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scar the remote boy(truelife)

Scar looked at his watch , it was slightly past midnight . "This job is a hit " he thought to himself.
He looked at the boys in the back of the truck and they all seemed prepared and ready for the job. He loved his job and being in control.
"Hey Jo" he called the man Next to him ,
"make sure you control your group I don't want any faults on this job you hear ? " He commanded..
"Sure Scar..don't worry this will be pulled as planned"
5 minutes later, the gate in front of them opened as a brand new Jeep pulled through.
"Now ! " Scar charged and the driver to the truck stepped on the ignition and the truck zoomed forward. Before the gate could close and the driver to the Jeep notice what was going on, Scar and the group jumped off the truck , Jo and five other guys ran as fast as they could to the front of the mansion . They came back after 5 minutes with two big gen sets big enough to support the whole industry .
Scar had them rush to the truck and he let go of the driver of the jeep who was shaking uncontrollably . Scar pointed a gun at him to keep him quite.
" If you make a sound even as low as a wimp, I will blow your head off " he had warned him .
The man who was the owner of the mansion , a big business man obeyed the order .
"Let's go boys!" scar shouted as the boys finished loading the gen sets . He started the Jeep engine and they speed off disappearing in the dark road.
Back at the mansion, the man still shaking struggled to find his phone and by the time he could dial 991, Scar and his group were long gone .
The security guard emerged from where he was hiding and ran to his boss.
"Are you okay sir ?" he asked him .
The man looked at him ,
" you are fired! stupid guard. How could you be sleeping there instead of being alert and informing the police about the armed robbers? Didn't you hear when the gate opened you idiot ? " he snapped furious .
"Get out of my sight lazy! " he added.
The security guard shrugged and smiled when he turned to go and stood a distant from his boss , he had played his part of informing Scar about details of the mansion and his boss , he knew later in the day he would receive his cut which was 20 times his stupid boss paid him .
Later, the police arrived and interviewed the guard before the mansion owner who was still in shock , he narrated his ordeal .
"Can you identify any of the robbers?" The police officer asked him .
"No , it was too dark l couldn't see clearly , besides that idiot had a gun pointed at my head , l couldn't look up."
"Don't worry sir , we will do all we can to find them."
"Please do so and when you catch them let me know immediately."
Being a well known Lusaka business man and politician he had confidence the police will do all they can to find the robbers .
"Of course.." the police officers answered as they drove out .
Meanwhile scar and the group had arrived at their hide out 1 hour 30 mins later where they put their stolen items and prepared them for sale . He parked the Jeep inside the big warehouse and started inspecting it, smiled to himself proudly . He knew he will reap millions from that night's job , the Jeep and gen sets would sell at a big price.
"Well done boys , " he told his crew , you were exceptional tonight , let's go home , he said . Lock the building , he indicated to Jo his right hand man .
The ware house was built under ground about 100 kilometers away from Kabwe town . No one not even the police could ever track that place , it was in the middle of a thick forest . The only people close by where for about 30 kilometers away.
Scar got in the drivers seat .
"I will drive " he told the guy who drove the track before.
Scar stared at his watch again , it was almost 04 am . He pulled once more on his cigarette before driving off . He held the steering on one hand as he drove .
Scar was a very successful robber , the police had hunted him for years without yielding any results , unknown to them he was always before their eyes , he sometimes even bought rounds for them in the drinking places .
Scar is his nick name , he got it from the second job he had pulled out about 10 years before, by then he was just one of the boys under his master Chile.
His real names are Aaron Mulenga but he preferred Scar . The name always reminded him of his past , not only the mark on his face but also his bitter past , his mother was a poor widow whose husband died while Scar was 12 years old . Scar had witnessed his father's relatives grab all their properties including the house which they lived in .
Being the only child , his mother worked extra as a house keeper and ensured he completed secondary school . Since he was very intelligent, Scar passed his grade 12 with 6 points , unfortunately poor Scar could not go further in his education . He tried applying for bursaries but nothing worked for him , it seemed the issue of bursary in the universities wasn't meant for the poor after all .
Scar was desperately looking for a job to do to help his mother out but it was hard for him to find something in kabwe , it was during this time that he met his friend Jo who he knew from grade 9 , Jo was not as intelligent as Aron, so for him he dropped out of grade 9 and joined Chile's group of thieves . He' he was the one who connected Aron ,now Scar to the business .
Chile realised how sharp and clever Aron was and decided to use him , he was the one to plan most of the robberies and whatever he planned mostly turned out successful . At the beginning it was just simple collecting information about some people and companies but later on Aron become fully involved especially after money started flowing .
After 5 years of working with Chile , Scar decided to form his own group and do his own thing , at first Chile objected but Scar made him a promise to be giving him 10% of the money from his jobs as a complement and also to respect him as the leader Mafia of Kabwe town .
So now here he was 8 years later , he has been working with his own crew , even Jo decided to join him after he saw how Scar was pulling out better Jobs than Chile. Scar had expanded his territory , he did most of his jobs from Lusaka and copperbelt . He had left the small kabwe town to Chile who now lagged behind in terms of wealth , Scar had earned himself loyalty and respect from those in his circle . Just mention his name and everyone would literally bow down , he built himself a big house at Nkrumah extension .
Scar didn't want to risk his mother's life so instead of staying with her he bought her a 2 bedroomed house in Lukanga , she wasn't so sure of her son's job but Scar assured her he was working as an agent for the company which paid them well ,deep down she questioned his son's honesty but her new life was better than her living in poverty .
"Hey man !" Jo called out bringing Scar back to the present ,
" lets drop the boys first before we head home"
"Oh yeah sure!" he answered driving to the side , the boys jumped out at banker's nest , they had their quarters at some flats in pollen.
That was the goodness with their boss . He always made sure every one was comfortable .
Scar and Jo drove to Scar's house and the guard ran to open the gate as he heard the car engine outside.
"Morning boss," he greeted as Scar lowered the window to greet him .
" Morning Daka" Scar greeted back and handed him some notes ,
"buy your kids food. "
"Thank you boss," he responded running to the gate .
In the house Scar and Jo discussed how they would discard the items .
"we will wait for 3 months till these officers are tired of doing their job then we find some customers , meanwhile am meeting the buyer for the other cars we just finished painting and registering , the guy is promising a good cut."
well .." Jo sighs and stood .
"Let's rest then you have about 5 hours until you meet that guy ."
Scar took a quick bath and instead of going to bed he got in his BMW and headed out he had someone to see .
Sila's shift ended at 7 hours but she decided to cover for her friend Martha who was delayed with some issues at home . She called Sila to stand in for her till 10 hours .
She was tired and wanted to get home as soon she could and rest before her next shift started.
Martha came at 10 as promised and immediately Sila headed to her car , she got the keys from the hand bag and opened the door to her Runex .
Unknown to her Scar watched her moves at a distance , she joined the road from Chowa clinic as she played Don Moen's collection , humming to the song . She noticed a BMW in the side mirror but ignored it and drove on .
She had bought a house in railways however, instead if going straight home, she decided get her son something from Shoprite before going home. After quickly picking what she wanted she saw the same BMW she had seen earlier in the side mirror parked on the opposite road .
She looked closely in the hope of seeing the driver, something told her the person could be following her but the Windows to the BMW were tinted and shut . Shrugging , she decided to drive off rubbing off the thought of being stalked. She drove home .
Scar watched her as she went in her house , he noticed the woman might suspect being followed so he decided to keep a distance as followed her .
He saw a boy hug the woman at the door and he smiled to himself , he loved kids especially boys but he would not risk having kids. His work was too risky , whatever happens his family could be a target for his enemies as well as the police . He watched Sila's house a few more minutes and sped off .
"See you later woman" he whispered to himself.
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my the story of my marriage (touching)

“well, I’m not too young, I have live enough life on this earth to know the evil it holds, but not long enough anyway, I’m just blessed with young look, I got married when I was twenty one, and I’m thirty two years now, I was married for almost two years before my husband died, he went out healthy to work, after we finish our quiet morning prayer that day and he never returns the same, they brought back his corps to me, with the news that he was found dead by the road side, no one knows what happens to him, no one wanted to help or brings his killer to book just because he was a commoner and he was hated by most after they discovered he was a Christian, he builds for the second district, I only thought is probably because he was a Christian, when the bad people got to know they plotted away to kill him, we just got married not up to two years, I was carrying my first child who was just four months and I had miscarriage, the baby came down after the shock of my husband’s death and I was so lonely after his death, until the mid wife brought the twins to me, they became my biggest blessing, and now I have another whom I named Jon, the twins I named them Mia and May, I wish to boldly give them a Christian name but I have to be wise, I can’t risk their lives for anything, but I still worship God in my hidden closet, quietly with the children the Lord gave me, Jon will grow to know God just like his two sisters, I don’t care what the circumstances of their birth was, evil runs in this land, one just have to be prayerful and careful, the mid wife is one of the remaining good women around here, I know what she does is risky, but I pray everyday for God’s protection over her, she has rescued so many babies, and given them out to women who needs them, she still manage to give us shelling for upkeep, you said your name is Tamar and it was your mistress that gave birth to Jon and wanted him to be disposed as if he is a trash, just look at that sweet baby, how can she have such evil mind. which normal human will bear a child, so perfect and precious like the baby is and want to throw him away, well, everything works together for our good, the word of God became light when it says “sing, o barren woman, you who has never given birth, break into loud and joyful song, you who have never conceived or experienced Labor, because more are the children of the desolate woman than of the one who has a husband, says the Lord.
“I’m encourage Rhonda, and I’m happy to know you are a true believer, I will come around sometime to check up on you and the children the lord gave you, and also to bring little things for upkeep, be of good cheers because God is a husband to the widows, he will take care of you and yours always.
We hugged and I also held little Jon in my arms for sometime, I hugged Mia and May warmly before bidding them good bye,
I journeyed to Lord Reese big estate, it was a long walk but I didn’t feel the stress or distance because my heart was so filled with joy after meeting with Rhonda,
When I finally got home it was night already, I washed off the road dust, and put my things inside I prayed most part of the night and by the morning I was up as I went in search of Abel later,
I saw Abel first at the fountain, he rose up on seeing me, he opened his arm wide with an attractive smile, and I went in and he closed up his arm, I felt so secured and warm, I was so happy to see him again and I drop few tears right there in his arm, Abel has built me into a fearless woman for God, and I wish I can always be close to him because I think of him everyday and wondered what he was doing, and one thing is certain, he always pray, we were both silent as I sobbed quietly in his arm, I have seen evil in this land yet God has always protected his people like he promise to do,
Abel loosened up as Vim approached from his chamber, he smile deeply and tried to wipe off tears from my eyes with the back of his hand, yet he never uttered a word, Vim stood close to us and I quickly turn and greeted him
“My kind greetings to you my lord, I’m glad to see you
“I’m delighted to see you in good health Tamar, the last time I came to see Zity I was told you took ill, I can see you are feeling better now, how is my sister and her husband Adolfo, the death of the baby is hard on every one, even mother and also father, did Zity send you down…
“Yes my lord, she did, she asked me to come down and help out in attending to Lord Reese, your father whom we learnt was ill, how is he now
“well, not any better the last time I checked, Abel I can see a warm smile on your face, Tamar is back, and you two can’t get enough of each other, I’m…glad.
He looked at me and smile before walking away, I returned back the smile, Vim has maintained his cheerfulness and kindness, which I admire mostly about him now, he has truly grown to be like his father, and has his father’s height and body built, he is like a younger version of his father, who despite getting old, still maintains his good looks. I sat down with Abel as we began to speak quietly
“Hope all has being well with you Abel, you look light, slime down, haven’t you being eating well… how are you, I have missed you so much…
“I will eat more now that you are around, I’m so happy to see you again Tamar, I also miss you but I know you are right in God’s palm, which means you are safe, I have being praying for you and fasting too, I saw trouble lurking around your head in my dream and I started praying fervently for you, I don’t know what it was, all I was shown was just you trying to rescue a baby from a burning house, and I saw you again with the baby running and crying, I saw as a woman took the baby from you she was happy, I see children all around her, then God revealed another thing to me, Adolfo will be with another woman not Zity, another who will gladden his heart and lead him to the light…
“Wow…wow, Abel, you have gone so far with your relationship with God, I wish I’m like you, I wish I have attend that height, I’m still a baby who is learning how to crawl, everything you said can only be revealed to you by God himself, I pray I will get to your level of relationship with God, but… did God reveal another thing, like a merchant’s wife, or the person Adolfo will eventually settle with, did you see any other thing..
“all I saw I have spoken, nothing else, I was always praying for you Tamar, because you seem to be in the middle of it all, my strong relationship with God did not just start yesterday, it started a very long time ago, I deny my self to the world to be claimed by him , it wasn’t easy but God made it easy, I sold it all out to God, withholding nothing from him, do not panic my dear, God want to be in a relationship with his children, and you are there already, do not weaver in your walk with him, because I can see God using you to do greater and mighty things, there’s more to come Tamar, don’t relax yet, pray, keep praying, tribulation will still come, there will be adversity, unpleasant situation, but be of good cheer, keep the faith, for is only a strong faith in God that will save. Your calling is higher than mine, you were chosen by God for a greater purpose, I was only asked to guide you through and build you up in him so that you will not weaver, and that’s what I will do. Do not be afraid because God’s angel are all around you, they are here right now. You may not see them but they are like the wind, blowing cool air in all our direction.
“You make be scared when you talk about tribulation and adversity which are yet to come, I have had enough trouble, I don’t want to see more, can you ask God to take every other trouble away, my life is filled with so many already, I don’t want more
“we have one God, and one intercessor, you equally have access just like I do, talk to your father, God is your father, tell him all your worries, do not be scared or worried, just know that God has called you by your name, you are his workmanship, he will make you stronger than what you are right now. Even in the face of tribulation he is right there with you.
“I believe, may it be according to his will and not mine,
“I’m glad you are here, I don’t need to ask about Zity and the baby whom everyone believe died immediately after birth, the baby is alive right? And is with a woman who has no husband but all I see is happy children all around her, it sound crazy but God has never lied, I love you Tamar, not with the love of the world, but with love of Christ, do not be afraid I will always be here for you, I will intercede on your behalf, everyday…
As Abel mentioned for the first time that he loved me, my heart double skipped, it was the very first time I was hearing him or any one say that out loud, despite I know Abel cares for me, and I care deeply for him, I have loved him and hate to admit it because Abel doesn’t like the worldly kind of love, and I sincerely do not know the kind of love I feel in my heart for him, but I think of him everyday, and imagined God speaking to him to marry me, we will get married and build a Godly home. so I tried to be bold enough to tell him
“Abel, I someday want to be the woman God will chose for you to settle with, I have always love you and wish…wish…hmmm. did God ever revealed who you are going to marry in your dream, like…like somebody like me, a Christian girl…did he ever showed you or you still do not know God’s plan on that, we are the only two believers around here, in this household, is only normal for you to claim back your freedom and we will be married, Zity said she will give me my freedom if i ever want to get married, I know Lord Reese loves you and the entire household, but God may have other plan which is also in his word when he said we should go into the world and multiply, you told me the last time that is not good to be equally yoked with an unbeliever, so I looked around and see that we are meant to be, probably that was why God brought us together, for that reason so tha…
“you have said enough Tamar, do not use the scripture to your favor, when it suits you only, and let’s not be ahead of God, or to think like the worldly people thinks, if we do, we will only be inviting sin, and the devil is never far to such, remember the word said that the devil is roaming around the earth looking for whom to destroy and we are a good target for him, the enemies are watching us and waiting for any weakness for them to destroy us, marriage, like I told you before is not a ticket to heaven, if your right eye causes you to sin pluck it off, is better to enter into heaven with one eye than to be destroyed with the two, is an illustration from the word, God is not asking you to pluck off your eyes but to restrain from whatever you think that gives you worldly pleasure, whatever that will make you run a race and at the end God will say to you, “go away for I know you not” such should be avoided, remember those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy, no shadow of shame will darken their faces, Tamar, God did not show me anything about marriage, and I’m not worried, never was and never will be, if by tomorrow he said is you Tamar, I will be glad to embrace you as my wife and build a Godly family with you, but if God said is one unbeliever out there, or pagan worshiper in the street serving different gods, so be it, I will reform her to be a Godly woman, and she will come to know the one true God, I’m following God’s leading, anywhere he leads me to I will go, focus your mind on him and do not be distracted with marriage or anything, God is love and in him you will find solace. There’s a battle ahead, not a physical war you can see, a battle that requires you going on your knee and praying to God to intervene, I’m not a perfect man, but I walk in his own perfection, in his grace that he has made possible for all, through his son Jesus Christ, you have a work to do here, that’s why God brought you back, I will always be praying for you and God will help you to know all you need to know when the time comes…
I smiled, and I knew I was truly thinking ahead of God, I never asked him what his will is for me, I was only being fantasized about marriage, having children, and being with Abel, I forgot that God himself instituted marriage before the beginning of the world, when he made man, Adam and out of his ribs came his companion a woman, Eve, God knows the best for me more than I do. I quickly repented of my unknown sin as Abel spread it to my face, and I’m always glad to have Abel to lead and correct me, God is ever merciful to his children.
Later that day I went to lady phin and knelt in greeting, she was happy to see me, and we talked about few things, mostly about Zity and the baby, before I left.
On the third day, Lady Phin called me again and lead me to Lord Reese Chamber, he was critically ill, Lady phin told me they have tried different thing on him, even Obia volunteered to use her magically power, but he never gets well, instead the master got worst, and the master always battle with unknown spirit in his dream, he hardly sleep at night because of the fear, renown physicians kept coming and he never improve,
I wondered why Abel did not do anything, and immediately I thought of that a word dropped in my heart, God works in a way we can not understand.
I sat beside him, and although it wasn’t allowed I took the master hand boldly and he turned his face and looked at me, he manage to curve his lips into a little smile, lady phin stood behind me, I bow my head without altering a word, I just shot my eyes, and prayed loudly in my mind, rebuking the enemy so that it will flew from him, I prayed for a divine healing on him with the Lord’s word that says he took our sickness and bore in himself our disease…and by his stripe we are healed, I prayed so loudly in my heart that all I wanted to do was screamed as I felt the power of God,
After the prayer I left him and return to the out house, I saw Vim as I was leaving and he stopped me by the exit door, and all he did as usual was to look at me without a word before I bow and left.
By the following morning I was called that lady phin was calling me and when I went, she thanked me that Lord Reese slept through out the night after several weeks of battling in his sleep and he is feeling a bit better today, unlike before,
she was grateful to me and I returned all the glory to God who made it possible.
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the campus lady who bought a car in my school

i met this girl back then in campus, she was so beautiful and rich
i have been always shy to talk to her until one day she approached me and introduced herself.
My name is stella ****. The only daughter of a popular Imo state politician. A bonafide orlu daughter, but was born in florida which equally made me an American citizen.
I grew up in a family of four boys which influenced my life a great deal. I grew up like a boy and behaved like one until i became more matured. The only thing that differentiated me from my siblings was that i did my primary and secondary education in one of the unity schools in Nigeria while they did theirs abroad. But i however did my university education in America. So i really wasn’t a novice in Nigeria.
In 2009, i clocked 30 and fully returned to Nigeria with two degrees, a fat bank account, a hotel in owerri {which was a gift from my old dad}.
The current governor of my state equally was a close family friend and his contact was on my speed dial.
Infact i had everything a lady could dream of. Money, respect and freedom. The only thing that i lacked was a husband, but it really wasn’t as if i cared for one. I was yet to meet the guy who could command my unwavering respect and loyalty.
I already had experimented with a whole lot of them. Whites, blacks, french and so on but none gave me the appeal i wanted. Well all i enjoyed was perhaps the sex….
Settling down in Owerri however changed my life. I felt i knew it all, not until i was brainwashed and screwed by a Nigerian guy. But nobody screws me and lives to make a story out of it
guess i’m done with the introduction. It’s now time to move over to how i met Kelvin.
#Breathes deeply#.
It was In march 2009, can’t really remember the exact date, but it was precisely two months and some days after i returned to Nigeria. I was in Nwangele {a small town in Imo state} attending a cousin’s traditional wedding with my bestfriend Amara {A staff of First bank Plc}
As the event was about ending, we got ready to leave and stood up. But my companion suddenly begged for some minutes. She needed to greet a couple who were some distance away. I obliged and settled back on my chair, suddenly from nowhere a young man came over to me and began taking my pictures without asking for permission.
“aw you look so cute, mmmm” he tuned me as he took more pictures. I simply smiled, saying nothing.
“wow they are so lovely. I have to go print them out. Should i print all?” he asked curiously after taking quite a lot of my pictures. His eyes searched me as if he wasn’t sure of my stand {in terms of payment}
I looked into his eyes and saw ambition. Something clicked inside me. My heart melted, I was suddenly drawn to him.
He looked quite young, within the age bracket of 27- 28 years. He was fair, slim, tall, great body not too muscular. Infact he was quite an attractive male. I salivated as i weighed him calmly.
“so madam should i print them?” he asked again. His voice so cool and passionate. I really have never stared at any guy the way i did to him that fateful evening.
“actually i’m about leaving” i replied calculatively. His eyes instantly dropped.
“but you can bring it to my office on monday” i added, fetched my card and gave him.
“i will pay for your transport too” i added. His face instantly lit up with happiness.
“thank you Ma” he greeted before disappearing in search of more customers.
“hmmmm did you just give him your card?” Amara asked from behind as she walked back to the table, settled opposite me and crossed her legs.
“i like him” i confessed. She rolled her eyes and scoffed,
“oh please!, that guy is younger than you. We are in Nigeria oo. It’s even better you hang out with that fat honourable, what’s that his name?. Who has been virtually on his knees to have you than fall for that little boy” she advised with a laugh. I simply eyed her and discarded her advice…. How i wish i had listened.
Her advice was so on point.
Early monday morning, i headed to the office with my hopes up. I just couldn’t wait to see the young photographer who captured my heart with a click.
I truly took great pains dressing up that fateful morning, making sure i looked as beautiful as ever. My heart kept throbbing as if i was having my first date. I couldn’t believe i was so blindly attracted to a mere photographer who wasn’t even my agemate.
By 10:50am, i was notified of his presence. My spirit lit up, leaving me with intense joy as i watched him walk into my office like a frightened school boy. I smiled politely, flashing him a very inviting look in the process while he quickly looked down as if he was embarrassed.
“good morning. I brought the pictures” he greeted. I nodded, offered him a seat and took the pictures, quickly going through them.
His work was very adorable and It made me more pleased with him.
{I do admire people who are good with what they do}.
“you know, i was expecting your call. You never called to tell me that you were bringing the pictures” i said calmly. He quickly shrugged with a shoulder.
“i’m very sorry. I just didn’t want to bother you with such a little thing. I felt it was better showing up without disturbing you with a phone call” he explained apologetically.
“it’s okay. Your work is very superb. Seems like you have been doing this for years” i said with a smile. He breathed deeply and smiled with me.
“not really, i started the job few months ago after tirelessly searching for a job” he explained while i stared at him curiously. A bit lost over his last comment.
“actually i’m a graduate of Imsu, graduated three years ago. It’s now a year and some months after Nysc yet i havn’t been fortunate to get a job. I had to look for a means to survive” he explained humourously, but i didn’t find the revelation funny. Instead i was deeply touched.
“so which course did you study?” i asked,
“Economics” he answered,
“hmmm that’s good” i murmured as i stared at him searchingly. I truly was impressed to discover he was a graduate.
“so are you making a lot from photography?” i asked curiously. He shrugged and said nothing.
“will you like to work in a hotel?” i asked, even though there really wasn’t any vacant position for him. But instead of answering, he stared at me curiously.
“as the assistant cashier” i added with a nod. His eyes quickly lit up with excitement.
“of course ma, if you find me worthy” he said happily,
“fine. Early tomorrow come in with your C.V” I concluded. He couldn’t believe himself and it showed by the excitement in him. He thanked me a hundred times over.
“so how much for the pictures?” i asked,
“don’t bother about the pictures madam. Just have them” he said happily but i refused and gave him five thousand Naira which he hesitantly collected before leaving.
Deep down I was very excited to have him working for me. It was the only way to have him close and i cashed on it.
Surprisingly I felt like a young female teenager who just got her first boyfriend.
Having kelvin under my payroll wasn’t only a good personal decision but a wonderful business decision as well. He proved to be a hardworking cheerful guy who turned things around for me.
Perhaps my affection towards him made me hold anything he did in high esteem, that notwithstanding he did a perfect job in the hotel, very loyal, smart and sharp in everything.
I slowly created a very close working relationship with him, which quickly grew into a harmless friendship. He told me all about himself, his old parents and siblings who were expecting much from him while i told him some of my little secrets.
Against Amara’s advice, i showed him where i lived, urged him to be very free with me, and equally began behaving a bit funny and carefree whenever we were together which he took time understanding.
Slowly and steadily after our friendship developed into something much more intense yet still harmless. We began spending some evenings together and i had no problem introducing him to my social circle amidst heavy criticism from friends, yet i was unperturbed because i felt i could mould him into an eye catching celebrity.
I began putting his interest as my top priority, completely losing my mind in the process. I was so much in love with him.
Every day i yearned to have him, i dreamt of having him inside me but it wasn’t in my place to make the final move. It was his to make, but unfortunately he seemed scared to make the important move. It was as if he was unsure of my feelings. It all showed in his eyes. I eagerly waited, dying in silence.
Finally on the first monday of May 2009, he brought a beautiful flower to me.
“happy new month” he smiled with affection. I closed my eyes with deep happiness.
“finally, at last” i breathed with great relieve. I knew he was finally mine. My perfect object, my creation. I had great plans for him.
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afterlife and the murder case on my head

before now i think ghost dont exist but i am so wrong, after reading this story you will understand what i mean.

are you ready?.
..Heartbeat drops…
Things really have happened to me. Things beyond ordinary. Things so deadly to imagine. Things so cold and horrible.
My name is Jude. This is my story. Or should i call it a confessional story.
MARCH, 2009
I brushed my teeth for the third time, ran out of the bathroom and grabbed my phone. Slowly i scrolled down to a name saved with “NMEKA 2go” and dialled the number with a happy smile on my face.
Nmeka was my 2go girlfriend. The first real friend i was making from 2go after months of endless chatting. She was paying me a visit that very day, something like a return visit because we first met two weeks ago at her school where we met each other for the first time. Of course the visit i paid her solidified our friendship thus making her take the risk of visiting me for a lovely weekend.
“hello Jude, the bus has dropped me at the park. You can now come and get me” Nmeka’s sweet voice announced as she answered my call. I jumped up with joy before rushing out to pick her up.
It wasn’t had locating her at the busy bus station. We hugged each other with joy, seriously the love was there.
“i’m so happy” i whispered to her. She blinked her eyes, saying nothing.
Minutes later we arrived at my lodge which impressed her a lot.
“hmmm your lodge is beautiful. It’s so big ooo. Hmmm you go fear three storey building. How much do you pay here?” she asked with admiration.
We had a wonderful night gisting, joking and playing before finally wrapping up the whole fun with a hot super se.x. She really was so good and sweet. Oh what a delicious girl she was.
“i hope you arn’t decieving me?” she asked with love in her eyes.
“of course not my dear” i answered innocently. She smiled and closed her eyes. We went straight to sleep moments after, Unfortunately i never knew a nightmare was coming.
I woke up at exactly 3:15am the next morning, to see my lovely visitor gasping for breathe.
Before i could understand what was happening, she collasped on the bed. I fearfully stared at my unconscious visitor. Confused, nauesous and lost.
“please don’t do this to me” i pleaded seriously. Tears fell from my eyes, my heart pounded furiously.
The poor girl breathed her last, a very heavy breathe it was before keeping still, leaving me all alone to my fate. All alone and hopeless.
I was left with the choice to tell the truth. A freaking truth which no one would buy.
“no no no” i cried with panick, jumped out of the bed and wore my trouser. My mind was set on going out to seek help. To scream, to cry out loud.
“Perhaps my neighbours could be of assistance” I reasoned with a cold shiver. But on second thought i played down my fears and decided not to seek external help. She wasn’t breathing, she already was freaking gone. I felt her pulse over and over again.
Desperately, i tried breathing into her mouth. I pressed on her chest a hundred times over, but nothing worked. I fell back with fear, while the consequencies of my predicament ran through my head. I was in deep s.hit.
I needed no one to tell me that I only had a little time to think out a good explanation or plan. Time was running out fast. Dawn was quickly approaching.
“d.amn” i exclaimed as my head played back our last moment together. I really was ruined, definitely f----d.
“D--n 2go” i hissed, wondering what must have happened to her.
“perhaps she’s asthmatic or something. Perhaps i woke up too late to save her. Jeez” i cursed, reached for her handbag and searched it for drugs or something similar but found nothing.
Slowly my clock struck 4:10am, i had little time left.
“I have to act fast. I have to move her body” i reasoned with a fearful courage.
“Where will i dump her?, how do i cover my tracks?, did anyone see us together the previous evening?” i wondered as i pulled her down from my bed.
I quickly pulled off her night wear and dressed her up with the clothes she wore from her place. A black jean trouser and a pink top. It truly was the most difficult and irritating task i have ever done in my life.
“what next?” i asked myself as i looked out of my room window. The hostel{lodge} gate was still locked. There wasn’t anyway i could carry her out of the lodge without waking the gateman or seen by early morning weed smokers, {Annoying students who were fond of smoking hemp in front of some hostels]. Moreover the hostel lights were equally on and glaring.
I rubbed my face in desperation. I was living at the top-most floor and so had little or nothing to hope on. It was a do or die affair.
I left my room and took a quiet tour round the lodge. Fortunately no one was outside, which really was a very big relief. I went round the lodge searching for a quiet hidden place i could dump Nmeka’s body. Of course i wasn’t thinking of dumping her outside the lodge because their wasn’t a way i could do it without being seen. I couldn’t ask the gateman to open the gate without arousing suspicion nor scale the fence with such a heavy load. I had to look for a spot within the lodge to dump the body.
Finally an idea quickly struck me. The was a staircase at the extreme end of wing c which was hardly used because the three stairs at the front and middle back of the big hostel was the most preferred by everyone. The staircase was exactly the kind of place i was badly searching for. There wasn’t any bulb underneath it like the other staircases {the bulbs were probably stolen} and so had poor visibilty even in the afternoon. My only fear was that the cleaners who swept the lodge every morning might discover her on time. Perhaps before i could be able to dispose her handbag and other belongings which i intend disposing at a place very far from the lodge later in the morning.
Seriously i never imagined my heart could be as dark as it was that fateful morning, but it got me to realise that the heart of man is very dangerous especially when faced with an unimaginable circumstance.
I quickly inspected the staircase, rushed to my room and carried the poor girl’s body. Discreetly i headed back to the staircase, my heart almost at breaking point.
I quietly carried her to the staircase, my heart beating wildly as i carried the heavy load. 
I needed a whole lot of luck to avoid detection. Only a single mistake could destroy everything i had planned.
Luckily i got to my destination without being seen. I calmly dumped and pushed her well underneath the staircase {of the first floor}.
“if things go as planned perhaps it will take a day or two before she’s discovered” i reasoned before another idea came into my head.
I rushed up to my room, grabbed a bucket of water, came down and poured it all over her. I wasn’t a biologist but i felt it could destroy any evidence like my prints which were on her body. Yea it might sound silly but i felt a bit relieved after doing it even though the water quickly spilled out towards the exit door but it wasn’t enough to draw attention.
I grabbed the empty bucket and returned to my room. I knew nobody would investigate a spilled water in a lodge filled with students. Unless of course the cleaners.
As I got to my room, i quickly cleaned up everywhere, packing up all of Nmeka’s things in a big black sack bag including her phone which was the first in the list, but before doing it i first logged into her 2go account{luckily the appilication opened without asking for a password} and deleted everything about me, including my phone numbers and text messages we shared. I knew the police had the means to get me if they were serious but i did everything just as a precaution. I equally washed the bathroom, and changed my bedsheet, made sure everything was in order before sitting down to rest.
I was so terrified and nervous. I needed all the goodluck in the world. I was scared of being caught. My future just stood before me, glaring at my face. I knew i did the worst atrocity by trying to hide the poor girl, but i had no choice than to do it. I wasn’t ready to hang for something i had no hand in.
Nervously i waited for the hostel gate to be opened, the success of my plans depended on it. I had to dispose Nmeka’s things in a place very far away. Precisely in a river.
I cracked my head searching for a good river but couldn’t remember any. In desperation i thought of other alternatives.
“A good bush will do” i concluded as i remembered a very large bush, four hostels behind mine. The bush really was at the end of the street. A yet to be developed plot.
But i was very unsure of the best time to head to the place. I knew there wasn’t a way i could go there without being seen by many students and my movement might draw suspicion due to the sack bag in my possession and if eventually Nmeka’s body is found, tongues may talk and i could be caught. I reasoned.
“The only solution was to head out of the school environs with my load perhaps towards the small mechanic village which was fifty naira bus drop away from my lodge, find a good refuse dump site and dispose everything” .
Luckily her body wasn’t discovered that morning and so by 7:45am, i smashed her phone sim and memory card wrapped the debris in a small nylon before flinging it with the phone back into the sack bag. Soon after i left the lodge with my load and headed towards mechanic village, nervous, shaken but determined.
It was very easy to find a burning refuse dump site when i got there. I quickly disposed everything and headed back to my lodge a bit relieved.
All that was left was to sit and wait for the poor girl to be discovered.
I kept to myself, acting cool and trying hard not to behave in a way that could draw suspicion. It wasn’t easy, i couldn’t eat, sleep nor do anything. I was conscious of everything, plus i began seeing things. Strange weird things.
Perhaps it was my imagination, perhaps it was guilt and fear but i truly wasn’t myself anymore. I didn’t kill the girl but i wronged her spirit. I felt she was everywhere i went, staring at me with her dark eyes.
Then she was discovered…………………… An early monday cry from one of the cleaners ripped the whole lodge apart.
The sharp cry shook the entire lodge, frightening me tremendously. My heart furiously pounded. The day of reckoning finally has arrived.
I waited for few minutes in my room as i tried so hard to compose myself. Just like other students, i had to check out the cause of the cry and noise coming from downstairs. I wished i had travelled, but truly it was very bright of me to stay put in the lodge instead of travelling, because i had to be around in order to follow events and plan ahead. Moreover the hostel was a large one but it never stopped students who lived in it from knowing each other’s habit and as i hardly travelled. Who knows i could be suspected.
Yes i was so scared that i felt every step i took could lead anyone to suspect me even though i was far from being one of the hostel terrors nor cultists who could easily be suspected as the hand behind such a deadly act.
I drank a glass of water before heading out of my room. I slowly headed downstairs, towards where i dumped Nmeka’s body days ago. You can’t imagine how nervous and scared i was as i slowly made my way to that place.
Hundreds of students were already at the staircase when i got there. Students from the neighbouring hostels alike. I greeted some of my neighbours who told me of the terrific dicovery. I pretended to be shocked and forced my way to the front of the crowd.
After a little struggle, i succeeded in getting close to Nmeka’s body which was already pulled out from the staircase. The poor girl was now lying just some steps away from where she was originally dumped, looking pale as ever. I drew a bit close as if i was very concerned.
“do you know her?” a girl quickly asked me. I turned to see almost everyone staring curiously at me. I swallowed hard with tension. My guilty conscience shook me like an earthquake.
“what?” i stammered.
“do you know her?” the hostel president asked, before the girl could repeat her question.
“hell no. That’s exactly what i came to check” i managed to reply, dashing all their hopes.
“nobody knows her. She has no I.d or anything” the girl who asked the first question explained, while i shrugged, saying nothing.
The relief i felt as i heard the girl’s explanation was quite enormous. I really had feared the question was asked with suspicion.
However i still feared the worst was yet to come. I knew there must surely be a scapegoat. A sacrificial lamb who will be blamed for such a horrible crime.
The school SUG president soon showed up with the school authorities and the police, quickly dispersing everyone.
“you can now go on with your various activities, we are here to take charge of the situation. Be rest assured that the person behind this outrageous crime will be caught. If you have any information to share please don’t hesitate to bring it to our knowledge. Mind how you talk to the press or better still leave us to do the talking. You are warned” the Dean of students addressed us before we were dispersed.
I returned to my room extremely scared and afraid. I couldn’t imagine what the outcome of their investigation will be.
I didn’t leave my room all through the rest of that day. I simply stayed indoors with my conscience punishing me. I was ready to do anything for my fears to go away.
Nmeka’s body was taken away later in the afternoon. I couldn’t help but peep through my window as an ambulance carried the poor thing away. Yes the time was precisely 3:15pm. I really couldn’t imagine what caused the delay in moving a body discovered very early in the morning.
However some minutes after her body was taken away. A strange kind of dizziness took over my entire body. It was as if my room was spinning round with me in the center. I lost balance and collasped on my bed, breathing heavily while sweat drenched my body.
I couldn’t believe nor understand what was happening. I never experienced such a thing before, but luckily i regained myself some minutes after.
I tried hard to think what could have happened, but just couldn’t figure out anything. Not only was my eyes now seeing things that never was, the rest of my body has equally joined in the game.
Could Nmeka’s spirit be behind this?” i wondered Miserably.
“but i didn’t kill nobody. It was just an accident. I did what i had to do to save face” i kind of spoke aloud before realising myself.
A sharp knock of my door, quickly notified me of a visitor waiting outside.
“was i heard?. Is it the police?” i nervously asked myself as i slugglishly went to my door.
later that day a roomate of mine was arrested, he was the real killer.
my mum and relations were all happy for me.
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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

born to kill and fight for my life(episode4)

janvi was inside the house when she saw her sister, she followed her till she got to the road Syd we’re dey sell petrol, went inside put the petrol around her. savitri was already on her way home, she could not find a cab, she decided to be walking home till she found a cab who agreed to carry her, dis angered the two girl nd dey decided to cause an accident to delay her do they showed deir self to the driver den got to the center of the road BT the driver narrowly escape it. they decided to put fire on the cab BT by then they we’re already closer to her ause, so she jumped from the cab before they got burn. when on the other hand janvi father was look for her born her finally found her she av lit the fire nd she was at the middle of it, other pole av gathered trying to stop the fire BT they could no, her was begging her to come out BT she was just laughing. that was wen savitri came she could not stand by nd see her daughter getting burn nd d gals we’re dey too laughing. there nd then she decided to sacrifice her self for her daughter so she got closer to the fire pull her daughter out nd stayed behind to get burn. and just DAT single act of hers melten the gals heart nd they started crying then savitri smiled. All this while wat the gals lack was motherly love and they got that through savitri, nd they nevered killed again.
Eva drove out of the parking lot, moving
slowly and carefully so as not to arouse
suspicion. The Colonel lay low at the back
seat of the car, instructing Eva to take it cool.
There were agents following them and they
needed to be thrown off track. If they
suspected anything, they would corner Eva
and have her smoked. That would be the end.
“How many cars do we have on our tail?” The
Colonel asked, still crouched at the back seat
of the car.
“I am seeing two sedans. They are doing a
very good job and they are alternating very
well. Only a trained eye would notice this.”
Eva replied.
“Good job girl. Now follow the road that leads
through bar beach and get to Bonny camp.
You have to take Onikan through to Awolowo
road and enter the Total filling station there.
That’s where we would lose them.” The
Colonel said.
“What happens when we get to Total, dad?”
Eva asked.
“Let’s just say, I have got friends of mine.”
The Colonel replied and continued.
“Just make sure that we get there in one
piece.” The Colonel finisged.
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twist of love(traditional love story)

Then she move to a fire which was burning by the syd of the road, as she was about entering the fire sombdy saw her and drag her out of the fire. The person was so angry with her for the fact that she wanted to kill her self but she did’nt rely knw wat happen to her so she ran home. When she got home she met her dad and mum arguing so she greeted them but savitri notice the burn on her leg.
Savitri: what happen to your leg????
Janvi: nothing mum, i mistakly match an hot place.
savitri: ok my child go inside clean up and come let eat.
Ruk told her that the discussion was over. The next day as savitri was doing as houx choice she receive a fone call.
Caller: ma are you savitri singh?
Savitri: yes, any problem?
Caller: we are calling from the hospital because of one miss shanty
savitri: am coming to the hospital ryt now.
She hurried and went to the hospital wen she go they she heard the mother of shanty talking to the police about shanty committing suicide by burning her self. According to shanty’s mother she woke up to get water and perceive somtin burning she tried to find out wat was burning only to find her daughter on her bed burning. Savitri tried to talk to the police that it was no suicide but they was somtin behind it but they did no belive her. So she was left wit the option on going to see the gals father in the psychiatry.
When savitri got there she was not allowed to see him by the security man, it was through the intervention of the doctor she was allowed. Although she was accompanied they by the doctor and the security man because the man was very violent. When she got to the ward at wich he was in, she tried to convice him to tell her how to stop them but the man would no help her.
Ghost father: why should i tell you that, i can’t because they are doing wat i will also do. As the population of the pple increase so does the sin of the pple my kids are only fighting for justice. When they were young Der mother won’t allow them to come and see me. She was very wicked to me, making my children hate me. So one day i pour fuel on her and light her ablaze. My children wer Der so they saw everything after that they did the same to Der self and continue with wat i started. That why am so proud of dem proud of dem hahaha.
Savitri: you are such a wicked and selfish man killing ur own wife.
Ghost father: madam pls go home and face your own problem my daughters are with me, one of your daughter is dead very soon it will be the second one hahaha.
Savitri: you are so wicked *crying*
doctor: madam we need to go now.
Savitri immediately went out of the place and called her husband telling him to look after janvi, to make sure she was home, but he couldn’t find her in her bedroom not even around the house.
Janvi was no wer to be found.
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my muslim brother called ahmed

Ahmed could not believe what he had just
heard. It seemed like he was in a dream. He
pinched himself to ascertain if truly he had
heard right. His uncle’s crest fallen face said
it all. But how was this possible? He had lived
with The Colonel since he was four years old.
He thought he knew everything. This did not
feel right.
“But how can this be? I have a sister? Please
explain to me Uncle.” Ahmed pleaded.
The Colonel sighed. He let out a gust of air
through his mouth, heaving heavily.
“Son, there is something I ought to have told
you. My plan was to wait till you finished
Military school and then I would tell you
everything. Unfortunately, I went undercover
and did not get to see you again. I had Eva
when I was twenty five. Her mother, my fiancée
got pregnant and desperately wanted to keep
the baby. I had already enrolled in the
battalion that was to fight in the 2015 West
African War and would not be there to support
her. I begged for Mary to reconsider. She said
she would have the baby and wait till I came
back. I was just a recruit but was placed in
the 16B Squadron, responsible for back up
attacks on the enemy. After the war ended in
2017, I came home with only one thing in my
mind; reuniting with Mary and the baby. It
was an effort in futility. I searched for months,
looking everywhere, calling friends, asking
families. I searched for her on the internet to
no avail. After three years of search, I
concluded that they were either dead or
missing. However, I met Mary five years ago
when I was still undercover. She was working
as a chef for the head of a rival gang. We
reconnected. As desperately as I wanted it, I
could not risk getting too close to her. I sent
her money regularly and got her a new
accommodation. I visited her only twice. I did
not want her in danger. In one of those visits, I
saw pictures of Eva. I desperately wanted to
talk to her but she was in school outside the
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sweetlover girl of edo state

That same day savitri went to see shanty so that she will tell her more about the issue.
Shanty: thank you ma for believing me.
Savitri: please tell me more abt it. Shanty showed her pictures of the gals who av burn deir self.
Shanty: the first one was inside a bus when it stop at a gas station. All of a sudden she came down from the bus move to the right side of the road turn a gallon of petrol on her body and went to the right side of the road took a matches from a koist store and set her self on fire. Ma and all dis gals before burning Der self told Der parents about the two gals they usually see in Der drm but non of Der parent belive.
Savitri: what abt the second one
shanty: she was on a family vacation, every member of their family wer present wen she stood up and walk into the camp fire wich was made and she also made the same statement of her being called.
Savitri: how should we stop them
shanty: i don’t knw exactly how we can stop dem.
shanty: the only person who can helps us is the father of those two ghost gals . Shanty av done her research on the gals they only attack teenage gals, the gals wer a witness to wat Der father did to their mother burning her alife.
Shanty: i av tried on many occasion to talk to their father who is currently in a psychiatry home under treatment but he did not agree to talk to me pls ma help me save my job am prove am correct.
Savitri: i will help you, i av anoda daughter so i will help u for the sake and life of my daughter. Shanty showed her the picture of the gals father. When she saw the picture the gals wer already dey. Savitri saw the gal hiding behind a try and immediately the picture in her hand caught fire. She dismiss shanty and told her they will talk the next day.
janvi was on the couch in the parlour studying wen all of a sudden she heard her name Being called. She get up to find out who was calling her and found out it was She got up to find out who it was and found out it was her sister karina.
Karina: janvi pls com wit me i rely miss you com wit me
janvi: no no no
karina: don’t you miss me come, wen you com we will continue to play like we use to come. At this point janvi was scared and started moving back then she saw the two gals and she shouted, then she woke up from her sleep. Her mother savitri heard her shouting so she ran into The room to find out wat was wrong with her. When she got Der sha ask her why was she shouting and she said it was noting dat it was a drm she just miss her sister karina. Her mother den console her and told her that everybody miss her too dat she should go back to sleep, which she did. The next day she tried convincing her husband about what shanty told her but he want noting to do wit wat she said, he say “she is just a reporter looking for stories to make out from his daughter suicide”.
Savitri tried everything possible but he will not listen he told her to concentrate on the only daughter they have now.
when janvi was on her way from school that evening she encounter the two ghost gals and they just smile to her and she smile back then she moves to a fire which was burning by the syd of the road
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my mother my everything(emotional story)

hat night the family of Siddhartha singh were eating, a happy family of four Mr Siddhartha ruk singh, Mrs ruk singh and their two daughters karina and janvi. All of a the light went off.
Dad: what happen to the light?
Mum: i dnt know let Me to and check. Karina get the candle from the kitchen.
Karina: yes mama.
Karina went into the kitchen, on her way she hit her leg on the kitchen cabinet. She got the candle and light it up. Then her mother came out it a candle to the dining then they were about to continue eating when they notice karina was not yet back. Her mother decided to go check on her she got to the kitchen and met her on fire. Ruk (she shouted) her husband came to the kitchen and met his daughter burning they immediately try to stop her.
Karina: hahahahahahahahahaha.
Mom: karina live there. But she did not then they stop the fire and took her to the hospital.
waiting outside for the doctor to comout was like hell for them, they could not understand the reason ther daughter will set herself ablaze . The doctor came out and told them the condition of their daughter they ask to see her.
Doctor: your daughter is stable now.
Dad: thank you daughter can we see our daughter
Doctor: only one person can go in
dad: savitri pls go in and see her
mum: ok ruk. On seeing her daughter she began to cry
karina: ma……. ma
mom: karina, y did you do dis to urself
karina: maa i didn’t do it, i saw them two of dem they told me to do it,
mom: who are you talking about
karina: dey wer two girls av been seeing dem in my drms
mom: who are they
karina: maa they are here dey want to take me pls don’t let dem take plss maa
mom: who is Der, karina dey is nobody her
karina: maa pls dnt let dem take me with dem
mom: doctor doctor am coming karina, doctor. And she left her, the girls came and strangle her with their hair. When her mother came back with the doctor she was already dead which the doctor later confirm to her, she started sobbing for her daughter.
Outside the ward they wer being ask a few questions by some police officer’s who wer presently investigating on the issue. According to the police officer it was a suicide committed. Just then the younger sister move to the ladies room to make use of it, wen she got dear she tried to remove her phone but it fell down on bending down to pick the phone she saw two pair of shoeless leg outside d door she ask who it was but they was no reply. She hurried out then wash her hand nd rinse her face, but standing behind her wer the two girls, so she ran out of the ladies room. The next day a reporter came to their house trying to explain to the father of the girl about the issue of their daughter’s death, trying to tell them it was not a suicide but the ruk did’nt listen just den savitri came out of the house to find out who her husband was talking to, she met the girl they and she tried to explain it to her but ruk won’t hear anything of it so savitri calm him down and told him let dem hear her out. They welcome her into ther house.
Ruk: am not in support of dis, my daughter committed Suicide and that is all.
Shanty(reporter): to sir it was not suicide sir, have been investigating dis issue for some time now sir pls look at dis newspaper’s sir and ma. I did the reporting my self.
On the paper they wer different cases just like deir, all cases of gals burning theirself.
Savitri: yes, then wat do you cause all dis death
Shanty: ma all dis case have similar the wich wer the gals burning their self keep repeating the word ” they are calling me, i av to go”
ruk: i told you savitri dey is no need for dis gal you will not listen, if u ar through wit her den let her live my house because all dis are rubbish.
Shanty: sir pls listen to me sir, am not lieing have loose my job because of dis issue am trying to prove that am not mad sir pls listen, ma pls listen u guys are the only one who can help me. Den ruk left dem, savitri told shanty that they will see later to discuss on the issue more so she left.
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