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Richard at the Court camp

Richard pulled a chair close to me & he sat on it, increasing my
“u should go with them. I am fine here but ur girl friend needs u”, I said trying to make him leave even though I wanted otherwise.
He brought his mouth close to my ears & whispered, “Are u
My head moved immediately he talked with his breath seeping
into me & I said
“Me… Jealous? Of course not. Why should I be? I
only feel that it is not proper for-”
“Shhhh”, he said,“u only need to relax”.
“I should be at work now”,I said trying to sit up & he helped me up after I refused to lay back. As he helped me to sit comfortably, I
became tenser cos he was alarmingly close & for a few split of seconds, we both froze as we gazed into each other’s eyes.
His blue eyes were so captivating
that I threw caution into d wind & satisfied d hunger of my eyes. B4 I knew what was
happening, we were inches away from each other & my eyes were not on his eyes but on
his lips which was one thing that was a constant distraction
whenever he was close. The alarm went off in my head & even though I terribly wanted to
explore, I shifted slightly & he got d message.
“I am sorry”, he said
I was furious about what had almost happened & opened my
mouth without thinking. “What exactly do u want from me? I now know that u are d
owner of this hospital. Is this how u go about seducing ur workers cos u are handsome?” I asked
He was stung & I knew it instantly but words once spoken can’t be gathered back. He was
on his feet instantly.
“I am sorry” I said immediately
“No,u are right; I don’t have any right whatsoever to try to
kiss u but I don’t go around kissing people if that is what u think I do. I just can’t control
myself with u & it is best for u to start knowing d type of
effects u have on men, though I am not just physically attracted
to u. I have not been able to get u out of my head ever since I saw u in d concert but it is obvious that u don’t
like me. Take care of u” he said & marched out b4 I could say anything.
I sat down there too stunned to speak. I wanted to cry but water just did not come out of my eyes.
I wished I had not opened my big mouth & I didn’t even think abt d hurt in his face cos it
was just too much for me to bear. Prisca entered immediately & we talked d way we
usually did intentionally leaving our parents & yesterday’s issue out of it. After some minutes, she asked,
“what did u do to
I sighed deeply & narrated d whole episode to her.
“Oh my God Lina, why did u say that now? The poor guy loves
u to perdition & u made
him feel like trash” Pric said.
Prisca’s words made my misery worse & I sighed again
“I know but d words were out of my mouth b4 I knew it. I was
angry at myself for falling in love with him & I took it out on him”. I said without thinking
She gasped, “I knew it; u are in love. Wow… just perfect”, she said grinning widely. I eyed her annoyingly but kept quiet, so she later said,
“u have to apologize
to him but give him some time.
I looked around gazing at my best friend who had now become my sister, my new mum
or step mother, my new father & old father or rather, step father. Prisca had spent nothing less than one hour trying to make me forgive her dad. I was
about to leave d hospital & I had refused to forgive him but
Prisca has a way of making hard & bad situations simple.
I thought about everything & all he did for me when I was
nothing but a stranger & had to let my anger dissolve. She had one way or d other united her mum with her dad & everyone with my old dad & I was internally happy; Prisca is an
angel when she sets to be one & she can also be d exact opposite when u step on her
Mr Jegas came towards me & bent down beside me. “I am sorry for what I did to ur mum and u. I did what I
did out of ignorance &fear that I was about to scatter my home with my own hands. I am sorry,pls find a place in ur heart to forgive me & ur 2nd dad there, pls”.
No matter how
stubborn a person is, it is always difficult to discard d pleadings
of an elder. My anger dissolved & I rose up, wiping d tears that had come to my cheeks as I
hugged everyone
Tony asked me to stay away for 2days but I was partially at
home. I wanted to see Richard to apologize for my actions but my
new parents won’t let me out of their sight. They took care of me
as one would a baby.
The real murderer of Olatunji James was
taken to court was sentenced to death by
Dad, who was intent on making up for his mistakes, got a big
contract for my dad which transformed his life tremendously & I was very happy about it
I got to work after 2days at home being a Friday & everyone welcomed me. I sat on
my seat in d office feeling very lonely & not quite long,my intercom chimed & Joke told me that someone was there to see me &d person prefers to
remain anonymous. My hopes were raised as I expected to see my blue eyed love but my
expectations were dampened when I saw d visitor
My expectations were
dampened but not so much cos d person I saw was welcome. Deji had been discharged from d hospital on Saturday but b4 he left I had given him tips of what to do during his spare time. He had been scheduled to come thrice a week.
looked s smashing & I
gazed at him with a smile on my face.
“u were not expecting me right?” he said & I knew he had caught my earlier facial expression. I smiled at him
“Not really.How are u doing young man? u look exceptional”
I said meaning it.
“Yeah yeah, my life has changed. I am better than fine cos my
memory is back”,he said almost yelling & my eyes opened wide. I was out of my seat in an instant & I started asking technical
questions & when passed d test, we both laughed happily. He brought out a cheque & stretched it towards me but I refused
without even checking d amount. We argued for a while but he later hands down when he saw that I stood my grounds. We chatted for a while & when he left, I was smiling,
very happy for him
I threw my pen on d table furiously & hissed. I hadn’t been able to
concentrate at all thinking about Richard. It was like he was tactfully dodging me
cos I did not cross his
path once. I had wanted to go to his office many times
but I thought better of it but now, I wasn’t finding it funny. Everyone &everything makes me angry & I could not focus at all,
even music did not seem to wipe out d feeling of emptiness I felt so I decided to remedy d situation by
taking away d façade &
doing what my heart
I left my office & got to
my secretary’s desk. “Joke,pls postpone any
engagement I might have 4 d next one hour, I need to get somewhere. If there is an emergency,u
can call me”, I said.
I was about getting to
Richard’s office when my brain started bugging me with d fact that I should not be doing this but I was
past caring. I saw his
secretary & greeted her,
“hello Tolani, how are u doing?” I asked to sound casual.
“I am fine Miss Belina”, she responded.
“Pls is Doctor Richard
in? I need to see him
urgently”, I said hoping to get a positive response
“Yes, he is. Wait let me
inform him” she said
picking d intercom
“NO. Please don’t. I want it to be like a surprise visit,pls”
“Aaahh,pls o, I might
get into trouble. He has
been so harsh on everyone recently & I don’t want to lose my job”
“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything like that, I
waiting for a reply, I went to d door & knocked. I heard d familiar voice say come in, a little above d
normal but I entered. The sight of him made me forget all I wanted to say but he was not looking at me, his eyes were on d books on his table
“Yes?” he said without
taking his eyes from d
I took a deep breath &
said, “Richard” His head
jerked up instantly & his
blue eyes pierced into my soul. I was shaking there,not knowing what to say so I looked at my hands &said whatever came to my
“Richard, I know I have
offended u & I am
sorry. I should not have said what I said but I just could not imagine myself falling for a man so I tried to push u away with my words. I
know u have been
avoiding me & u should cos what I said is bad, it is very bad but I
can’t concentrate, I have been trying to work but I just can’t, I… I…” I stopped unable to continue. My eyes
were wet & I just wanted to run out of there but I noticed a finger raise my head up & I was surprised that he was already at my front. We stared into each other’s eyes & I just wanted him to hold me close cos my heart was pounding wildly. I don’t know who
moved forward between d two of us but I noticed that d space between us
had thinned & all I
wanted was to have him kiss me. He bent his head forward like he read my thoughts & closed his lips against mine. I was totally
lost & when we finally
broke off some minutes later, he placed his head against mine & looked into my eyes.
“u don’t know just how long I have wanted to kiss u, heart. I love u so much”, he said
“I love u too with all my
heart Richard”. He kissed me again. After d kiss,we just held on to each other & seemed to melt into one another
We went to d couch in his office &there, I explained everything that happened with Kelvin,my mum,
everything & he was so
sympathetic. He promised never to hurt
me but respect me always.
He then went forward to explain everything about his family,mother,love life
especially his affair with Tonia & how it had
become his nightmare after her supposed death & I felt his pain. I remembered that I had felt he had a dark
side but I never imagined something as serious as that. He apologized for keeping away &said that he wanted to give me time to get over what I was going through & that he had climbed d steps severally on his way to my office but had returned back after a 2nd thought.We kissed,laughed & by d time my phone
started ringing,I discovered that I had spent 3hrs with him.
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The night I screamed for help

I entered the house after about an hour of aimless walking.
Strolling had become my second hobby recently and hardly would you find me at home around 5 o’clock in the evening. On entering the house, my heart raced, my head seamed bigger than its normal size, and i felt dizzy. Something is definitely wrong somewhere, i thought.
I had only felt that way twice, and those are times i don’t want to remember. I went into my room and did not see anything awkward, i instinctively made for my dad’s room, and there, i got the shocker of a lifetime.
For some seconds I stood, glued to the ground with my mouth agape staring at the person I knew to be my father. I just couldn’t understand why, of all the pot-bellied men in the world, I was doomed to answer the surname of this man. The reason why I still call him ‘dad’ remains a mystery to me. I ran out of his room and when I got to the sitting room, I was already crying. The b---h came rushing out some minutes later and ran past me thinking I would do something but I wasn’t after her. Memories of recent occurrences came flooding my mind and I had to quench it quickly. I heard my dad’s footsteps and dried my eyes quickly, not wanting him to see my tears. ‘Who gave you the right to come into my bedroom without knocking?’ he asked as he marched into the sitting room. There is a saying that you can only see the bottom of a chicken when the wind blows. The meaning became clear to me as I glared at my father.
I stood up and faced him. ‘I knew you never loved my mum, you made it so evident, but bringing someone else to her bed barely two weeks after her death…’ I laughed bitterly, ‘ you definitely deserve a trophy.
I hate you and everyone whose gender starts with ‘M’. I HATE YOU’.
I knelt down by my bed on Thursday morning to pray but nothing seemed to come out of
my mouth. I placed my head on the bed and closed my eyes but I
didn’t have the enthusiasm to offer any prayer. Confusion, worry and anger has
become the order of the day since my mother died two years
Everything just seemed to go wrong at the same time. I lost
my job two months after her death and my plans to get my own apartment was truncated.
My plan to get another job with my First Class Certificate in Applied Psychology was also
fruitless but the latest
development seemed to be taking a great deal of my patience and self control.
‘Lord, I thank you for today, please Father, make it a good day’ I said and got up when
there was nothing else to say. I washed up my face, brushed my
teeth and went about the house chores.
Breakfast was already prepared before seven, I placed it on the
table for my father and went to take my bath.I went back to the
sitting room dressed and met dad eating. I mumbled a low
‘good morning sir’ and just as I was about to eat, I heard a
‘Who is that?’ I asked pondering on the same question as I
opened the door. Standing before me was the very person
who made my life a living hell.
Prisca woke up to the ringing of her phone and from the ‘I just
wanna say I love you’ tone, she knew who was calling.
smiled and picked up the phone.
“Morning baby boy”, she said.
“Hey honey”, Tony said over the receiver.
“Mmmm, it is nice hearing your voice early in the morning”, she
“How was your night dear?”
“I dreamt of you” she said smiling foolishly.
He laughed and said, “hey baby, before you make me get late for
work, I need to tell you
“Anything for me?” she asked.
He feigned seriousness and coughed, “Well, tell your friend, what is her name, yes, Belina,
that she should come to our hospital on Monday to start
“what are you saying” she practically screamed, sitting up
Tony laughed heartily, “yes baby, she got the job.”
I stared at Tunji coldly,
“what are
you doing here?”
He shook his head,
” Is that the way you greet your future husband? let me in”, he ordered.
I laughed mockingly,
“you are crazy. I have always known that,
but I didn’t know it was this serious”.
He scoffed.
“Belina”, dad yelled and I
“let him in now”.
I stood with my arms akimbo blocking the doorway.
I eyed Tunji and reluctantly
stepped aside. I slammed the door after him with so much
force that the house shook.
Dad glared at me but turned towards Tunji and grinned.
“Good morning Mr Badmus”, Tunji said.
“Morning my son. Sorry for her rude behaviour, she is just being
childish”, dad said.
I rolled my eyes in disgust.
Amazing what people would do for wealth and power.
‘why can’t
this idiot take ‘no’ for an answer?” i wondered.
“I am through with the
arrangements sir”, Tunji was saying smiling at me.
Dad nearly jumped out of his skin in excitement. “oh, oh Tunji, you are God sent, God bless you a
million times, ah…”
Puzzled, I asked, “what
arrangement?” Before he could answer, my phone rang, noticing
that it was Prisca, I went to the room to answer it. Unlike our
usually long chats, the call ended within two minutes. Unable to
conceal my joy, I practically danced round my room after
letting out a loud scream of joy.
Dad and Tunji ran into my room.
“What are you doing here?” I asked unable to hide my happiness.
“What do you mean by that? what is all the fuss about?” Tunji
“Well, I just got a job, and not just a job, a very good one”, I said
grinning proudly.
Dad and Tunji stared at each other. “well, you are not taking the job”, Dad said.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes, we would be travelling to
London on Saturday. The arrangements have been made, so start preparing cos the
wedding would be done
immediately we get there”. Dad said.
I blanched.
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My first kiss at a date

At first my kiss wasn’t a deep one but Clara responded in a way I never imagined. She held me tightly and kissed back as if she had been expecting my kiss for a long time. Her action of course gave me the courage to kiss her over and over. In no time I found my hand reaching for her left b.oob while she wriggled and kissed me back.
Deep down I felt I wasn’t doing the right thing, I knew I had to control my urge and stop but I just couldn’t. The heat, the passion and fire between us was just too intense. Finally, Clara softly pushed me away.
‘’your phone is ringing’’ she breathed, sitting up and giving me the chance to recover myself. I nervously fetched my phone from my trouser pocket and took a quick look at the screen. The caller was no other person than Vivian and I just didn’t know whether to feel relived or angry over the interruption.
‘’hey what’s up’’ I breathed
‘’I’m not fine. I can’t believe you couldn’t even call to check up on me ever since you left for Abuja. I thought we are friends?’’ she asked with an angry tone while I swallowed hard as I quickly tried to find a polite way to hang up on her. Of course the last thing I wanted was answering such a phone call in Clara’s presence even though there was nothing wrong in it as we had nothing going on between us. I just didn’t want to talk to her that moment.
‘’I’m so sorry Vivian, I will call you later, I’m very busy at the moment’’ I quickly muttered and hung up while Clara smiled and got up from the bed.
‘’it’s Vivian’’ I informed her. She simply shrugged
‘’we are heading back to Owerri tomorrow. You can go to your room now. Please delete what just happened between us from your mind. You know I haven’t been myself since yesterday?’’ she suddenly said, surprising me with the comment. I couldn’t say anything, even though I strongly felt like asking her what exactly she felt for me. I felt like grabbing her that moment and asking over and over what she felt for me. But I couldn’t because I was a guy on a mission and romance was never part of it. The right thing to do was just to obey her wish without asking any question.
‘’okay no problem’’ I shrugged, got up from the bed and headed out of the room, but as I got to the doorway, I turned to give her a last look and noticed that she was staring at me with a look that somehow showed disappointment. Perhaps it was what I felt in my head or maybe she was actually disappointed over something I did.

Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene above
Of course I was disappointed with Val. I never really wanted him to leave my room. I just made the comment as a woman who was protecting her dignity. I had expected him to stand his ground, hold me tightly and ask me with me with strong voice if the kiss we just shared meant nothing to me. I couldn’t believe he left my room without any hesitation and I felt so cheap and stupid. Of course he actually made the first move but I should have pushed him away instead of kissing him back. I felt so stupid. I couldn’t help but lock the door and cry out my heart.

Vivian’s side of the story continues from the scene above
I woke up that fateful Friday to see five missed calls in my phone. The missed calls were from an unknown number. I called back and was surprised to hear Charles gruff voice. I never knew the dude had my number and with the way he greeted me, I knew something just wasn’t right. However I didn’t have to wait long before he poured out his heart to me, narrating how Clara ruined his party all because of Val. He told me everything, including how he went to see Clara early that Friday morning only to be embarrassed again. The more he narrated his story the more my heart broke. I was never a fan of Charles but then I knew with the way he described Clara’s action that something definitely was going on between she and Val. I knew for her to have the courage to behave so rudely to Charles that something was giving her the morale. I really didn’t know what to say to Charles after his story other than promising to speak with Clara but what he didn’t know was that I was equally feeling the same pain he was feeling.
Instead of calling Clara like I promised, I called Val to hear his voice and at least put my heart at rest. I really had expected him to call me when he got to Abuja days ago but I was so disappointed that he never called and as a woman I painfully killed the urge of hearing from him. But then after all Charles told me, I was forced to call him. The last thing I would do was to sit back and watch Clara take him away from me. I met him first, I knew his secrets and it was because of me that he was able to get along with her in the first place.
Clara on her own part just pretended not to want him while deep down she wanted him. I hated pretence, I hated deceit, I hated backstabbing. Of course I gave my dear Clara all the signs for her to know that Val was mine, the silly girl just pretended and then snatched him from my reach by taking him to in Abuja
stayed in my room for the rest of the day, thinking and playing back in my head the events of the past forty eight hours. The look of disappointment Clara gave me as I left her room hours ago equally kept replaying in my head, refusing to leave my mind. Oh yes I had this urge to tell her the truth, to tell her my feelings and my real identity in order to put my conscience at rest but I was very scared of how she would react. I definitely was in a tight corner and I knew I messed up by allowing my heart get over my head. But then we can’t choose who our heart falls in love with and I really was stuck between doing my duty or following my heart. I was at lost, clueless and very nervous.
By 7:30pm, the housekeeper came to my room to inform me that dinner was ready. I headed to the dining room hoping to see Clara but was disappointed.
‘’Madam Clara is currently not feeling fine. She told me not to disturb her with dinner’’ the housekeeper muttered as she noticed my curious look. I couldn’t help but eat alone with the intention of checking up on her after the meal. Of course I strongly felt that I did something she wasn’t happy with when I was in her room in the morning but I just couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.
Fifteen minutes later, I softly made my way to Clara’s room. Her light was on when I gently opened the door. I hesitated at the door as I waited for her reaction but none came, giving me the courage to walk up to her bed and sit beside her.
‘’I was told you haven’t eaten anything strong all day. Is anything the problem?’’ I asked softly as she turned to face me.
‘’I’m alright, I don’t feel like eating. I’m checking my weight’’ she answered softly, trying hard to hide her feelings but I clearly noticed she was lying.
‘’I feel that I did something that made you angry in the morning. I’m very sorry. I just hope you will understand. There are many things you are yet to know about me and someone in my position just has to be careful. I have feelings like every other guy but I have learnt not to listen to the yearnings in my heart. I’m sorry. I know you won’t understand’’ I stammered while she left her eyes on me saying nothing. Of course I wanted to tell her a lot more but I only ended up making little sense with my words.
‘’good night dear, I hope we are still heading back home tomorrow’’ I stammered as I tried to get up but surprisingly she grabbed my right hand, forcing me back on the bed.
‘’you are scared of Charles, you are scared of my family, you are scared of what people will say but I don’t care’’ she solemnly breathed, blinking her eyes as she battled hard to control her emotions. There was no denying she wanted me. There was no denying I wanted her but then it was an affair that wasn’t supposed to be. I could lose a lot. I couldn’t equally gain a lot. It all depends on fate, destiny, luck.

‘’yes everyone will be disappointed in you. Your parents will end up throwing me to the trash can. I’m solely here to be your companion and not your lover. This is Nigeria. This is Africa. We can’t act like whites here’’ I struggled to say without really giving up my real identity. She on her own part never understood what I meant when I said I was there solely as her companion.
‘’so you prefer being a coward instead of fighting for this opportunity?. Yes I know, I know I told you to delete what happened between us in the morning from your mind but to be truthful I can’t even delete it from my own mind’’ she confessed, turned and buried her head in her pillow. I swallowed hard as I admired her hair, shoulders and bare back.
I never knew when I began caressing her and in no time we were back to where we stopped in the morning. This time around the passion between us was so intense that we were soon totally unclad as we caressed and kissed each other.
Finally it got to the penetration part but unfortunately I came with no protection.
‘’come on Val, just be gentle’’ she whispered into my ear, encouraging me to go all the way in without any fear. At that peculiar moment she was just like an ordinary girl before me, her status and personality simply disappeared as we took ourselves to Pluto.
‘’oh Val’’ she breathed when we were done few minutes later.
‘’I have never felt this good in my entire life but I’m scared Clara’’ I confessed as I pulled away from her. She smiled and dropped her head on my chest.
‘’all we need is understanding plus a good plan. Everything will be okay. How about we head to Obudu tomorrow?. I have heard a lot about the place but have never gone there’’ she suggested excitedly while I breathed deeply as I closed my eyes. I couldn’t help but mutter quick prayers because definitely I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.
Just like every other rich girl, she could turn against me in the end, especially when the truth eventually starts leaking out.
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The dangerous trip to owerri

I was busy enjoying the roasted yam my mother served me when I got an unexpected call from my boss. I nervously answered the call without wasting time, equally wondering why he was calling by that hour.
‘’agent val, where are you?’’ my boss asked in his usual gruff voice.
‘’I’m at home sir’’ I stammered, standing up nervously as if the man was right there before me.
‘’report to my office immediately. It’s very urgent. You have five minutes’’ he ordered.
‘’yes sir’’ I breathed sharply even though deep down I was extremely unhappy. I planned spending the weekend with mum after staying away from home for so long and I just couldn’t imagine how disappointed she would be, seeing me leaving just an hour after I got home.
Anyway that’s exactly the life of an agent. My life and everything belonged to the government and I had no reason to protest because I clearly knew what I was getting into when I applied to join the department of state services.
I slowly made my way to the kitchen to tell my dear mother that I was leaving again. Luckily for me, I had no much explanation to do. One look at my face told her everything. She simply shrugged and bit her lips as I made my way towards her.
‘’I guess the call was from your office?, when am I seeing you again?’’ she asked.
‘’maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Once I’m free, I will be back here’’ I answered with a forced smile as I hugged her.
one hour later @ DSS Quarters Owerri
As I drove into my work place, I couldn’t help but wonder why my boss needed me so urgently. I wasn’t really holding any sensitive material or position at the moment. The general election of the previous year and every post election security matter has already been dealt with. I really had hoped on having a wonderful weekend with mum only to be ordered back to the office. Yes I really was far from happy but I hid my feelings as I appeared before my boss who was in his office with a senior colleague who was in charge of the governor’s security.
‘’agent val, I gave you five minutes to report here but you took an hour?’’ my boss asked with a frown while I quickly apologized.
‘’I’m reassigning you. From now you are part of the state governor’s security, any problem with that?’’ he asked.
‘’no sir’’ I answered, wondering the reason I was chosen for such a job since I clearly knew that we lost none of the agents working with the state governor. I instantly felt there was more to it.
‘’agent mike will brief you more on your new assignment’’ my boss added, nodding at the senior agent who smiled at me while I nervously stared back at him as he opened a file he was holding.
‘’According to your file, you are currently 26years old. A law graduate, did remarkably well in law school, been out of the country twice, still single and from a royal family’’ agent Mike calmly summarized my life as I stood still.
‘’have you ever been in real combat before?’’ he asked.
‘’no sir?’’ I answered, wondering why he asked such a question, since he was with my file which clearly stated that I had been in the department for just a year and few months and only worked at the vetting department.
‘’good, the governor needs a well educated and exposed agent of your age to watch over his rebellious daughter who will be arriving the state this evening. She is 24years old. A Harvard graduate and it’s her first time of coming home since her dad became the state governor, so listen carefully to what I have to tell you. Before accepting to come home, the girl made her father promise not to cage her, nor suffocate her life with security and bodyguards. She wants to live a free life and mingle with people like she used to do in the past. But you know we can’t let that happen. Her father needs someone within her age range to be with her all the time as a friend without her really knowing that the person is an agent and that’s where you fit in. You get me?’’ he asked.
‘’yes sir, I understand. I think I have seen a similar movie sometime back’’ I answered freely.
‘’shut up. This is real life. Don’t mess this up or you will see yourself out of this department. The governor is very close to the president and he can ruin your life if you play with his daughter’s safety’’ he threatened seriously while I instantly hid my smile as my heart froze.
‘’I need not to tell you that the governor has a lot of enemies and you are being assigned a very tasking job’’ he added while I looked down with slight tension as the burden of my new assignment played before me.. It really would be my first major tasking assignment outside office work and I couldn’t imagine protecting a very rebellious governor’s daughter all on my own without any backup. Yes I was a good shooter but I really was yet to face any combat and with the way I was seeing my new assignment I felt a day would come when my shooting skills would be needed. I hated being with rich kids, talk more of protecting a rebellious one who could spend all her time putting herself in harm’s way.
Agent mike and I arrived at the governor’s lodge. I was super excited and nervous at the same time. I knew my new assignment had lots of benefits and risks as well. I really didn’t know what the future had for me but yes I was so ready for my new assignment.
‘’please don’t screw this up. It’s my job and yours that are on the line here. This assignment is a very difficult one I know but make sure you are focused and make use of the training you got. Be focused and never lose guard’’ Agent mike advised as we got out of his car while I nodded quickly like a new student.
I was led straight to the governor’s sitting room where the governor’s wife was anxiously waiting for us. The smile on her face clearly showed how happy she was to see me. We barely had settled down before the governor joined us.
(We all stood up to greet the governor who surprisingly offered his hand for a handshake).
‘’here is agent Val sir. He is the best agent for the job’’ agent mike addressed the governor who left his eyes on me for few seconds.
‘’you look very familiar young man. Have we met before?’’ he asked curiously. I nervously nodded.
‘’yes sir, before the governorship election, I was among the agents that cleared you when you showed up at our office’’ I answered.
‘’ah no wonder, I guess you have been briefed on the nature of your new assignment?. My daughter Clara isn’t an easy person to deal with. You need to be enduring and very smart to deal with her. She may not want you by her side but always find a way to be at her side. I can’t allow her to move around on her own like she does in U.S. Please protect her for me’’ he pleaded, smiled and left us without another word while his wife who had been silent all along cleared her throat.
‘’you will have everything you need provided for. Just make sure you keep my daughter safe. You will pick her up at the airport by 4pm’’ she said softly as young beautiful girl walked in on us, smiling pleasantly.
‘’yes meet Vivian. She’s the daughter of my husband’s brother and she’s equally very close to my daughter Clara. She will assist you in getting close to my daughter. She knows everything about your assignment. She will also go with you to the airport this evening. Consider her your partner’’ she calmly introduced the young lady who quietly sat beside her.
Minutes later, I returned to my apartment in town to pick up few things and equally prepare myself for the new assignment. I really didn’t have enough time to mentally prepare for the job but deep down I felt it was going to be dangerously fun and a great experience. Vivian looked like a nice and understanding lady and I couldn’t help but wish that the governor’s daughter could be at least half understanding as her.
I nervously prepared, got my stuffs ready and headed back to the governor’s lodge where Vivian was dutifully waiting for me. The smile on her face as our eyes met was enough to put silly ideas into my head but I quickly shut it out of my mind because I knew perfectly well the risks involved in having silly ideas.
By 3:30pm, we headed to the airport. I did the driving while Vivian sat beside me asking lots of curious questions which I answered calmly. There wasn’t any doubt she was a very friendly person and the way she related to me made me very much relaxed.
‘’so is there anything else I need to know about Clara?’’ I kind of asked as we approached the airport.
‘’hmmmm well, she’s a very difficult person to be with but believe me she can equally be very friendly and jovial whenever she feels like. She takes time in choosing her friends and I pray she accepts you, if not her dad won’t have any other choice than to look for your replacement. She also has tons of admirers which doubled since her dad became the state governor. You know she’s a very good catch’’ she answered freely while I smiled.
‘’so how long have you been an agent?’’ she asked.
‘’just a year and few months’’ I answered.
‘’I never knew the department has young fine guys like you’’ she complemented while I blushed.
After waiting for almost an hour, the plane we were expecting finally landed, bringing our nervous wait to an end. I couldn’t help but make the sign of the cross as we waited to Clara to show up.
‘’are you nervous?’’ Vivian asked with a smile.
‘’not really ‘’ I lied. She offered her hand which I took.
‘’just relax’’ she breathed with concern before pointing at the girl we came to pick up.
‘’here she is’’ she added excitedly.
We soon met up with Clara who hugged Vivian happily before nodding at me as she probably wondered who I was.
‘’I hope he isn’t security?’’ she asked Vivian with a smile.
‘’no, he’s a family friend. Does he look like a security guy?’’ Vivian answered while Clara laughed.
‘’he doesn’t look like security but I haven’t seen him before. Have we met before?’’ she asked me.
‘’oh my name is Val, a family friend. The last time we met was years ago when we were still very little. I think we were still in primary school back then’’ I lied like Vivian earlier advised and of course Clara bought it.
‘’oh val. Hmmmm nice name. hope you will be as sweet as your name?’’ she joked, making me a bit relaxed with her playful nature as we exchanged glances while Vivian rolled her eyes as she listened.
‘’I hope you are not hitting on him because he is mine?’’ Vivian finally added, while Clara laughed.
‘’of course not my dear, I’m not’’ she playfully answered as I helped her carry her big travel bag.
Deep down I couldn’t help but wonder if Vivian meant her words or was just playing around. Yes as a young guy, silly ideas always tend to get into my head.
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Saturday, 13 April 2019

the rough night with few gangsters of my campus

Students ran away without looking back as they saw them approaching, even lecturers driving by had to speed their cars away in fear of what would happen in a matter of minutes. There is no way someone won’t be killed today because whenever the members of the Arch Angels were seen around the campus with their green jackets on, that surely spells death for either a student of the school or a staff. Three men putting on Identical green Jacket and same brown pencil chinos are walking down the path that leads to the faculty of law, the only significant difference between them is that only one of them is putting on a Green Beret while the other two are putting on green baseball caps. Immediately the law students in the lecture room saw the boys approaching their class, they all ran off. Some escaped through the window, some squeezed through the door, the students including the lecturer in their class ran away in fear. Within a minute the whole lecture room was empty but one of the law students stayed back. He kept his gaze fixed on the handout on his table pretending like he wasn’t bothered about the arrival of the three guys that just scared all his course mates away. After a few minutes, he kept his handout aside and raised his head up as he adjusted his nerd glass. He starred at the three of them that were now standing right in front of him, he kept on looking but didn’t utter a word, the silence was broken by the guy that had the Green Beret on. “You are really as brave as they say” the guy with the beret said after clapping for a period of time. “Kong, table his f--k up” He said again. “Undermining the powers of the Arch Angels” Kong replied. “Hey mister, do you have any objection to what he just said about what your f--k up is? ” the guy with the green beret asked and waited for the guy sitting to reply but when no answer was forthcoming, he continued. “Nazaretha, pass his Judgement” “If thou undermineth the powers of the double A, thou shall be killed anytime thou art apprehended” Nazaretha replied. The guy with the beret smiled like he always do anytime Nazaretha speaks in his funny old English. “You still don’t have anything to say yeah” He asked the guy sitting again as he brought out his revolver from the cross bag hanging around his neck. “This will be your greatest mistake and even of it takes a thousand years, my boys will hunt you and drop you” the guy replied staring at them blankly. The guy didn’t bother replying him but rather he gave him three shots. One to his forehead, and two to his right and left side of his chest which clearly signified the signature of the Arch Angels. Immediately he finished taking the shots, he walked towards the board and picked the Tempo lying in front of the door. *Slimmy was here* he wrote on the board. “For they know not that Slimmy is the angel of death” Nazaretha shouted and walked out right behind Slimmy and Kong. They walked back with the same style and slow speed in which they came in with not minding that the people around might have alerted the authority of the school, they had no course to fear because they are the authority. In a very short while after the incident happened, the news had already spread like wild fire. Most students in the school had started packing their bags and heading for their respective homes. They need no prophet to tell them that another war is imminent, the last war that happened in the school some few years ago claimed more innocent lives than the lives of the cultists that were directly involved in the dirty dealings. Before evening that day, the whole school including both hostel and off campus buildings were practically empty. Most people ran to save their dear lives, the only people left in school were cultists and some students who really wanted to have first class gist about how the White Tigers will want to avenge the death of El Salam who was one of their prominent member that was murdered by the Arch Angels. Days went by, days turned to weeks and weeks were beginning to turn to months and there has been no news of killing or even a single gunshot being fired. Students began to resume one after another, gradually lectures started again and everything went back to how it was. OluwaGentle thou art the sneakiest of them all” Nazaretha hailed Gentle who just walked to where they were seated. “Nazaretha you no dey ever serious” Gentle replied Nazaretha as they shook hands, he did the same with the rest of the guys sitting around with them. “Slimmy make I see you abeg” Gentle said. Slimmy stood up immediately and they both walked to a corner to talk. They are not exactly the kind of identical twins that you won’t be able to differentiate. Slimmy is the definition of his name,very slim if not skinny in stature. Some of their closest pals always tease him that he shouldn’t move closer to a whirlwind else he would be blown away, yes he was that slim but that doesn’t in any way affect his good looks, Gentle on the other hand is a little bit chubby, he is not as tall as Slimmy, they have the same complexion and they kinda look alike facially. Just that Gentle prefers to keep his beard like that of rickross while Slimmy keeps his goatee beards. They talked for a while and Gentle walked back to the guys to bid them goodbye and then walked back to where his twin brother was waiting for him so they could head to wherever they were going. They hadn’t walked far when Nazaretha called Gentle’s name and was mouthing some things but Gentle couldn’t hear him. He turned around to face Nazaretha but was still walking with his back, Slimmy saw a girl walking in Gentle’s direction, the girl was also not looking up because she was engrossed with whatever she was typing on her phone. He realised that Nazaretha was only distracting Gentle so he could collide with the girl, he held his breath to picture the drama that was about to happen, before Gentle could realise that Nazaretha was just teasing him,it was too late, just as he was about to turn…. ……..Gbam…… They collided, the girl’s phone and hand bag fell to the ground. Slimmy and the rest of their friends started laughing uncontrollably, for a moment Gentle also tried to hold back his smile but when he couldn’t anymore, he bursted out laughing too. This must have infuriated the girl more and just as they were all laughing, there was another loud sound, yes it was another collision but this time it was a collision between the girl’s hand and Gentle’s cheek. The slap was so loud that they all stopped laughing at once. Almost immediately after the girl slapped Gentle, Slimmy was reaching for a gun inside his cross bag but Gentle who already knew that was what he was going to do rushed to where he was and stopped him from bringing out his gun. He said some words to his brother and them he let go of the gun. Gentle walked back to where the girl is standing. “I am sorry” he said as he handed over to her the phone and bag that he picked on the ground. He walked away from her immediately not minding to look at the regret that was written all over her face. Slimmy watched his brother as he walked by, the love they have for each other is unexplainable, they could do anything for each other just to please each other. “Oga wait for me na” He shouted as he ran to catch up with him** Make una come inside” Kong said as he ushered Rofiat and Hadijat inside the Arch Angel’s mansion. Rough walked in majestically while Hadijat just followed behind trembling at the faces she was seeing around, the house was filled with a lot of guys who were busy playing different types of games, some were seen smoking indian hemps, some were busy with their phones while some came to have a gist with Rofiat, Hadijat kept mute all through and kept her gaze fixed on the tv until Gentle walked in to join them in the sitting room. “Rough da Rough, what’s up na” Gentle said as he greeted Rofiat in their traditional arch angel’s way. “Am good brodaly, how you dey” Rofiat replied. “I dey, So you know this woman” Gentle pointing towards Hadijat who was now standing on her feet. “Am so sorry about yesterday, I really don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me for just this one time and I promise never to cross your path again” Hadijat recited one of the lines she read on Internet yesterday after Rofiat told her to check for apology speech, it’s really hilarious that she actually did surf the net for an apology speech. “Apology not accepted” Said Slimmy as he walked into the sitting room clad in only a towel tied around his waist. Immediately he walked in, most of the guys hanging around in different corners of the large sitting room walked out one after the other. Rofiat stood up immediately and kept her face to the ground knowing fully well that Slimmy doesn’t take it lightly when a lady stares into his face directly, Hadijat on the other hand couldn’t take her eyes off Slimmy’s abs. “Don’t mind my brother, your apology is accepted” Gentle spoke after a long moment of silence. “Rough” Slimmy called out. “Yes boss” Rofiat replied. “Who is she to you” He asked. “My little cousin” she replied. “Should I forgive her ?” Slimmy “For my sake, please do boss” Rofiat. “Rough da Rough” He said and smiled a for a while l “Okay I forgive her” he added. “Thanks much boss, thanks so much Gentle” Rough said and signalled to Hadijat that they should start leaving. “Leaving so soon?” Gentle asked. “Yeah I have to drop her on campus for lectures very soon” Rofiat replied. “Okay then, safe” Said Gentle to them as they walked out of the room. “Kid bro, I think you like that little chick” Slimmy teased “I have always told you I am your elder bro, I came out before you mennh” Gentle teased back. “That’s because I sent you on an errand to see what the world looks like bro” Slimmy teased again but Gentle just walked away smiling knowing fully well that if they continued, he wasn’t going to ever win the argument about who is older between the both of them Hadijat gave a loud yawn as she sank into the three seater sofa and laid face flat. She buried her face into the throw pillow and began to murmur what sounded like a quick Thanksgiving prayer. ‘Halimat!’ Rofiat shouted as she flung open the door and bounced in. ‘Halimat!’ she shouted one more time. She sat on the sofa by the left side and began to untie her shoe lace. She looked up while at it and saw Hadijat still in her prayer mood. ‘You want to start a vigil in the morning?’ She teased as she took off her shoe and relaxed back. Hadijat sat up and let out a deep breath. ‘Thank God it’s all over’ she said, breathing into her palms. Rofiat glanced at her and smiled. ‘You’re indeed very lucky, the Slimmy I know would not let things go like that.’ Halimat walked into the lounge from behind just as Rofiat stood up. ‘Oh! You’re back. How did it go?’ She asked, placing her hands on her waist, already switching herself to gist mode. ‘Where you go since?’ Rough answered Halimat with an irrelevant question, even when it was obvious that Halimat was coming out from her room. ‘I went to check for something in class and I returned few minutes ago’ she replied and joined Hadijat on the sofa. ‘On Saturday? I was expecting to come here and find breakfast already prepared’ ‘I’ll start preparing rice now, we have stew already’ Halimat said. ‘I can’t wait’ Rofiat said. She stood up and straightened up her clothes and picked her shoes up. She began to proceed towards her room. ‘I’m going out now.’ ‘It won’t take long, you know. The gas cooker heats up very fast’ Halimat tried to convince her, standing up to go to the kitchen. ‘Maybe I’ll come back early’ Rofiat said as she walked out of their sight. She came back two minutes later, after adding more powder to her face and changing her shoes to a leather slippers. She was putting on her wristwatch and staring around the chairs, looking for something. She found it, her phone. She unlocked and swiped down to check the notifications. ‘Hadijat’ she called, still looking into the phone as she turned. ‘Why didn’t you bring my phone to me when it was ringing?’ She asked but got no response. ‘Mtcheew. It’s even this funny boy’ she muttered to herself as she deleted the notification and locked the screen. She turned back to the seat to see if anything was forgotten, none was. She turned back again and was about proceeding towards the door when she noticed that Hadijat was lost in thoughts and smiling sheepishly to herself. That explained the reason she didn’t answer Rofiat’s earlier question. Rough walked closer and waved her hand across Hadijat’s face, startling the girl. ‘What the hell are you thinking about?’ She asked, giving her a contorted look. ‘I thought you were making Thanksgiving prayers some minutes ago.’ Halimat walked back into the lounge, drying her hands with a towel. ‘Nothing,’ Hadijat smiled and got up from her seat. She switched on the television socket and picked the remote before returning to her seat. Rough was still standing in the same position and staring at her awkwardly. ‘You better watch your sister. She might be developing fever too’ Rofiat warned Halimat playfully before walking out of the house. ‘How did it go?’ Halimat who was now seated asked, few seconds after Rough left. ‘Fine, wonderful’ Hadijat gave a quick glance at Halimat, flashing her teeth. ‘Fine, wonderful?’ Halimat repeated in a surprise tone. ‘Yes, it was wonderful’ ‘Interesting… What made it so wonderful? I can’t imagine how an apology session could turn around to be wonderful’ ‘They accepted our apologies’ Hadijat stared back into Halimat’s face, spreading out her hands and palms to add effects. ‘Is that all that happened?’ Hadijat raised her eyebrows. ‘Yes’ Halimat stressed and returned her gaze to the TV. She took the remote control by her side and increased the TV volume. ‘And you guys did not stop anywhere else?’ Halimat asked, half shouting now as the sound of the music video being aired now filled the air. Hadijat picked the remote control again and reduced the volume. She stared at Halimat for her to repeat her question. ‘Did you guys visit any other place?’ Halimat repeated. ‘No, we didn’t. Why are you asking?’ ‘It’s strange that you’re looking so happy’ ‘Don’t you want me to look happy?’ ‘No, not that. But I know you hate apologizing to guys, especially with your bad history of dishing out slaps to them. So I’m surprised that you’re happy after this.’ Hadijat hissed briefly. ‘The guys seem nice to me’ she began, narrowing her eyes. ‘Especially the slim one’ ‘Slimmy?’ ‘Yes’ Hadijat rolled her eyes and licked her lips. ‘You need to see his abs, his body perfectly defines the word sexy’ ‘You’re silly’ Halimat said and got up. ‘So his abs are what makes him nice?’ She asked without waiting for a reply and walked to the kitchen. ~~
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Friday, 12 April 2019

The last fight for love

I lighted the stove immediately and put some water into the kettle and placed it on the stove.
“Hope you’ve put the water?” My madam shouted from the sitting room.
“Yes ma,” I replied twisting my fingers in fear.
“Come and wash off these napkins immediately,” she ordered sending me running into the sitting room.
She handed me the soiled napkins and I zoomed off with it into the bathroom to wash it.
I had barely soaked the napkin into the water when I heard madam’s voice dishing out another instruction.
“I will skin you alive if you continue wasting my kerosene in this house!” She bawled. “Or do you want to tell me that you don’t know that this hot water is boiling?”
“Sorry ma,” I replied.
“Sorry for your stupid self!” she fired back.
I instantly rinsed my hands and rushed to the kitchen to bring down the hot water.
I didn’t know where the pap I was to prepare was, so I went to the sitting room to ask madam.
“Ma please where is the pap?” I asked trembling with fear.
“Idiot the pap is there!” She fumed pointing at the fridge.
I went to the fridge, brought out the pap, prepared it and took it to her in the sitting room.
Then I went to the bathroom to continue with the napkin.
The baby’s cry filled the entire house and I soon heard my madam’s voice calling me.
“Adaeze!” She called.
“Yes ma,” I replied rinsing my hands once again and running into the sitting room.
“Sing for her, sing for her,” she urged.
“Fine baby don’t cry, fine baby don’t cry,” I broke into an unrehearsed song.
Fortunately for me, the baby stopped crying and listened to my song as she gulped down the warm pap.
When she was done, I carried the plate into the kitchen and washed it off and then went to the bathroom to finish up with the soaked napkin.
Soon, baby went to sleep and madam went to sleep too and I had little time to myself…
The other two children, Nnenna and Chimaobi soon came back from school and scattered their school uniforms, sandals and school bags in the sitting room creating more work for me.
“Where is my food,” Chimaobi asked with an authority that was much stronger than his 3years of age would suggest.
“And mine too!” Nnenna added.
“Its inside the warmer,” I replied.
“Go and get it for us!” Chimaobi ordered.
I wondered how little Chimaobi and Nnenna would be ordering me around.
Little children whom I was older than with nothing less than 10years.
I brought their food from the warmer and gave to them.
If not for the presence of my madam, those children would have had it hot with me but madam’s presence was hell-fire on its own.
Not to talk of when she gets report from any of her children.
I hadn’t taken anything except the two slices of bread and mixed water that I took since morning yet I endured.
I cleared the sitting room and removed the school uniforms, bags and sandals that the children scattered there and went to the bathroom to wash the uniforms.
I had barely started washing the uniforms when madam woke up from sleep.
“Hope the children have eaten,” she asked with bulging sleepy eyes.
“Yes ma, they have,” I replied.
Then she went into the toilet to ease herself.
“Adaeze!” She called.
“Yes ma,” I replied.
“Have you washed this toilet today?” She asked.
“No ma,” I replied.
“If I meet you in that bathroom, I will tear you into pieces!” she threatened.
I rushed off to the balcony to get the mop and bucket to wash the toilet.
“Why didn’t you wash it since morning?” She asked.
“I forgot ma,” I replied.
She gave me a very hard push and I fell backwards and nearly hit my head on the wall.
“Silly a-s!” She cursed and went back to her bedroom.
With tiredness, hunger and exhaustion I washed the toilet.
When I was done, I went back to the bathroom to complete the washing of the children’s school uniforms.
By the time I finished washing the school uniforms, my stomach was tearing apart with hunger.
But I couldn’t muster the courage to tell my madam that I was hungry.
So all I did was to go to one corner of the kitchen and cry silently.
Madam’s husband came back later in the evening and observed that my eyes were red.
“Why are your eyes red?” He asked peering into my face.
“Nothing sir,” I lied in a bid to avoid trouble.
“Have you been crying?” He asked still peering into my eyes.
“No sir,” I lied again.
“Ok have this,” he said handing a can of fruit juice to me.
My face brightened up as he handed the juice to me.
“Thank you sir,” I greeted and went into the kitchen with the can of juice.
I gulped down the entire juice in no time and my stomach calmed a bit.
The family had dinner around 8pm but I wasn’t given anything till I finished washing all the plates and pots used for the dinner.
Then madam put one very small leftover of the food for me, the size of which wasn’t even going to be enough for a toddler and went to bed.
I ate the food fast and retired to my small room to catch some sleep as I was very tired and exhausted
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Thursday, 11 April 2019

the day my english teacher asked me out

As we were banging, ms Jacobs call came in, I picked the call “hello Ms Jacobs” I said. “How ar u Peter”? She said. “Am good ma”. “Where are you”? “Am at home”. “Ok, just be careful am gonna talk to you tomorrow”. “Yes ma, good night ma”. She hung the call and I can tell by Priscilla’s facial expression that she needs explanations, I had to tell her that it was a corper taken us Geography that called me, thank God she understood. I f----d her again and we close the chapter. I got up dress and head back home, I got home, showered and straight to bed.
I woke up that morning very hale and hearty, took my bath, eat, dressed up and went to school. I got to school very early, sat down, and suddenly Ms Jacobs came to school, I saw her but pretended not to see her but she called me and I answered went to her and greeted her, she told me to bring the assignment for her. When the students came in, I told them to submit their Assignment and they started submitting. A girl brought her book that I should help her to do it, I asked her where she got it wrong, she showed me and I help her out, by then my chicks have not come. The fact remains that I was eyeing the girl since but because of the girls I do walk with I couldn’t talk to her. She collected my number that she will contact me whenever she needs help and I gave her, immediately we finished, my chicks came in.
We had one lesson before I took the assignment to Ms Jacobs. On getting to her office, I met her computing some results, she asked me to help her out, she gave me a chair, directed me how to do it and I started computation too. As we were doing it, she sent an SS2 student to buy food for us, as we were eating, she started asking me about myself, I told her everything about myself, some true and some lies. We had a lesson and she asked me to go. We couldn’t finish the computation and she gave me her address to come back by evening to her house to help her in the markings of our Assignment and then compiling the results.
As I got to the classroom, it was Mr John my English Language Master, he didn’t start until I entered the class, he asked me where I was coming from and I explained to him, he asked me to go and sit down and he began his lesson. He even happened to be our Form-master, he then appointed me as new Class captain since the hitherto class captain left for his WAEC to another school. I was happy inwardly but outwardly I pretend not to be. Who wouldn’t want it when it’s ushering me into f-----g new girls. He gave us Assignment, and asked me to bring them to him the following day, I knew very well having been a Class captain before in my former school that it is gonna be a tedious task, my going to tutorial with those girls will reduce though it will pace way for me getting new girls. However, it place me on greater risk of being caught or getting an STIs.
Nemesis they said must catch up with who ever do the wrong thing, am now a Class captain, my adventure in another level, watch out for me
I got home that day, prepared some thing and ate, after taking my bath, I lay down, only to b woken by my phone ring tone, I never knew, it has been ringing, I woke up saw five missed call, 3 from Corper, one from Bola and another one from The new girl I collected or rather that collected my number in the morning. Who am I to call first, I only had 20 naira call card, all of them their p---y is important since I never bleep any of them.
I called the corper first, base on say she get level pass all, she cut my call (thank God) and called me back, she asked me not forget coming to her side by 5pm, I accepted, went to Vivian’s house and told them. I came back to my house, took another bath again as I wore a very good cloth, who knows she might have been eyeing me. On my way I met Kate and Princess, Priscilla’s friends coming back 4rm God knows where, we greeted and Kate told me that she wants to see me any time am free, I told her that there is no problem I will let her know.
I got to Ms Jacobs, I met her in the kitchen cooking, she asked me to join her having greeted her. I joined her in the cooking, she was surprised that I can prepare a delicious stew, as I was in the stew section, she was in the plantain, rice and dishes section, we finished and she brought the food for us to eat, we started eating, my heart-beat was faster than usual, I don’t know why it was that way, I wanted to look at her but as I took my eyes to hers, I noticed her stare was on me, little did I know that my chest was open and my hairy chest was what she was staring at, I stylishly adjusted but she caught me. “Are You shy”. She asked. “Not at all, just doing the right thing”. I answered politely. “What is right that you are doing now”? “Closing my open chest”. “Did I complain”? “You needn’t but I know it shouldn’t be open as am with you”. “You ar funny sha, don’t you open it in front of your galfriend”? I paused with my mouth opened, no words came out.
After we finished eating, she brought out a table that we are gonna be using for the markings and compilation. The question, the lady asked me was still going on in my mind, I want to answer it in a smart way not to cause trouble for me. My mind wasn’t at peace, in my I was thanking my stars she didn’t press on the question, as I ignored she did too, little did I knew that I was far from being correct. As we started, the first question she asked was “Do you Have a Galfrnd”? Yekpa!! You guys are not expecting me to say “yes I have many of them, and you ar also not expecting me to say, god 4bid I don’t have”. I just calm down and told her, I have admirers and people I admire but av not start any serious relationship with any but hopefully any moment. She just did “hmmm”
We started gisting about different issues to family and to Social life, she even had the gut to asked me how many rounds I can go, she really naughty, I became really scared because how can a lady feels so free with a guy very junior to her academically, that was my mentality then anyways. We keep chatting and doing our main objectives, she will do the marking while I did the recording.
As we were doing it, she told me she wants to shower, I accepted and she left, to shower, she came back, with towel only on her, she sat down opposite me and start to cream her body, suddenly I heard my name I answered and she said “do you know if we didn’t finish that thing today, you are going to no where”? Ah!! What does she mean, I told her I don’t know and she said, she has told me so I should be faster, I already know what she meant, there is just no way, we are gonna finish it before 8pm with the way we are going about it.
She asked me to come and cream her back for her, the time was about 6:35. What!! Cream her back? Am in for a long tin, well I remembered something that I needed to apply. I went, collected the lotion, I was shocked when I noticed that she was even sitting facing a standing mirror, if her towel loose now, everything will show, God don’t save me from this thing ooo. I put the lotion in my hand and I started, doing in a massage form, she was getting the sensation, I started from the neck, and down to where the towel reach, before I knew it as expected the towel fell off, she didn’t even bulge, ah! My johnson was standing trying to push my zip out, her boobs was so sexy, she was smiling.
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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

drunk in love with a campus babe

I was posted back to Abeokuta, Ogun State. “Your state of origin” Gunner Emmanuel Whisper’s into my ear, i nodded in positive. “How could that be” Emmanuel asked me after we were been dismissed. “I don’t f-----g know” I replied. “We all know that we are fighting insecurity in the country, Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa States are the major states that most of us were posted to, some of them have started crying. Moreover, it has never happened in the history of Nigeria army that a newly passed out soldier was posted back to his own state to go and serve there”. Emmanuel further explained. Me myself wasn’t happy about it because i thought of the fact that i will be a little bit close to my hometown and to where my families resides, i wanted to serve in the eastern or northern part of the country where i will have to meet new people, learn different languages and most of all live an independent life. “Should i go and complaint so that it will be amend.” I thought to myself. While i was thinking about all these things, something brought Ayomide’s thought to mind. “This is an opportunity for me, at least i will be close to her, i will have upper hand to carry out my mission, I will even be able to visit her in Sango anytime i feel like” I thought to myself. It looks as if the thought alone ease my pain, i smile to myself. “I guess it God’s will” I concluded. We left Kaduna the third day after our passing out, the journey from Kachia Kaduna State to Abeokuta Ogun State was stress free as a long luxurious bus was arranged for only 35 soldiers going to Abeokuta. I engaged myself with games and videos on my phone in order to keep the journey lively. I decided to called Ayomide and informed her about my posting as i have called my mum and my twin brother late that day after our posting has been announced in order to informed them. Me: Dialing her Number (Ringing) Ayomide: Hello Me: Yeah baby girl Ayomide: How far Me: Cool here and u Ayomide: Fine as well Me: How are your families Ayomide: They are all fine and what about yours Me: Glory be to God Ayomide: Where are you, i can hear the sound of vehicles Me: Yeah! I just call to inform you that I’m through with my course and i have been posted to my unit. Ayomide: Waoo! That nice, so how was the course, hope u did not let me down Me: Laughing! Trust me now Ayomide: Sure! I trust u. So how did it finish Me: Glory be to God, Second position! Ayomide: Waoo! (Shouting) That’s a very good one Me: Thanks dear Ayomide: Aren’t you going to celebrate that for me Me: Laughing! Sure i will… Ayomide: How many are you guys Me: We’re just 130 Ayomide: WTF! Second position in a class of 130 Me: Yes Ayomide: Gabriel you really tried ooo Me: Thanks dear Ayomide: U welcome! So where are you posted to Me: Guess? Ayomide: Hmmmmm! Me: *(Silence)* Ayomide: Don’t tell me is Maiduguri ooo Me: No Ayomide: Northeast! Me: No Ayomide: Then where now Me: Hmmmm! (Smiling) Ayomide: Talk joor Me: Abeokuta! Ayomide: Are u kidding me Me: Am serious Ayomide: Really Me: Yes Ayomide: Waoo! Thank God for you ooo. Your parents will be happy Me: I did not even like it, i wanted to go to northeast Ayomide: U are not serious, instead of you to be happy and thank God at the same time, you are here wishing yourself bad luck Me: Hmmm! Who knows may be you are even the one that pray so that they will bring me close to you Ayomide: Me! What is my problem with your posting Me: Laughing! Don’t worry…. Ayomide: Funny you (In an awkward manner) Me: Am in the vehicle now, on our way to Abeokuta Ayomide: Alright wish you a safe journey Me: Thank you! I will chat you later Ayomide: No problem! Bye… Me: Bye… “Yes! At least i have make a move, she should know i am up to something” I said to my self after i hanged up. No doubt! This journey remains the best I’ve ever embarked on in my life, full of fun till we got to Abeokuta in Ogun State. Most of the instructors that knew me when our screening was conducted were asking me how i make it back to my own state, “Oga na God ooo” I replied with a smiling face. The work is pretty cool, routines such as morning physical training (PT) are carried out three times in a week and evening games two times in a week. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are always for morning PT while Tuesday and Thursdays are for Evening games. At morning PT, normal jugging and light exercise are observed for about 1 hour 15 minutes while Games like football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, Boxing and so on are observed at evening games. Work resumed by 08:45am on morning PT days and 07:45 on non morning PT days. Evening games on the other hand is schedule to hold by 4pm on it’s days. While i resumed at work by 07:45am and closed by 02:00pm, i wondered if am still in secondary school. Everything is simply simple and straight with timing. Once you find yourself late for any activities, the guardroom (place where offenders are kept) will be your best friend for that day. We still received lectures as if we are still on course, i wasn’t comfortable about the lectures because i found out that the same thing we were been thought in Kaduna are the same thing they are still teaching us. One day, i decided to ask why we can’t just leave all this things aside and move on with another topic since everyone of us have understood the message they are trying to pass across to us. On asking the question, the instructor ask the class to give me a round of applause, everybody wondered why they are clapping for me when the guardroom supposed to be my best friend throughout the day for asking such stupid question. To them, the question sounds stupid and awkward but the the instructor, it really means i have been paying attention to what I’m been thought right from Artillery school. “The corp of Artillery is a very delicate corp as no single iota of mistake will be tolerate in the battle field. The corp required us to fire our target without seeing it and at the same time fire over our friendly forces. If a single mistake occur in the computing then there is every possibilities that the shot will land on our friendly forces and you all know what that means.” The instructor explained. We all nodded our head in positive with amazed. “That is why our slogan remains the “Corp of Proud Professional” because we don’t make mistake.” The instructor further explained! “Gabriel, you just justify the second position you obtained in Kaduna” He commended me. All eyes was on me, i feel blushed. I’ve already settled down after four months, my parlour well arranged with a 32 inches plasma television, a set of home sound system, portable refrigerator with juice and fruits inside, shinning curtain, rug carpet, 14 inches standing fan and a beautiful center table. My bedroom holds a 6 by 6 14 inches mattress, a small bedroom refrigerator and other thing that beautify a room. I don’t know why i was arranging my house to impress Ayomide, i have been thinking of inviting her down to my place but i was just taking my time. Since i met her at Mr Biggs, i haven’t set my eyes on her again, we only keep phone conversation and WhatApp chat. I have make up my mind to make my intention known to her whenever she comes. Play the first home match if possible at the same time. I picked up my phone and dialled her number. Me: ****Calling Ayomide**** Ayomide: Hello oga soldier Me: Baby girl, what’s up Ayomide: Am cool and you Me: Fine jare, how was your day Ayomide: We thank Baba God ooo Me: That’s nice Ayomide: And how is Abeokuta? Me: Abeokuta is fine ooo, life here is pretty simple most especially in the barracks Ayomide: Really Me: Yeah! Not like sango “You know what i mean now” I murmured jokingly. Ayomide: You are not serious ****We both laugh**** So what’s the latest? Me: Hmmmm! The latest is, i want you to come to Abeokuta Ayomide: “To do what?” She asked surprisingly Me: I just want to see you Ayomide: Me! “Come to Abk” she asked curiously. Moreover! If u want to see me, you know my house Me: ***She wan dey form innocent be that*** No now! it’s not like that Ayomide: Then is like how Me: You know am a young soldier, i cannot start applying for pass now. Moreover, they will think i want to start taking an advantage of the fact that am serving in my state. Ayomide: That’s true, you have a point Me: ***Chai! I be Baddo*** So that’s why… Infact I’ve missed you self Ayomide: ***Smiling*** What did u miss about me Me: Don’t worry, i will tell you when u come Ayomide: So! When did u want me to come Me: On Saturday! Ayomide: ****Hmmmm**** Today is Tuesday, I will think about it and give you feedback on Friday Me: Alright dear i will be expecting Ayomide: Ok Me: So where are you now Ayomide: At home Me: Doing what Ayomide: Just lying down. What about you Me: Soldier’s Club Ayomide: Soldier’s Club? Me: Yes Ayomide: What are you doing there Me: Just having fun, playing snooker Ayomide: Hmmm…. Me: Any prob about that Ayomide: Not at all Me: Alright dear Ayomide: Just take care of yourself Me: I will! And u too Ayomide: Alright Me: Bye Ayomide: Bye Me: Hung Up… It was past 8 already, i left soldier’s club for my house. When i got home, i was tired and unable to cook, i decided to check on Mummy Teni if she has something in her kitchen that she can offer me, Mummy Teni is my neighbour, i stayed in room 1 while she stays in room 2, her husband was among those who conducted our screening exercise but unfortunately for him, he was nominated to Maiduguri for an internal operation before i came back form training. Mummy Teni and i have been so closed since the very first day i moved into that my room. We do call eachother Neighbour by name… Me: ****Knocking at her door**** Mummy Teni: Who is that Me: Neighbour! Neighbour!! Mummy Teni: Neighbour? Me: Abeg con open door joor Mummy Teni: ****Door opens**** Me: Good evening ma Mummy Teni: Good evening ***Paving way for me to enter inside*** Me: I thought you would have slept Mummy Teni: I just want to finish with this film before i go to bed jare Me: Alright! Where is Teni Mummy Teni: He’s inside sleeping Me: Sleepy Sleepy Mummy Teni: ***Laughing*** Leave my son alone ooo. Where are you coming from by this time of the day Me: Soldier’s Club Mummy Teni: Ok Me: Please is there anything eatable in this house Mummy Teni: Yes! I cooked beans in the evening, should i bring it for you Me: You still asking again, what brought me here if not food Mummy Teni: ***Smiling*** You will not kill me Me: Abeg bring package it for me jare Mummy Teni: Went into the kitchen and came out with a flask Me: That’s why i like my neighbour Mummy Teni: Na you sabi Me: Till tomorrow jare Mummy Teni: Alright good night Me: Thanks so much, good night! Mummy Teni: ***Shut the door*** After i finished eating, I sat down on my bed, initiated a chat with Ayomide. She replied instantly as if she has been waiting for my message, we chatted for about 30 minutes before i slept off. It’s was as if Saturday will not come, all the days was kind of slow, i had make an arrangement with Peter, one of my course mate to help me pick Ayomide as soon as she got to the junction next to our barracks in order to avoid security check at the gate. He assured me that there will be no f--k up and that he is going to carry out mission perfectly. On Thursday, i decided to go to a nearby market to buy fried rice ingredient, I’m very good in cooking, i learnt how to cook good food when i was staying with my aunty that attended a catering school. I’ve been rehearsing on how everything is going to look like that day, it was all funny as i was displaying in my room alone as if am crazy. That night, i called her in order to remind her if she hasn’t forget about her coming on Saturday. “Am working towards it” She replied. On Friday, I made everything i needed available, i purchased a kilo of turkey at the mami market (mini market right in front of the barracks gate), I fried it and preserved it inside my refrigerator. Later in the evening, i was arranging some of the music I’m going to play when she comes. I heard my phone ringing from the bedroom, “maybe she is the one calling ooo” i murmured while i rush to pick it up. I look at the screen and it was Ayomide, i took a deep breath before i picked the call. Me: Hmmm! Baby Girl… Ayomide: How far Me: Am cool, U? Ayomide: Fine! Me: How u doing? Ayomide: Great! I just want to tell u that i will be coming over tomorrow Me: ****Very Happy**** Waoo! What time are u coming? Ayomide: Hmmm! Around 10:00am Me: Haba! 10? “Y can’t you make it 08:00am.” I requested happily Ayomide: ****Smiling**** “Why don’t you ask me to start coming by 04:00am” She replied jokingly. Me: Ok! Let make it 09:00am Ayomide: Ok i will try Me: Alright! Honestly I can’t wait to see you Ayomide: ***Smiling*** Tomorrow is here na Me: I just want to close my eyes and see you by the time i will open it Ayomide: ****Laughing**** Me: ****Laughing**** Am serious! Ayomide: Just chill! Tomorrow is around the corner Me: Alright dear Ayomide: So what are you going to prepare for me Me: Anything you want Ayomide: ****Smiling**** Fried rice and chicken Me: ****Thank God ooo**** Done! Ayomide: Funny you. Where will u get it from Me: Wait and see Ayomide: Ok! I’ve heard you Me: I have to be on my way to tattoo now “Tattoo is a gathering mandatory for all soldiers in the barracks, late in the evening every blessed day” Ayomide: Alright! Start going so that you won’t be late Me: Bye Dear Ayomide: Bye I couldn’t held how joyful i am, it was as if a President’s daughter is coming to pay me a visit, i just can wait to see tomorrow. After tattoo that night, i met with peter and briefed him about how everything is going to work out as planed. I gave him Ayomide’s phone number, do not call her until you get to the that junction tomorrow. “No problem” he replied. “I will call and inform you as soon as she got to the place so that you will go and pick her up” i concluded. Peter’s block and mine is a little bit close to each other, he made way to his house when he got to the junction of house. I slept around 08:40pm, only to woke up and found out that is just 11:50pm. “So i have been sleep for just 3 hours since i slept.” I murmured angrily while coming out of the toilet and i went back to bed.
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