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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

born to kill and fight for my life(episode4)

janvi was inside the house when she saw her sister, she followed her till she got to the road Syd we’re dey sell petrol, went inside put the petrol around her. savitri was already on her way home, she could not find a cab, she decided to be walking home till she found a cab who agreed to carry her, dis angered the two girl nd dey decided to cause an accident to delay her do they showed deir self to the driver den got to the center of the road BT the driver narrowly escape it. they decided to put fire on the cab BT by then they we’re already closer to her ause, so she jumped from the cab before they got burn. when on the other hand janvi father was look for her born her finally found her she av lit the fire nd she was at the middle of it, other pole av gathered trying to stop the fire BT they could no, her was begging her to come out BT she was just laughing. that was wen savitri came she could not stand by nd see her daughter getting burn nd d gals we’re dey too laughing. there nd then she decided to sacrifice her self for her daughter so she got closer to the fire pull her daughter out nd stayed behind to get burn. and just DAT single act of hers melten the gals heart nd they started crying then savitri smiled. All this while wat the gals lack was motherly love and they got that through savitri, nd they nevered killed again.
Eva drove out of the parking lot, moving
slowly and carefully so as not to arouse
suspicion. The Colonel lay low at the back
seat of the car, instructing Eva to take it cool.
There were agents following them and they
needed to be thrown off track. If they
suspected anything, they would corner Eva
and have her smoked. That would be the end.
“How many cars do we have on our tail?” The
Colonel asked, still crouched at the back seat
of the car.
“I am seeing two sedans. They are doing a
very good job and they are alternating very
well. Only a trained eye would notice this.”
Eva replied.
“Good job girl. Now follow the road that leads
through bar beach and get to Bonny camp.
You have to take Onikan through to Awolowo
road and enter the Total filling station there.
That’s where we would lose them.” The
Colonel said.
“What happens when we get to Total, dad?”
Eva asked.
“Let’s just say, I have got friends of mine.”
The Colonel replied and continued.
“Just make sure that we get there in one
piece.” The Colonel finisged.
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twist of love(traditional love story)

Then she move to a fire which was burning by the syd of the road, as she was about entering the fire sombdy saw her and drag her out of the fire. The person was so angry with her for the fact that she wanted to kill her self but she did’nt rely knw wat happen to her so she ran home. When she got home she met her dad and mum arguing so she greeted them but savitri notice the burn on her leg.
Savitri: what happen to your leg????
Janvi: nothing mum, i mistakly match an hot place.
savitri: ok my child go inside clean up and come let eat.
Ruk told her that the discussion was over. The next day as savitri was doing as houx choice she receive a fone call.
Caller: ma are you savitri singh?
Savitri: yes, any problem?
Caller: we are calling from the hospital because of one miss shanty
savitri: am coming to the hospital ryt now.
She hurried and went to the hospital wen she go they she heard the mother of shanty talking to the police about shanty committing suicide by burning her self. According to shanty’s mother she woke up to get water and perceive somtin burning she tried to find out wat was burning only to find her daughter on her bed burning. Savitri tried to talk to the police that it was no suicide but they was somtin behind it but they did no belive her. So she was left wit the option on going to see the gals father in the psychiatry.
When savitri got there she was not allowed to see him by the security man, it was through the intervention of the doctor she was allowed. Although she was accompanied they by the doctor and the security man because the man was very violent. When she got to the ward at wich he was in, she tried to convice him to tell her how to stop them but the man would no help her.
Ghost father: why should i tell you that, i can’t because they are doing wat i will also do. As the population of the pple increase so does the sin of the pple my kids are only fighting for justice. When they were young Der mother won’t allow them to come and see me. She was very wicked to me, making my children hate me. So one day i pour fuel on her and light her ablaze. My children wer Der so they saw everything after that they did the same to Der self and continue with wat i started. That why am so proud of dem proud of dem hahaha.
Savitri: you are such a wicked and selfish man killing ur own wife.
Ghost father: madam pls go home and face your own problem my daughters are with me, one of your daughter is dead very soon it will be the second one hahaha.
Savitri: you are so wicked *crying*
doctor: madam we need to go now.
Savitri immediately went out of the place and called her husband telling him to look after janvi, to make sure she was home, but he couldn’t find her in her bedroom not even around the house.
Janvi was no wer to be found.
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my muslim brother called ahmed

Ahmed could not believe what he had just
heard. It seemed like he was in a dream. He
pinched himself to ascertain if truly he had
heard right. His uncle’s crest fallen face said
it all. But how was this possible? He had lived
with The Colonel since he was four years old.
He thought he knew everything. This did not
feel right.
“But how can this be? I have a sister? Please
explain to me Uncle.” Ahmed pleaded.
The Colonel sighed. He let out a gust of air
through his mouth, heaving heavily.
“Son, there is something I ought to have told
you. My plan was to wait till you finished
Military school and then I would tell you
everything. Unfortunately, I went undercover
and did not get to see you again. I had Eva
when I was twenty five. Her mother, my fiancée
got pregnant and desperately wanted to keep
the baby. I had already enrolled in the
battalion that was to fight in the 2015 West
African War and would not be there to support
her. I begged for Mary to reconsider. She said
she would have the baby and wait till I came
back. I was just a recruit but was placed in
the 16B Squadron, responsible for back up
attacks on the enemy. After the war ended in
2017, I came home with only one thing in my
mind; reuniting with Mary and the baby. It
was an effort in futility. I searched for months,
looking everywhere, calling friends, asking
families. I searched for her on the internet to
no avail. After three years of search, I
concluded that they were either dead or
missing. However, I met Mary five years ago
when I was still undercover. She was working
as a chef for the head of a rival gang. We
reconnected. As desperately as I wanted it, I
could not risk getting too close to her. I sent
her money regularly and got her a new
accommodation. I visited her only twice. I did
not want her in danger. In one of those visits, I
saw pictures of Eva. I desperately wanted to
talk to her but she was in school outside the
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sweetlover girl of edo state

That same day savitri went to see shanty so that she will tell her more about the issue.
Shanty: thank you ma for believing me.
Savitri: please tell me more abt it. Shanty showed her pictures of the gals who av burn deir self.
Shanty: the first one was inside a bus when it stop at a gas station. All of a sudden she came down from the bus move to the right side of the road turn a gallon of petrol on her body and went to the right side of the road took a matches from a koist store and set her self on fire. Ma and all dis gals before burning Der self told Der parents about the two gals they usually see in Der drm but non of Der parent belive.
Savitri: what abt the second one
shanty: she was on a family vacation, every member of their family wer present wen she stood up and walk into the camp fire wich was made and she also made the same statement of her being called.
Savitri: how should we stop them
shanty: i don’t knw exactly how we can stop dem.
shanty: the only person who can helps us is the father of those two ghost gals . Shanty av done her research on the gals they only attack teenage gals, the gals wer a witness to wat Der father did to their mother burning her alife.
Shanty: i av tried on many occasion to talk to their father who is currently in a psychiatry home under treatment but he did not agree to talk to me pls ma help me save my job am prove am correct.
Savitri: i will help you, i av anoda daughter so i will help u for the sake and life of my daughter. Shanty showed her the picture of the gals father. When she saw the picture the gals wer already dey. Savitri saw the gal hiding behind a try and immediately the picture in her hand caught fire. She dismiss shanty and told her they will talk the next day.
janvi was on the couch in the parlour studying wen all of a sudden she heard her name Being called. She get up to find out who was calling her and found out it was She got up to find out who it was and found out it was her sister karina.
Karina: janvi pls com wit me i rely miss you com wit me
janvi: no no no
karina: don’t you miss me come, wen you com we will continue to play like we use to come. At this point janvi was scared and started moving back then she saw the two gals and she shouted, then she woke up from her sleep. Her mother savitri heard her shouting so she ran into The room to find out wat was wrong with her. When she got Der sha ask her why was she shouting and she said it was noting dat it was a drm she just miss her sister karina. Her mother den console her and told her that everybody miss her too dat she should go back to sleep, which she did. The next day she tried convincing her husband about what shanty told her but he want noting to do wit wat she said, he say “she is just a reporter looking for stories to make out from his daughter suicide”.
Savitri tried everything possible but he will not listen he told her to concentrate on the only daughter they have now.
when janvi was on her way from school that evening she encounter the two ghost gals and they just smile to her and she smile back then she moves to a fire which was burning by the syd of the road
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my mother my everything(emotional story)

hat night the family of Siddhartha singh were eating, a happy family of four Mr Siddhartha ruk singh, Mrs ruk singh and their two daughters karina and janvi. All of a the light went off.
Dad: what happen to the light?
Mum: i dnt know let Me to and check. Karina get the candle from the kitchen.
Karina: yes mama.
Karina went into the kitchen, on her way she hit her leg on the kitchen cabinet. She got the candle and light it up. Then her mother came out it a candle to the dining then they were about to continue eating when they notice karina was not yet back. Her mother decided to go check on her she got to the kitchen and met her on fire. Ruk (she shouted) her husband came to the kitchen and met his daughter burning they immediately try to stop her.
Karina: hahahahahahahahahaha.
Mom: karina live there. But she did not then they stop the fire and took her to the hospital.
waiting outside for the doctor to comout was like hell for them, they could not understand the reason ther daughter will set herself ablaze . The doctor came out and told them the condition of their daughter they ask to see her.
Doctor: your daughter is stable now.
Dad: thank you daughter can we see our daughter
Doctor: only one person can go in
dad: savitri pls go in and see her
mum: ok ruk. On seeing her daughter she began to cry
karina: ma……. ma
mom: karina, y did you do dis to urself
karina: maa i didn’t do it, i saw them two of dem they told me to do it,
mom: who are you talking about
karina: dey wer two girls av been seeing dem in my drms
mom: who are they
karina: maa they are here dey want to take me pls don’t let dem take plss maa
mom: who is Der, karina dey is nobody her
karina: maa pls dnt let dem take me with dem
mom: doctor doctor am coming karina, doctor. And she left her, the girls came and strangle her with their hair. When her mother came back with the doctor she was already dead which the doctor later confirm to her, she started sobbing for her daughter.
Outside the ward they wer being ask a few questions by some police officer’s who wer presently investigating on the issue. According to the police officer it was a suicide committed. Just then the younger sister move to the ladies room to make use of it, wen she got dear she tried to remove her phone but it fell down on bending down to pick the phone she saw two pair of shoeless leg outside d door she ask who it was but they was no reply. She hurried out then wash her hand nd rinse her face, but standing behind her wer the two girls, so she ran out of the ladies room. The next day a reporter came to their house trying to explain to the father of the girl about the issue of their daughter’s death, trying to tell them it was not a suicide but the ruk did’nt listen just den savitri came out of the house to find out who her husband was talking to, she met the girl they and she tried to explain it to her but ruk won’t hear anything of it so savitri calm him down and told him let dem hear her out. They welcome her into ther house.
Ruk: am not in support of dis, my daughter committed Suicide and that is all.
Shanty(reporter): to sir it was not suicide sir, have been investigating dis issue for some time now sir pls look at dis newspaper’s sir and ma. I did the reporting my self.
On the paper they wer different cases just like deir, all cases of gals burning theirself.
Savitri: yes, then wat do you cause all dis death
Shanty: ma all dis case have similar the wich wer the gals burning their self keep repeating the word ” they are calling me, i av to go”
ruk: i told you savitri dey is no need for dis gal you will not listen, if u ar through wit her den let her live my house because all dis are rubbish.
Shanty: sir pls listen to me sir, am not lieing have loose my job because of dis issue am trying to prove that am not mad sir pls listen, ma pls listen u guys are the only one who can help me. Den ruk left dem, savitri told shanty that they will see later to discuss on the issue more so she left.
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the football match (action) episode 1

He gave his opponent a ‘close line’ and his
opponent fell down, knocked out. He looked at
the crowd and waved his hand before his
eyes. The fans shouted, “You can’t see me!!!”
He picked up his opponent and launched his
trade mark finishing move. His opponent lay
on the floor of ring, dazed. Not moving. No
one was yet to survive this deadly finishing
move. The champion went on top of his
opponent and raised the left leg. The referee
rushed to their side, and began hitting the
ring floor:
“One. Two. Three!!!” and the bell rang.
John Cena had just defeated The Undertaker
to retain his crown as the WWE Champion. He
crawled away from the body of his opponent,
stood by the ring side and posed for his fans.
They were chanting his name and raising
placards which had boldly inscribed on them,
delighted. He had been counting with the
referee and jumped when John Cena won. He
loved wrestling. John Cena was his Idol. What
made it more special for him was that The
Undertaker had previously defeated John Cena
during Royal Rumble when they were the last
two people in the ring. There had been a cheat
when John Cena’s rivals came into the ring
and hit him with an iron chair. This gave the
Undertaker an advantage which gave him the
victory. It was payback time.
He was still basking in the euphoria of this
victory when there was a knock on his door.
He turned down the volume of the plasma
television on the wall and listened again. The
knock came again.
“The door is open.” Sean said as he half
guessed who it was.
“I need some help with the door please.” A
female voice replied.
It was Sophia as he suspected. He got up and
opened the door allowing her to come in with
the tray she had in hand. She dropped the tray
on the small bedside table and opened the
contents of the covered china glass plates. He
closed the door and joined her on the bed
keeping considerable distance.
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the unprotected villagers of nina

This is code Amber. Gather all Super Agents
and the Tactics team at the Watch Tower. We
meet at 21:00 hours.” – Major General.
“This would only hurt just a little.” – Sophia.
“Welcome agents. Our organization has been
infiltrated. This has never happened before.
The threat has been nullified. However, this is
to warn you that you should be on the alert
now than ever before. There could be others
like her as there is also a more desperate
detective who wants to get behind the
situation. Temporary steps have been taken.
Be on the lookout. As from now, you will
resume normal jobs at various offices
assigned to you. You will find a file under your
pillows when you get home. You would be
contacted if we need you. That will be all.
Super Agents wait behind.” – Major General.
“I am coming home. Okay. I am fine. See you
soon.” – Detective Ahmed
“How may I help you Mr. Ahmed?” – Tawo
“Please doctor, where am I? Where are my
phones? How long have I been here?” –
Detective Ahmed
“You have been poking your nose into
business that is bigger than you. The crash
should have killed you. You are lucky to be
alive. Ï just injected you with a form of
Amnesia virus. When you wake up you will
lose all memory of the past five weeks. I was
never here. Good day Ahmed.” – Tawo
“I’m done. Your turn to move.” – Tawo
“Sean, we need to have a small talk” – Sophia
“I am going to ask only one more time. 
is Eva?” – Thug
“The mouse is in the hole. Your move.” –
“Put your hands up. Who are you? Show me
your ID card!” – Guard
“It’s in my bag. Can I get it?” – Ambrose
“I’m done. Pick the exhibits at the mansion.”
– Ambrose
“Evening General.” – Sophia
“Initiate Operation Eva” – Major General.

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the suspect(truelife story)

A ‘red cab’ taxi was parked two
houses away from Ahmed’s
residence. Brenda and Iyke were
on duty this time. They had
watched him every day since his
discharge from the hospital. They
always came in different cars to
avoid suspicion and never
parked at the same spot twice.
Ahmed’s whole house had been
bugged. Every sound coming
from his house could be heard.
His phones were bugged too.
They listened in on every
conversation and saw every text
message and email. They knew
when he got the condolence text
message. They were supposed to
keep an eye on him and report
anything unusual to Shina. They
were aware that he tried to
reach his Boss but was not
successful. So when he got in his
car and drove off, they followed
him making sure they were far
behind not to be noticed and
close enough to monitor him.
When Ahmed slowed down and
turned to enter his office at
Osborne Foreshore Ikoyi, the red
cab sped off, the two agents
inside acting out a heated
discussion at the back while the
driver acted uninterested. Ahmed
did not suspect a thing.
When they got on Third Mainland
Bridge, Iyke called Shina and
informed him about all the things
that happened that evening.
Ahmed was at his office on a
Sunday and was acting weird. He
was also freaked out by the
news of his ward’s death.
Shina called Ambrose. Ambrose
did not pick.
He sent an encrypted text:
“The mouse is in the hole. Your
Ahmed put on his computer. He
entered his password and
another window opened. He
typed his special code and was
granted access. He clicked on
Agent Mercy’s profile. A red
branded mark appeared on her
profile “DEACTIVATED”. He could
not believe his eyes. He clicked on
the cause of death. He saw his
own report on the page. 
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my mum love fried egg

Detective Ahmed opened his
small gate and entered his house.
He was wearing a Manchester
United Jersey and joggers. He
was sweating lightly as he had
just finished a 40minute jog. This
had been the psychologist’s
prescription as a way to get
some of his memories back. It
had been four days since he was
discharged from the hospital. He
was angry for his inability to
recall events from the past five
weeks. He had a terrible feeling
that it was not as a result of the
accident as the doctors were
trying to make him believe. They
told him he was suffering from
partial amnesia. What bugged
him most was the fact that it was
only five weeks of memory loss
he suffered. Why not more? Why
not total amnesia? He was not
satisfied with the mere fact that
his past five weeks were blank.
No matter how hard he tried to
recollect, he simply did not find
any headway. This to him was
more annoying than being alive.
The jogging cleared his head.
Made him think.
He sat down on his long couch
and closed his eyes. He felt good.
He was getting back in shape
and he was feeling alive again.
He was almost drifting into sleep
when his phone beeped. It was a
text message. He did not know
the number.
“We want to thank everyone
who was present at the burial of
our beloved sister, friend, aunty
and daughter Miss Mercy Etiebet.
May God continue to guide and
protect you and your family.
Thank you. Felix Etiebet for the
He could not believe his eyes. He
read the message again. His own
Agent Mercy? She was in an
undercover assignment. He
spoke to her a few days ago.
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the police officer daughter is in love

General had told her that she
would be the next to move and
that she should not check the
contents of the file under her
pillow until she had heard from
Tawo. She clicked the message. A
box popped up asking for a
password to decode it. She
smiled. Typical Tawo. He liked too
much ‘effizy’. She typed her
secret code and the message
“I’m done. Your turn to move.”
She sighed and exited the
message. Her phone suddenly
went blank then came on with a
new message.
“Self-destruct sequence
complete. Press ok to begin
factory reset.”
She did not panic. She had
expected that. She went under
her pillow and got out the file. It
seemed very light. She put her
hand inside it and got out a very
tiny piece of paper. Neatly typed
on it were the words:
“Initiate Operation Eva”
She did not know what that
meant. She was confused. What
was Operation Eva? She already
had Eva in her custody. So what
was this about? Her phone rang.
It was the General. She picked.
“Evening General.” Sophia
“I can see the perplexed look on
your face. I’m sure you have
heard from the Chameleon.
Haven’t you?” the General asked.
Sophia looked round. How in the
world was he able to see her?
She scanned the walls and
corners of the house. She did not
notice anything unusual.
“I got his message. But I do not
think I have any information on
the file I got sir.” Sophia replied.
“You don’t need to scan the walls
for any device. You are wearing a
jean and a round necked top. I
am the General. You are my
Lieutenants. I keep watch over
you. It is for your safety, and for
the safety of the corporation.
Someone will deliver a file to you
in a few minutes. It is all
paperwork. Take your time to
study every detail. Your move is
next. Do not disappoint me
Sophia Dirisu. Any questions?”
Sophia was surprised. The
General never called her by her
full name before. This must mean
a lot to him.
“Could I get the file electronically
sir? It would make it very easy
and convenient to work with.”
Sophia requested.
“I do not completely trust anyone
in this Corporation. No one. Not
even you. But there are some
levels of trust I can vest in certain
people. This is a very sensitive
case. I am not convinced we have
flushed out all the spies that have
infiltrated us. Electronic
messages can be traced. I cannot
risk that. The package being
delivered to you has been sent to
six different addresses before
getting to your house. There’s a
finger print and pupil scanner
attached to the package which
gives ONLY YOU the clearance to
access it. Any other form of
intrusion will trigger the
automatic self-destruct option.
These are hard times my dear.
Let’s work with it. Good night”
Sophia heard her door bell ring.
Always on time. She opened the
door, signed the delivery form
and got the package from the
dispatch rider.
She went to the backyard and
opened the door to a thatched
hut. She usually came in here
when she needed to think. She
was sure no wires were run
She opened the package.
I woke up startled. I did not
know how long I had been out. I
surveyed my environment. I was
in a very large room. It was
spacious and beautifully
decorated. I wondered how I got
there. I got up from the bed and
my feet fell into very comfortable
loafers. I walked to the door and
opened it. There was a small
passage in front of me after
which was a spiral stairwell. I
looked down at the sitting room.
Luxurious chairs of exquisite
taste. There was a huge plasma
television on the wall. The walls
were decorated by beautiful
paintings and work of art. A
transparent chandelier hung
from the ceiling. I walked down
the steps slowly taking in the
sights. My stomach rumbled. I
was very hungry. I took the
remote control and put on the
television. A documentary
channel was showing.
Just then the door opened and
Sophia entered. She smiled at me.
I was in shock. I remembered
that she was the last person I
was with before I found myself
“Sean, we need to have a small
talk.” She said.
I knew there was no point
arguing with her or making any
form of trouble.
I sat down and listened to
everything she had to say.
Bruno drove into a heavily
guarded compound. He wound
down the window at the gate
and showed his ID to the military
officer. They nodded to each
other, the barricade was cleared
and he was allowed entry into
the Fortress. He took the elevator
to the third floor. He got out and
took the corridor to his right.
There were doors left and right.
He got to room 125 and
surveyed the door. He brought
out a special UV torch and
scanned the door knob. He was
looking for finger prints. They
were none. He removed a card
from his wallet and slipped it into
a slot in the key hole. The light
changed from red to green and
the door clicked. He got a
handkerchief from his pocket
and turned the door knob. He
stepped inside.
All of a sudden, he felt he was
not alone. His instincts were
never wrong. He brought out his
pistol and became very alert. He
walked slowly to the center of
the room. He did not see the
movement on time. There was a
gunshot. He fell on the floor in a
loud thud. His head banged and
he felt himself drowsing away. A
tall figure stood in front of him.
He pointed a gun at Bruno and
removed his mask.
“Where is the girl?” the man
asked softly.
Bruno winced. He tried to get up
but the man put his feet on his
chest and corked his gun. He
wore a very angry smile.
“I am going to ask only one more
time. Where is Eva?”
Without warning, Bruno kicked
the other leg of his attacker
while bending to his right just in
time to avoid the bullet from him.
The man fell, hitting his head on
the only couch in the room and
his gun falling out of his hand to
the further side of the room. He
got up and ran towards Bruno,
trying to head butt him on the
stomach. He caught Bruno on the
rib with his forehead, sending
them both spiraling into the
center table. Bruno was on the
ground writhing in pain. The tall
attacker got up and headed for
the gun. He picked it and turned
to face Bruno.
Bruno was no longer on the
ground. He turned to look for
Bruno but he seemed to have
disappeared into thin air. He
moved towards the door. He was
alert, holding the gun by his face
and watching for any sign of
Bruno. He heard a sound from
the other side of the room. He
walked slowly to the place the
sound came from. He found
nothing. He heard a gun cork. He
turned. That was his last moment
alive. Bruno shot him from close
range, the bullet piercing his
forehead. He fell down. Dead.
Bruno pushed a shelf of books
away from the way and tapped
the wall twice. A secret,
transparent keypad materialized.
He pressed some numbers and
the stone wall opened inwards.
Eva was in a chair, drugged. She
was in deep sleep.
His orders were simple. Get her
to the mansion.
He got her on his shoulders and
left the fortress.
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my next door friend is an armrobber(action)

“Start the ignition!” Shina barked
at the man at the wheels. He
obeyed immediately. The engine
roared to life, making a very
silent and barely audible
humming sound. Iyke and
Francis watched Shina closely,
desperately trying to know what
stage of the plan they were at.
Shina was not scared of the two
criminals despite their menacing
look, especially Iyke. Iyke had a
deep scar that ran from his
forehead through the middle of
his eyes and stopped just by his
left nostril. A scar he had gotten
while in a brawl with a ‘friend’
who owed him money. His friend
had come at him with a matchet.
He had just his hands. That was
how he got the scar. He served
four years in jail because of that
incident. He was lucky. His friend
wasn’t. His friend currently lived
in a permanent wing in a federal
hospital popularly called Igbobi.
He was paralyzed from the neck
down. Iyke was a brute. He did
not fear anything or anyone.
People shook and trembled at
the sight of him. Even Francis
secretly feared him. And when he
got angry every one took to their
heels. But not Shina. Shina
detested him. Shina could finish
him with just a phone call. In a
way, Iyke knew he did not
intimidate Shina. He did not
know what kind of strings Shina
pulled. He was always keeping
his distance from him. Somehow,
THE GHOSTS had a way of putting
up the perfect team for an
operation. Shina was the head
for this mission. A smooth,
calculating man, never under
pressure and always with back
up plans A – Z, no matter the
situation. Francis was the very
handsome and sexy serial killer.
He loved to kill pretty women for
fun. He was never caught. When
he was accosted by The Ghosts
he had no choice. They could
give him away. They offered him
good money, a good home and a
family. And they were letting him
kill once in a while. He was
satisfied. Iyke the brute. The kind
of thug you need when the
situation gets tough and needs a
deal of rough handling. No one
does it better than Iyke.
Iyke was getting irritated at
Shina’s silence.
“Oga, wetin dey happen na? You
just keep us for silent since.
Which ones na? Abeg wetin be
scores? How e dey go? Time don
reach to arrange the baggas?”
He barked.
Shina just smiled. A kind of smile
that could annoy the meekest of
“Move to the pick-up point.
Now!” he said to the driver
raising his voice with his left
hand still pressed to his ear.
He looked at the two men at the
back, then said,
“Beauty has got the girl. We are
moving in to pick them up. We
expect no incidence. This should
be as easy as dipping a hot knife
through butter. But if anything
comes up you know what to do.
Iyke, stay alert. Francis, you have
your orders.”
Francis was relaxing with his
hands across his chest and his
eyes closed. His back was resting
firmly on d seat and when Shina
spoke he just nodded, his eyes
were still closed. Iyke was almost
falling off the edge of his seat in
his eagerness to pick up every
word Shina spoke. The jeep
moved slowly and turned right
towards the waterside. It turned
again, reversed and re-parked
facing the traffic light. They were
looking directly at FourPoints by
Sheraton with the back door exit
of Oriental Hotels to their left.
They waited.
Beauty, the pretty woman in
glasses opened the bathroom
door and entered. She moved to
the last cubicle, entered and
gently folded the handkerchief
into place. She listened carefully
as Eva stepped out of her own
cubicle and approached the
central mirror, admiring herself
and adjudging the extent of
cleanup she had done. She felt
contented. She looked into her
Beauty stepped out quietly and
approached Eva from behind. She
took four quick steps. Eva
brought her head up from the
bag and noticed someone in the
mirror coming at her. She saw
her too late. Beauty placed the
handkerchief on Eva’s nose,
making her inhale every bit of
the handkerchief. There was very
little struggle. Beauty dragged
her into the cubicle she was in.
She felt Eva’s pulse. Normal.
Things were going according to
plan. She brought out a tiny
whitish substance and put it into
Eva’s nostrils. She jerked as
though she had just come out of
a nightmare. Eva regained
consciousness. She was weak.
“Who…who…who are you? What
do you want?” Eva said, looking
at Beauty. She was very afraid.
“Do you want to die, dearie?”
Beauty asked rhetorically, her
face totally hard.
“No ma. Please I don’t.” Eva
“Then listen to me very carefully.
Do you inderstand me?” She
Eva nodded.
“Do exactly as I say and no harm
will come to you or your uncle in
Gbagda. We also know your
mother lives in Ajegunle and
goes to church by 6pm on
Fridays. Your younger brother
attends the University of Lagos.
He stays in Jaja Hall, Room B212.
We know everything about you
Eva Makinde. We just need you to
help us with some information.
Thereafter you would be free to
go. If you make any funny moves,
we will poison Kunle. We have
people everywhere and we are
invisible. You would be released
in the morning. Try any funny
moves and the death of every
person you love and cherish
would be on your head. Can you
live with that? Do you want
that?” Beauty asked
Eva shook her head again.
Beauty had made her point.
She continued, “Now you will
follow me and make a very sickly
face. I will do all the talking. Don’t
say a word. Where is your
“It’s here ma.” Eva said very
“When I tell you, you will call
Kunle and tell him you had to go.
Your mum called and she is very
sick. He won’t be too bothered.
We have handled everything.”
Beauty finished.
“Okay ma.”
“Good.” “I have got the package.
Meet me at the pickup spot in
five.” Beauty said to her collar.
“Let’s go.” She commanded.
They went through the back,
passed a corridor and took a left.
She held Eva’s hand as they
moved through a maze of
corridors and doors. Finally they
got to the emergency exit. There
was a Mopol with a rifle. Shiiitt!!!
This was not planned. Beauty
wanted to turn back but there
was no time to. The man had
already seen them and she could
not risk raising an alarm. She
decided to risk it. She
approached the police officer.
“Please Oga, my sister is
pregnant. And she is feeling
dizzy. She needs fresh air. She
might faint any moment from
now. We were in the bathroom
and we lost our way trying to get
outside to get fresh air. That is
the only way she would be
better.” Beauty begged.
The police officer scrutinized
them. They looked exceptionally
dressed. He looked at Eva’s
stomach. There was no bulge.
Eva was supporting herself on
Beauty’s arm participating in the
“Wia una dey come from!” The
Mopol said eyeing both of them.
“We are from the CEO’s party in
the hall. Please sir, help us.”
Beauty begged.
Just then Eva contorted her face
and vomited on the floor close to
the man’s feet. Beauty patted her
and looked at the man. The man
dropped his rifle and began to
open the very difficult emergency
exit. Beauty took the gun and hit
him on the head with the butt.
He passed out falling on the
ground. Eva was shocked. Beauty
smiled at her.
Beauty spoke to her collar again.
“I encountered some hindrance.
He won’t be out for long. I need
evacuation now! I’m at the
Shina signaled Iyke and he was
out in a flash. Iyke jogged to the
door and inserted a duplicate key
into the lock. He opened the door
from outside and the two
women stepped out. As Iyke was
shutting the door the Mopol
groaned. He was regaining
consciousness. Iyke dragged him
out and locked the door. He
collected the handkerchief from
beauty and emptied the contents
of her bottle onto the
handkerchief. He gagged the
mopol who was writhing and
shaking his legs. Iyke’s arm was
around his throat while his othe
palm forcefully pressed the cloth
on the mopol’s nose. After a
while, all became still. Iyke locked
the door and threw the mopol’s
body into the water.
They moved to the car and all
three got inside.
“Drive.” Shina directed.
They drove in silence. As they
approached Civic Center, Shina
nodded at Beauty. Beauty got out
Eva’s phone and told her to call
Kunle as planned. It took a while
for him to pick. He explained that
he was talking with his superiors
and asked where she was. She
explained that she was currently
in a cab going to see her mother
at Eko Hospital. She had suffered
another attack. He felt bad. His
proposal had to wait. He did not
pressure her to coming back. His
superiors were looking at him.
He asked her to be safe and that
he would be with her soon. He
did not plan to be.
They got to the traffic light at law
school and took their right into a
rough road where fish mongers
sold during the day. They parked
by the lagoon and every one
came down except the driver.
“The car was becoming too
heavy. We need one less
passenger. Francis, you know
what to do.” Shina said. He
nodded to Francis.
Francis smiled. He brought out
his .23 automatic. It was a
silenced pistol. He aimed at
Beauty and took her with one
clean shot. He got her in the
chest. She fell to the ground
lifeless. Eva was shocked. Iyke
had a grin. Iyke made to took her
jewelry. Shina stopped him.
“She was an undercover spy. A
double agent. What a waste.” He
spat on her body. Iyke deposited
her body in the water and
watched it float.
He came back to join Shina and
the rest in the car. Francis was
caressing his pistol that had just
carried out the hit and smiling to
himself. He would jerk off
tonight, thinking about the dead
body of beauty. He was happy.
Shina removed the earphone
from his left ear and said to no
one in particular
“Let’s go home” .
Sophia was shocked. Bruno was
covered in dirt and mud. He had
a small cut on his cheek. There
was dried blood on his forehead.
His shirt was bloody and messy.
He staggered into the room and
sat on the long couch. He looked
really bad.
“What in hell happened to you?”
Sophia asked.
“We got attacked. Some heavily
armed men ambushed us as we
entered Lokoja. I had to create a
diversion. I made myself the bait
while I asked Marshal to proceed
as planned.” Bruno replied.
Sophia picked her phone and
made a call. She called Gbenga to
call off the search party. She had
found Bruno. She also asked her
personal assistant to get her
private doctor to come to the
mansion. She hung up. Bruno
looked a mess. She asked him to
go clean up. She called the
General and informed him of the
recent development.
“I want to know exactly what
happened. Have you asked about
the boy? Where is Marshal?” the
General queried.
“Bruno was badly wounded. He
was almost passing out. My
doctor is currently seeing to him.
I will get him around and have
him tell me everything.” She
“S, you are really beginning to irk
me! Don’t contact me unless you
have something tangible to tell
me. I gave you a mission. You
had your orders. You have made
a mess of it. I do not need
crumbs. I need results. You have
24 hours.” The General said and
finished. The line went dead.
Marshal drove like a mad man.
Their driver had just been shot
and he had taken hold of the
wheels. He looked in the rear
view mirror. The boy was scared
as hell. The green Kia Optima was
still in pursuit. D--n it! He took a
sharp left. The tires screeched. He
was driving at 100km/hr. He was
not scared. His adrenaline was
pumping. He needed to shake off
these guys. He took another right
and got on to a lonely path. His
attackers were nowhere in sight
but he knew they were not far
behind. He stopped the car in the
middle of the road, opened the
door and got out. He pulled Sean
out from the back and walked
with him into the bush. He
pushed Sean ahead of him as
they walked through shrubs and
bushes. Marshal heard a car stop
in the distance behind. His
pursuers had found the car.
There was a chance they would
find them if they were smart
enough. Sean was slowing them
down. He brought out a syringe.
Sean was walking ahead, trying
to find his way through the
covered bush path. He was tired.
Marshal quickly got close to him,
injecting the contents of the
syringe into Sean’s neck. Sean fell
in a heap.
Marshal heard voices. His
assailants were getting closer
and he had Sean to deal with. He
slung Sean on his shoulders and
walked faster, making sure he hit
his legs firmly on the floor with
each step. He had walked for a
while when he felt himself step
on a metal.
“Thank you Bruno.” He said to
He put Sean down carefully and
opened the metal lid. It opened
into a small hollow tunnel that
led to a secret outlet across
town. He descended the ladder
into the tunnel, carrying Sean
with him on his shoulders. He
closed the lid shut. He locked it
with a huge padlock that had
been there and continued away
from the place. He did not expect
to be followed. It was the perfect
detour. There was a car waiting
for him when he got out of the
15minute walk out of the tunnel.
He was exhausted. He had been
through a burdened night and
early morning. He dumped Sean
at the back of the car and got
into the passenger seat. He
pulled the lever by his seat and
the chair moved backwards. He
relaxed on it and heaved a heavy
sigh. He tried to call Bruno.
Switched off. He sent a text.
“Package secure. Took the
detour. Heading towards safe
He closed his eyes and drifted
into a much needed sleep.
Bruno woke up to find Sophia
staring at her. He got up painfully
and sat up, caressing his head.
He felt much better now and
hungry. He looked at Sophia.
“How long was I out?” He asked.
“Six hours. How do you feel?”
Sophia asked, getting up and
pouring herself some wine.
“I feel better. Can I have some of
that?” He asked pointing at the
bottle Sophia was holding.
Sophia poured another glass and
handed it to him.
“I need to know what happened.
Everything.” Sophia said. She
settled down in a chair opposite
Bruno and crossed her legs.
Bruno cleared his throat.
They were driving in cruise
control when they saw a car
parked in the middle of the road.
It was a blood red Toyota Quest.
As they slowed down, a bullet
pierced the windscreen and hit
the driver on the forehead.
Perfect hit. The windscreen
cracked. Blood splattered
“Duck!” Bruno whispered as the
three of them huddled beside
each other at the back. They
heard footsteps approaching. A
gun was cocked in the distance.
Bruno signaled to Marshal that
he was going out of the car to
meet the three men who were
almost at the car. Marshal was to
get the wheel, start the ignition
and drive away with the package
as fast as he could. Marshal
nodded. Sean was about to
throw up. Marshal looked at him
with a cold stare. Sean
swallowed the phlegm that was
in his throat. Bruno opened the
door and came out of the car, his
hands stretched out.
“I’m unarmed.” He said, crawling
out of the car and assessing the
From the corner of his eyes he
could see Marshal moving
stealthily to the driver’s seat. The
three men approached. Heavily
“Where is the package?” One of
them asked. He was almost near
the car now. A few yards away
from the driver’s side of the car.
In one swift move, Bruno put his
hand at his back and pulled out a
pistol. He shot the approaching
man on the leg as he ducked and
rolled on the ground into the
bushes. At exactly the same time,
Marshal started the engine,
shoved the dead driver out and
drove wildly at the other two
assailants. They did not expect
this sudden surge and left the
road in time. Marshal drove into
the push, passed the car that
was parked in the middle of the
narrow road and back onto the
road. He was pursued by the
other assailants who entered
their car and followed him. The
man Bruno shot was cursing and
looking for him in the bushes.
Bruno was at a vantage point. He
could see the man approaching.
He quickly sent Marshal a text on
the location of a secret hide-out.
He also sent another text to the
driver who would pick Marshal
up. The driver replied his text.
Marshal hadn’t. The man was
getting closer, cursing as his left
thigh oozed blood. He said a
quick prayer and hoped Bruno
would read his message. His
phone rang. It was Bruno. The
id1ot had given away his
location. He cut the call, put off
his phone and slipped it into his
socks. The man looked in his
direction and moved faster
towards him. The man saw the
weeds move. He shot rapidly in
the direction of the movements
where Bruno was trying to
escape. The bullet got him in the
arm. He groaned.
The man stumbled forwards.
Bruno saw him just in time. He
aimed carefully and shot the man
in the head. His brains splattered
as he slumped on the ground.
Bruno was in pains. He took of
his jacket and tied it around the
wound. He tried to crawl out of
the bush until he got tired and
decided to rest. He slept off till
the very early hours of the
morning and found his way to
the mansion.
Sophia sighed.
“Where is your phone?” She
He brought it out and put it on.
He saw Marshal’s message. He
showed it to her.
She smiled.
She called Shina.
“Shina. Beauty has spilled as we
suspected. She is the mole. She
took the bait. Take care of her
after the operation.” She hung
Just then she felt relieved. As she
got up to refill her glass, Bruno’s
phone rang. It was Marshal.
“I am down. Package jumped me.
He is on the loose. I am at the
safe house.” Marshal said.
Bruno got up to leave.
“Where are you going?” Sophia
“I have got to take care of
business.” He said, relating
Bruno’s message to her.
“The boy knows you. He might
jump you too. I guess this is
where I step in. I’ll handle this.”
Sophia said and smiled.
She grabbed her car keys and
headed towards the safe house.
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my uncle married a young girl called sophia

Sophia dropped the call and
looked beside her. Sean was
lying down on the couch,
breathing steadily. He had been
injected with valium and should
be asleep for 12 more hours.
Everything was finally back on
track. She had Sean. Eva was
secure in the Charge Room. All
logistics were finally getting back
into play. She was behind
schedule by 20 hours. Timing
meant everything to The Ghosts
Corporation. The General was
definitely going to chew her raw.
In their code of law, it was better
to excommunicate yourself, go
off the radar and hope you are
not remembered, than fail an
operation you were supposed to
deliver. The General gave Sophia
a 24 hour window and she got
the job done. She smiled to
herself, and then frowned. She
had worked with incompetent
fools and had trusted them to
come through. She would deal
with them later when she got off
the General’s whipping. She
knew the other attendees of the
General’s summon were already
aware of the proposed meeting.
But orders are orders.
She composed a text and sent it
to the Super Agents. Shina,
Ambrose and Tawo. Together
they were called The Deadly
Quartet. The four of them were
in line to succeed the General.
Ambrose was the Tactical Genius.
His specialty was planning
operations, attacks and
infiltrating impossible fortresses
with a very short deadline. If
there was a place that could
never be breached and you
wanted someone to go in and
come out unseen, give the job to
Ambrose. He never failed an
operation. He always worked
alone. He loved men and was
known to be in love with any guy
whose as5 could take his huge
d1ck. He was the highest paid
member of the four.
Tawo was the super spy. He was
the king of multiple personalities,
and the master of deception and
disguise. He had eight different
names, 5 different passports, and
was a citizen in 3 continents. He
spoke English, French, German,
Spanish, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa,
Swahili and Italian. He was the
youngest of the Deadly Quartet
and also the coolest. He was also
responsible for bugging phones,
cars and people. He designed a
special application which could
make him connect with any
satellite he chose and track
anyone, anywhere in the world.
He was the General’s only son. He
was not close to his father and
secretly wished him dead. The
General knew this but could not
afford to have him silenced. He
was his only surviving blood.
Besides, Tawo was hard to
extinguish. He was the most
difficult member to find or reach.
You don’t find him. He finds you.
The Deadly Quartet was hard to
kill. Only the General knew all
their weaknesses.
Time was 9pm. Along with the
Deadly Quartet, the Tactics team
consisting of Bruno, Marshal,
Gbenga, Mark, Iyke, Francis and
Brenda was also invited to the
meeting at the Watch Tower.
They gathered in the large Oval
Office. Bruno, Marshal, Gbenga
and Mark sat on one side of the
room in a semi-circle, talking in
whispers. Iyke and Francis sat
together but were farther away
from the group. They were not
talking. Brenda was busy with
her blackberry phone. Sophia
was sitting at the top of the
conference table, cleaning her
nails. She looked so beautiful.
Ambrose was sitting 4 feet from
her, his legs crossed. He was not
Tawo breezed in at 9:13pm. As
he sat down, a voice came in
from the speakers above. It was
the General.
“Thank you for coming late,
Tawo nodded and waved to the
“Welcome agents. I can see that
we have all been familiarizing
ourselves. There is cause for
worry. Our organization has
been infiltrated. This has never
happened before. Good job by
Sophia and Shina. The threat has
been nullified. However, this is to
warn you that you should be on
the alert now than ever before.
There could be others like her as
there is also a more desperate
detective who wants to get
behind the situation. Temporary
steps have been taken. Good job
by Tawo and Ambrose. Be on the
lookout. As from now, you will
resume normal jobs at various
offices assigned to you. You will
find a file under your pillows
when you get home. Show up at
your respective offices and live as
normal a life as possible. You
would be contacted if we need
you. That will be all.” The voice
went dead.
As the agents got up to leave the
room, the voice came back on
“Super Agents wait behind.”
10 minutes later, each Super-
Agent had been assigned an
order. They also had identical
files under their pillows, but they
were instructions not job
descriptions. Operation
Subterfuge was activated.
Detective Ahmed woke up to find
himself in a very strange place.
White tiled walls, strange smell
and a very small and
uncomfortable bed. He tried to
move but he felt a sharp pain on
his left wrist. There was a drip on
his wrist and a small amount of
blood had formed at the tip of
the needed. How did he find
himself at the hospital? Which
hospital was he? He remembered
just a little part of the earlier
events. He was riding his Power
Bike. He had a collision. That was
all he could remember. He
pressed the emergency button.
“Nurse!!!” He called out. No
“Nurse!!!” He called again
screaming as loud as his
strength could carry and
pressing the emergency bell a
million times.
Seconds later, a young man in a
long white apparel came in to his
room. He was all smiles as he
approached his bed.
“How may I help you Mr.
Ahmed?” the doctor asked with a
smile on his face.
“It’s Detective Ahmed. Please
doctor where am I? Where are
my phones? How long have I
been here?” Ahmed said, trying
to sit upright.
“No no no pls Detective. You
need to relax.” He said pushing
him gently back on the bed and
continued, “You lost quite some
amount of blood and we have
been monitoring your condition
for a while. When you wake up
you will get all the answers you
seek. Please just relax.” He
He took out a syringe and drew
some liquid from a finger size
plastic container. He tapped
Ahmed’s free hand and found a
vein. He injected the contents of
the syringe inside Ahmed and
removed it from his body.
“That would help you relax” the
doctor told Ahmed.
“Thank you” Ahmed replied.
The doctor smiled, took his tray
and walked towards the door.
Ahmed’s eyes had begun to
close. He opened the door and
turned to Ahmed. He walked
back to him and spoke very
“By the way I am not a doctor. My
name is Tawo. You have been
poking your nose into business
that is bigger than you. The crash
should have killed you. You are
lucky to be alive. Ï just injected
you with a form of Amnesia
virus. When you wake up you will
lose all memory of the past five
weeks. I was never here. Good
day Ahmed.”
Tawo shut the door behind him
and left the hospital. He got to
the car park drove out and
headed towards Apapa Oshodi
He sent an encrypted text to
“I’m done. Your turn to move.”
Sophia got out of the shower
dripping wet, with a towel tied
around her br3asts. She had
another towel on her head as
she walked into her huge
bedroom and sat on a stool,
facing a large mirror. There were
different kinds of tubes, creams
and plastics around the table on
which the mirror stood. She
picked a small plastic tube and
pressed the content into her
palm. She rubbed it gently on her
face, concentrating more on her
cheeks. She stood up and
loosened the towel around her
br3asts. She admired herself in
the mirror, smiling as she
caressed her flat stomach and
cupped her firm and DD br3asts.
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