked in to answer daddy.
Papa sat tiredly in our small sitting room, our outdated large t.v taking even more severe toll on the available space than the sofas with strategic holes here and there from our co-tenants; Rats.
A bag lay in front of him basking in the rays thrown by the electric bulb.
Mama sat across the side looking down on me with an almost gloomy eyes.
“Good evening sir” I said making papa open his eyes a bit, groaned as he rose slowly to seat up and heaved a hard sigh. He was tired, you didn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that.
“Nwam (my child), here are the materials for your school” He said in his heavy Igbo dialect pushing the bag a little towards me.
My name is John but my friends seeing the priest did a terrible job during my baptism took it upon themselves to rebaptize me and gave me the name Johnysky mostly sky , a 17 year old teen who have been introduced into the jungle of life in the ghetto i was born in.
Slender body built into a tall frame, dark complexioned and innocent-look face.
The first out of three children born to my parents. Ugo is the second, 13years old just entered secondary school, Miracle was the third and last and the only girl, 5years old. She came when everyone thought mama was contented with the two children she had, i too had been surprised cus it was unexpected but yet a welcomed development.
Papa was a mason and mama was a trader. Was born into a typical low class Nigerian world.
A brain that can be classified to be decent as i have never failed any subject before in my primary and junior secondary school days.
Now i will be in senior secondary school 2 when the academic year starts in September.
Being from a poor background had not made education an easy one for me.
I had to finish my primary school days with only 2 pairs of uniforms. I used the first from my primary 1 to 3, and it was changed when the short was a little more than a pantie due to growth. i managed the new one from 4 to 6, and the number of shoes i used too wouldn’t fill an average polythene bag still. It was the community government school where most of us kpakos were packed.
Comfortably pass my entrance exams and was admitted to the a government secondary school a bit far from home, having to go with a bus #50 every day and sometimes have to trek home.
It’s not that bad, its just exercise.
Paying the little school fees required was still a problem to us, as papa’s work wasn’t the money flow type and mama’s trading business was just an attached stall.
An unexpected turn of event had taken me to the world of the elites and introduced me into a whole new universe that would change my life forever.
It was the last term of my s.s.1 class, the usual noisy typical class ladened with baseless noises that can be classified as chatters.
The back benchers are huddled together, singing and using the lockers as instrument.
The principal walked in, an air of authority swayed accompanied by the English teacher with a large poster.
The whole class went as mute and quiet as a grave yard. The principal announced that a scholarship exam was to take place before the term runs out and anybody interested should submit their names to the English teacher.
As usual the front row geeks were over excited, submitting their names almost immediately the principal finished his speech gaining a weak smile as a reward from the principal.
The back benchers as expected were not even perturbed by the information, some already were looking out through the window while some whistled music mildly to themselves.
I submitted my name with an indifferent attitude. “Na try i go try, them no go kill me if i do so”
The exams was held within the term, it was held by McGonals collage. one of the, if not the best secondary schools east of the Niger. No wonder only the rich men enroll their children, the goliath-like school fees was absolutely impossible for any David to kill.
Believing my eyes was impossible for me, watching the notice board with my name on it. I unleashed some slaps on my face to be sure i was not hallucinating.
had to drag Collins down to the notice board, He blew up pointing frantically at my name boldly written in gold letters on the notice sheet, i had come second right after Victor Eke of course, he was the brightest mind in our class, his intelligence can only be matched by his arrogance which has made him my number one enemy in class.
I didn’t mind, my name towered above other students seen to be intelligent in the class. That’s something to be proud of, unexpected as it seemed but here it was ‘I had gained a scholarship to study at McGonals collage’
I watched on at the polythene bag containing the things papa had bought, it was the personal provisions for my use in school, the school will be responsible for my feeding as generally done in the school and my educational materials.
“Thank you sir, Thank you ma” i said picking up the polythene to arrange it alongside other bags i was going with.
I was happy i was finally going to the first good school in my life, happy about the turns my life was taking and happy my father didn’t have to worry about my school fees anymore.
I whistled outside inter changing between hums and whistles wearing a heavy smile and met Vincent still seating on the floor where i left him but was no longer laughing.
“Ehee sky you i wanted to tell you something before you left angrily” He said giving me a light punch which usually would be annoying if not for my present mood.
I grinned hard my eyes feasting on his bulged cheeks and the way his teeth worked on something in his mouth.
“What is it Vin” I asked still smiling fidgeting with the game to get it back on so i can give the level another shot.
“You know my father is the Uncle of McGonals collage principal, i told him you got admitted to it and he talked to his nephew who added my name to the total list of 15students awarded the scholarship, I have been admitted too” He said taking a rather wild bite at a large chunk of bread he tore out of his pocket.
“Hhmmmm that’s nice” I said again with smiles still on my face still trying to get the game back on.
But wait, i think Vincent just said something now, something about McGonals collage.
“Wait, You what?…McGonals!!?” I blurted out with dropped mouth and bulged eyes. He nodded feverishly excitedly still stuffing bread into his mouth.

“Oh Jesus, Please not him!!!”
Johny, nna ngwa wake up” Mama’s voice woke me up from a very far trip beyond. I rubbed my eyes hard still feeling heavily sleepy feeling as if my eyes were filled up with sand.
Mama had forced me to go to bed the night before so i would wake up early because i would be taken to school the next day.
I laid awake most part of the night imagining what life would be at McGonals, if i would match up the academic brilliance of the rich students there, schemes on how to make sure i successfully avoided Vincent and his nosy – “into you business attitude”.
Had a welcomed dream within the few hours i caught some sleep.
Vincent had just decided not to go to the school anymore just as he was about to be taken to the school.
Taking a quick look at the old western wall clock that hung loosely on the wall making quak quak sounds like a young duck as the seconds hand made it’s trips round it.
It was just 5:30am, mama’s face beamed down on me, an amber light flickering out from the hurricane lantern she was carrying.
“I wish this dream was true” I hissed yawning hard.
“Mama let me sleep small na” I begged making to lie back down.
“Tawaaaaaai” mama’s hand smacked through my buttocks sending me springing up within a millisecond.
“Anumpama go and take your bath osiso, your father is already getting ready” She said flushing to the kitchen at the same time still holding on to the lantern.
I hurried over a cold bath, jumping each time the water touched my body because of the stinging cold sensation it induced. The weather was cold and environment still foggy. Barely touching the garri and okro soup mama served -early morning swallow was a common practise but this time i was over excited and consumed by the thought of my new school that my appetite for the food was history, i slipped into my school uniform.
A crisp cream coloured shirt in a black trouser and a black long tie, shoes and belt. I felt smart seeing the hard lines mama made sure she gave them when ironing them.
Sat quietly beside mama in the parlour, Ugo held my huge ecolac luggage waiting for papa to finish up so he would follow us to the motor park, Miracle clutched around mama looking on with scanty attention as if she could deduct what exactly was going on, she had looked like that from the very first time mama woke me up, i wonder how this little girl wakes up earlier than i.
Walking to the car park was a very pleasant one for me, i enjoyed the glances people cast at me, the whispers and smiles.
“I heard he is going to McGonals on scholarship” “He is brilliant” I couldn’t help but notice papa’s proud look he wore when these whispers somehow flew into our ears in the cold calm morning.
His advises and suggestions ladened with examples which himself always was the center subject.
“When i was in secondary school back in the 1970’s, i used to stay awake reading all through the night” He said. Most times these parents have no idea we already catch the joke, would i tell my kids i carry the last position during my own time? of course i would be the most intelligent.
Since everybody’s father claims to own the first position in school, who exactly took the last positions?
“John, stay away from bad friends, bad company and secret societies” He sang on into my ears with mama chipping in her own suggestions every now and then.
“Please stay away from girls” She said with a pleading look.
“Remember where you came from, study hard and make us proud”
“I will papa, thank you sir, thank you ma” i intoned making sure my tone made it clear i heard and i will do all they said.
The bus moved minutes after i and papa boarded it, Ugo kept on waving beaming with a broad grin until we were out of sight. I knew he was eager for me to leave so he would take possession of my Play station Potable.
The Ugo i know won’t be in a hurry to help anybody carry anything not even a cup, the grin he was wearing and the hard waves of his hand made it almost obvious he was happy to see me go, he is now the oga in the house and i pray, i just pray i will still have a play station when i get home even one button of it would be a surprise find knowing ugo real well and his careless nature.
The school was huge, a gigantic black gate with uniformed men as watchmen. A gigantic gold lettered board with the name McGonals international Collage towered above the gate.
A man-sized sculptures of students; A boy and a girl stood just after the gate clutching large pile of books with mean looking faces.
Exotic cars taxied in line into the school shimmering in the morning sun. It was the first day of the school year the compound buzzed with activities as cars kept trooping into the school park, students slipping down from the cars dragging their luggage as they trooped inside.


Monday, 14 January 2019


Hannah took a plate of chicken and salad
to the
living room and sat next to her mum.
“This looks great, mum. Thanks. ”
Her mother dismissed her gratitude with the
wave of a hand and leaned forward, her
eyes dancing.
“So, don ‘t you want to know? ”
“Know what? ”
“What he ‘s like. The new neighbour. And
you ‘ll
note is say he, “her mother said.
“I don’t need to know. Hannah replied.
“Hannah! I thought he seemed very nice
I popped in earlier. His mother was helping
unpack, you know, and there was no sign of
wife. ”
Hannah scooped up a spoonful of potato
She could feel her mother watching her,
waiting for Hannah’s reaction. She
concentrated on her plate, hoping her
would get the hint.
Her mother eyed her steadily, her face
with concern.
“Don’t be like this, sweetheart. ”
Hannah stood. There was no way she could
the rest of her meal. She certainly couldn’t
endure another heart -to- heart with her
“I need a shower. Thanks for cooking. ”
She scraped the remainder of her dinner
the garbage, rinsed her plate and slid into
dish washer. She spent ten minutes in the
shower, washing and conditioning her hair
shaving under her arms. All the while, she
reviewed the work she had tomorrow,
prioritizing things on her to do list.
Anything to
avoid thinking about what her mother had
Hannah was supposed to catch up with her
friend Mikey for dinner after work, but he
cancelled on her at the last minute, leaving
at loose ends.
She decided to go home. She was hungry
more than ready for a shower when she
into the street. She stopped short of pulling
hermothers garage, however, her attention
caught by the car sitting in the drive way —
Mazda SUV. She narrowed her eyes as she
surveyed the rear of the SUV, then dropped
into a squat to peer under the wheel arch.
“I assume you wont be billing me for this
inspection? ”
She started, then glanced over her shoulder,
Joe Lawson, her new neighbour stood there,
one eyebrow raised. Her gaze dropped to
barefeet. No wonder she hadn’t heard him
sneak up on her.
He shut the back of the car with a firm
The grocery bag settled in his hand. She
realized she was hovering for no good
“Anyway “, she said
“Yeah ”
“see you around. ”
He didn’t bother responding. He headed
towards his house. She watched his
rock from side to side with his long stride,
her gaze dropped on his butt. His jeans
faded and soft and they molded his
faithfully. It was a good butt0ckz too. firm
round. Quintessential male.
Hannah registered what she was doing and
swiveled on her heel. Who cared if he has a
As Joe got to his apartment, a reluctant
curved his mouth. Hannah was a handful.
He ‘d
got that much right about her. And despite
that, he wanted her.
The realization killed his smile. He hadn ‘t
felt a
thing for another woman since his wife Beth
died, yet for some crazy reason every time
looked at his new neighbour he found
thinking things he had no business
Hannah was about to head off to work the
day when she had the distinct s£nsat!on of
being watched. She was astride a bike, the
engine running, but she pushed up the visor
her helmet and glanced over her shoulder.
Joe stood on the curb in front of his house,
face impassive as he watched her. She
see the play of emotions across Joe ‘s face.
“Did you want something? ” she asked, and
realized he had been staring.
He couldn ‘t stop himself from looking at
mouth. “I wanted to tell you how great you
She made a rude noise. “its okay, you don’t
have to sU-Ck up to me.”
“I wasn’t, he said. “You look beautiful ”
she stared at him. She looked deeply
Almost afraid. “I need some fresh air, “she
in a subdued voice.
She started to leave. He didn’t want her to
go.He moved his body to block her path.
think about it, or where it might lead. JUST
He felt the warm brush of her body against
side, and then he was leaning towards her.
gasped with surprise as his mouth found
Her lips were incredibly soft against his. His
tongue dipped briefly inside her mouth and
tasted her for the first time. Sweet and
He went back for a second taste and after a
small hesitation her tongue slide along his,
tentative, searching.
Music and lights blasted into the
Joe jerked and they moved apart suddenly
realizing they were outside.
“I ‘m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to
happen. ”
Joe said.
“its no big deal. ” Hannah replied.
They were both lying. She couldn ‘t look
him in
the eye, and he ‘d wanted to kiss her, touch
from the moment he first saw her, even if it
taken him until this moment to admit it to
himself .
He didn’t know what to do, what to say. He
simply hadn’t been looking for anything like
“I ‘m sorry, ” he said again
“You already said that. I get it, ” Hannah
“Lets just forget it ever happened .”
“I need to get to work, but I’ll see you
Joe, “she said.
He nodded. She slid her helmet on and
the bike. ……….
Hannah was still REELING from Joe ‘s kiss
she woke the next day. she lay in bed and
stared at the.patterns the morning sun
on her ceiling and relieved the feeling of his
shoulders beneath her hands and the slide
his tongue inside her mouth.
Hannah threw back the covers.. Lying in
bed fantasizing about Joe was the biggest
waste of time under the sun. What had
happened had been a freak occurance,
never to
be repeated, brought about by too much
up, a dimly lit hallway and a pair of well cut
trouser. And even if it hadn’t been, there
no future in it. He was a widower with two
(she overhead the other neighbours
about it).
“Hannah? ”
Hannah glanced up and saw her mother
frowning at her. She ‘d zoned out again
thinking about Joe. What on earth was
with her? It wasn’t as though she ‘d never
kissed before, for Pete ‘s sake.
“Sorry, did you say something? ”
“I did ” Her mother hesitated a moment
studying Hannah ‘s face. “Lucas called
earlier .
He ‘d like to speak to you. ”
(Lucas jilted Hannah a day to their wedding
marry her friend Kelly)
“What does he want? ”
“I ‘m not sure. To talk to you, I suppose.”
Hannah could feel her.mother watching her
What on earth could Lucas have to say? He
already apologized. She ‘d refused to take
money more times than she could count.
more was left?
An insidious, dark thought wormed its way
her mind. What if he and Kelley had had a
falling out? What if he ‘d decided that he ‘d
made a big mistake? What if he wanted
Without giving herself a chance to think,
walked to the phone and picked it up
“Whats his number? ” she asked
Her mothers eyebrows rose towards her
hairline, but she reeled off the number
comment. Lucas picked up on the third
“Lucas speaking ”
“Its me Hannah ”
“Hi.” There was a short pause. “Thanks for
As always he sounded uncomfortable.
Awkward.. Regretful. One of the many
why she ‘d gone out of her way to avoid
contact with him or Kelly her friend. She
want Lucas pity. Apparently she didn’t want
anything anymore.
“Mom said you wanted to speak to me ”
“I did. I mean, I do. Would it be okay to
for coffee? .
“Cant you just say what you need to say
the phone? ”
“I ‘d rather do it in person “. Lucas said
“Okay ” I will meet you at the coffee shop
the workshop in twenty minutes. ……
Lucas was waiting at an outside table when
pulled up, his sunglasses resting on the
before him. He was looking the other way,
foot tapping restlessly, but his gaze swung
around when he heard the rumble of her
He stood when she approached the table.
“Hannah ”
“Lucas ”
They both sat at the same time.
“Thanks for coming at a short notice.
“What ‘s up? ” she said, meeting his eyes
He laughed self consciously. “You never did
beat around the bush, did you? ”
“Nope. Life ‘s too short ”
“Yep.” He rubbed his hands down the front
his jeans and for a moment she worried
she ‘d guessed right, that he really was
to find some way to reconnect with her.
“I wanted you to be the first to hear. No one
know yet . Only me and Kelly.. She ‘s
We are having a baby ”
Hannah blinked. Kelly was having Lucas
something Hannah had once dreamed of
doing herself. She ‘d had it all planned —
children, eighteen months apart. She hadn’t
cared what s*x they were, as long as they
healthy and had Lucas deep green eyes.
“Congratulations, ” she said after a short,
intense silence.
“When is she due.? ”
“The end of March ”
Hannah did some mental arithmetic
“So she ‘s only eight weeks? ”
“That’s right. We found out yesterday.. Like
said, I wanted you to be the first to know ”
She looked at him, really looked at him, for
first time in six months.
“Are you happy? ” she asked suddenly.
“About the baby? ” of course. You know I’ve
really wanted kids.”
“I meant in general. Are you happy with life,
with Kelly, with everything? ”
He met her eyes.. “Yes. I ‘m happy. I wish it
hadn’t been at your expense, but I. love
His declaration stung a little, but that was
pride than anything else.
Lucas focused on her again. “There ‘s no
for what we did to you, Hannah. It was. the
thing you deserved. If I could change it, I
She smiled faintly. “No you wouldn’t. Not if
meant giving up kelly. She turned away
him trying to think and unable to do it
while he was watching her with those
green eyes.
A dark navy SUV pulled up at the curb. Joe
swung out of the drivers seat. She told
to look away, but she couldn’t take her.eyes
Joe. There was so much arrogant
masculinity in
the way he walked . As though he owned
world. It made her remember the way he ‘d
pushed her against the wall yesterday , the
utter solidness of his body pressed against
hers. Just before he entered the store, Joe turned
head. He was wearing sunglasses, but she
he ‘d caught her watching him.. She jerked
gaze away, but not before he ‘d nodded his
head in acknowledgement.
“Hannah ” are you day dreaming Lucas
“huh…Meeeeee?? Am here with you ” . I
have to
She took a mouthful of her coffee. I am
happy for you and Kelly. With that said, she
stood and walked out.
She searched her heart and realized she was
relieved. But she was sick of living in the
Joe tried to concentrate on what the
receptionist was saying, but his mind was
outside wondering what Hannah was doing
the blond-haired guy in the white suit. Was
he a
friend ? A customer?
He kept thinking about the way the guy had
been watching her, as though right at that
moment she was the most important thing
the world to him.
So not a friend, then something more.
It took Joe a moment to recognize the
burning in his belly as jealousy. It had been
while since he’d had reason to be jealous of
He kept his gaze on his car as he exited the
store, but he could still see Hannah and her
friend out of the corner of his eye. They
talking, leaning towards one another. He
himself what she did and who she did it
was none of his business. It didn’t make
difference to the burn in his gut.
Ruby, Joes daughter was having a playdate
with one of her friends from school. So Joe
the house to himself when he got home. He
tidied the kitchen, then threw on a load of
washing. Finally he came to a halt in his
bedroom doorway.
The bed was a mess, a tangle of sheets and
guilt. He’d had a bad nigh’s sleep, tosing
turning, his mind full of images and sense
memories: Hannahs b0s0m, full and warm
in his
hand; the taste of her in his mouth, the feel
her firm, rouded butt0ckz. Somehow,
somewhere in
the dark hours, Hannah and Beth (His late
had gotten mixed up in his dreams and
found himself looking into Beth’s face but
pressed against Hannah’s body, guilt and
twisting inside him until he didn’t know
was which. He’d woken sweating and
the sheets wrapped around his legs in a
continuing snarl.
Now, he sat on the end of the bed, thighs
hands on his knees, his unfocused gaze on
carpet. The reality was that he and Hannah
hardly knew each other. There was a
attraction. There was the potential for more,
maybe. But he had to take the next step to
out. And he wasn’t sure if he was ready to
Meanwhile, when Hannah got home, for a
moment she was so angry and sad she
hardly breathe.
I’m so sick of this. I’m so sick of feeling this
The problem was, she didn’t know what to
with her anger. She’d only had to look into
Betty’s perfectly made up face to feel it all
surging back. That, and seeing the pity on
Lucas eyes……..
Of course, her mother wasn’t the only one
felt sorry for poor, jilted Hannah. It had
practically become a national pastime once
wedding had been canceled. Their family,
all of
her and Lucas’s friends, the neighbours, her
customers — they’d all offered their
condolences and shaken their heads. It was
classic tale of woe and everyone could
And more than anything perhaps even more
than the pain of betrayal and loss —
resented being cast as a victim.
Hannah was still outside since she got
stomach rumbled with hunger but she
ready to go in yet. Instead, she entered her
garage (her workshop as she is a mechanic)
grabbed a beer from the bar fridge she kept
palmed a handful of peanuts from the jar
on the
work bench. ()She’d downed half the beer
she became aware that someone was
her. She glanced across into a pair of big,
blue eyes.
“I’m Ruby Lawson” daughter to Joe
Lawson. The
little girl t----t her hand forward.
Hannah surpressed a smile. She help up her
hand. “I’m Hannah”. she said.
“Pleased to meet you” Ruby said solemnly.
It was impossible for Hannah to hid her
then. “Pleased to meet you, too, Ruby”.
“Wow, what a nice bike” “Can we go for a
Ruby inquired.
Hannah smiled ……”I don’t think your dad
appreciate us doing that.”
“He wouldn’t mind”
“Hmm. I’m not so sure about that.”
Ruby pressed her hands together and gave
Hannah a limpid – eyed beseeching look,
please ?”
As pitiful pleas went, it was very effective.
Hannah wondered if Ruby had practiced in
mirror. “Sorry, sweetheart. You can have a
sit on
it, though, if you’d like.”
Ruby considered for a moment. “I guess
would be okay,” she said grudgingly.
Hannah wiped her hand on her jeans and
boost Ruby onto the saddle. Ruby’s legs
s-------d the seat adn she wobbled and
clutched at the handlebars, a woored frown
her face.
Hannah twisted the ignition key and the
rumbled to life beneath them. Ruby giggled.
“It’s all bouncy”. Ruby said.
Hannah laughed as she leaned forward to
the throttle.
“See? You grip this and twist it slowly
But not too much — you dont’ want to push
too hard.”
Ruby reached out, fingers spread wide.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
Hannah nearly fell off the bike as Joe
across the sidewalk, his expression livid.
“Are you out of your freaking mind?” he
He gasped Ruby around the waist, plucking
from the bike as though she weighed less
than a
feather. Joe set her on the ground and put
hand on her shoulder. “I want you to go
“No! We weren’t doing anything wrong. We
just siting there, “Rubby insisted.
Hannah couuld see the little girl was
herself worked up. She could also see that
was in no mood to listen to reason. She met
Ruby’s gaze
“It’s okay, sweetie,” she said reassuringly.
can do what your daddy says.”
Joe waited until his daughter was well out
hearing before turning on Hannah. “What
kind of
a reckless takes a kid for a ride on a
without a helmet? You want to answer me
that ?

“You are overreacting. If you calmed down
one second ——”
“Don’t tell me to calm, lady”. He shoved a
in her face. “You had no right to risk my
daughter’s life. Did you even stop to think
He broke off, unable to articulate his fury.
“”Are you finished? she asked calmly. “Any
insults you want to throw at me?
He gave her a scathing head to toe. “Stay
from my daughter. “He turned on his heel
strode towards his house.
Hannah let out the breath she’d been
wow. That had been exactly what she
needed —– a big, shitty cherry on top of an
already shitty day.