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my stingy rich uncle(short story)

my uncle is a rich man but very stingy, so one day I went to his house and met his absence, so I decided to check up on him here. Esi responded calmly.
Esi or whatever you call yourself, are you aware Meshac is an orphan who needs help? Are you aware he needs a family unlike yours, that will accept him like their own? Why can’t you leave him alone to find that family? Mensa asked.
Mensa, it isn’t my fault that my father dislikes Meshac. I don’t care about what my father thinks about him, what matters is the love I have for him. Esi responded.
Esi, love isn’t enough! What is love without food? What is love without a family backing? My little advise is to leave Meshac alone to find the right person.
Now if you don’t mind, I will like to get back into the room, I was in the middle of something. Mensa responded and banged the door on her.
Mensa, that was uncalled for! Why did you talk to her that way? I asked unhappily.
Meshac, it’s about time you take your destiny into your hands. It’s about time you associate yourself with the right people.
How many times haven’t Esi’s father warned you to break up with her daughter? How possible is it for you to marry someone whose father is against you?
Meshac, I am telling you today that, if you don’t break up with Esi, I will disown you as my friend. Mensa threatened with seriousness.
Just then, his door opened and we saw someone standing at the entrance watching us.
To be continued…
Episode 3
Just then, his door opened and we saw someone standing at the entrance watching us.
Hello Abena, to what do I owe this visit? Mensa welcomed happily.
I’m here to see Meshac. I went to his house and met his absence so I decided to trace him here. She also responded.
Is that the reason why you opened the door without knocking? Was that the right thing to do? I asked unhappily.
Chill Meshac, this is my house and I am not for once worried that Abena bumped into us, so I don’t see why you should complain. Mensa cut in.
Anyway come and have a seat beautiful lady. Mensa offered.
Meshac, I’m going to the lorry park to check on a customer who brought his car to my shop for servicing, I will be back in an hour’s time. Please make yourself useful to this beautiful damsel sitting beside you. Mensa advised smartly and walked out.
Meshac, I’m sorry for bumping into you guys, please forgive me. Abena apologised softly.
Abena, why are you after me this morning? How may I help you? I asked.
I’m here to take the response to my proposal. She responded bluntly.
If I may ask, how beneficial will you be to me in case I accept your proposal? I asked.
Meshac my love, I promise to give you anything you want in this life.
Food, clothes, shoes, money, just name them. She responded.
I’ve heard you Abena, but for now, I am in a relationship with Esi, and you must give me time to sought things out with her before I accept your proposal fully. I responded.
That is no problem at all dear, I am patiently waiting. She responded.
Anyway, have this 50cedis from me. Just use it to buy few items for yourself. She offered.
I was dumbfounded!
What? 50cedis is too much Abena. Even my weekly kayayo job doesn’t earn me this amount of money. I responded.
That is to tell you that, very soon, you will migrate from poverty to riches.
Don’t forget that, my father is a teacher, and my mother owns the biggest shop in this village where the surrounding villages buy their items from.
My mother makes 500 cedis sales and more, every other day, so I can solve all your problems for you. She boastfully responded.
This is marvelous Abena, but why don’t you go to school rather than gallivanting around this village? I asked.
School? School is meant for those who have no hope. It is meant for people who have no idea of what their destiny entails.
Like I just told you, my mother owns the biggest shop and that is enough asset to rely my destiny on. She responded smartly.
I’ve heard you Abena, thanks for the visit and your money. You must get going now, I will see you some other time. I responded.
Days passed and I kept avoiding Esi.
Anytime she comes into my house, I lock myself up in the room to send the signal that I am not at home.
I did this to pave way for Abena in my life.
I must enroll in the university and I need money from Abena to do that.
Esi has nothing to offer me really. I thought.
One hot afternoon, Abena visited me.
Whiles lying on the bed happily conversing, Esi bumped into us.
Oh Meshac! What have I done to deserve this from you? Why are you breaking my heart? Why? She asked almost in tears.
Esi, please go home, I will come and see you later. I responded shamefully.
You will not go and see her anywhere! It is about time you let her know the truth! Let her know that you no longer need her in your life. Go ahead and tell her Meshac! Abena yelled.
Who are you to come between my fiance and I? Abena, you know you can’t compete with me over anything! Meshac never loves you! He might be doing this for a reason, but deep down in his heart, I occupy all the space! Esi angrily responded.
If you care to know, Meshac broke my virginity, and I broke his. That is enough reason to bind us together forever! Esi continuously screamed on top of her voice.
Stop it the two of you! What has come over you? This is my life and I decide whom to spend it with. I yelled back.
This is your life Meshac, but in case you have forgotten, I was the one who fed you till this time when your parents passed on. I was the shoulder that carried you in your times of distress.
My father quarrel with me almost everyday for sneaking out to see you. And above all these, I gave you my virginity to satisfy your libido. What else do you want me to do for you? Tell me!!! Esi narrated in tears.
I couldn’t utter a word. I was so speechless.
Meshac, why are you standing there like a robot?
Let Esi know that I also gave you my virginity last night.
Let her know that the shirts and shoes you’ve been wearing these days are from my pocket.
Let her know that, this new television and radio set in this room is from me. Go ahead and tell her. Abena cut in.
My head began to spin. These two ladies have suffered for me, and I don’t know what to tell them.
Meshac, I know you are confused. I know whatever you are doing has a reason best known to you, but please, choose between Abena and I. Esi responded calmly.
Instantly I felt hazy.
Whom should I choose? Somebody help me. I soliloquised.
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the teacher who hated me in primary school(episode 1)

As I was still going angrily, I stopped to look back and to my greatest surprise,she didn’t even move from where she was standing and she was laughing at me. I expected her to at least show some sympathy or even beg me instead she was still laughing. ‘Chai which kind thing I go put myself?’ I said within myself as I decide not to stop. Fortunately for me I found a good Samaritan who was willing to help me for free after about 36 mins of trekking. I got home that Friday and I was relieved as I didn’t meet my Parent and my siblings said they also did not meet both of them. then I was relieved that they will be no interrogation today cos I got home some mins to 6pm.
I went to the kitchen straight to eat because I was famished. As I was eating my phone started ringing, so I went for it and I found out that it was an unknown number so I picked it.
Me: Hello, pls who am I speaking with
Caller: Hi Enny, how re you today?
Me:I’m fine. pls who am I speaking with?
Caller: Its Bolanle
Me: How far Bolanle, how did you get my number. I can’t remember giving you my number.
Bolanle:So you are not happy that I called you okay no problem I won’t call you again. **hang up**
Me: hello!!!. I was thinking of how this girl would have gotten my number and simultaneously thinking of what she said that am I not happy that she called. of course I am happy but I need to know what’s behind this her behavior
‘is this girl trying to make advances’
‘of course I like her’
‘but will she accept me after knowing about Timi and I’
‘but she’s stepping on my toes’. I was lost on thought I just slept off.
When I woke up it was past 11pm then I knew even if I try to woo her now she won’t accept because I ought to have called her immediately after she hang up on me. So I made up my mind to call her. grr grr her ✆ was ringing I just crossed my mind that she might have slept off or probably won’t pick up since it’s obvious that she’s angry with the way I spoke with her.
I continue dialing until the 8 ring then she picked up.
Me: hello love
Bolanle: who is your love, better find your love go front (ko koshi danu) **hang up**… I checked if it was a wrong number I called but it was not so I decided to call again and this time she wasn’t picking. to the extent that she switched off the phone at about the 6th ring. I had feelings of what happened earlier that day BTW me and Timi and now Bolanle i finally got my mind off both of them as is at appears more complicated.
Now its morning and when I checked my phone i saw 7 missed calls and 2 messages the missed calls was from a strange number and one of the msg is from Bolanle. and the other from the same number that called me. I decided to check Bolanle’s own first b4 going further to check the unknown number.
As I decided to check Bolanle’s msg, I saw the shocker of life. Content of the msg
**mr lover boy, I didn’t k is you were this wicked, if not I wouldn’t have called you. This msg is not necessary as this will be the last time you should be hearing from me bcos I will have nothing to do with you from hence forth. And don’t think I don’t know what happened BTW you and your babe yesterday so that’s why you were not happy that I called. Anyways, nice meeting you.. Don’t bother yourself by replying cos I won’t read it. Thanks for your cooperation.**
The whole message meant nothing to me, but they were two things that caught my attention during the reading session which were ‘this will be the last time you should be hearing from me’ what does she mean by that?
did she know she’s going to die?
a lot of rhetorical questions came thru my mind.
And the second and most captivating of it was the statement she made that
‘ don’t think I don’t know what happened BTW you and your babe yesterday’. I was scared that she already knew that I had s-x with Timi in her house.
‘I’m finished’ I said to my self knowing the gratitude at which the story was going to be viral if it eventually get across to the school. and immediately I started to imagine how the fame I acquired within a short period will die immediately as many of them won’t be happy or willing to associate themselves with me especially the girls. so I got my self thinking again
‘how did she know abt what transpired BTW Timi and I’
‘could it be that Timi told her about it’ I already concluded that I will so deal with Timi if this story ever get to the school. And I should also find way to beg Bolanle not to tell anyone else about it.
‘How am I going to get to her now since she already told me not to reply that she won’t pick or read NY msg’ just then I remembered that my phone was a dual Sim so I decides that I would call her later in the day to beg her not to tell anybody abt anything she knew regarding to yesterday’s issue. After I had decided on how to go about that case I almost forgot that they were two Message. So I decided to read the one from the unknown number. Message content
** of course I enjoyed it and I hope you did also….** it was obvious that this was from Timi. message continues
**…..My love, I know you are still angry with me abt yday. but if you decide not to reply my message within two hours, I’ll be forced to tell Bolanle everything, and not only Bolanle and some other of my friends**
What!! in hearing this, I checked the time the message was sent and it was around 12:10 am, by then u was already asleep.
‘how will this girl send me message as at that time’
‘where did they get my number’
‘chai mo to Ku(I don die)’
‘which face I go carry go school on Monday’
‘how will pple see me,especially girls, all way don block’..
‘come to think of it how can she tell her frnds that we had s-x’
‘This girl no dey shame sef’
‘There must be way’.. I was lost in thought when Timi called. I was afraid that what is it that she wants to tell me, perhaps I already know so no need to hear it from her again. She called about 4 times before I was able to pick. so I composed my self and form a sleeping voice as if I just woke up.
Timi:Hello my love
Me:*sleepy voice* I’m fine how are you dear?
Timi: Did you receive my message?
Me:What message I’m just waking up now its even your call that woke me up.**see me wey I dey para 4 dis gal yday**
Timi: sorry anyways but its too late I’ll call you some other time. *hang up*
‘too late’. what is too late?. I decided to check the time Bolanle sent her message and it was around some mins to 3am. I was dumbfounded. I just fell back to bed and started crying that I’ve been doomed. Could it be that they did not sleep thru out the night.
‘How will I look at Bolanle and some other people she claimed already know abt what happened. BTW us’
‘How can this girl be dis stupid’.
‘or is there something that she’ll gain after all her madness’. I don’t know she was driving to gain but I keep thinking asking my self rhetorical questions that can’t be answered. I could not eat well that morning that our house help(aunty Funke) noticed it. so after the meal she came to my room to check me and ask me what happened. Aunty funke is always a person I could confide in as she usually giv me hints on how to woo girls that will make them fall immediately.
Aunty Funke: Enny Enny this 1 that you are looking dull, who Colet your babe this time.
Me:No b about babe jare I no just feel fine.
*it’s obvious that she didn’t buy the lie*
Aunty Funke:Mummy’s pet not feeling fine and you did not tell her. okay lemme inform her!
Me: no need I’ll be fine
Aunty Funke: OK. so tell me the truth. What happened to you. cos I know you very well it’s abt some girls or something like that.
Me: I’m fine nothing I’ll be fine
Aunty Funke: okay no problem. lemme just go and tell her that you are not feeling fine.
Me: Aunty Funke nooow don’t tell her pls.
Aunty Funke: okay tell me what happened or else I’ll tell her.
Me:okay its about that Timi that I used to tell you about
Aunty Funke: you and this your new babe nawa ooo. so what is it this time.
Me: Aunty promise me that you’ll not tell mummy
Aunty Funke: if it’s something worth telling her I will tell her ooo.
On hearing this, I was getting more afraid.
Me:please don’t tell her.
I pleaded for abt 3mins b4 agreed that she won’t tell mummy.
Me: **narrated the whole story to her and the text messages I received** Aunty Funke am I not dead.
All aunty Funke could do was to laugh. I was shocked to see her laughing.
Me: why are you laughing now
Aunty Funke: so you can fear like this. chai nawa 4 you. but the Enny wey I know no dey fear anything.
Me:This one is different please stop laughing now and help me out.
Aunty Funke: You are just afraid, she can’t tell anybody that you had s-x with her not even her closest frnd. so stop disturbing yourself.
Me: do you mean it?
Aunty Funke: yes of course I mean it 100%.
Me: but this girl is a spoilt brat so nothing has value before her .
AuFunke: No matter how a girl is spoilt, she can never tell her frnd that she lost her virginity to you. so just be rest assured that she didn’t tell anybody, she just don’t want you to ignore her bcos of what she did by seizing you TP fare.
Aunty Funke encouraged me and told me not to worry that if I continue to worry,that She’ll tell mummy everything I just told her. I still pleaded another round again begging her not tell Mummy.
I thought of what she just told me that Timi can’t tell anybody abt yday saga.
‘Is Aunty Funke saying the truth’
‘But Timi is heartless she don’t care abt any repercussions’
‘I hope she didn’t tell anybody or better still she didn’t tell anyone except Bolanle b4 Monday’
‘I also hope Bolanle did not tell anyone’.. I did not enjoy my weekend as usual as all I did was to think abt the situation again and again.
Now its Monday I didn’t feel like going to school as mum and Dad had left early. so I wanted to take that opportunity to remain at home but theain obstacle here is at home ready to leak my secret out to mum and Dad if I did not go to school. So I had no choice than to go.
I went to school late that day
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why i dont like friends

Today is the day, I don’t care what anybody has to say or think about me especially Kala, Victor or Kala’s friends, I escaped from him, and found a new life for myself, he’s only bitter because he couldn’t succeed in getting me to bed, that’s his own lost, because with God on my side i can scale a wall. I know he will want to get back at me any way he can but i wasn’t scared of him one bit,
I stood there like a waitress just as Victor has instructed me, the mini party turns out to be a large party, as friends who has being looking for a way to come to Victor’s house trip in like ants,
eating, drinking and even demanding for more food after the one i prepared with the help of Joe got finished, ladies were around too, some even came with their swimming wears, to swim at the pool,
I tried not to look at Kala who was surrounded by two ladies, he later beckoned on me, I pretend not to notice him, one of the staff tapped me and pointed at him, I sighed and went to answer him, he asked me to go and get food for one of the ladies who he claims hasn’t eaten, I told him politely that the food has finished but there’s drinks and meat, he asked me to get the meat, I left to do that.
I wish the madam of the house was around, she traveled since yesterday with her daughter Ujunwa, if she was around all this partying and noise everywhere, with almost naked ladies and guys at the pool doing rubbish wouldn’t have happened, Victor knows better and host his friends when his mom was away, I always feel safe and confident when she’s around, Victor also limit the way he treats everyone when she’s in the house,
now, I have no saviour, just Joe and others who kept helping me out when i need help.
As i left to get the things he requested, I noticed he stood up and followed me, I called Joe who was looking out for me to walk with me and he did, Kala hurried up to me as i entered inside, and ask Joe in an angry tone to step aside, Joe hesitated and moved away, he stood where i can always see him,
“you actually think you are smart… In your mind you were very smart by escaping from me right? Coming to work for my friend behind my back, without even a thank you for accommodating you.. And everything, You are an ungrateful fool, so you are working as a cook here…hmmm, who even thought you how to cook, which cattery school did you go or you lied to them that you are a caterer, look at you working for the wealthy and famous…a club girl like you…prostituting yourself at the club…you see…you are right here in the palm of my hand…i can go out there and tell Victor that you are my w---e…and tell him all the lies i can think of and he will believe me, and you will be back to the street where you belong..scumbag like you… I asked you politely to give me what i wanted…next time i won’t be polite i will take it by force…that will be your payment for the period i accommodated you and i will even lie that you stole my money… I called you severally and you were ignoring my calls, a whole Kala…i knew i will see you soon, is just to initiate a friendly meeting here and i never stop disturbing Victor until he agrees and here we are… No hiding place for you…Tracy or whatever your name is, I heard you stole a huge amount from the club where you use to work and they sack you and your identity was revealed as a village mbeke feeling funki, your friend ejected you from the house and you ended at mine and wanted to outsmart me…i met your friends at the club and, the one they call Ada told me everything, your total history.. Is just for me to walk up to Victor and tell him all about you and you will be gone, is even better now that his mum and sister are not in the house so no one will save you… You will be gone by the time they return and you will end up in the street where i will do whatever i like with you…
“Kala, number one thing you need to know is that my name is Obianaujunwa and yes I’m a village girl feeling tush, very proud of it, number two thing, this one is very important, is that I’m not afraid of you…Your threats are empty to me…or it pained you that you didn’t succeed with me like you do with other girls…sorry oo… I know how pained you are but if you can’t bear it anymore you can go and hug transformer…i don’t care, and take this message back to Ada and the rest, tell them to find any hard intertwined rope and hang their self and you can follow them and do the same…i don’t care…you are a loser Kala, and I’m not scared of you or anybody…idio…
Before i can complete my last insult he held me so tight with one hand, his nails was digging into my flesh, he raised the other hand to slap me but just as Joe who had being watching us from where he stood try to rushed to my aid, a strong voice came from the door and it was Victor, Kala on hearing Victor’s voice lowered his hand to my face and pretended as if he was romantically picking pimples from my face still holding me so tight with the other hand and pretending to be in a romantic conversation with me, he brought his face closer to mine and i pushed him off and try to take my wrist that was already on fire from his hard hands
“what’s going on….can some one explain what’s happening here…
“yes sir….i can explain…your friend is trying to hurt Uju….he was trying to attack her…
Joe said still looking at Kala who was smiling sheepishly….i shouted for him to let go of my hand and he dogged even deeper and looked at me with those wicked eyes of his while still smiling…
“Kala, you heard her, let her go now… And you shouldn’t be here…you supposed to be outside Kala…
He quickly released me at Victor’s warning… And turn to face him, I tried to massage my hand he just released with my other hand as i rob it trying to suppress the pain,
“uuuhh….forgive my manners Victor, I have missed her so much and was just asking her why she walk away without a goodbye after she proclaimed her love for me and promise never to leave me I was only heart broken that she could leave me shattered….nothing else…. What you saw was just a romantic gesture, just trying to hug her…it was only misinterpreted by the young man over there….sorry for crossing My boundary…Victor….i will just leave now
“Kala, the show doesn’t look so romantic to me, whatever you want to settle with her should have waited until her off day, not now.”
I’m leaving now, I will probably see her on her off day…..please sweetie try and call me during your off…..i have really missed you” Kisses”
He turned to me and said the last thing with a frown and blow me a kiss with his mouth, as he held to the door, i faced Victor who just stared at me for sometime, he tried to say something and quickly stopped, he looked at Joe before turning to leave, leaving me and Joe standing there,
I didn’t serve again as Joe decided to help me finish, I went straight to my room without a single scare of Kala the only person i worry about was Victor, i still remember the way he looked at me I don’t know what that means for me but his looks makes me feel butterflies spark in my stomach,
I wish his mum and sister were around….i know he can’t do anything to me except maybe scold me for not heeding to his warning…..
I’m just waiting as i tried to freshen up, I was seriously tired, biko let me rest, I will continue work tomorrow i know Joe will take care of things for me.
I warned you before hand…I told you i don’t want you and him acting any romantic movie around this house, you should focus on what you are asked to do…. But you disobeyed…the food you made wasn’t enough after i asked you to make enough food that I was expecting my friends..what is wrong with all of you in this house…you all hardly listen to instructions…you are being paid enough money and yet i will still be repeating myself every time… I don’t even know what my mom sees in you before employing….you, you suppose to be professional at what you do…you have three years experience…you told me that yourself..for crying out loud, you don’t need to be told what to do…
“but sir..your friends where more than the expected…and the…
“shut up, I’m still talking…don’t ever cut me off when I’m still speaking.. Don’t ever try it… Let this be your last warning…all of you in this house are just so annoying…
He waved me off to leave, this was after his party, the next day when he asked me to report to his room for questioning, I already knew what awaits me so i was prepared, after the whole shouting and scolding I returned to the kitchen,
The next day the mother came back and the house was hot, I don’t know how she got to know about all that has being going on in her absence but i wasn’t the one that told her, although i would have love to anyway, is probably Joe that filled her in, I was hearing noise coming from down stairs, I have retire for the night so i was in my room about to hit my pillow, the noise was sounding like a quarrel, I quickly wear back my night rob and ran down stairs
“…I have practically done everything for you Victor…everything a mother could do…i gave you the best education and sent you out for your master degree so that after everything you will be ready both mentally and Physically…what haven’t i done for you….no tell me..answer me Victor I’m asking you a question…is this how you want to live your life…after all your education and personality you still will not have sense…those your friends you hang out with tell me any positive thing they have contributed to your life…you go out anytime you like and comes back at your own will…you care less about anyone except your self….i didn’t dedicate my life raising a fool.. I raised a son who will fear and love both God and humanity, who will be willing to serve others and accept everyone and anyone, treating the poor and the rich alike…I didn’t raise a son who treat his workers like slaves and ignore those that need help…i raised a son that will be humble, patient and forgiven…that’s the way i raised you after your father died…do you think he will be proud of your life style if he was alive…why are you so different from the boy i trained so well with my hand…look at your sister…she has never given me reason to worry.. What happened to you…because you are not acting like a man i bore, the boy that suckled from my b----t…you are a total stranger…i was also told one of your friends harassed Uju…after you made her act like a waitress… You over stressed the poor girl as if that wasn’t enough your so called friend harassed her in this house and you didn’t do anything or even show remorse…the innocent girl didn’t mention anything to me…probably she was afraid of what you will do to her because you are gradually turning yourself into monster that everyone should be afraid of… God have mercy on you for giving me reason to worry all the time…i call for prayer every morning…you will not come down from your room and join the morning devotion, just because you are probably bigger than the God that gave you life ..yes… If you respect God you will be part of the people worshiping him every morning…i raised a better son not this prideful, unrepentant, unforgiving, unloving man standing before me…
“mom…I’m sorry…it won’t happen again…please calm down, I’m a man and i can make my own decisions…please mum stop shouting the staffs are watching you talk to me in this manner…i..
“shut up..don’t tell me to calm down because i have being calm for too long…i have watch you treat everyone around you like they are trash…i have listen to you question me on my decision to be nice to people…those staff as you call them all has a name…and is high time you learn their name and stop addressing them by what they do…the cook, the one your useless friends harassed is your sister name sake…i haven’t heard you before address any one here by name and you should start doing that and I know you are a man start acting like it and stop acting like a spoilt boy because i know that i raised my son better than that… I don’t want to see those your unreasonable friends here again, they were all lucky because i wasn’t around…
I just listened as mummy shouted and scold i saw that she was disappointed and angry with Victor who just sat there with his head bow…the sister Ujunwa was also there but was obviously angry with his brother too.. When his mum was done she asked him to leave her presence he tried apologizing again to her but she waved him off, he passed me with an angry face but never looked up as he went to his room…the mum turned and called me to come, she asked me if i was hurt from the attack by Victor’s friend, I told her no that i wasn’t hurt, she apologised to me on behalf of Victor even Ujunwa came and hugged me..
I looked at Joe and knew he was the one that told her, Joe looked at me and smiled as he ordered other present staff to go to there quarters
I was happy for the scolding…i was loving the way she handled Victor’s arrogance…i felt no mercy for him…he deserves it, someone need to call him to other and the mother was a disciplinarian when it comes to that.
I went back to my room with my name sake, Ujunwa who followed me and we sat on my bed and gist for sometime before she went to her room,
I just hope Victor change for good this time…for the first time i prayed for him before sleeping that night I also prayed for mama and Papa and also my siblings, i can’t remember when last i did that,
if only mama knows that the way she calls my name no longer annoys me but makes me proud, I missed them all but I’m determined to work hard to make them proud, I’m saving up for the future.
I’m no longer bothered about anything, I concentrate on my job and try to be more better everyday
i’m sitting down outside gisting with Joe when Victor passed and just glance at us as we greeted him, He smile and raised a hand in response to our greeting before heading to his car, he has being more quiet since after the mum’s scolding, he stays in his room often and sometimes come down to watch the TV in the big sitting room, or go outside to the pool side,
He has also being joining us for morning devotion and also goes to check out the family business which he sometimes does with his mum ,
he stopped going to hang out with his friends, he even speak to the staff with a calm voice and a smile too,
there’s a lot of change in him that even the other staffs noticed, they can’t get enough of it, he still hasn’t spoken to us or talk much or even asked who told the mum about the whole incident with his friends, But he didn’t relate harsh or arrogant with any of us.
Today after the morning devotion of which he was the one that lead us as he was instructed by the mum, he stammered through prayer just to show he hasn’t being so much involve with it, after his prayer and worship song he looked up at me, and when i thought there was a spark again he looked away and looked at other staff before saying
“…please everyone, permit me to use this medium to thank everyone first, for there hard work and total devotion to my mum and this household as a whole, I understand how difficult i have made your work for you all, I understand how over demanding and bossy I have being, I sincerely apologize for all that. I will try to be the people’s person, I’m better off than what i use to be, don’t really know what got into me…I’m working on myself to be better everyday, continue to do your work and be selfless, continue in your diligence and total dedication, I love the way the you all never allowed my negativity to affect or take root in your heart, I know there’s always a reward for every good work….and you will all receive your rewards,
thank you all for always taking this family like yours…. Mum, I’m very sorry for causing you much pain and sadness, I love you mum, I only become what i was out of ignorance, you are the best mother any child can have, I have watched you care for all the staffs like your own children. I watch as you pulled in strength in running our business empire, employing capable hands to manage it and you do the follow up, I know i was supposed to be doing all that, I just felt unconcerned, I just believe that the employees can do everything, you opened my eyes to really see how self centered and foolish i have being, no matter the education, home training or age we all are bound to make mistakes, I’m not trying to make an excuse for mine….I’m sorry and thank you mum for everything….i know Dad will be so proud of you if he was alive because you are a true definition of a strong woman, I love you mum and i say thank you once again. To Ujunwa my sister, I’m sorry for not being the loving big brother i was to be, I’m sorry for not always making you proud or happy, I promise to do better dear, i promise to love and protect you in any way i can, I will always be here for you if you need me…i love you always. Joe….hahaha..i know you must have wondered what planet i fell from to have treated everyone differently and opposite from my mum and sister, I’m sorry for making your work difficult for you, I’m sorry for being a bully, thank you for always taking charge of  the staffs and making sure things are in place here… I don’t know everybody’s name but with time just gradually i will learn all your names and another thing, There will be a raise of salary for everyone…with the permission of mum I’m increasing your salaries…and you can meet me or mum if you need anything, if you want to learn a handwork or further your education or anything you will like to add to yourselves you are free to do that…we will employ extra staff, to take your place while you are gone but be sure of this you will always be family, because your efforts can’t be denied, family you are today family you always be….
The cheering and thanks was coming from everyone, all the staffs where all happy, they couldn’t hold back their joy, mummy was also happy that her real lost son was finally home, I was equally happy, my happiness was so large that i wanted to go and hugged him, but held unto my emotion, I know i can start my part time school or full time depending on the one i want, I have being saving up plus the increment, I can start the journey towards going back to school since they will be employing a kitchen assistsnce, I was so happy and was so much in love with this family, when i thought he was done with his speech he suddenly turned to me, he looked at me without blinking, as he focused on me i thought i was going to melt under his gaze, I looked away and bow my head so he won’t see through me he then called my name for the very first time and said
“Uju, I saw how hard working you have being, feeding us everyday, we are more than 10 in this house yet you manage to make sure we don’t go hungry, mum wanted to get an assistant for you long time ago but I turned it down because i was self centered and didn’t want her to start spending on another staff, I thought that when one person can do the job what was the point of spending on another, I know it hasn’t being easy waking up early and sleeping late with just little assistance from others, that was a total foolish thinking of me, I know how difficult i have being and never thought you were also human, I just want to say I’m very sorry, sorry for allowing my guest harass you without tendering an apology, no matter who he was or is to you, he has no right to hurt you, I could have asked the security guards to throw him and others that he came with out but i allowed him to join the party and i ended up angry with you for reasons i don’t even understand, I’m sorry, so sorry for everything, we are getting a chef for you and a kitchen assistant, you will be able to do other things for yourself, thank you for accepting us as family……so can i get a hug or handshake from you all?
Everyone was happy to hug and shake him and when it got to my turn i was shy, but he opened his arms beckoning me to come forward, I slowly went into his arm and he wrapped me with his, I felt so glued that i don’t want him to let me go and he didn’t he allowed me to stay as much as i wanted before i finally released him, I remembered the first time i was so happy after he told me at Kala’s house that i can apply as a cook in his house i was so happy that i threw myself to him and wrapped my hand around him and he pushed me off and warned me not to ever do that again, hugging him now was a memory i will forever cherish.
We later all departed to our various duties, I always wake up early and refresh before morning devotion after which i will go straight to the kitchen to make breakfast for the house and start preparing for lunch which Joe always assist me, with few others who are less busy,
Today i was so happy as i prepare for breakfast today, I sang different songs as my voice echoed in the kitchen, I was singing and smiling when i turned he was standing there, I almost dropped a plate that i was carrying in my hand as i saw Victor standing by the kitchen door and watching me, I don’t know how long he has being there but he was smiling, I have always wanted to see a smile on his face and he has being doing so much of that over a week now since his last encounter with his mum…he was just by the door standing and not saying anything..i stammered through words as i didn’t know how or what to say.
Did i forget to tell you i was innocently twisting and wining my waist while singing, and my voice was echoing…when i saw him alot of thought crossed my mind, I was wondering if I was causing a nuisance or distracting him from whatever he was doing and he came to tell me to tone down my voice, but looking at him he was obviously not angry as he kept smiling, could it be he has been watching me whine my waist all this while…i was totally embarrassed and shy too but i managed to ask him
“sorry, I didn’t notice when you came…ahh… do you need anything…i mean…i can i help you with anything…
“ooh…I’m sorry to have started you….i was actually enjoying you sing and…dance happily, I didn’t want to cut you off from your joy….but I’m here for a request…I have a guest at the pool and wanted to ask if there’s something eatable for her, like food…she said she will like chicken soup…please hope i won’t be asking for too much from you…can we get chicken soup please, three plates…
Immediately i hard that he has a guest who is a female i started feeling bad unexpectedly, I felt bad but still manage to respond with a smile, he turned and left, I started wondering what was wrong with me, how can i be developing feeling for somebody like Victor with class and fame, I’m just ordinary cook who can’t boost of anything, what is wrong with me, I thought to myself, but the more i thought the more i felt my heart will break, I took extra time to prepare the chicken pepper soup, just the way he likes it, i still manage to sing but this time it wasn’t like before, I sang so that he won’t think it was because of him i stopped singing, the song wasn’t making any sense any longer instead it was sounding so sad in my ears, so i stopped,
Joe came into the kitchen and noticed my dull face and asked me what the problem is I lied and told him i missed my mother, which was a fat lie, I was only sad because Victor’s girlfriend or fiance was by the pool waiting for me to cook chicken soup for her,is sad to say but I’m jealous, a guy that has never showed interest in me, a guy with class and fame, how can i even think in my wildest dreams he will have something to do with me, I must be foolish to ever imagined such fairytale,
As i lied to Joe how i missed my mum, the sadness was written all over me, he told me everything will be fine and gently draw me into a hug, I hugged him too, I was love struck and was acting like a baby, we were still hugging when i heard Victor’s voice, he was by the door again and we didn’t hear when he came, he cleared his throat loud startling us both, I stammered but Joe was bold and said
“my apologies sir, we didn’t notice your presence sir, Uju was down emotionally, she missed her people so was just hugging her to calm her down…
“is fine Joe, I’m not offended…although she looked so happy to me earlier, she was singing and dancing whatever it is that changed your mood, I’m sorry…but you can actually take some time off to go and see your people, let me know when you want to do that, I actually wanted to check if the soup is ready….
“thanks you, is Almost ready sir, I will send it right away…
He stood for sometime, Joe was still there trying to help me out. He just watched us and later turned and walked out, I was hoping the hug between me and Joe in the kitchen will not be misinterpreted, why do i worry so much about Victor’s opinion on me, his own fiance is outside there relaxing by the pool so why I’m i killing my self emotionally,
I finished up the cooking and Joe called a staff to go and serve, I later left the kitchen and came outside just to see Victor’s girlfriend, I saw a fine lady with another man and Victor sitting and talking, I went back inside feeling worst than before, I wish i have stayed back inside, because the lady looks so beautiful and wealthy too, they later came inside and i saw Victor’s mum hugging her and the other guy, telling her to greet her parents, she hugged Victor and gave him a peck, she did the same to ujunwa, I thought to myself that the whole family loves her, the rich and the rich walks together not the rich and the poor,
I went back to the kitchen and sat down there, I wanted to make dinner but i was feeling sad for reasons i don’t even understand,
Victor later came to the kitchen again and saw me sitting, I quickly stood up and he asked me to sit back down, i did and he sat with me. then he said
“my cousin and her husband said their thanks to you, they both enjoyed the chicken soup… Is being a while they came down here, they are both base in UK, I also enjoyed it too, you have totally become a professional chef, that’s lovely and I’m proud of you….you know that right…. So what makes you sad…please tell me….you really missed your people….I’m sorry Uju…i know how hard it must be for you, just take sometime off, although i will miss you and your cooking….
All my sadness quickly disappeared when i heard cousin” I became normal again as i blush and said a smiling thank you to him with my hand folded in front of me, I told him I will call my people on phone …then the next confusing question came
“I’m not suppose to be asking but i can’t help it…you really love him right?…i know the question sound stupid seeing the way two of you bond together… Is just that I…. never mind, just ignore the question…
“I don’t understand sir…who do you mean…who are you talking about…?
“I mean Joe, he is always helping you out and I’m always seeing you together with him.. But is cool…Joe is a nice person, he is a good guy…
“we are not dating, we are just cool friends, no emotion attached, is not what you are thinking, there’s nothing between us sir…
“really…wow… I thought… Are you in…mmmh… Don’t mind me… So what do you want to do next….
“to prepare for dinner sir…
“please enough of the sir, call me Victor, i want to help you in making dinner hope you don’t mind…even if you mind I’m insisting….please….i want you to teach me how to cook so that i can at least help out sometimes…
I laughed so hard and he laughed too, he took my hand into his and look up at me and this time i knew that spark was real, he looked at me, then looked at my mouth, then back to my eyes, I know he may probably kiss me if i don’t stand up, the way our emotions was running with speed…i gently remove my hand from his and stood up, he robbed his head before standing up to join me
“so tell me what to do, or what to say to keep you company or should i start singing because i know you love singing….
“hahahaha….i laughed he also joined me, we started dinner together acting like old friends…..
could this be love

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the story of my parents and their adventures

there was an old woman who lived in a mountain village in Turkey. The old woman had three daughters. Their names were Yersen, Yolsen and Yonsen. The family were very poor and would spend every day weaving big red kilims1 out of sheep’s wool so that they might raise money to feed and clothe themselves.
One day, the three sisters decided that they wanted to escape from their sleepy little village where nothing exciting ever happened. They were determined to go out into the wonderful, wide world and start new lives and enjoy any adventures that might come their way.
The sisters found their old mother at the weaving frame and put their arms around her to say goodbye. Their mother hugged them firmly and said: ‘My daughters, if you must go then go, but there is one thing that you must do for me before you leave this village.With these words, the mother pulled out three big yarns of wool string and presented one to each of her daughters in turn. ‘I will attach the ends of these yarns onto your feet,’ said their mother, ‘and I will be checking if the wool strings are moving. If they are moving, this means that you are out exploring the world, which is good. But if you ever stop moving, I will pull on the strings until you are returned to your birthplace.’
Each of the sisters agreed to their mother’s request; each one in turn extending her leg so that the mother might tie the wool string to her foot.
Before they set off on their big adventure, each sister took something that might be useful to them in their new life. Yersen took a small kilim with her in case she needed one to brighten up her new home. Yolsen put on her taugh boots in case she had to walk a long way on her journey. And Yonsen took her father’s compass in case she ever felt lost.
Then the three sisters set off to the east on their exciting journey: hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder on a cloudless, sunny day.
Once they were some miles from the village, the sisters came upon a water fountain and approached it so that they might quench their thirst. But just as they were about to drink from the fountain, an old woman appeared from nowhere, giving the sisters quite a fright.
The old woman smiled at the three sisters and asked them, ‘What is it that you are looking for on your travels? What is it that you seek?’
Yersen was the first to answer: ‘I am looking for a cosy home,’ she said without hesitation.
Yolsen was next to answer, saying to the old woman, ‘I am looking for enough strength to walk the longest roads.’
Yonsen hesitated for a moment before she was able to give her reply; then she said to the old woman, ‘I do not really know what I am looking for, I just know that I want to leave here for somewhere new.’
The old woman laughed at this and said to all three sisters, ‘If you want to leave to find these things then you must cut yourselves loose.’ And with these words she took a pair of scissors from her pocket and cut the wool string from the foot of each sister.
But instead of feeling free of the attachment to home, each of the three sisters took their string in hand and held on as tightly as they could.
It was a very strange feeling indeed, but the sisters did not seem to know quite what to do next.
Back in her little house in the village, it did not take long for the mother to realise that the wool strings were not moving. But instead of pulling her daughters back home as she said she would, the mother decided that she would follow the string to see where her daughters had stopped. She had noticed that the yarns of wool had not gotten very small, so she reasoned that her daughters could not have travelled too far.
Eventually, the mother reached the water fountain a few miles outside of the village. When she approached the fountain, she noticed that her three daughters were fast asleep, each clinging hold to the end of their wool string.
The kindly mother reached out and gently took the wool strings from each daughter in turn. She replaced the string with three notes, and on each note was written the same message. The message read, ‘It does not matter what you do, what happens to you is always true’.
What the daughters thought of this message, we shall never know. What they decided to do when they awoke, we shall never know.
Perhaps it is up to you, dear reader, to decide what became of each daughter…
a couple had a baby boy whom they called Ali. The baby came as a surprise to his parents, because when he was born he was no bigger than a thumb!
The mother and father were both very upset to begin with, but then they thought to themselves, ‘This is what God has given us, and one day our son will grow up to be a big, strong boy.’
But the years passed and Ali did not grow at all. He remained as little as a thumb
Everything was fine when the family were at home, but the mother and father were ashamed of their son, thinking that if anybody saw him they would tease the young boy. So they kept him indoors, always hidden from view.
Many more years passed, and eventually Ali celebrated his twentieth birthday. He was still as little as a thumb, but his voice had grown very deep and very loud. In fact, if anybody was ever to hear their son speak, they would think it was the voice of a giant man.
Ali was a very sad young man because he had no friends and had to spend all of his time hiding inside of his parent’s house.
One day, Ali’s father was getting ready to go to the market in the next town. The old man planned on spending the night in a hotel because he would not be able to make the journey there and back before nightfall.
Ali pleaded with his father to take him along on the journey, but his father looked very anxious at the idea. ‘We never took you out until this day and I am not sure that I can do it now,’ he said. ‘How can I protect you and hide you from other people?’
‘It will be easy,’ answered Ali in his deep, booming voice. ‘You can keep me in your pocket and nobody will ever know I am there. You can make a little hole in the material so I can breathe and so that I can see what is going on and enjoy all the new sights of the world.’
Ali’s father realised how excited Ali was at the idea of leaving the house, and because of this he found it impossible to say no to his only son.
The old man made a very small hole in his shirt pocket and helped Ali to climb inside. The mother handed over the bags for the journey and kissed them both and wished them good luck. Then Ali and his father set off towards the market in the neighbouring town.
After travelling all day, Ali and his father came to the hotel by the side of the road. ‘We will get ourselves a room here for the night,’ said the father, ‘and tomorrow we will go to the market early in the morning before returning back home.’
‘I cannot believe I get to stay in a hotel!’ exclaimed Ali. The young man was very excited because he had seen so much on his journey already and he had never slept anywhere apart from his home.
Ali’s father paid for a room and took his bags up the stairs to prepare for dinner.
After the old man had unpacked and washed, and with Ali still hidden in his pocket, he went down to the dining room in the hopes that he might also sneak some food for his little son.
Then something quite unexpected happened. Just as all of guests had seated themselves for dinner, a group of thieves entered the hotel. The mean looking men, three in all, pointed guns and gave orders that every man and woman should surrender their money and any valuables they possessed.
All of the guests were very scared, including Ali’s father, but they did as they were told and began reaching for their wallets and jewellery, placing them on the tables to be collected by the thieves.
Suddenly, there was a very loud and very deep voice from out of nowhere. ‘Drop your guns!’ commanded the voice. ‘I am coming in there and I am going to catch you and give you over to the police.’
Nobody knew where the voice was coming from. The thieves looked all around the dining room but could not find a soul.
Then the voice came again, even louder this time. ‘I will make you pay for your wicked ways. I will make sure that you spend many years in prison.’
Because the thieves could not tell where the voice was coming from, they convinced themselves that it must belong to a ghost. And if there was one thing the thieves were scared of even more than the police, it was ghosts.
All of a sudden, the thieves dropped their guns and ran from the hotel and disappeared into the night.
Even though the guests were happy that the robbers had fled, they too were afraid of ghosts and wanted to run away to their rooms and hide.
‘Do not worry,’ said Ali’s father. ‘It is not a ghost that is talking. It is my son.’ And with that, the old man reached into his pocket so that Ali could climb into his hand. Then he placed Ali gently down on the table so that all of the guests might say hello.
‘I am sure the robbers will not return,’ said Ali in his deep, booming voice, a big smile on his face due to all of the adventures he was having.
The guests were very surprised and very curious to meet a boy who was no bigger than a thumb. But more than anything, they were all very grateful to Ali for saving them from the thieves, and they thanked him and shook his hand and said to his father how proud he must be to have such a brave son.
In the morning, as they left the hotel for the market, Ali’s father took his little son out of his pocket and placed him up on his shoulder. All morning at the market, and then on the way home, the old man had to stop many times to introduce Ali to passersby. And he was very proud and told them all how his son had saved everybody from the three thieves.
When father and son arrived home that evening, Ali’s mother looked very worried that Ali was sitting up on her husband’s shoulder. ‘What if somebody should see him?’ she asked her husband.
But the old man smiled and explained to his wife what adventures the pair had experienced at the caravanserai, and how Ali had saved the day and scared off the thieves. ‘It has been a very great mistake to be ashamed of our son. We should not have kept him hidden in the house for all these years. We should be proud of Ali and all of the things that he is capable of doing.’
Ali’s mother was indeed very proud when she heard the story of her son’s bravery, and promised never to hide him away or be ashamed ever again.
Ever since that day, Ali Thumb has always travelled on his parents’ shoulders wherever they go, and he has seen and done many things and had many adventures.
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Adventure of my lost sister

What are your qualifications?” he asked in an impatient voice.
He waa so tall, oh my, this is Lola’ s husband my heart was racing for. Stop it! Stop it my stupid heart!
” Are you alright? I don’t have all day! My God! ”
Where was Lola? sh*t! i should have given her a call before coming, but what would i have said? that i was coming for tea?! We heard a loud crashing sound, Mr tall dark and handsome swore under his breath. Why wasn’t he rushing up the stairs to find out what was wrong? Another loud thud and a crashing sound had the dark Greek God loosening his tie in frustration, he sat down on the sofa obviously weary.
” Monkey keep it down!” He hollered.
My God! they named the child Monkey!
” Are you alright? ……..shall we start?”
A chubby little girl with hair dyed red came tumbling down the stairs. I rushed to help her but she brushed me off.
” Is this the nanny?” She asked
” Go back upstairs!” he shouted. ” Miss please am running late! ”
The girl rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue before dashing up the stairs. Oh my child. Do i even have the right to call her my child? what manner of parents allows a little girl dye her hair red! and they had named her monkey!.Where was Lola?
” What is your name?”
” Ebere”
” See am running late and Monkey is a handful so i need to know if you can handle her and i want to see references too! I need to know am not entrusting my daughter into the care of a maniac! God forbid! Lola would have my head for that!”
The name Lola had my heart racing, where was she?
” Are we clear?”
I nodded.
” Can i see them?”
Oh my God! What was he asking for?
” Your CV”
His phone rang and he excused himself. He came back minutes later full of apologies.
” Ebere i have to go, give me your contact address and if you don’t have the references with you now no problem…… but i will have to instruct the security not to allow you out of this building until i get back……in the mean time you are hired. Let me introduce you to Monkey”
My heart was racing fast. I felt like a burglar caught red_handed.
” The little girl that came in before isn’t she your daughter?”
” The one that came crashing down the stairs?. No. That one is for my brother. ”
I sighed in relief.
” Monkey come and meet your nanny!”
We heard loud thudding sounds and a loud bang before two rihanna wannabe sailed down the banister. My God! She was worse! Her hair was dyed blue, her lips were lined with dark pencils, there were three ear rings on each of her ears. She had on a crazy jean and crazy top with one arm cut off. This couldn’t be!
” Monkey come on! am late please! meet your nanny Ebere, say hello to her”
The little devil stood defiantly, mischief shinning in her eyes.
” Hello Monkey ”
” I don’t like this one! Get another one!” She spat out.
Tall and dark ignored her. ” Ebere meet my daughter Constance……. She is a sweet angel when you get to know her and please don’t let her get to you.”
” Uncle You didn’t introduce me too” red hair grumbled.
” Sorry angel, Ebere meet my niece Liz, Liz meet Constance’ s new nanny”.
” I don’t like this one too! ” miss red hair announced and they both ran up the stairs.
” Please don’t let them get to you.i will be back by four and remember you are not allowed to leave until i get back.” He breezed out of the room hastily not waiting for my reply.
I sagged down on the sofa in exhaustion.
” Miss! miss! Constance is no longer breathing! ”
I rushed up the stairs with the red hair girl, What happened? why did i leave them by themselves! the blue haired girl, lay very still in the middle of the pink princess theme room. I placed my ear on her chest and she jerked up laughing. She gave her partner in crime a high five as they screamed ” gotcha!”
I couldn’t help laughing with them. They had gotten me real good.
” Why does your dad call you monkey? ”
” Wow she thinks that was funny, cool!” Liz said.
” The last nanny went running out of the house ” Monkey said laughing. ” Can i have a chocolate bar?”
” Me too”
” I guess”
” Cool” they screamed running out of the house.
My phone vibrated in my jean pocket. ” Hello Ify… are you?”
” Am okay” she replied at the other end.
I knew she wasn’t OK. ” What are you up to?”
” Am in the hospital”
I could hear my blood pounding in my ears. ” Why are you in the hospital?”
” Am having a bronchoscopy”
i wondered what that means. ” But are you okay?”
” They said i have to get a bronchoscopy to see if am infected with pneumocystis before i have the sysmptoms”.
It was always They said this, they said that! Ify was going through a lot and there was nothing i could do .
“But are you alright? do you have the… Psy……py…do you have it?”
” No. Not yet.”
I hate seeing her so helpless. Chiboy’ s mother was forever forcing something down her throat. How someone could drink two bottles of annointing oil in a day was terrible. I wanted to speak out, i wanted to tell her to go to hell with the so called holy oils but what if Ify could truly get her healing by drinking them?.
” Are you there Ebere?”
” Yes i am” i said wiping away my tears.
” I want to join an AIDS Survivor’s Support group” her breathing was laboured.
” Sweetie i will be home shortly, we will talk. I love you”
” Love you too”.
The mischievous duo were staring intently at me. I felt no connection with the little blue haired girl. She was ebony and chubby while i was light skinned and slim. No resemblance. No emotional connection. Maybe she favored Dayo, but i couldn’t tell. She and little red riding hood looked alike. Same ebony skin, same rosy dimpled cheeks. Is this even the child i brought into this world?
” That was your boyfriend? ” blue asked.
” No. My Sister”
” Mind if we have some Pizza?” Red asked.
” Yea i guess”
” Cool! i wish you were my nanny!”
They raced out of the room once again, their laughter twitttered in the house. I followed them down the stairs, they had four slices of pizza on their plates. I pulled out a chair smiling at them.
” Are you sure you are a real nanny? you are supposed to say we should eat our veggies and fruit. and no junk food before dinner ”
I blinked. What do i know about kids? ” Today is world international kids day, tomorrow i can be a proper nanny to you” i lied smoothly.
They traded looks and grinned happily. They were both adorable.
” Where is your mommy?”
They both went silent.
” She’s in heaven ” Red answered. ” And she is now our guidance angel”
I felt a thick lump in my throat. Lola.
” Are you alright ?” red had asked.
Dark and handsome arrived after five pm and apologized for being late. The duo flew into his arms gisting him about their day, he sat down settling each one on his thigh. He listened to them, kissed their cheeks before sending them back upstairs. I had already forced them to eat the spaghetti and meatballs i made for dinner.
” Hope you didn’t leave any for me? How did you find your first day of work?”
” Exciting”
He laughed. ” I know they can be a hand full but am glad you are still here. I know you must be tired, let’s discuss the terms of the job.”
” Please can we do that tomorrow? i will be here by 8am”
” OK that is fair enough. Thank you ” he stood up.
I declined the money he offered me and drove back home. I had seen my daughter. She had a blue hair and her name was monkey.
I reached for my phone at the head of my bed. My body felt like it had been run over by a dangote trailer. How could two little girls be so much work? I don’t know what i hoped to achieve by going there in the first place. Lola was gone, how do i lay claim to my child with no evidence? how could i even uproot the little child from the only home she had known for ten years?
” Something came up, please come on Thursday. Apologies for any inconvenience. Thanks. Ayo Williams.” From dark and handsome.
I couldn’t believe i had saved his number as dark and handsome. Ayo. The name rolled off my tongue over and over, the room felt hot suddenly. I got out of bed, how could he make me feel hot with just a simple text.
Ify was silent during breakfast, her breathing was laboured and there was a new blistering purple sore on her wrist. Her eyes were fixed on her plate while her hand toyed with the food in it with her fork.
” What is wrong?”
” I called my dad yesterday.”
I relaxed.” That is wonderful sweetie, what did he say?”
” He wants to see me”
” That is good, when is he coming? ”
She shook her head. ” He doesn’t know about the HIV”
I covered her hand with mine. ” Give him a chance, okay?”
In the evening i drove down to the AIDS Survivor Support group address Ify had given me. The building was a grand house in Lekki. I wondered if i had come to the wrong place but i honked in front of the gate despite my doubt. The gate was opened by a chubby friendly security man. He directed me to park my car and walk to the main house.
The door was opened by a pot bellied middle aged man. He welcomed us warmly and i could hear Ify gasp beside me.
” Come in, am doctor Debola and i am AIDS survivor”.
We followed him into the beautifully furnished room, the chandelier caught my eyes first. Instead of a center table or an art work there was a big mat spread in the center of the elegant sitting room. Five people were seated on it gisting, two men and three women.
I could see a collection of people at the dining area, some were thin as straw, some were robust and beautiful. They were talking animatedly. No frown on any body ‘ s face. They all called out greetings warmly.
” Hi am Ada and i am a PWA ” one of the women seated on the mat said.
Ify smiled at her warmly and turned to me.
” It means Person with AIDS.”
I also gave her a warm smile. The man that welcomed us at the door clicked a spoon against a glass cup and the others came into the living room and found a spot to settle down.
” We have new members in our midst tonight. I will start by introducing myself first, my name is doctor Debola, i have a private hospital and i am AIDS Survivor”. ” You are on Emeka, and the next person beside him follows”
The young teenage boy smiled at us brightly. My heart sank. This young boy of not more than fifteen is also living with such deadly virus.
” My name is Emeka and i am AIDS survivor. I have had the virus since birth. ” I need a girlfriend! ” He beamed at us.
The others clapped loudly.
” My name is Kofi and am a survivor with full_blown AIDS. I need a cure!” A skinny dark skin man shouted in anguish.
The very thin woman next to him said ” My name is Rachel and my husband gave me the virus. The bas.tard is died now and i need Justice!” She screamed in anger.
Doctor Debola came over and patted her on the back.
” Am Toby, I’ m HIV symptomatic. I am a survivor and am angry. I need cure!” He was so delicate i was afraid he might break into two.
” Am Susan and i was a s--t. I am a survivor with HIV, no symptoms. I need acceptance! ”
The others clapped for her, it got to Ify’s turn and she said in a quiet timid voice ” My name is Ifeoma, am a survivor. I have HIV, low T_cells and no symptoms and i need……………….I need my happy ever after.”
They clapped for her and all eyes fell on me. I swallowed hard. ” My name is Ebere………I was a s--t and i am HIV Negative. I need a cure for Ify and advice”
They clapped and cheered me loudly.
” Let’s start. ” Doctor Debola said.
Ada began. ” I have been seeing so much death going on around me! I have lost so many friends and my little boy! Nobody even wants to come to the funeral! we are not animals! ”
” I have lost both of my parents and my relatives won’t have anything to do with me! All I want is some love and understanding! all I want is a girlfriend! ” Emeka shouted.
Ify leaned closer and gave him him a peck. He blushed and grinned at her.
” I want my wives and kids! I want my family back!” Doctor Debola shouted.
” I don’t want to die! I have three little girls!” Rachael cried out.
” I want an HIV reorientation for my people! The stigmatization is heartbreaking in Togo! Nobody wants to buy or sell to you! they won’t even reply your greetings! I want to be buried on the soil of my motherland but I won’t be allowed to cross the border! I need a cure! I want to see my little girl before i die ” Kofi howled.
He was given hugs by everyone around him.
” What kind of advice do you need Ebere?” the kind doctor asked
” I gave a woman my baby ten years ago and i want her back now. I want Ify to meet my child, I want us to be a family now ”
” Is Ify your wife?” One of them asked suddenly.
” No, my sister ”
‘ You have a big fight on your hands Ebere ” The doctor said. ” Sometimes things are better left as they were ”
Ify squeezed my hand and my eyes brimmed with tears.
I was shocked to see the doctor who had broken the bad news of my illness to me, at the AIDS Survivor Support Group. So he had been talking about himself on that fateful day! but he had altered the story to give me hope, to give Chiboy hope. Hope was all i had left…… I clung to it desperately in the middle of the night when my bones aches, when a part of my face starts swelling for no reason. I hoped that death won’t sneak up on me when i least expected it.
That was why i had given my dad a call. I had picked up my phone and dialed his number before i could get cold feet. I felt like a little girl again……..i wanted approval. I want love and hugs. I wanted my dad to accept me.
” Hello. Who is this?” he answered in his thick ibo accent.
” Dad” i whispered.
There was silence in the background until i heard a scratching sound, a distant sound of tears and laughter.
” Nne, Ify? ”
” Yes it’s me.”
He was crying now and i felt awkward not knowing what to say.
” Nne where are you? i want to see you “.
I disconnect the call and switched off my phone.
But after my discussion with doctor Debola who had contracted the virus through a needle stick injury at work, i realized just how much i had missed my dad. I texted him my address as Ebere drove us back home that night.
Early the next morning a knock sounded at the door, i walked slowly, my breath was coming out in pants. I opened the door and froze.
” My baby!”
Dad enveloped me into his arms crying like a baby. Mom stood awkwardly, she tried to touch me but i drew back.
” Ify…… am sorry” she said.
I gave a little tired laugh. Dad sat down still holding me in his arms. Mom went on her knees.
” I know i have lost the right to call you my child and i don’t except you to forgive me but please give me another chance. Please don’t push me away,i did my best combing everywhere for you.”
” Yea when Toby died! you were looking for a replacement! please stand up! i have nothing against you and you are right! you have lost the right to be my mother!”
She sobbed silently on her knees.
” Ify please…… i know we have wronged you greatly but please forgive us. Your mother has been through a lot and she is a changed person now.”
I stood up angrily.” She has been through a lot!?,do you have any idea what i have been through?! I was raped and kicked out in the middle of the night!”
They both gasped and mom’ s sobs became louder.
” Do you have any idea what have even been through?! how i managed to survive for the past ten years! you both ruined my life! I will never get married! i will never become a mother! i won’t get to see my children graduate! I won’t even live to see my 30th birthday! ”
Dad got up and took me into his arms, we were both crying.
” What happened to you Ify? are you sick? I will fly you overseas for treatment, am so sorry my child. Don’t talk about death Nne, you are still so young and there is no illness without cure as long as there is money.”
” This one has no cure dad”
” Ify we will fly you oversea, you will be OK” mom said.
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Hunter Jackson(episode 1)

ahhhhh” idris said as he woke up. His whole body was aching him. He was held captive inside a dungeon. He looked outside through the windows and saw people moving about. The whole place smelt terrible and his hands and legs were both chained together.
The king and the captain were both discussing.
“hmmm, i still doubt that the young man you captured was able to kill the great serpent and retrieved the immortal knife from the guardian” said the king
“yes but believe me, he is very strong. The strongest man or should i say boy i have seen” the captain said
“so young, i am not sure if he is up to nineteen years of age” the king said.
“you are right but the strength he possess his beyond imagination. Didn’t you see the men he killed in less than seven minutes” the captain asked.
“yes you are right. Five able bodied strong men died in the twinkle of an eye, he is very good with his bow” said the king
“what shall we do with him?” asked the captain.
“He shall remain our slave. We need his strength especially on our farms” replied the king.
“good idea” said the captain, he wanted to say more when the chief priest appeared inside the palace.
“you dare not do such unless the anger of the gods be upon you and your people. Young idris travelled from a far away land and he succeeded in his quest. He is now the rightful owner of the immortal knife and he is a free man. If you want to keep him as a slave, then he shall be made to fight one of your best man in the arena. If he wins, he is free but if he loses, he will be your slave. Only one man shall he fight. Failure to heed to the gods will bring death to you and your men”
the chief priest said and disappeared.
“what, who is he going to fight?” the captain asked
“jack-jack”replied the king.
“though Jack-Jack is very powerful, he can’t fight the slayer of the serpent” the captain said.
“cool down captain, i have a plan” the King said smiling wickedly.
Idris was brought out into the arena on the seventh day to fight jack-jack.
The arena was around and in the middle of the arena was an old abandoned ship. The people of the village sat on high grounds because the arena was surrounded by lions, hungry lions.
If you mistakenly fall from the ship, then it is over.
“Bring in young idris” shouted the king with a smile
idris was brought in with the help of young men.
“bring in Jack-Jack” shouted the king.
Jack-jack came in. Lo and behold, he was a human-giant. So big with big arms and very strong. He was very taller than Idris.
“let the guards leave the ship” the king said and they left.
“FIGHT” shouted the king.
Jack-jack rushed towards idris with a blow, idris duck and dodged it. He came with a kick, idris dodged it again. He was furious and dived at idris.
“oooohhhhh” shouted the crowd as the big man dived idris.
He started punching him while the crowds were counting.
He threw idris towards the other side of the ship. Idris was covered and blinded by blood. His hand touched something like a spear.
He took it and throw towards jack-jack. The spear flew with speed but jack-jack caught it..
He rushed towards idris and continued beating and man handling him with heavy punches.
Idris was at the verge of death. Jack-Jack left him to go and pick a heavy wood.
He rushed towards idris with the wood but idris quickly did a forward roll and dodged him. Before jack-jack could turn, idris jumped up and gave him a deadly knock out punch.
Jack-jack fell down bleeding across his nose while idris fell down bleeding from his head to toe.
“Jack-Jack” the crowd shouted for him to stand up but he couldn’t.
Idris stood up and was about to rush at Jack-Jack when his vision started getting blurred. His bones were weaken
And his vision was blurry. He tried to move but he couldn’t. He fell down and groaned in pains. The hunger and canes he received were now affecting him.
“Jack-jack” the crowd were shouting.
“grrrrrrrr” the lions were roaring waiting impatiently for their food.
Jack-Jack stood up and saw that idris was stunned. He rushed at idris with the heavy wood and gave him a deadly blow across his head.
His head was cut open because of the blow and blood was busy rushing out.
He fell down and couldn’t move. He looked up to the sky and began to see the images of his mum, dad and his little sister that was held captive by the dragon.
He was so close to death and he could feel it.. His head was cut open and his brains could be seen from outside.
“if i am going to die, then i will die with somebody” he said weakly but Jack-Jack didn’t hear him.
“Kill Kill”
The crowd were busy shouting and praising Jack-jack.
Jack-jack was happy and he didn’t look at idris but at the cheering crowd.
“i told you my plan will work the king” said and laughed
“yea you are” said the captain.
the crowd were busy praising him.
Idris used this opportunity and removed the little dagger in his boot. The little dagger that was always inside his boot.
“time to finish this” Jack-jack said and moved towards idris.
He grabbed idris by the collar and drew him to the edge of the boat. The lions were busy jumping and jubilating.
He raised idris up and showed everyone, as he was about to throw idris into the lions den, idris used his dagger and stabbed Jack-jack deep inside his stomach.
“argghhhh” jack-jack groaned in pains and let go of idris.
Immediately idris came down, he gathered all his strength, jumped up and used his two legs to deliver a powerful drop kick across the face of jack-jack.
Jack-jack loosed his stamina and fell down into the lion’s den.
Without wasting time, the lion started to eat him. Tearing him into shreds.
The crowd were busy hailing a dieing IDRIS.
“i shall not be humiliated” the king said
the king shouted and the guards rush towards him
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