Dencia is a “Bronze Goddess” in New Photos

Dencia has shared new photos and she calls herself a “bronze goddess” in the photos. She posted: Bronze Goddess !! Like Nerfititi,I’ll end a war. like Makeba we’ll be known for our beauty. like Amina Queen of Zaria l’ll fight 4 me & mine. like Empress Candace,we’ll tactically make them withdraw. like The Queen of Matamba I’ll 4eva be powerful. I come from a bloodline of Greatness aka I was BORN GREAT Check out the photos below. Share on: WhatsApp

‘Being A Mrs Is Not A Do Or Die Matter’ – Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo, Nollywood actress, director, and producer took to Instagram to share her thoughts on marriage with ladies. The mother of two advised ladies to always consider their happiness in marriage. See below: ‘Ladies, Not every man who cheats on u is bad! it’s in their nature to cheat as every man has a bit of it deposited in them. He may love u but still cheat on u, as long as he respect, care n keeps it far away from u. it’s a twisted world my dear but that’s just d fact. if u find one who doesn’t cheat […]