Sunday, 7 October 2018

Last deal of the day (touching story)

I woke up with a start, my phone was vibrating  on the table. Grabbing it I placed it on my ear without looking at the caller ID.
" hey!" I sighed as I waited for the person on the other end to respond. When I realise it was silent, I sat up.
" who is this?" I asked hoping it could be my Angela.
How stupid,I thought to myself. " if Angela has not called me in years, why was I even thinking she would suddenly call me.
" Hello!" I answered again but this time the line cut.
I tried to call back but couldn't go through.
I decided to ignore whoever was calling and prepare to go and meet my father. I quickly took a bath and wore some casual clothes before walking out.
" I have to get to Lusaka West " i informed the taxi driver getting inside. I didn't bother call someone to pick me up from home, giving my assistant a break too.  I couldn't just wait.
" oh my God! I waited for this day to come when I would see you all grown up and succeeded in achieving your dream my handsome boy!" Aunty Nelly shouted as she saw me walk to the door.
" my dear aunty Nelly, I missed you so much" I  hugged her close.
" I missed you too my champion and am so proud of you. I saw the competition, you really stood out my boy. I kept of smiling like a fool as I watched you. It was so much my heart was almost failing me with joy"  she whispered.
" thank you my hero, you always say the right words." I held her
"She smiled her face now getting old but with the same motherly smile that I missed so much." You look old and good at the same time" I teased her as she let go of my hand.

" are we going to see you already? Or you plan on just ending in the kitchen" I heard my sister Nina call out to me.
" kiddo, you are all grown up come on here! I shouted pulling her in a hug.
" you are famous now Jay, am so proud of you" she chuckled holding my hand and leading me to the living room where my parents where.

We had a family breakfast after the greetings.
My father for some reason wasn't looking straight at me and I knew his wife had told him why I had gone there.
" so I watched the last part of the competition, I bet you just had to follow your heart huh? It was a good performance and am sure people were happy" he spoke up lifting a cup of coffee to his mouth.
" Yeah actually it was great. Am glad I followed my heart. I guess refusing to live under the wings of others pays off after all" I said sacastically and my mother cleared her throat.

" so how long are you staying here?" She asked to distract the tension between me and my father.
" am only here for a few days. Am heading right back when am done with what I came here for. I have to be in the company of people who motivate me and besides I got lots of shows lined up for me. Some of us we earn a living by entertaining people " I added to make sure my last words came out exactly the way my father had said them years back and I saw him look down his plate.

"Excuse me, I think I have had enough, thank you for the meal aunty Nelly.. You always have a way with food" I smiled at aunty Nelly who was putting some desert on the table.
"Thank you" she smiled as I held her shoulder and passed behind her.
I went to stand at the back facing the small garden. Remembering how many times I had to go sit out there and cry myself out whenever my father would scold and throw his threats and insults at me.
" you are a diappointment and I sometimes wonder if you really are my son. Get to your senses boy and do the right thing. This dancing thing will be your down fall." He scolded me.
My eyes where almost spilling out with the thoughts and I pushed them back when I heard foot steps in my back.
" You have grown so much, I can't believe you actually are taller than me now" my father let a laugh as he stood near me.
I turned to look at him. " dad I know you saw Angela and I want to know what the hell is going on. I don't have time with your chit chats, am sure mom told you why am here.
" i snapped not wanting to have some other talk with him.
I get it Jared, you are still upset with me for not supporting you and you are probably thinking the worst of me right now. Am sorry for not being a father you expected but I needed you to be strong and do the right things. I care about you, you are my own blood and I love you" he said and I for the first time i felt he was being sincere.
" yeah you have the best way of showing it father. You know what though?  I wont buy that now. If you trully loved me you could have supported me and probably you could have travelled with mom to witness me compete. But like always, I do  the most stupid things. But you know what? Am not intrested in hearing those words now. I have done fine without them for years so lets get to the point father, where is Angela and what did you do to make her stop communicating with me?" I asked looking at him.
I saw his face soften a bit and he kept his eyes down.
" dad, are you going to say anything?"  I asked

" Jared, come on sit with me in the TV room" he finally uttered his words calmly.
I wanted to refuse and let him tell me what was going on right that moment. I couldn't wait any longer. But I just had to follow him.

An hour later, I stood up and looked out the window my head now pounding heavily I felt it would fall off my neck any instant.
My father just told me the story about Angela that gave me so much pain and shock I couldn't hold myself.
Take me to her, I finally spoke up wiping a tear that had fallen slowly down my face.
" what? Now?" He asked frowning 
Didn't you hear a word of what I said?"  He responded firmly.
" I did father and I insist I need to see her right away. I have to, I told you I love her and I will not rest until I see her again. I promised her I would come back and I am going to keep my promise. let's go now" I insisted and I saw my father reluctantly stand up and grabbed his car  keys.
I looked outside the car window as my father drove me. My mind wild back to the conversation we had earlier.
" I met Angela months after you were gone, I mean, I never really went to look for her but that your friend Tracy came here and told your sister Tina something about you having an affair with your teacher. And you know how Tina is, she let it all out to me,  I felt she was taking advantage of you and all that. I had to do something"
" as usual, trying to fix my life huh?" I had responded cutting him.
" okey, so I went over," he went on ignoring my comment.
" I found her at her brother' s house. She didn't  deny the accusation. She actually told me she was deeply in love with you and you had practically followed her around even when she tried to hide from you.
I went on telling her why she couldn't be with you and all that staff. I didn't like the idea of her encouraging you to go on with dancing. For me it was a shallow dream. But she told me point blank how you were a man enough to know what you wanted.
" give him a break and let him be happy living his dream" were her exact words.
I noticed she was looking sick and when I asked her she reluctantly told me she had some problems with her heart.
She's very sick Jared, but you have to hear the rest of the story from her mouth.
Right now she's in the hospital. She's been through a lot and she made me promise never to tell you. According to her she wanted you to accomplish your dream without distractions. "

The coughing of my father brought me back to the present.
" Jared, we are here. Come on, you have to go  see her" he said softly as he led me to the entrance of the hospital.
We stopped by the door to the ward and I pushed it open  slowly.
What I saw made me whole body grow very weak. I held on to the door to avoid loosing balance.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The theft story (Episode 1 and 2)

Part 2
The thieves headed to the living room and were happy with what they found and so before they could steal what they had found; it was time to know the victims they were stealing from by inspecting each room. The thieves proceeded by first bringing out her parents to the living room. They then went to pick up Triny who even in her night dress without a makeup was still a marvel too beautiful to go unnoticed. Triny was the only daughter of a couple that had struggled to have children as she only came 15 years after they got married. If Triny was what the couple had to wait for that long, she was certainly worth it. Her very beautiful highly curved body which was more of an artistic making and less of an ordinary creation was accompanied with very well defined principles which were a very rare combination made her parents very proud of her. ‘All this while I believed the world had seven mighty wonders and to live with the cold reality that I missed out on the eighth wonder and went to on to marry some ordinary lady fills my heart with grief and tears’ teasingly sobbed one of the masked men as he stared at a teary Triny. ‘It would be very unfair for us to have sex with a married woman, so your mom is safe little girl but you will have to satisfy the five of us. We are very gentle and won’t hurt you if you are gentle with us’ he continued as Triny was in tears trying to cope with the agony of having kept her virginity for some armed muscular robbers.
Meanwhile Prince Ray was in his bed thinking of Triny and the words from his cousin that Triny was a virgin were like cold water on a very sunny day. He was already picturing how he was going to be her first and the nice fancy place he would take her for that historic moment. Ray was feeling something so special for Triny, it was a bit different from what he felt and he was fighting so hard for it not to grow into love.
Eduardo, Triny’s admirer, had been in love only once. He was heartbroken when the ex-girlfriend, Naty dumped him for some older man that provided her with the luxuries poor Eduardo could not afford. He had dated Naty for four years and was her first boyfriend and love. From time to time Eduardo would recall how the pair shared their first kiss and love and how he pictured them even marrying their first lover. This made Eduardo vow to never date people with little or no experience in love as he believed they turn into heartless beasts that need a long time to regain their senses.
Triny’s parents were in tears feeling sorry for their daughter who was about to be gang raped, they remembered always encouraged her to remain a virgin till she met a man who was worth taking it away. Her father was badly beaten and left unconscious when he tried to stop the men from holding Triny’s body. ‘we don’t want to harm anyone but we are armed and will do whatever it takes to have things away and especially to explore the angelic eighth wonder’ said the masked man. When her mother tried to grab one of the men she was shot in the chest and laid on the floor as her eye balls begun rolling up. ‘This is the most painful night you will ever have, not only will you lose your virginity but also your family and their riches. Not even the death of the president will save you, is it true what your late mother said about you being a virgin? I always dreamt of sleeping with a virgin, I guess my prayer has been answered today’ another masked man said. Then…………………………..

Part 3
‘I will go first as I am senior most and most experienced as I have been married for over twenty years. I have only been with my wife and never slept with another woman. Don’t be scared little girl! I am the most gentle of men you will ever meet and be assured you will enjoy this, my wife would attest to this fact had she been here’ said one of the masked men as he mocked Triny and toll off her blouse.  All of the masked men paused for a second after glancing at Triny’s chest as it was way better than they had expected or ever seen; their hearts skipped some beats for a while and made them eager and impatient to have a taste of Triny. ‘Just why the hell in the world would someone with a sensationally phenomenon body like yours choose to remain a virgin? We are going to break this streak in a way you won’t forget so that you don’t pass on these useless nonsensical morals to your children or friends. Yea! It feels like we celebrating freedom and if we were to give this night a title I would call it; breaking the virgin walls of Triny! You are Triny right? As your late mom called you’ said another masked many as he mocked Triny and removed her shorts which escalated their desire for passion as her body was so smooth with no mark, it was so smooth that they thought she used to soak herself in milk. Triny lay on the floor helplessly trying to grasp the sad way a good day had unimaginably become her worst nightmare. She recalled how she danced at the party and how happy she was to see Eduardo and now shed more tears as she stared at her mother lying dead on the floor. Her father was unconscious and was not moving and worse still she was on the verge of losing her pride.
‘If you are going to rape me at least have the courage of showing your faces, don’t be cowards. Act like the men you claim to be and give me a chance to see the face of the people I lost my virginity to. My one and only request is let that scared gentleman who has not said a word be the first to rape me as he looks like someone I know and so I will be picturing that person every time I remember this sad night’ said a teary Triny.
‘No! I don’t want to go first I am used to having leftovers or even being starved. I will let my bosses go first and I will be the last one or better still not even take part’ replied the shivery masked man that Triny had pointed. ‘Nigga X come-on, the girl asked you to be her first and so as the gentleman you are kindly honor her request. We did not come all the way to this place for you to come and act like a coward, be brave and let us complete our mission at once and live’ said the commander of the masked men to Nigga X who was trembling with fear. ‘I cannot do this and so please do not force me, whoever wants to go first is free to do so’ exclaimed Nigga X. ‘you either go first and rape the girl or we eliminate her’ replied the commander. Suddenly some gunshots were fired………
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A bright lovely day(emotional story)

Abayomi had a bottle of Night Train which I collected from him. He and Chukwudi followed Toun to the store to spy at the people fuccking . I was looking for the perfect place to hide without being seen by people that know me. Everywhere was occupied. I blamed myself for believing that things might return to normal between Timi and i. if I had been any smart, I would have ignored him. I consider myself a strong girl but this heart of mine brings me down. I saw an unoccupied Toyota, I sat on the bonnet and cried. The Night train was diffusing into my blood at a fast rate.
I saw Acho and his chic walk pass. She gave me a frown while Acho limped beside her. Toun and Abayomi found me where I sat.
Abayomi: omo igbo, why are you here alone na?
Me: nothing, I just want to be alone
Toun: where is Timi?
Me: I don’t know
The fool chose that time to come outside with Annie, I saw them before Abayomi and Toun did. Her hands were around her shoulder, he looked happy. Toun immediately came to hug me, Abayomi looked down like it was his fault. At that point I started crying again.
Toun led me inside the house, saying I should dance my pain away. But it was a disaster when I noticed Timi and Annie dancing, Toun started dancing with me at the same tine blocking the guys trying to come in-between us. The alcohol was taking its tool and I started dancing faster, Toun was enjoying herself, we were giggling.
Then Toun stopped dancing as somebody was finally able to come between us. I wondered who had the mind to encroach on her space when I saw it was Jafar.
For a guy that had a mystical feel to him, I couldn’t imagine him dance , talk less of dancing with me. I was probably not the only person surprised because it seemed that people stopped dancing to watch us dance. I was shy to dance wildly like I usually did, so I was a bit slow. I noticed the eyes that were fixated at us, I was shy. I was shy until his hands encircled my waste. My hips moved to his touch, he wasn’t smiling or had his mouth opened like guys usually did when they were dancing with a girl. We danced like we were royalty..
Jafar: you declined having dinner with me because of this party?
Me: yes…I had to come, but you had plans of coming too?
Jafar: I changed my mind, Aisha and Uche once dated.
Me: oh…I never knew…
I started having fun as we danced and spoke. I got envious glances from the girls I had seen him with earlier.
Me: not seen you in a party around before
Jafar: I am not a fan of parties..
I didn’t want to stop dancing but he did after a while.
Jafar: thanks for dancing with me
Me: the pleasure is all mine, Jafar.
Toun was winking at me when I walked to her,Abayomi was standing behind her, dancing to her bum even though she didn’t move.
Toun: he likes you
Me: who?
Toun: Jafar. Timi couldn’t detach his eyes from you.
I felt tinny winny happy. The Alcohol was taking its effect. I had finished the drink in the bottle, even though the ponch was still in my system.
Me: I want to go home.
Toun : but the party just started..i want to eat barbeque.
Me: Abayomi I want to go home.
Abayomi: go and meet Timi na, I am with my chic.
Me: May God punish you, idiot.
Abayomi stuck out his tongue.
Sometimes I do strange things that I cannot explain. One of those things was walking to Jafar that evening and sitting beside him. I looked at him and wanted to talk but ended up resting my head on his shoulder..
Jafar: you want to leave this party?
Me: yes
Jafar: where do you want to go to?
Me: Abuja..loooool..
I joked.
I laughed as once again I rested my head on his felt so much like home.

When I woke up, it took me a while to get to my senses. I was still high though. Everything was blurry. I was in a car and Jafar was driving. I dozed off..
When I opened my eyes again, he was still driving, he didn’t know I was looking at him as his eyes were fixed on the road. The road didn’t look familiar, I wanted to talk but I slept off again. Opening my eyes again, he was still driving. Ah ahn.. my house no far like this na..
Me: Jafar whatsup?
Jafar: hey, you have woken up..
Me: how long did I sleep? Last I remembered, was walking to your car..
Jafar: like 5hrs… slept off immediately we got in.
Me: where are we going to, I don’t know this road and why should you be driving for 5 hrs?
Jafar: I am just obeying you..
Me: obeying me how?
Jafar: you wanted to go to Abuja
Me: oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which type of guy obeys a drunk girl, takes her to a state so far from Ogun in the middle of the night..?
Jafar: relax
Me: how can you tell me to relax?..turn back right away..
Jafar: its 4am, we have been driving for 6hrs, we are in Akoko Ondo…in four hours time, we would be in Abuja. U rather we go back?
Me: yes!
Jafar: alright..
He swerved to the right of the road and parked. That was when I noticed the Volvo in front and the Hilux at our back. We were in the middle of a three man convoy to Abuja. This Jafar dey kolo o!..
Sparrow was the first to get to us, he was the guy pinned to follow me around.
Sparrow: Jaf, wetin do your car?
Jafar: nothing o, we need to head back?
Uche came down from the Hilux and joined Sparrow at Jafar’s side of the car.
Uche: mehn…sleep dey catch me o…we are less than 2hrs from Lokoja, I dey feel say we go rest for there o..
Sparrow: I swear! Hungry dey catch me sef, Jafar make we reach Lokoja first na, we fit return for morning.
Jafar: if we get to Lokoja, then we will have to get to Abuja. If we are going to turn back, we turn back now.
Another guy came down from Uche’s Hilux, short guy with a funny gap tooth..
Me: im sorry guys, I thought Jafar was taking me home.
They didn’t reply, but I felt it would be selfish of me to force them to continue driving.
Jafar: so what do you say ma’am?
Me: Abuja it is!…but what are we going to do there?
Uche: no be u say Abuja?…i don tire o!
Jafar: we will just hang out dear.
I fought back the fear. I never thought for one second I will be on my way to Abuja with Four Confa guys..chai…Alcohol na B-----d.
Me: Abayomi and Toun will be scared
Jafar: you will call them..
Me: no problem, I hope you return me in one piece..
The short ugly guy had a smirk on his face, I wanted to slap him but my liver no reach.
Jafar: lets bounce..
As we proceeded with the journey, the only cars that passed by us were Luxurious buses. The Volvo remained in front, while the Hilux came from the rear. The AC of his car was the truth! wonder I kept dozing off..James Blunt’s “u’re beautiful” was playing in his car Cd player. If I wasn’t in a weird situation, I would have found this very romantic. With my seat belt in place, my eyes were involuntarily closing, but before I slept, I wanted to say something.
Me: Jafar?
Jafar: Tana?
Me: you are the weirdest guy eva…
I slept looking at the smile across his dark face and his well-trimmed goatee..

To be continued


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Love in the city (fresh episode)

Drinks were brought in buckets of ice but I was less interested, I didn’t like the way Fatima kept whispering in Jafar’s ears. It was not like I was jealous or something, but she should atleast say what she wanted to say loud and clear… oya I was jealous small.
Just when I was calming down, the one called Mariam decided to talk.
Mariam: Please you guys should spread the word to all the Kano students in your school, my dad is gunning for governorship.
It was not like I was from a poor home and all o, but these entire politician’s children sef
Toun: oh that’s nice although I have few Hausa friends…
Fatima: but Jafar is Hausa and from Kano, isn’t he your friend..
There was a deafening silence, I wondered how Toun would have explained that our host, who engineered our being in Abuja, was not our friend..
Jafar: I never told them..
Fatima looked at him and spanked him playfully like he was a naughty boy. He smiled at her too..
Me: he actually told him he was from Kano
Jafar looked at me, puzzled with the point I was trying to prove. I smiled as I looked at Fatima.
Me: we were preparing his favorite meal, Yam and egg when he told me..
Fatima: awwww, Jafar is such a homely guy. He seldom eats outside. I taught him how to prepare the yam and egg just the way he likes it. Did you know just the right amount of onions to slice?
Me: yes!
My answer was a bit too loud. Fatima and I were not fooling anyone around the table, this was beyond Yam and egg. Thankfully Uche broke the façade
Uche: their peppersoup here is mad!.. cow-tail, intestines, chicken..
Abayomi and Toun that had been relatively quiet opted for cow-tail, Hauwa and Mariam went for Chicken, instead of Fatima to other for herself, she asked for two plates of cat- fish for her and Jafar
Me: make it three plates, I want cat-fish
I wondered why it didn’t come earlier but when it did, Toun’s laughter was sonorous. I was a little embarrassed but I kept a straight face. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, with all the Timi drama and having told myself that Jafar and I were in parallel universe, I didn’t like Fatima claiming him.
The drinks were served chilled; the Hausa girls went for Malta-guiness while Toun and I took our normal Gordon-spark. The stupidly pretty one among them called Mariam gave us this condescending look as we sipped our drinks. Abayomi and Uche discussed about something that was very interesting to both of them. Sparrow and Aji were trying to impress Toun with the amount of bottles they could drink. The three Hausa girls were all over Jafar, telling him what has been happening to guys he knew who attend Nile University. I was left alone with my thoughts.
Some minutes past 8pm, Jafar went to his car and came back with a shisha jar, chocolate flavor and coal were also available. Though I hadn’t smoked shisha before, I pretended I had. As we passed the pipe between each other, I couldn’t help but notice that after Jafar smoked, he passed the pipe to Fatima, who rubbed her lips on the mouth of the pipe. I wondered how nice it would have been if I was the one passing the pipe to Jafar. I wondered if he would smack his lips. Okay I was getting stupid and Toun’s disciplinary stare told me she could guess what I was thinking. I held on to my Gordon-spark…I didn’t smoke with them anymore.
]Thinking that Cue-Lounge was going to be our final destination before returning to the hotel was short-sightedness on my part. I forget ‘Confra’ guys had their own modus-operandi. Jafar announced that our next point was Grillaz, also situated at Lugbe. The three car convoy sliced through the cold Abuja night like hot knife through butter. Uche and Aji were in the Hilux, Sparrow drove the Volvo with Abayomi and Toun, while Jafar the three witches and I were in his Benz. I thought Fatima was going to attempt to sit infront with Jafar, but she sat at the back with her friends while I sat alongside him. Unfortunately, she sat directly at his back and kept leaning forward to talk to him as he drove. I brought out my phone and pretended to browse on one new site called N-------d by an unknown programmer simply known as Seun. Most of the articles being posted were about the Presidential elections. Though unattractive, the site engaged me till we got to Grillaz.
Apart from Kuje and some minor towns in the FCT, Lugbe was the closest to Gwagwalada, so it was not suprising that a lot of University of Abuja students hung out at Grillaz. It seemed we were being expected because a standing occasion welcomed us as we entered the place. Guys with hideous faces…some were alright sha quickly greeted Jafar and co in a way that showed that they belonged to the same Sect. a couple of girls were around too, some covered with tattoos and fake eye-lashes. I doubted if they were students.
At Grillaz, it was more of standing than sitting; luckily the interior was air-conditioned so it was alright. The speakers were blarring and before long, salutations turned to dancing. The tattooed girls were trying to out-dance each other, Abayomi and Toun danced at the corner, though Uche interfered once in a while, I danced with a guy that would remain nameless for the rest of my life. I didn’t bother getting his name, his breathe stank of Shepe, while the sweat from his body was noticeable. The Hausa girls sat down at the only available sofa, while Jafar and some other guys stepped outside.
I was glad when Toun came to meet me, hence ending my dance with Mr nameless
Toun: that guy just dey gum you for body…
Me: I don’t know o, like say him neva see girl before.
Toun: anyways, I need to leave very soon, I feel it coming?
Me: what?
Toun: my period, ode..the sharp pain is occurring at quick intervals..
Me: you carry pad come?
Toun: Yeah, e dey room.
Me: have you told Abayomi?
Toun: lolz, the poor boy wan die. Said he has been preparing kama-sutra styles for me
Me: eyaa…but him suppose fit do am like that now, this time you don’t even need to be wet sef, na safe journey.
Toun: you are a fool, I swear
Me: oya now lets go..
Toun: you can stay behind, I will be aii..i told Abayomi to remain behind
I ignored her and went to meet Sparrow, who was smoking probably his 50th stick of the day..
Me: bros we need to leave now..
Sparrow: hope no problem?
Me: no
Sparrow: you sure? Cuz if na dat guy wey been dey dance with you, I go quickly mend him yansh for here..
Me: no need for yansh mending
Sparrow looked at me for a while to ascertain that I was sure of what I was saying, before leading Toun and I to the Volvo.
Driving outside Grillaz, I noticed a group of guys talking, in-between them was Jafar and Aji. The discussion seemed to worry Jafar, as his right hand was at the back of his head and his left on his waist. Toun tapped me on the shoulder.
Me: what?
Toun: I am stained.
Toun: Tana, what is going on in your mind?
Me: what do you mean?
We were having this discussion as she fixed her pad on her black laced panties in the room’s bathroom. I always told her I liked her c------s, this night was no different.
Toun: stop looking at my p---y and tell me what is wrong with you
Me: I still don’t get…
Toun: you were all over Jafar’s matter, you were almost biting Fatima.
Me: hmmm, mrs Exaggerator.
Toun: stop it at once. It is Naetochukwu for now, you say you want to avoid drama, you are acting like a drama queen!
Me: ok…I don’t know what is wrong. But I think I just wanted Jafar’s attention. With everything going on with Timi, I needed someone’s attention.
Toun: forget Jafar dear, I know you are vulnerable now, but focus Tee.
Me: thank you..
While she settled to take her bath, I went back to my room to have mine, I promised to come back to her when I was done. As I went to my room, I wondered what was happening with Jafar and Fatima. Toun’s voice echoed in my head so I blanked the thoughts and tried thinking of Timi, but Annie appeared, so I decided to do what I do when my head is filled. I sang a gospel song…
You are the lord…..
That is your name…
You will never share your glory….
I sang on as i stood beneath the shower, and allowed the water clean my soul…but after a while Timi and Jafar’s faces penetrated the song…they penetrated the water….i admitted to myself, I was attracted to Jafar and inlove with Timi. And I must eliminate both feelings if I was to be normal again..
Toun was in her pink nightie when I got to her room, she was watching an episode of Jerry-Springer, I joined her while we muched pringles. It didn’t bother me that I was missing lectures, I knew I would cover-up…what bothered me was National and the fact that we might lose the election. Toun started laughing at something Jerry was saying, that broke the spell…I decided to relax…Abuja was for relaxation. At almost mid-night, Abayomi staggered into the room, smelling drunk and singing songs that only he must have written. I stood up to leave..
Abayomi: don’t have to leave, you can stay with us tonight..
Without looking up from the television, Toun smiled. Abayomi was a h---y goat whenever he was drunk.
Me: ode..goodnight jare..
Abayomi: walahi…you go like am..
I laughed as I stepped out of the room and closed their door. Infront of my room was Jafar, he had a bucket of wine with him.
Me: what are you doing infront of my room?
Jafar: I came to see you
Me: that you have seen me…you can go back to your room..
Jafar: can I come in?
Me: I think that would be a bad idea…
Jafar: for you or for me?
Me: for us..
Jafar: I like the sound of ‘us’…
he smiled casually… standing infront of me, I could smell his sweet scent…my heart was beating fast.
Me: only 15minutes…
Jafar: cool…
I didn’t say it out…but I like that sound of ‘us’ also…
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Who really love me (touching story)

]I know a couple of guys that would have sat on the bed as they entered the room, but I must give Jafar the award of the gentleman ‘Confra’ of the year because he took the chair of the dresser and sat down.
My phone rang, I wondered who would be calling this late until I saw the name..
Me : hey
Timi: I have been trying to call you, bad network perhaps..
Me: yh..
Timi: though you would be asleep now..
Me: nope
Timi: this one that you are answering me one by one…are you with someone?
I looked at Jafar, his eyes were on me..somehow, I felt he understood my conversation…
Me: yes
Timi: who?
Me: none of your business..
Timi: Tana don’t do this to me, let’s not do what we will regret..
Me: stop getting the way, how is Annie?
Timi: I don’t know..
Me: I have to go now, sleep well..
Timi: what…one last thing..
Me: what?
Timi: I never stopped loving you.
Jafar was waiting with a glass of the red grape wine when I hung up, he passed it to me..
Jafar: I am sorry if I had caused any problem
Me: no jor..its alright…
Jafar: did you enjoy yourself?
Me: yes I did..
Jafar: so Abuja isn’t a bad idea right?
Me: not at all..
Jafar: can I ask you a question?
Me: sure..
Though I was fully clothed, I felt naked..
Jafar: do you think I like you?
I smiled but internally I was confused, so I did what any normal girl would do..
Me: what kind of question is that?
Jafar: nevermind…is Wednesday morning okay for departure?
Me: yes..
Jafar: I never told you that I was from Kano..
Me: yes I am sorry I lied, but your friend abi chic was doing ITK..
Jafar: so can I tell you about me now?
Me: yes, I would like that..
Jafar: can I smoke?
Me: sure….u have just 12minutes more..
He brought out a pre-wrapped weed…the bright glow and smell captured the room..
Jafar: I am from Kano…
I smiled…
Me: continue jor…
Jafar: My father is Alhaji Dangaladima, I am the only child of my mum…
Then he told me everything about his childhood, his schools, his family members….it was nice..
Me: what does your dad do?
Jafar: he is a government contractor..based in Kano..
Me: and your mum?
Jafar: she died shortly after giving birth to me..
Me: I am so sorry…
Jafar: why should you be sorry..i never even knew her…
I wanted to feel what he was feeling, but his expression was so unreadable…
Me: lemme smoke with you?
Jafar: commot there!..
Me: serious jor…
He passed me the weed.. as I puffed and passed it back to him.., I didn’t cough like they warned me I would when I smoked…it was harsh on my mouth so I pushed it down with a glass of wine…then it became beautiful..
Me: I want more…
He gave me and I dragged in deeper this time…
Jafar: I know you judge me as a cultist and all…but I am just like every other guy you know…
With the things you are doing to my senses, no you aint!..i said to myself…
Me: I don’t judge you…
We passed the weed among ourselves as the grape wine’s richness melted in my mouth…everything became funny as I told him about myself too.. I even told him about Timi and I and how we broke up.
He had over-stayed his 15 minutes and seemed to realize, for he stood up and though my legs were wobbly, i escorted him to the door…
Jafar: can I ask you a question Tana?
Me: yes
Jafar: Do you think I like you?
Me: yes Jafar, I think you like me.
Jafar: goodnight…
Me: goodnight…
I was wet.

The smell of the marijuana blended with the cold breeze of the AC. I tossed and turned on my bed, thinking of the guy that had just left my room. I started imagining him with his Hausa girls. I wondered if he was ramming Fatima there and then. I started feeling the effects of the weed. I felt light like I was slightly elevated; this must be the reason why they described the feeling as ‘highness’.
I heard a knock on my door. I was so excited I almost tripped as I rushed to the door. Jafar must have been thinking about me as I was of him. Perhaps the Malo girls had left..
I opened the door to see a sleep deprived Toun, with a wrapper covering her b-----s to her feet. I was disappointed.
Toun: I am sleeping in your room
Me: what happened, your bed not big enough for you too?
Toun: Your friend Abayomi is just insatiable.
Without an invite, she went to my bed and laid down.
Me: I don’t get..
Toun: shortly after he came in, I switched off the TV so we could sleep. I heard him snoring afterwards, that mixed with the slight cramp I heard made it difficult for me to sleep. I was on my own when the fool woke up and started caressing my breastz. I thought it was just for the moment and sleep will catch up with him, then he pulled out his thing, took my hand and placed it on it. I blamed it on the alcohol and did what he wanted. That should have satisfied him abi? No o… in no time he grabbed my head I nudged it to his d--k. I teased, s----d, licked this guys d--k till my mouth started hurting. I felt his pre-ejaculation, salty and all then I stopped. He got furious, asking why I should stop when he was about to c-m. I told him I was ON, things irritate me more. I reminded him that I had no probs getting his c-m in my mouth, sometimes I even swallow…
Me: Toun, too much information..
Toun: sharrap!.. he started getting into fits, so I left..
Me: can I sleep now?
Toun: what are you even doing awake sef? Didn’t expect you to open the door..
Me: Jafar came around.
Toun sat up immediately, the tatafo part of her brain was hyper.
Toun: so gist me na, what happened?
Me: nothing
Toun: what did he come for, salt?
We both laughed..
Me: we gisted and smoked igbo!
Toun: that boy is mad o, you shouldn’t have let him in..
Me: he is gentle, he wouldn’t hurt me..
Toun: you sound so sure
Me: yes I am..
Toun: so you didn’t kiss or anything?
Me: nope
Toun: thank God…
Me: don’t start thanking God yet..i didn’t say we would not.

Breakfast was bread and eggs, served in the dining room. The three Hausa girls joined Abayomi, Toun and I. I wanted to ask where Jafar and the remaining guys were but decided against it. There was a weird silence on the table. I was looking at Fatima, trying to get clues that she had been properly serviced. Abayomi was still suffering from a Hang-over so he took only coffee. Toun’s cramps had reduced so she was in a better mood.
Abayomi volunteered to take us to Garki market. Fatima and her crew declined the invitation, saying they wanted to be around when Jafar came around. I deliberated if I should have stayed around like them.
The taxi we boarded from Lugbe to Garki told us his fare was 1,500 Naira, Abayomi had earlier intimated us that cab fare in Abuja was relatively cheaper compared to Lagos. We drank Fura and ate very sweet Suya at Rita-Lori Junction, a bee-line from Apo bridge. Although the market was big, we didn’t get anything useful to buy, most of the feminine wares were from Lagos, Onitsha or Aba. Instead of calling it a fruitless journey, we went to Silver-bird Galleria to window shop. I noticed Abayomi and Toun were back to normal…if these two didn’t marry themselves, life would be unfair I said to myself..
Toun: Tana, were would you like to settle down in future? I am really liking Abuja o..
Me: I will stick to Lagos
Toun: you don’t like Abuja?
Me: I do but I was born in Lagos, Lagos is my state of birth, beside’s Imo, I don’t mind taking up arms to defend Lagos.
Abayomi: Lagos ke, omo Nna like you..
He turns to Toun
Abayomi: so baby, you would really want us to reside in Lagos?
Toun: you and who?
Abayomi: both of us now
Toun: you are tricking yourself; you know you and I won’t end up together..
Abayomi: even your father with him big belle cannot stop us!
Toun: even your short mother?
Abayomi: even your mother’s witch-craft..
Toun: I love you boo-boo
Abayomi: as soon as this your red robot is off, your kinikan is in trouble..
Toun: chairmoo..
Now..i like my friends very much, but when they start talking like I am not there, it makes me angry..
Me: hello….single girl alert!..stop all this affection..
Abayomi: na me say make you no get boyfriend?
Toun: oya shut up Abayomi..
Me: let him talk…Naetochukwu is waiting for me in school
Abayomi: hehehehehe… desperado.. you know you want Timi
Toun: boo..i hate you very much
Abayomi: Tana, this is 2007, you can ask Timi out..
Me: why not suggest Acho
Timi: that one time don pass, but that boy service you well o..him sabi suck boobi?
I kept quiet, luckily Toun answered him..
Toun: yes na, he sucks boobi well…
Abayomi: do you know?
Toun: ode boy…
Abayomi: ode girl…
Toun: I love you sha…
Abayomi: me too dearie..
I could suffocate..these idiots turned everything to romance..
Toun: Abayomi, Tana is liking Jafar o..
Abayomi: how can you like a cultist?
I ignored them and walked to a boutique at the left wing of the mall..
Abayomi followed me with an angry frown on his face..
Abayomi: how can you like a cultist I said! Weren’t you the one that was against us accepting his money?
Me: well that was before I met him
Abayomi: so you admit that you like him..
What I thought was anger in Abayomi’s face was actually concern, he was worried about me..
Me: it was just an attraction, not even a crush, I will get over it..
Abayomi: promise me you will very soon?
Me: I promise
Abayomi: Promise me you won’t let him touch you?
Me: but you are not my father Abayomi
Abayomi: Tana, I want you to promise me..
Me: why?
Abayomi: those guys are dangerous..i know what I am saying..
Toun: Jafar won’t hurt her, though I rather she sticks to Nathaniel..
Me: is this like an intervention?
Abayomi: Please..
Me: okay..i have heard you..

The next day as the convoy drove to Ogun-state, Abayomi insisted on sitting with Jafar, Sparrow carried Toun and I in the volvo..Uche and Aji were in the Hilux..

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A little lie and hope of love (Truelife Story)

Toun was waiting for me in the audotorium when i got to school. Timi had dropped me with his ugly looking car. The grin on her face when i stepped out of his car didnt go unnoticed..

Toun : did he sleep in your house?

me : is that the goodmorning you were supposed to tell me?

Toun : Oya no vex, goodmorning ma…so did he sleep over…did you people straff?

me : You be mumu, i swear…

Toun: Talk jor.

me : yes he slept over, and no…i am not that cheap…

Toun : so whats up with you guys?

In as much as i wanted to tell Toun about what happened between Annie and Timi, i couldnt…

me: We are taking things slow..

Toun : what of Naetochukwu?

me: i dont knw o…since you really like him, you can have him…

Toun : Loool…Jafar came to see Abayomi this morning..

i dont know why, but hearing Jafar’s name, made my heart skip..

me : what was his visit about?

Toun : i dont know, but Abayomi wants you to meet him at noon at the main- campus..

The classes we has that morning was a torture. Toun and i didnt understand a thing that was said, our absence from class was taking its toll. I spent the rest of my time day-dreaming of Timi, he had promised to come pick me up after classes…i had the butterflies in my stomach…

I was with Abayomi as he had requested by noon. we were seated in the law faculty library. That was one of the most private places one could be at the Main-campus.

Abayomi : Tana i have a problem?

me : does it have anything to do with Jafar?

I didnt want Jafar to have a problem with us..As regards friendship, i didnt want to have to have to choose between Abayomi and Jafar..

Abayomi: No… not Jafar

me: Then what?

Abayomi : I think i might be responsible for Kofo’s pregnancy..

i laughed…there was nothing else to do than just smile…

Abayomi : What is funny?

me : i dont know…

Abayomi : she has promised to tell Toun about it..

me : Wow…i get,why you are scared now…

Abayomi : I need you to pay her a visit. i need you to convince her not to..

me : why me?

Abayomi : she respects you..she always told me so..

me : when you are digging her yh?

Abayomi : be serious please…i dont want Toun to break up with me…

me : she wouldnt jor…

Abayomi : she assured me that if my name was linked with kofo’s again, it would be over…

me : Okay, i will talk to Kofo…but we are not even sure that you are resppnsible…we all saw National pound her…

Abayomi : Please do it for me…

me : what did Jafar come for this morning?

Abayomi : He said Eli has been freed from Panti…and he was back in campus….

me : who is Eli…?

Abayomi : Like Jafar , he is the number 1 of another cult group…he had been arrested for possesion of weapons..

me : so why was he released and allowed back in campus?

Abayomi : He is important for the state Elections, his boys control Ijebu….Politicians payed for his release…

me : so how is that a problem?

Abayomi : He hates Jafar….

me : isnt that expected?

Abayomi : He is supporting National….Eli is very dangerous. Jafar wanted us to know….

Timi came for me as promised, he picked up Toun too, who we dropped at her apartment. I felt a bit uncomfortable keeping what Abayomi told me away from her. There were too many things i was keeping away from her, i didnt like it. I planned to visit Kofo later that night, but that was after i took a nap. Thoughts of Eli came to my mind on the way home..

Me : Timi, tell me about Eli..

Timi : What about Eli?

Me : i just want to know about him

Timi : First it was Jafar, now its Eli, whats up with you and this kind of guys?

Me : Abayomi told me he was released from prison and he is in National’s Camp…

Timi : serious?

Me : yep…so i need to know about him…

Timi kept looking sideways as he spoke…

Timi : he has been in this school for probably 7yrs.. he is one of those guys that isnt interested in graduation. There was a gist about him having a problem with one of his friends, after his friend thought they had sorted their ish out, he burnt the guy’s car. That was when he was in 100 Level. Another incidence was when he visited a guy in his house, unfortunately, the guy wasnt home, but his girlfriend was. it was reported that he brought out his pistol and commanded the girl to strip after which he raped her. On his way out he met the friend coming back in and hugged him, thanking him for Lunch.

I was dumbfounded, but Timi wasnt done..

Timi : there was a party that he wasnt invited to, but he went anyways…the party was held in a hotel. After eating and drinking, he went to the female rest-room and waited. An unfortunate girl came in to ease herself..he was hiding at d corner when the girl bent down to pee…He was said to just appear and told the girl not to stand up…that she should just turn around in the same position she was. He straffed her on the toilet, holding his pistol. when the tears filled girl reported to the host of the party, he said he was powerless…Before then Eli’s notoriety had become known around the school. Then the attacks didnt stop. Especially between his group and Jafar’s. That was before Jafar was number 1, the number 1 then was Dante..

Me : Dante has graduated?

Timi : nope, after too many deaths off campus, a truce was organised by the student union government under kakaki. Eli and Dante were said to have agreed to no violence for the entire semester. Eli was said to have hugged Dante, and all around was glad. After the talks, on the way home, Dante was attacked at Ago garage…the first shot killed Muski, his body guard..Dante brought out his gun to shoot but they were too much on him. Eli noticed that the bullets didnt seem to penetrate Dante, although it weekend him. He tried running but didnt go far before he was brought down. Cutlass was used on him but they left blunt marks , his body was fortified. So Eli told his boys to hold down Dante, while he told others to bring a spoilt car engine that was lying idle in the garage. The engine was lifted just above Dante’s head, then it was released.
His head bursted.

me : oh my God…

Timi : yes, Eli is devilish….

me :what problem does he have with Jafar? Abayomi told me he hates Jafar..

Timi : it was rumored that he had led a squad to take out Jafar. Jafar had been cornered in class when Eli bought out his pistol to kill him, people that were there said he told Jafar to beg for his life, same thing he told Dante before he killed him, but Jafar didnt, instead he raised up his hand, but as Eli looked at Jafar’s hands, Jafar buried the pen he was holding in Eli’s left eyes. With screams of pain,Eli shot blindly as Jafar ran out of the class through a window..he was chased down to the basketball court, that was were Uche got to him. Uche was with a pump-action that scared the s--t out of the assailants. In the hospital,Eli was placed under arrest for possesion of weapons, he was transferred to prison from the hospital…with an eye.

me : Wow…all these is getting scary Timi….

Timi : dont worry, i would protect you…

me : thanks…

It didnt seem right for me to tell Timi that it was Jafar i was worried about. i didnt want anything to happen to him…

To be continued
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The Story of Stella and her effectiveness

]The taxi that stopped to pick me wasn’t the type of taxi I would have gotten into but at that time of the night, I had no choice. I placed my bags on the bag seat, and joined him in front. I was careful while entering the front seat, I didn’t want the Jersey to expose my nakedness.
On the way to Ago, I kept calling Timi but he didn’t pick up the phone. I didn’t call Jafar because I knew he was going to scold me. I started a conversation with the driver, he seemed about my age, I noticed he was staring at my chest, the cold night was having an effect on my nips.
Me: are you ACN or PDP?
Driver : madam I swear, na whoever give me money I go support…all of them be thieves
Me: that money go turn your belle o…
Driver: na lie, na my own part of the national cake. Everybody know say na Gbenga Daniel go win, but if ACN wan waste their money, wetin concern me?
Me: are you married?
Driver: yes, I get three pikin sef..
Me: no vex o, how old are you?
Driver: 24 yrs, this December.
Me: is madam?
Driver: she dey fine…
I decided to discontinue the conversation, he probably wouldn’t understand if I told him he had probably spoilt his life before it even started.
Due to the recent student killings, the town was scanty, even the indigenes of Ago-iwoye stayed indoors after dark. I told the driver to take me to Aiyegbami, but as we approached Jafar’s house, he stopped.
Me: take me closer na..
Driver: no vex madam, around this time I no fit carry you reach that side. The guys wey dey stay there whoski!
Me: just go front small…
Driver: abeg no vex, na here I go turn back.
I took a look at the three bags at the bag seat, Jafar’s house was still about 70m from our position. But the driver wasn’t moving an inch. So I got down and started the agonizing walk to his house.
It was dark, the path leading to the house had wild bourgenvilla growing at opposite ends. The pink flowers was an irony to the kind of guys that they led to. I must have been very stupid to have left Timi’s house like this, I looked at myself with only a Jersey on. At least I would have put on panties. As I approached the house I heard footsteps behind me. I was scared…
Voice: who goes there?
I kept walking, forgetting how heavy the bags were, I walked faster..
Voice: stop, you they crase!
I had to stop at that point, the voice wasn’t joking. In no time, two guys were infront of me, they shone a light on my face that temporarily blinded me…
Guy (Voice): Oh madam! Na you…you for talk na…
I looked at the guy talking, he was light skinned in complexion, he wore a black over-all , the other guy with him wore the same, but he was dark in complexion. I didn’t know them.
Me: I am going to the house.
I pointed to Jafar’s crib.
They insisted in helping me carry a bag each, I noticed that they quicky put something around their waste…guns
I thanked them after we got to the front of the house, they dropped the bags and disappeared into the night..I knocked for about 3 minutes with no response..
Me: Hellooooooo!..
The curtain beside the door, shifted abit…I couldn’t make out the face but it peeked at me. The door opened, as I entered, I was surrounded by about twelve guys, they were all trying to hide their guys…I saw it..
It occurred to me that my knocking must have alerted them of an intruder…the smell of cigarette and marijuana was faintly hidden. Uche was standing at the corner, his pump-action was too large to hide, he gave up and placed it on the snooker table…
Uche : welcome..wetin you buy come for us?
Me: myself…
I realized the statement looked awkward, especially with the way I was dressed…some of the guys tried to hide their smiles with a cough or two…I was slightly embarrassed..
Uche: Jafar dey him room..
And with that, they turned their back on me and started saying things I didn’t bother to comprehend…
I knocked on Jafar’s door…
Jafar : come in!..
As I entered the room, I didn’t see anybody…until I felt a cold metal on my cheek..
I turned in the metal holder’s direction..
Jafar : Tana…what are you doing here?
Me: nothing…I just came to say “hi”
He laughed as he lowered his gun….i had missed his laugh..
Jafar : Seriously, isn’t it too late?
Me: oya, lemme go back to where I am coming from..
I acted like I wanted to walk out of the room, he didn’t move an inch..
Me: you won’t call me back?
Jafar: your bags are still here..
That was true, I looked at him, frowned my face and pouted.
Jafar: its dangerous out there…I am not impressed..
Me: I am sorry, I couldn’t stay with Timi..
He led me to the bed, we sat…
Jafar: are you okay though?
Me: yes I am…
Jafar: we will talk later, the guys and I have to go out now?
Me: Ahn ahn…this late?
Jafar: yes…I will see you later…
Me: later when?
Jafar: we should be back before sunrise…
Me: where are you going to?
The look he gave me told me I had just asked a stupid question..
Jafar: when I get back we will talk..
Me: ok..
Jafar: You would have to stay here, Uche stays in the room you and Toun vacated..
I frowned my face like I didn’t plan to stay in his room..
Me: ok..
He changed his clothes into a darker one, and in no time, the house was relatively empty…
I said a silent prayer, that whatever he was going to do, wherever he was going, God should bring him back in one piece. I tried Timi’s number one more time, he didn’t pick my call..i fell ontop of his bed and slept.
I was in the middle of the street, I was surrounded by people…I was screaming but nobody came to my aid, infront of me, sprawled on the floor with blood gushing out of his side was a dead Jafar..Eli was in the crowd too, grinning sheepishly…Toun later came to my side and started crying with me…I was crying when I woke up…it was a dream, I could hear somebody knocking the door but I was too paralyzed to stand..The person kept knocking…
Jafar: Tana, open the door…
I heard his voice…the kind of happiness I felt was overwhelming…I rushed to open the door, I almost tripped as I got there…
Jafar: sorry I woke u up, it’s about 3am..
Me: keep waking me up…as long as you keep coming back
Jafar: huh?
I forced a hug from him…
Me: welcome…how was it…you look tired…
He walked into the room and pulled his shirt and trouser…I helped him hang them in his wardrobe…
Jafar: you should got to sleep now, I will take my bath now…
Me: Okay…
I went back to bed and started thinking about the dream. I couldn’t stop myself from crying, I felt so terrible…the stupid Evanescence song “my immortal” was playing in his speakers, my pain and the pain of the song got to me…
Jafar: what is wrong?
I didn’t know when he had finished taking his bath, he was on a boxer shot, a towel was round his neck.
Me: nothing…
Jafar: tell me…pls…you are crying…
He removed the towel from his neck and lay down beside me…
Me: I had a dream…
Jafar: tell me what it was about…
Me: you died in the dream, and I was crying…I was surrounded by people…Eli killed you…
I started crying again…he cleaned my tears with his palm..
Jafar: stop crying, it’s just a dream…it won’t happen…
Me: my dreams come to pass…
Jafar: this one won’t….
Me: promise?
Jafar: I promise…
I cleaned my eyes..he was looking at me like I was a little crazy…so I laughed…
Jafar: you are beautiful…laughing with tears in your eyes…
Me: I am?
He bent down and kissed me…he started with the tip of my lips…then I spread my lips open..the warmth of his mouth was heavenly….he raised the Jersey over my head, he was pleasantly surprised when he realized I was naked…he came on top of me…the full length of him…tasted my neck…then my nips…my hands where spread wide like I was an eagle…I was making sounds I have never made before…it was like he was rolling his tongue…I was trembling…I pushed him to his back, then I climbed him…I kissed every part of his unique face…his goatee pressed against my cheek as I kissed his adam’s apple…my fingers went to his nips…before my lips joined them…my bum was shot upward, like he was a power bike…my vee was moist in anticipation…I ran my hand down his hard abdomen till it got to his boxers, my lips returned to his lips…I caressed his d--k, the thin cotton material of his boxer short was finding it hard to hold on to the hardness that was trying to breakout…the more I caressed, the harder it got…I found the buttons that covered the opening infront of the boxers, freeing it, I dipped my hand inside to bring out his d--k…he let out a controlled sound…I started grinding my hips on his…his d--k was pressed against my vee, the lips of my vee..partly swollen now with heightened excitement, the fluid was rubbing against the top of his d--k, the wet slopping sound audible…I wanted him inside of me…I wanted it then more than I wanted anything in the world…he held my hands and gently placed me on the bed…He gave me a look like he was asking for my consent before he proceeded..
Me: I want you…
I spread my legs, reached out for his d--k and guided it to the entrance of my he leaned closer…the lips spread open…soaking and warm..he stopped again and looked at me…i pulled him by the neck so that his face was on the bed, beside my face…my right hand held the back of his head, his chest was pressed against my b-----s…my left hand was at his back…
Me: make love to me….
He entered me.
To be continued
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Sugar in the city ( Truelife Story)

Me: isn’t it dangerous?
Jafar: nope, we are not going far…
It was a cold night, even after he put off the car’s AC, it was still cold, I embraced myself to fight it. He didn’t drive into the main road, instead he continued driving along a rough path until we got to an open space. This space was surrounded by a thick bush. The space was almost circle in shape, we were in the middle.
Me: what is this place?
Jafar: I really don’t know, I stumbled on it some months ago..
Me: what were you doing that you stumbled on it..
Jafar: in times of relative peace, I like to drive around close to mid-night. It helps me think and process ideas..
Me: so you were driving and you got here, what’s so special about this place? Although I like the circular thingy…
Jafar: are you ready?
Me: yes…
He turned off the car’s engine and lights.
Jafar: shhhhhh
We remained quiet in the car…I looked at him after a while and almost giggled out. He must have been talking about a spiritual experience because I wasn’t seeing another physical.
Then it start…a fire-fly put on its light on the right side of the bush, then a group put on theirs on the left..then a couple more put on theirs. Before long, the entire bush was filled with light emitting fire-flies…it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen…we were the darkness surrounded by light….
Me: this is nice…
Jafar: I come here everytime…
Me: you haven’t brought any other person here before?
Jafar: no..just you..
Me: thanks…
Jafar: Lets go outside…
Me: I don’t want them to leave…
Jafar: they won’t…
We laid down on the car bonnet…facing the sky, surrounded by God’s light…
Me: after all these ends, what becomes of us?
Jafar: I thought about it too…
Me: so?
Jafar: I really don’t know, a day at a time I guess…
Me: I will be going to Lagos soon, probably after I leave Sagamu.
He didn’t say anything…dew was falling on the car, making the cold night even colder. I drew closer to him to tap some warmth..
Jafar: I love you Tana…
My heart skipped several beats as he said those words..i kept looking at the stars that filled the sky. Now that he had said he loved me, this guy just made it very hard for me. What if we are forced to say our goodbyes…what will happen to me…I would be broken…
Jafar: look there..
He pointed at a building from a far, with lights at the top…
Jafar: that is the Ebumawe’s palace..
Me: I love you too…
And then I started crying did I get here? How did I get to fall in love with someone like Jafar.
Me: can I ask for a favor?
Jafar: sure…
Me: can you just remain on the low-key till we graduate. Forget about Eli and all…lets just be..
He didn’t reply…
Me: can you?
Jafar : its not a one way thing, we are fighting an evil…if we don’t…it would be the end of us all..
Me: then be careful…
Jafar: Eli worries you…
Me: yes..
Jafar: don’t worry…
I started shivering after a while so we went back inside the car. Hoobastank’s “the reason” blarred from his speakers…He switched the gear into drive and once again…we eased into the night…
I woke up without remembering how I got to the bed. I was alone, I didn’t like the feeling. I was also hungry. I walked out of the room and found Jafar and Uche shooting pool in the parlor..
Me: was looking for you…
Uche: howfar madam Tana?
Me: Uche, I dey o…
Jafar: I will be with you soon….
I went to the kitchen, there was no food besides bread, so I made myself a cold cup of Milo and took two slices from the loaf.
Jafar: you should be sleeping instead of eating, its 4am…
He came inside the room and sat on the bed..
Me: how did we get inside, last I remembered we were on our way…
Jafar: you slept off…I had to carry you in…
Me: awwww…thank you…
Jafar: something came up, I would have to leave very soon…when I come back…you can leave for Sagamu..
Me: what came up?
Jafar: can’t tell you, but we would need all the hands we can get, one of the guys will stay with you here..
Me: okay…
He helped me take the empty cup back to the kitchen, then joined me beneath the blanket.
Jafar: when you wake up in the morning, I will be gone..
Me: just come back….for me…
Jafar: sure…
Just as he predicted, I woke up to an empty bed..the house was eerily silent. I called Toun…
Toun: how are you?
Me: I am good o..i will be going to Sagamu today…
Toun: nice, Ago is dangerous now…
Me: how are you feeling?
Toun: I have dreams of him everytime…
Me: he is in a better place…
Toun: how is Jafar?
Me: he is fine, he told me he loves me…
Toun: awwwww, I like that guy…cultist and all..
I didn’t even bother correcting her…
Toun: Timi nko?
Me: I will call him as soon as I hang up..
Toun: he called me last night…said he still loves you and all..
Me: I will try to see him soon….
Toun: I will call you later during the day…
Me: thanks babe…
Toun: bye…
Me: bye…
I called Timi but he didn’t pick up…
I put on one of Jafar’s shirt and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth….my phone rang, it must be Timi..
It was Jafar..
Me: hey J!
Jafar: Tana, lock up the door to the room, look into my wardrobe, you would see a black shoe box, open it, there is a loaded gun inside…take it to the bathroom and lock yourself in with it.
Me: what is happening?
Jafar: Just do as I say…I am on my way back….
Me: I am scared…
Jafar: I am with you…
He hung up…
My heart was beating fast..i considered bolting outside the house to the nearest public place, but it was risky..i decided to just obey Jafar.
I was at the corner of the bathroom, with the heavy metallic object on my lap…my phone rang again…
Me: Jafar, I am scared..
Jafar: I am on my way…hope you are in the bathroom?
Me: yes..
He hung up…
The water dropping gently from the tap was coinciding with the beating of my heart…in no time, Jafar will be around and it will be alright…I kept telling myself..
Then I heard the big bang!
The guy in the apartment seemed to dash into a room and ran back out…another shot was heard. This one shattered the sitting room windows. The guy returned fire…my ears were exploding…I held on tight to the gun..
Then I heard a crash…the front door was broken…there was a brief exchange of fire…then silence…
I was hoping our guy had won, then I heard Eli’s unmistakable laughter…
Eli : Tanatolo…Tanatolo…I know say you dey hear me…
He started knocking on the door of the rooms…
Eli: come out!…
I started praying to God…I was shaking like a fish out of water..
I heard him break open a door; he wasn’t the only one from the foot-steps I heard. Then he broke another door..mine was next….
I wanted to call Jafar but Eli would have heard my voice…
He broke open the door…
Eli: Tana…I know say you dey inside here…na your bag be dis…come out of the bathroom!
I started sobbing…
Then he broke open the bathroom door…
Eli : Ahn..Ahn…princess like you come dey hide inside bathroom…
The gun he was holding was the biggest I had ever seen. The shades he was wearing made his look even deadlier..
Me: Eli…please…don’t hurt me…
Eli: that time don pass…
He leveled the gun at me…
Eli: pull your clothes..
Me: no!..
I didn’t know a human being could be so fast, his smack crushed my face..
Eli : Jafar don dey give you mind abi?…i say make you pull your cloth, you dey do shakara?
The gun was laying useless by my side…
I pulled off the shirt, leaving me with my bra and panties…
Eli: chai…you go sweet o…after I fvck you…I go waste you…
Me: Go to hell!
I tried picking up the gun again, but his leg was faster..kicked my dropped hand…
The pain was unbearable, I screamed…He came untop of me…
Eli: pull your pant!
Me: No!
Eli dropped his gun and dragged started trying to drag down my panties..i tried to poke his eyes but he moved his head at the nick of time..He slapped me hard!
Jafar: Eli, stand up and raise your hands..
The only person more surprised than I was, was Eli…
He turned slowly, his gun was on the floor..but he didn’t raise up his hand…I quickly put on Jafar’s shirt…as I attempted to run to Jafar, Eli pulled me back and held me in a death grip…
Eli: Jafar…drop your gun…except you wan kill me and Tana together…
Jafar didn’t lower the gun, but Eli started moving with his hand around my neck. He kept me infront of himself as he faced Jafar…As he stepped forward, Jafar stepped backward until we got to the parlour.
There were two dead dead guys lying awkwardly on the floor..
Jafar: Leave her…and I will allow you go…
Eli: you dey see me as mumu abi?
Jafar: you have my word..
Eli: oya drop the gun and I drop the girl…
Jafar: deal…
Eli smiled…
Jafar: leave her first…
Eli: throw your gun on the floor first..
I heard sounds of cars pulling closer to the building. Then it was pandemonium outside…gunshots everywhere…
Eli: I change my mind…E be like say my people don show….Tana goes with me…
Jafar: I go shoot you for here…
Eli: you no fit try am…and you know…
Using his back, he dragged me outside…
Uche’s Hilux was on the driveway…two of Eli’s people were on the sandy floor…gun shots at different parts of their body….Uche was also on the floor..his top was soaked with blood..Eli guy was standing close to him, his gun was pointing at Uche’s head…
Eli: hehehehehehehehehe….i too like my people!
Jafar was alone, defenseless against this beasts…
Eli: change of plans, throw the gun here…kneel down…I promise say I no go kill Tana, but I go kill you…
Jafar’s shoulder dropped…
Me: Jafar…don’t…
Jafar: I have no choice…
I started crying….Eli pulled me closer and ran his tongue along my neck..
I gave up as Jafar threw his gun to Eli…
Eli : I win….you lose…
Eli bent down to pick the gun, the event that followed happened in less than 3 seconds..
Jafar brought out a gun from the back of his trouser. It must have been held in place by his belt but covered by his shirt. One shot rang out that drilled a hole in Eli’s head…his brain matter splashed over my legs…The second shot hit the guy over Uche on the chest…it brought him down…
I sat down on the floor and screamed. Jafar walked up to the guy and shot him on the head…lying infront of me was Eli…the gun-shot had forced his eyes and tongue to bulge out…it was a terrible sight..
Jafar came back and carried me to Uche’s Hilux… He also assisted Uche inside, I didn’t know if Uche was dead or alive, but he was motionless and must have lost a lot of blood…
Jafar: I am taking you guys to the hospital…I hope he makes it…
I didn’t bother to answer him…in my head they were all the same..Jafar, Eli and Uche…
I just wanted to disappear..
To be continued
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The love of money Episode 1

Blood from Uche was sipping to the car seat; the aura of death was everywhere. My face was swollen and bruised..i was still putting on an over-sized shirt with just bra and panties beneath, but that didn’t matter, I was praying for uche…
Me: why not take him to Best-care hospital, its closer?
Jafar: The doctors there would not treat gun-shot wound patients until they get a report from the police, that’s the normal practice..
Me: so where are you taking him to?
Jafar: there is another hospital in Ago, the doctor was one of us before he graduated…
Me: A cultist?
I said that on purpose, I wanted him to hurt. He didn’t look at me, or act like I had taken a swipe at him..
Jafar: yes, a cultist like me..
The hospital/Clinic was a small building; painted beige outside without any sign-board showing it was a hospital. We were met outside by some nurses, Uche was swiftly taken inside.
While Jafar waited at the lobby, I was examined by the doctor who prescribed some drugs for me and told me I was lucky not to have broken a bone. I walked out of his office with him to meet Jafar. The way their crew greeted themselves that used to amaze me before became revolting. The doctor and Jafar exchanged a brief hailing before they excused themselves and went to a corner to talk.
Soon the hospital was filled with the other guys, the doctor had gone to work on Uche, when he came back out, you could see the fear in their eyes…they were quiet..
Doctor : He is going to be fine!
The idiots started with their chants again, the doctor smiled, proud of his brothers…I looked at Jafar, he looked like a dad that had lost children but glad that one had survived. I was pitying him then I remembered how he had killed those guys…I excused myself and went to throw-up..
The doctor said they would have to donate blood for Uche, and he might be admitted for up to a week. We all knew it was unsafe for a spirit man to be left in a hospital.
On our way back to the house, I sat at the back of the Hilux with Sparrow, Jafar sat with another guy infront..
Jafar : The doctor said you would have to rest for a while, so I suggest you chill a bit before you go to Sagamu.
I ignored him.
As soon as we got to the house, I noticed the corpse had been carried to the living room. Five bodies in total. One of Jafar’s, Four of theirs. They were covered with clothes. I easily identified Eli, he was at the centre.
I walked into the room, Jafar followed me close behind..
Jafar : I am sorry about what happened..
Me: where did you guys go to?
Jafar: we got info that the government wanted to drop off some weapons for them at Aiyepe by dawn, so we decided to set an ambush…but I sensed trouble when I didn’t see Eli among them. While the other guys engaged, I called you and came back as soon as I could..
Me: The snitch set you guys up?
Jafar: I don’t know, all I knew was that Eli was not to be taken lightly, I am glad I followed my hunch..
He approached me, wanting to hold me..
Me : Jafar stop!
He looked at me, confused.
Me: the door is broken so I cannot lock it, but I want you to leave me alone…
Jafar: you are sending me out of my room?
Me: yes!
He wanted to talk but stopped; He picked up his and some other items and left…
I started crying…I picked up my phone to call Toun…
To tell her Jafar had killed Eli.
As instructed, nobody disturbed me in the room, I was curled in bed like a cat. I wondered what they were doing with the corpses lying in the parlor. Eli’s face was still haunting me. In as much as I hated him and was glad that he was dead. Murder was best imagined and not seen, from how loud the gun was, to the tongue and eyes…the brain matter on my body ,grey with flecks of blood. The only thing Toun said after I finished narrating my tale was “Thank God”..
Jafar’s house was isolated at Aiyegbami, so whenever cars approached, they were clearly perceptible. There were a lot of cars that approached the compound that night. Then the sounds stopped, I started hearing people hitting objects on bottles. Out of fear I ran outside of the room, the corpse was still there…the guys could here the bottles too…but they weren’t perturbed. I saw Jafar sit all alone, I ignored him and went to look through the window. The guys I saw outside were more than fifty, around their head was a white piece of cloth..Soon divided into two columns, then Orisa walked to the front..
Orisa: Jafar!
Jafar walked outside to meet him..
Me: are you guys crazy! Wont you go and protect him?
They did not answer me, so I ran outside to stand beside Jafar…
Jafar: Orisa!…
Orisa walked up to Jafar and brought out a bottle of Schnapps and two tiny cups…
Orisa: we come in peace…
They both took two gulps with the cup…
Jafar : you are welcome…
Orisa: the bodies?
Jafar: well and Gallant…
Orisa: thank you.
Jafar’s men had formed two files from the parlor to the edge of the veranda. Orisa’s men continued the file to a bus that was parked. Then one after the other, the three bodies of Eli’s fallen men were carried between the files to the bus. Eli’s body was the last to be carried, Jafar and Orisa were the ones that carried it. As they passed through the file, Jafar’s men on each side bowed down, when they got to where Orisa’s men were, they started hitting their bottles again…they continued until the body was dropped in the bus..
The guys on both sides exchanged drinks, and in no time…they were gone..
To be Continued

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Story of Mother Love - The love of a Sweet Mother

I lay in my bedroom staring the motionless fan hanging from the ceiling above. Electricity has gone, but the cool breeze through the windows works better than the fan. Despite that, sweat drops cover my body.
The pain in both legs makes me mad. Two months back a slip in the corridor had gifted me broken bones in both legs.
Amidst the pain, the fingers of my left hand are wrapped around the cell phone. The pain in my heart coupled with the unbearable pain in my legs makes my grip over it even tighter.
I am expecting a call. A call from my son-in-law!
A confirmation call for me to add myself to the group of grandmothers!
The most precious person in my life, my Munni, is admitted in the city hospital for her delivery. My kid is just nineteen years old and is going to be a mother. I know it isn’t news in today’s world. But for me, it is!
An accident had taken away my husband when Munni was seven years old. That time I had thought that my life was over. But it wasn’t. Without much education and a stable employment I had taken pains all these years to raise Munni giving her every comfort a middle-class child would expect. But I couldn’t send her to college, though she was a good student who aspired to study more.
When my pretty daughter turned eighteen, the proposal from this decent, employed guy, my son-law, had come. It changed my Munni’s life and along with it, my life too. She had moved with her husband to the city and I live alone in this cheerless house. Munni, my only cheer, is far away!
My son-in-law had promised to send her to college, but soon she became pregnant. It wasn’t a mistake too! And even now he assures me that he will send her for study, after the child is born. I don’t know. But there is no reason for me to doubt my son-in-law. For my Munni, he is a good and loving husband who takes good care of her and my daughter is happy with him. That automatically makes me glad. And sometimes, her age gives her fears, which she lavishly gives me too. Whenever she shows that generosity, I become weak like a one-armed boxer and the life scares the hell out of me.
These days, I can’t move myself without my old aunt’s help, so taking care of Munni seemed something unthinkable, so she had to plan her delivery in the city itself. They have hired someone to take care of her. As travel has been impossible for both of us, I haven’t seen my daughter in months. Since then our only contact was through cell phone. She calls me umpteen number of times for sharing even her most silly doubts and fears. I understand how much impact a mother can make on her children. My words, loaded with love, strengthen her, give her courage to face things for which a woman is destined.
That’s when I realised how important a cell phone is in my life. I don’t know how I would have managed without the cell phone, which meant no connection with my only daughter, for whom I have lived so far and for whom I am still living.
Once she asked me, ‘Ammi, what if my child is a still born? When I went for check-up, another girl I met there told me her first child was a still born!”
Always I ask her to be positive, to pray and to not think about such matters.
Another time she asked, ‘Ammi, what will you do if I die?’
She, with that question, had taken my good life that very moment. Her fears always make me fragile.
I had become her mother at a younger age than hers. But I hadn’t given much thought about it then. I was just excited about the baby, my baby! Even if I had fears, there was none to support me, my mother was a harsh one. I was ignorant. Sometimes, ignorance helps. When my date was due, fear had gripped me. But soon, I had become extremely happy seeing my cute baby, my Munni.
But Munni’s question had made me panic. I can’t even imagine losing her. I would rather die with her.
I had cried, had scolded her for asking that.
I don’t know what other mothers think, but I am more concerned about my daughter and her life than the child’s. It may sound selfish, but it is a truth. Childbearing is not a big event as lakhs and lakhs are born each day. But even the most mundane thing becomes the most important news when it comes to our children or close people. That is what it is all about.
But again, I didn’t know how to pacify her. I just had told her nothing like that would happen.
But the fear which found home in my heart from that moment has remained there like an uninvited guest.
“What would I do without her?”
A girl’s best friend is always her mother. But taking our circumstances into consideration, I am unable to be with her, when she needs me the most, to stray away all her fears.
I cry over my helplessness. I know it doesn’t help. But that’s the only thing I am able to do now.
I find my cell phone as one of the most treasured possessions. The thing that makes me alive connecting me with my life, with my breath, which makes me forget all the pain by her sweet voices.
I check the cell phone, nothing new! I don’t want to call and disturb them.
As times passes, fear gains strength. Bad thoughts pass through my mind.
I try to remain calm, but I can’t. I am no saint to win over all my emotions. I am an ordinary lady.
But, as my thoughts wander, I get to know that if I don’t find peace and overcome my fears myself, none can help me do that.
I think about my life. I had gone through many bad times while living the life of a widow without anyone’s support. But I had overcome all those hurdles, had led a model life. I had raised a girl, had given her education as far as I could and had given her in marriage to a good man.
I, who have come all this way, am now afraid of losing my child.
But does worrying help? Will our fears change anything? Will it bring us desired results?
I think. I try to be strong. I try my best to think good thoughts.
With no one around, I close my eyes, I try to bring all nice thoughts, all my successes to my mind. I try to pray, but I am unable to concentrate.
I remind myself that everyone has to face what life brings, good or bad. Everyone has to face down their demons, no matter what.
I clutch the cell phone more tightly. With the positive thoughts in my mind, even that clutch over the phone gives me a feeling that I am overcoming my fears.
The cell phone in my hand vibrates, and then it starts ringing. I know my heart is not just beating, but it is drumming. I listen holding it to my ear.
“Ammi….!” My son-in-law’s voice.
“Ha….” I realise my voice has choked in my throat.
“God blessed us…it is a baby girl! Both Munni and baby are healthy and fine. Be happy Ammi!”
I wanted to thank god. But no voice came out of me.
“Ammi, you there?”
“Ha beta, I am hearing, god has shown mercy!”
After a brief talk about Munni and kid, I put the cell phone down.
My little Munni has become a mother, a mother of another girl.
May be, some day she also will go through the tensions which I have undergone, but again, maybe not, at that time girls can be much bolder than the present times.
Tears flow down my face, tears of joy, the same tears I had nineteen years ago, when I saw my Munni’s face for the first time.
The uninvited guest has left my heart. I am sure it has left my daughter’s heart too.
My daughter has me to drive her fears away; for me, I have to do it myself.
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Murder in the grave- Suspense Story

It was a graveyard all of us saw from outside and some of us the inside too, as the near ones were accompanied till they they were buried. In a crowded city like ours, there had been a mushrooming of flats even near the graveyard and the graveyard was not a far off, dark and gloomy place from where eerie sounds of anklets or the whines of sickly dogs were heard or that’s what people believed till sometime back.
The graveyard was at the back of a small church and once in a while people were not startled when they heard the slow ringing of the funeral toll in the neighbourhood.
But in the recent past some rumours were being spread about the graveyard. People started talking about shady figures seen inside the compound at dusk and strange shrieks heard in the dead of night. Some said that the old church organ was also heard in the dead of night, sometimes, though the church was locked from the outside. But the rumours helped keeping the petty thieves at bay.
The real estate people who were trying to build all over the vacant land around the graveyard, considered these rumours malicious lies, spread in order that the price of land would hit rock bottom.
As the graveyard was big and was the only one for the entire Southern and Eastern part of the city, it was used by a huge population and many started believing the rumours.
Now, this murder had given a kind of authentication to the stories on ghosts. Though the police came, it was suspected that, even some in the police department believed that a ghost had a hand in the murder.
I walked out of the crowd. Quite suddenly I saw him also moving out of the crowd. He was wearing a grey overcoat, though it was not very cold. The coat reminded me of something. I recalled the face of the dead man. I turned the pages of my memory. I could recollect the coat, because it was unique. It looked like the overcoats worn in western countries two centuries back. Yet it it did not look worn out. In this city too people wore coats, but shorter ones. The recollection of the coat led the thread of memory to where I had seen it before.
Yes, I had seen the dead man with the man wearing the overcoat. I had seen them in heated argument a few days back. I had found out something. In my excitement I went very near the man. A speck of blood on the coat near the right shoulder was what I saw.
Apparently no one had seen them together except me and so no one suspected him. He seemed just another man drawn by curiosity. But I could guess who he was. I had seen them near the graveyard in pitch darkness. He seemed a mean fellow. Should I tell the police? Who would believe me?
I followed him silently. I got into the bus along with him. I found out where he lived. I was one hundred percent sure he was the murderer; he had that dirty smirk in his face that said it all.
The police could not get a clue to the murder. The body was brought for funeral after the postmortem. I was not surprised to see him at the funeral. He was wearing the coat without the stain now. It was a dark cloudy day and people who attended the funeral, and those weren’t many, left quickly. The man lingered for sometime just outside the compound. I knew what I should do. I gave him a powerful smack on the back of his head. Blood splattered and drenched his overcoat as he fell down, lifeless. A fit punishment for one who was the cause of tarnishing the image of ghosts!
I went inside the graveyard. I could hear someone shrieking outside. A huge crowd was gathering near the body and the arrival of the police jeep - I could tell from the noise outside. All became quite once again around midnight. My pale friends rose from their graves as usual for their midnight party. I walked into the church, through the church wall and sat at the organ to play.
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The 87 year old student called Rose

I absolutely love this story. She is such an inspiration. Take time to read. You will not regret it!
An 87 Year-old College student named Rose.
The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know.
I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder. I turned round to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me
with a smile that lit up her entire being.
She said, "Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm eighty-seven years old. Can I give you a hug?" I laughed and enthusiastically responded, "Of course you may!" and she gave me a giant squeeze. "Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?" I asked. She jokingly replied, "I'm here to meet a rich husband, get married, and have a couple of kids”
"No seriously," I asked. I was curious what may have motivated her to be taking on this challenge at her age. "I always dreamed of having a college education and now I'm getting one!" she told me.
After class we walked to the student union building and shared a chocolate milkshake. We became instant friends. Every day for the
next three months, we would leave class together and talk nonstop. I was always mesmerized listening to this "time machine" as she shared her wisdom and experience with me. Over the course of the year, Rose became a campus icon and she easily made friends wherever she went. She loved to dress up and she reveled in the attention bestowed upon her from the other students. She was living it up.
At the end of the semester we invited Rose to speak at our football banquet. I'll never forget what she taught us. She was introduced and stepped up to the podium.
As she began to deliver her prepared speech, she dropped her three by five cards on the floor. Frustrated and a little embarrassed she leaned into the microphone and simply said, "I'm sorry I'm so jittery. I gave up beer for Lent and this whiskey is killing me! I'll never get my speech back in order so let me just tell
you what I know."
As we laughed she cleared her throat and began, "We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop
playing. There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy, and achieving success. You have to laugh and find humor every day.
You've got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams, you die. We have so many people walking around who are dead and don't even know it!There is a huge difference between growing
older and growing up.
If you are nineteen years old and lay in bed for one full year and don't do one productive thing, you will turn twenty years old.
If I am eighty-seven years old and stay in bed for a year and never do anything I will turn eighty-eight.
Anybody can grow older. That doesn't take any talent or ability. The idea is to grow up by always finding opportunity in change. Have no regrets. The elderly usually don't have regrets for what we did, but rather for things we did not do. The only people who fear death are those with regrets."
She concluded her speech by courageously singing "The Rose."
She challenged each of us to study the lyrics and live them out in our daily lives.
At the year's end Rose finished the college degree she had begun all those years ago. One week after graduation Rose died peacefully in her sleep.
Over two thousand college students attended her funeral in tribute to the wonderful woman who taught by example that it's never too late to be all you can possibly be. When you finish reading this, please send/share this peaceful word of advice to your friends and family, they'll really enjoy it!
These words have been passed along in loving memory of ROSE.
GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL. We make a Living by what we get, we make a Life by what we give."
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Mrs Thompson, the great Elementary Teacher

There is a story many years ago of an elementary teacher. Her name was Mrs. Thompson. And as she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children a lie. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same.
But that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard. Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he didn’t play well with the other children, that his clothes were messy and that he constantly needed a bath. And Teddy could be unpleasant. It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X’s and then putting a big “F” at the top of his papers.
At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child’s past records and she put Teddy’s off until last. However, when she reviewed his file, she was in for a surprise.
Teddy’s first grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is a bright child with a ready laugh. He does his work neatly and has good manners. He is a joy to be around.”
His second grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is an excellent student, well liked by his classmates, but he is troubled because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle.”
His third grade teacher wrote, “His mother’s death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best but his father doesn’t show much interest and his home life will soon affect him if some steps aren’t taken.”
Teddy’s fourth grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is withdrawn and doesn’t show much interest in school. He doesn’t have many friends and sometimes sleeps in class.”
By now, Mrs. Thompson realized the problem and she was ashamed of herself. She felt even worse when her students brought her Christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except for Teddy’s. His present which was clumsily wrapped in the heavy, brown paper that he got from a grocery bag.
Mrs. Thompson took pains to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some of the children started to laugh when she found a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stones missing, and a bottle that was one quarter full of perfume. But she stifled the children’s laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, putting it on, and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist.
Teddy Stoddard stayed after school that day just long enough to say, “Mrs. Thompson, today you smelled just like my Mom used to.” After the children left she cried for at least an hour. On that very day, she quit teaching reading, and writing, and arithmetic. Instead, she began to teach children.
Mrs. Thompson paid particular attention to Teddy. As she worked with him, his mind seemed to come alive. The more she encouraged him, the faster he responded. By the end of the year, Teddy had become one of the smartest children in the class and, despite her lie that she would love all the children the same, Teddy became one of her “teacher’s pets.”
A year later, she found a note under her door, from Teddy, telling her that she was still the best teacher he ever had in his whole life. Six years went by before she got another note from Teddy. He then wrote that he had finished high school, third in his class, and she was still the best teacher he ever had in his whole life.
Four years after that, she got another letter, saying that while things had been tough at times, he’d stayed in school, had stuck with it, and would soon graduate from college with the highest of honors. He assured Mrs. Thompson that she was still the best and favorite teacher he ever had in his whole life.
Then four more years passed and yet another letter came. This time he explained that after he got his bachelor’s degree, he decided to go a little further. The letter explained that she was still the best and favorite teacher he ever had. But now his name was a little longer—the letter was signed, Theodore F. Stoddard, M.D.
The story doesn’t end there. You see, there was yet another letter that spring. Teddy said he’d met this girl and was going to be married. He explained that his father had died a couple of years ago and he was wondering if Mrs. Thompson might agree to sit in the place at the wedding that was usually reserved for the mother of the groom. Of course, Mrs. Thompson did. And guess what? She wore that bracelet, the one with several rhinestones missing. And she made sure she was wearing the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together.
They hugged each other, and Dr. Stoddard whispered in Mrs. Thompson’s ear, “Thank you Mrs. Thompson for believing in me. Thank you so much for making me feel important and showing me that I could make a difference.” Mrs. Thompson, with tears in her eyes, whispered back. She said, “Teddy, you have it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I could make a difference. I didn’t know how to teach until I met you
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Touching Story of the 4 finger pianist

This story will inspire you... to realize how anyone can overcome adversity!
What do you do when you’re born with two digits on each hand and your legs are amputated at the knees when you’re three? Well, if you’re Hee Ah Lee, you become a concert pianist. She is quite a pro at it now, and you’ll love hearing her play.
Hee Ah Lee was born with sever physical deformities. She only had two fingers on each hand. And her legs ended at her knees. Her doctors didn’t expect her to live.
But she did live. At the age of six she started to play piano. At the time, her four fingers were very weak. She couldn’t even hold a pencil. Her mother hoped playing piano would strengthen her grip.
It worked. But more than that, Lee found a calling. She now tours the world, playing for stunned audiences. She plays pieces that would be difficult for able-bodied pianists.
It is the story of a mother and a daughter who have overcome odds from the very beginning.
Lee’s mother became unexpectedly pregnant while married to a disabled man. Doctors told her that because of a medication she had been taking her child would not be normal. She elected to continue with the pregnancy and in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea, little Hee Ah Lee was born with only two fingers on each hand, disfigurement of her legs, and slight brain injury. The hospital told Sun that she could not care for the child at home and relatives wanted her to place the child for adoption in a foreign country. Sun thought her baby was beautiful, however, and was determined that she would live a successful life.
When Lee was a pre-schooler her mother decided that she wanted her daughter to take piano lessons and for two reasons. One was that she felt it would help her strengthen her hands so she could hold a pencil. The other was that she felt that if she could master the piano, she could master anything. For six months piano schools turned them down then the one teacher who did accept the task got discouraged and wanted to quit. It became a three-month contest of wills between mother and daughter that led to a confrontation in which Sun actually threw her daughter on the floor in frustration. She said Lee got back up on the piano bench and for the first time played the children’s song she had been trying to learn. That was the turning point and one year later Lee won the grand prize in a piano concert for Kindergartners. It was at age 7 that Lee won Korea’s 19th National Handicap Conquest Contest and was presented with her award by the President of Korea.
Today Lee is 22, has won numerous awards, and is a widely traveled concert pianist with more than 200 appearances. Her first album titled “Hee-ah, a Pianist with Four Fingers” was to be released in June, 2008.
Lee gives tribute to her mother for challenging her to master the piano and said that although her training was difficult, “as time went by, the piano became my source of inspiration and my best friend.”
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